Ideas from people with BIG BRAINS



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    1. Jenna Cassim

      6:35 to 6:52 Vox: *RIGHT THAT DOWN! RIGHT THAT DOWN!*

    2. not my real name

      1:29 soap.

    3. The Scrub

      1:30 la croix

    4. Nicolás León Schiaffino

      1:31 your mom

    5. Emmi Griffin

      Yoo, how do you do that big brain effect in premiere pro???

    6. Gacha_Hangry_Pizza_ Life

      “If you’re parents don’t have kids, theres a chance you won’t” but...i am their kid??

    7. Dylbo 14173

      Sub to me

      1. Fanta O’Range


    8. Jawad Sami

      did you notice the legendary painting behind him

    9. Ed ;

      9:49 *BIG BRAIN* Btw idk if this's stolen comment

    10. Anonymous Philippines

      I 2x you i dont fricking understand what you say

    11. s d

      at 1:32 whoever did the subs advertises some channel

    12. ItzJoanna

      Who watched till the end *swedish brain*

    13. Yasmeen Iman

      Stream Seventeen Fear if you have big brain 🤷🏽‍♀️

    14. DeVz PW

      1:32 *Who is that bunyamin?*

    15. Tango Gaming

      A brain is no brain without brain. -A big brain person

    16. Angelica Ortiz

      Q:what smells better than it tastes? A: NYC Nuts 4 Nuts stands

    17. Vlad Schiopu

      Wear an eye patch during day time on one eye, and during night time on the other. You will always have a rested eye so you can skip sleep

    18. Gummy Bear

      What smells better than it tastes? *soap*

    19. Chobane

      I dont think he knows what frowning means

    20. -_G33k_-

      *When you get a pewdiepie ad on his own video*

    21. Xylisis Varlett


    22. Samy Shinobi

      5:49 it has over 500 thousand likes 😮😮

    23. Phollo Phollo

      Yes now i am big brain too

    24. Thalia Sophie

      Did I just watch a grown man look at memes and be like "BIG BRAIN" for 10 minutes straight?

    25. Tutu Tutu

      Toilet paper🤣🤣😂😂 wiping it's way out😂😂😂😂

    26. smolberry

      If you click the subscribe button near PewDiePie's channel, you actually subscribe to him

    27. Mert Arslan

      Çeviriyi kim yaptıysa anasını sikiym

    28. summer breeze

      The amount of times he says BIG BRAIN

    29. Caaarteeer


    30. Marriana Miller

      Drinking game, take a drink everytime he says “big brain”

    31. Phoenix

      Satan is in a pewdiepie video, he has to be verified nowwww

    32. ناز Nazl

    33. taeyEeHet

      6:53 i do that every time my cat yawns lmao

    34. Shabnam Ravanbakhsh

      Actually it takes 11 muscles to frown and 12 muscles to smiles I'm a nerd 😂😂

    35. Coolleopard30 Coolleopard30

      Pewdiepie every 10 seconds: 🔥BIG BRAIN🔥

    36. Драся

      Big brain


      Big brian

    38. Taiygu

      Pewdiepie on video: frick Pewdiepie on live: fuckkkk

    39. Konstantin Christoulakis

      bacon smels beter

    40. Harvey isace

      BIG BRAIN!!!!!!

    41. Grantel Kade


    42. Ihaia Kinita

      *B I G B R A I N E N E R Y*

    43. Kanye TGG

      i thought the smell better then taste meme was vannila ecense

    44. Charlie Watson


    45. TV Den

      What reddit page r these from

    46. Victoria Jenkins

      Life hacks, carry a fork with u if someone tries to rob u, take the fork out. Say thank u Lord for this meal I'm about to have and charge at them with the fork. BIG BRAIN

      1. Tyler Chen

        *BIG BRAIN*

    47. Animegeek17

      My friend with almost 200 subs made a special video about you it would mean the world to him if you could see it

    48. Polar Mango

      you honestly sound like hatty hattington ngl

    49. big nerd

      big brain mroe liek big pneis

    50. Rainbow Boi

      What smells better than it tastes mc fries

    51. çhärlïè :o

      Me: MOM!! Mom: WHHHAAAAAAATTTT Me: did u know that if u eat the toilet paper it wipes on the way out Mom: wat the he__

    52. Green Creeper

      IdOnThAvEaBrAiN : p

    53. Doofenshmirtz Explainer-inator

      I got a Pewdiepie ad watching this video.

    54. Used to be Khor Hawk

      5:20 mr krabs?????

    55. FIONA Rc

      Funny enough, the garlic on the wound part is commonly practiced by people here when you’re bit by a dog, then they also have someone cut open the wound and put some sort of rock on it for three to four days.

    56. Fisshybob

      Where did Minecraft go? I want Minecraft

    57. Daniel Smith

      Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but you got Sub poachers advertising on the captions again

    58. Allison Heggen

      did felix just give up on man of medan

    59. Joey Wheeler

      that game looks like habbohotel tho

    60. Samson Scales

      If u have 3 things on a desert island why does no one say a boat BIG BRAIN

    61. A Snacc

      600k likes?! Felix cheel the f out......

    62. abdullahi Wilson

      i have 1 iq because im smart 1iq =1st BIG BRAIN

    63. william cutsforth

      Your wearing a power armour suit using b 14 armour

    64. Carter Kennedy

      This was a good video lmao

    65. Jonah Horton

      It’s quick it’s easy, *reevalutes life choices* you get the idea

    66. please subscribe my channel

      I like your big brain👍👍👍👍👍

    67. Khym WantsToDie

      When you realise babatunde has the biggest brain

    68. BIG BRAIN

      *B* *I* *G* *B* *R* *A* *I* *N*

    69. Claire Bear

      when he said “what smells better than it tasted” why did i say vanilla extract😂😂

    70. Szen Maeythe

      My phones sub-titles are on, and boy does it struggle to make sense of pewds... :P