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    1. Harlow

      HEY EVERYONE! I've been getting a lot of hate from the girls at the school I was speaking about in this video. I want to make clear I only attended this school for a week at the beginning of the year and realized it was not a good fit for me, which is why I left. It is definitely a good education at these schools, and I am not saying it isn't. I want the best for all of these girls that work hard and I hope they get into the colleges that are the best fit for them. I won't be responding to bullying and accusations, everything in this video is true from my experience. Love y'all! Be nice to one another.

      1. John Smith

        Don't apologize to these privileged nerds. My life and career will not be defined by where I got my college degree. I came from a broken home and was unable to get the grades needed to even get a scholarship anywhere. The moment I hear someone brag saying "i went to so and so university" I just immediately consider them to be a worthless pile of spoiled trash.

      2. Krazy JP

        Fuck those girls.

      3. Josie Moorehead

        This video is amazing lol don't even feel bad for a second

      4. Jamie Shafer

        You have nothing to apologize for, you’re speaking the truth !!

      5. nayi 99

        @Elena Olsen wow you are so ignorant. i pray for you entitled girls

    2. Verona Martin

      One week! Flake.

    3. The Scoop!

      I loved it when you said, "I love my Subaru."

    4. The Scoop!

      You do look like a therapist.

    5. Ashley Ruestman

      ok im not lying right now but i am on my moms account on youtube but anyway my name is harlow and we are so alike its crazy

    6. No: Six

      17 hrs a day when in college. 14 when I started working. I thought it was a break! 😂

    7. Laura Smith

      If i ever get a life of luxury in the future,i watch these videos' to know what i don't want to be ,i want to keep my compassion,empathy and realness,plus charity.even if i had millions,I'd be embarrassed to flaunt it or not to share it.you think your life is not good enough compared to others,you should live a week in a 3rd world country or a poor side of town,then you can judge how bad your life is without a porche😕

    8. Jedidiah Mcloud

      Nice Video; I have some College information in some of my Videos that you might like that deal with college class. Jedidiah Mcloud on you tube!

    9. Brett Vogel

      Did you go to Crossroads. I had some college friends that went there.

    10. bekah klemm

      You are so cute and so sweet and most importantly, so profound and wise beyond your years! Keep doing you, boo!!! 😚

    11. Aylah Martin

      Whys iy look like someone badly shopped nicolas cages face onto a chicks heaf

    12. Douglas Robinson

      Yea we went 2 school with you 2 remember when the football team ran da train on u

    13. Melizma Tea

      You made some great points! You should write an Op-Ed.

    14. itsDareTV

      This seems like an opportunistic video, I don’t really know Olivia jades channel or support what her and her family do but this seems a bit clout chasing to me .

    15. Kar's Garage

      Is she on ritalin and xanax?? I'm so lost. Wtf is she talking about???

    16. Xenon Helium

      You're Jewish I can tell.

    17. andrea22213

      Another bimbo, locked inside her bubble. Unable to understand what life is like for people in the real world. Isn't it about time you moved away from Mommy, got a job and supported yourself? These useless idiots make me feel sick.

    18. Kanika Chi-Su-Na


    19. Robert Cairns

      Opportunist. This is how the game is played. Sad.

    20. M/M M/M

      Her parents paid a lot to get her in to school, I wonder how much it would have cost them to be able to keep her there, meaning how much they would have had to spend to buy her the grades that she would need to be able to remain there, and then ultimately how much it would it have cost them to buy her the degree in order for her to be able to graduate!

    21. Joseph Shmoe

      "take more pride in the person you are than the things you have" is one of the most insightful things I've ever heard anyone say in a CZ-news video

    22. roccosmom123

      you were there for a week but said you had no time for anything? It was one week. what the hell . How can you make so many assumptions after a week? I call BS

    23. sanja bogović

      nobody can convince me OJ didn't knew anything. you know if you row or not ffs. she knew her grades nd she knew she had 0 chance to get in that school on honest way. so she is so guitly and faking. p.s. i usually don't care about chanels like this at all but you are so sweet. i'm hitting that subscribe button

    24. Middle Top

      I think it would be more interesting if the kids involved in these scandals were, from this point on, not allowed to inherit any funds from their parents and larger extended families as well as no access to the extended network their families or friends had. Since these kids needed money to go somewhere in their lives, it would be interesting to see what they could do without their families backing and with the pressure of this scandal on their heads. In addition, a smaller punishment should be there for the parents too...like 98% of their assets go to charity without getting a tax break for it. The punishment being given to the parents and/or kids now seems like just a slap on the wrist. Tbh, to do some of the videos some of these kids did, it seems it would be hard without some capital. That said, they cheated others from the beginning. The videos might look cool to some, but in the credits should be their parents' names too, since its their money or capital that funded the content in the videos. Now here's a thought, since these cheating despicable parents have all this capital, go found a school and advertise that the more you pay the easier you get a degree.....

    25. Dwayne Stewart


    26. DivineSimply

      Lori's sentence should be 3 years of living and working among the "poorest of the poor," as Mother Teresa called them, in the slums of Calcutta. It should include dressing, eating, sleeping, living just like they do. But let Olivia Jade stay home. She wouldn't have anybody to sell her cosmetics to, and without that core identity, our little Influencer would be lost.

    27. Mattie Jackson

      I have a Harvard Admittance and it's based on need. I have had so many obstacles in my life understanding people in bad situations. Also, I believe in myself. I don't believe im stupid and my family thought I was. I was put into spec education throughout my younger years. All I had to do was email and talk to a dean. They believed in me and I got in. You don't need to have money to get in a big "favorited" school. I learned in college I am very smart.

    28. hem hem

      you have such a refreshing and distinct look you are absolutely beautiful

    29. Riley McMahon

      I went to this high school and have the knowledge to dispute much of the information in this video. It is horrible to me that after recognizing that she only went to this school for a week, Harlow continued to keep this video up. I hope she one day understands the impact that publicity like this has on the amazing and knowledgable teachers and staff this school employs. To dispute the information in this video, this high school does not even have a crew team, proving that Harlow's comment about the school asking her to join to be completely untrue. One must join a rowing club outside of school to participate. In addition, the school never posted photographs of Bella that revealed her admission into USC. Furthermore, I do not believe she has an accurate perspective of the workload considering she attended this school for less than a week. I understand this video has been published for a year, but I strongly wish for Harlow to delete this video that was created in hopes of fame, because although Olivia made a huge mistake, the staff at this amazing high school that allowed me to become the woman I am today, does not deserve this. Stop being selfish and delete a video that does not benefit anyone but yourself, considering you are strictly educating people on lies that you created.

    30. Raven Dawn Head

      This is just proof that we need Socialism.

      1. roccosmom123

        @Raven Dawn Head move to a socialist country then . Oh that's right , they are poor ...you dumbass

      2. roccosmom123

        cz-news.net/online/video-B4zpKBVwV9c.html. you are a damn idiot

      3. Raven Dawn Head

        @roccosmom123 How so?

      4. roccosmom123

        you are an idiot

    31. Ahadعهد .B78

      I love it. I will end the night whith your vedio.

    32. Mia Mendoza

      Girl what did your parents do I mean it’s not my business but dang ?

    33. Crowley Belle

      Writetojael.podbean.com I like Olivia. Good makeup tips.

    34. R G

      Why are you wearing different colors of nail polish?

    35. Gael Crane

      A little of click bait “ I went to school with Olivia Jade” as if u were her friend. You told us nothing more then all of us already know. You say u hope she’s ok after slamming her, I say that was a bit insincere wouldn’t you? This is in insider perspective! ??? I don’t think so!

    36. Aladejare Seun

      This was beneficial I'm so amazed of how you schooled with all these L.A. guys and you're still humble

    37. Aladejare Seun


    38. Vanessa Viola

      Why would anyone question how a minority got into college? I’d automatically assume they worked they’re tits off to be there as buying their way in probably isn’t an option if they’re not rich?

    39. labella 1509

      My ex went to one of these schools as he got expelled from his previous school.. He got turned turned down but then his dad payed for the whole a school pe equipment and guess what he got. In!! Shocker hey!

    40. SeacoastView

      GREAT video and fun to watch... gorgeous girl, flawless skin and CLEARLY very smart with a very interesting glimpse behind the scenes. Olivia obviously knew... 100%. with a half million dollars at stake, there is no way they would have risked her inability to answer questions about her competitive rowing pedigree without her being HIGHLY coached. highly coached = she knew! (and on a side note, Olivia should be charged as an accomplice)

      1. SeacoastView

        PS. i'll say it... Marymount High School.

    41. Siddhi Pitale


      1. CholaSatanica

        Siddhi Pitale 😂

    42. Tony Notstated

      Hey if you're ever handing out blow jobs, I'd like to be the first in line.

    43. Cecilia Gomez

      🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣 you are so funny I was in highschool I started at 7am and finished at 6pm, and was hard, and university was worst so welcome to the real life ... Ah !! I was working, taking care of my scholarship, doing homework and more ... You life sound SOOOOO STUPID EASY

    44. Caryl Daniels

      Always speak your truth and it is true the rich ones always seem to jump over and beyond everyone else even if they have to pay that is not right , keep doing what you do, your a beautiful young girl!!

    45. Joanne Denney

      You're down to earth and gorgeous at the same time. Hold your head high and rise above any snobby entitled people X

    46. PoppiD93

      Were the students actually going to school to learn something?

    47. Hailey Luder

      I went to Marymount for summer school. It is such a catty school.


      Harlow, unlike some people, you have a great future ahead of you ! All the best !

    49. Kailie Dean

      You’re adorable!!! So pretty and love your whole vibe!


        Last comment - Its not about looks, its about character and personality. Love yours...

      2. Kailie Dean

        That means the absolute world to me! 🥺Thank you!! 🙏🏼 God bless you bb!!!! 💜


        Kailie - I read your story. Play the cards you're dealt to the best of your ability. You will have a fine future ahead as well !

    50. Natalie Anderson

      This sounds like gossip girl and Olivia sounds like Serena.

    51. love xxy

      Imagine doing videos like this because your life is so boring poor girl

    52. mediascribble

      You tube is the greatest. It gives so many people with no talent the opportunity to point a camera at themselves. And everyone wants to be an actor! We need waitresses!~

    53. mediascribble

      So what do you do? Trash Olivia to get views. Mission accomplished. You should write Olivia a thank you note.

    54. Kitty Katia

      I totally agree with your take on private school. I also attended an all girl's private high school that was extremely expensive, and I remember the most "popular" girl was this beautiful millionaire - and all of her friends were just physically pretty and super skinny. I felt like garbage about myself - i remember this was perfect fuel for my eating disorder. The classes were also harder than my college courses, but i tried VERY hard to excel academically. I was on a scholarship and after 2 years at the school, i was burnt out. I decided to go to public school for the very first time and I was fucking SHOOK. I saw students from all ethnic backgrounds, and I remember feeling so much better about myself (I'm Guatemalan, my culture is totally Hispanic and I tried so hard to look/act like a white girl). There was one downside: the teachers at public school were trash (not all, but many). I found myself not caring because my teachers didn't care. Was it the right switch? No. I started drinking and doing drugs very quickly, but I still graduated and then attended university and got my degree. I mean, I'm also a recovering heroin addict so my story is complex. It's crazy looking back at the pros and cons of private vs public school.


        Kitty, coming from adversity makes you a stronger person. Love that you are succeeding, that shows your maturity !

    55. Razan Abed

      I don’t like Olivia’s situation but you’re so using her name

    56. Chae K

      She looks way older than me and I'm 27 lol.

    57. Emily Vanessa Baltodano

      Olivia graduated in 2017? if you're barely a senior how did you see them at school? unless you were a freshman but I think you said you were a junior when you went to that school.. hm..

    58. Molly Woods

      This is so fucking unfair that u get million of views from talking bullshit about seeing Olivia jade for a week and bashing a bunch of girls at a school that u literally don’t even know, so shut the fuck up. It’s absurd that u even made this video, and it u should be ashamed of urself tht u made it in the first pl

    59. Demolition Dude

      Do you only attended 3 days at that school...

    60. BigBrotherW

      I love your way of thinking! You have a new sub and looking forward to new content.

    61. Patrick joseph

      What a nice person.

    62. Mich Barajas

      I just love how every now and then you put your thumbs up it’s giving lifee

    63. Danielle -

      does anyone know what school it is?

    64. Madeleine Song

      Thanks to Harlow for this video. Re some comments: the idea that a lack of "integrity", rather than wealth itself, leads to corruption, is garbage. Both public and private education in America (and around the world) is skewed to benefit the privileged and discourage social mobility. Obviously feeding a rat $500k to get into college is reprehensible. But we also should note that education quality is directly proportional to the $$ a district gets from income tax, and that children of wealthy families have disproportionately better resources in the college application cycle. I attend a private university with > $75k annual expense. 50% of white students here are either athletes (very resource intensive) or the children of alumni/donors (markers of generational wealth). I don't want to seem too off putting, but we shouldn't be able to let ourselves off the hook by flaming Olivia Jade and then acting like everything's solved. This video is well-made and Harlow deserves credit for creating a space where we can have a dialogue.

    65. peachesandpoets

      Dear white people: Chai tea is not a thing. Chai means tea.

    66. Yung Grave

      Harlow you Glow m8 ! :)

    67. John Smith

      Olivia Jade is a perfect example of why most of us despise the children of rich people. Most of them never have to work hard for anything in their life. Although Olivia Jade was blessed with good looks, much of her social media career is the beneficiary of her mother's fame. I watched a few of her videos and there is literally nothing special about her. There are literally thousands of good looking women on CZ-news doing makeup videos.

    68. marys_airforce

      and i oop

    69. Jorge Munoz

      She look like a female Ryan goslin

    70. Anais Gouati

      I’m so sorry to the hard working college students because Olivia jade getting into usc must have been a slap in the face

      1. Trailer Mashup Production

        Which comes to show, kids cant mind their own business, yeah it sucks they see someone going the easy route to college but at the end of the day, they should keep doing what they are doing to get into college instead of arguing about someone else.