I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work



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    I tested viral TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work! Let’s see these diy lifehacks in action... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one cz-news.net/online/video-aaiA5gpm4f8.html Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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    1. Kitty_mew Mew11

      3:34 listen to her beautiful laugh

    2. Kitty_mew Mew11


    3. Trey H

      Can you try the tattoo hack it one more time because I think my work I just think you don’t use the right kind of printer or print maybe you need to try like a different time maybe it will work better because I think it was just a time and

    4. SofaCat UwU

      So my random friend and I were talking about how the sun was out and she was saying she wants her sweater so she doesnt have to show her arms because she looks like fried chiken and so I said she was related to the corneal from KFC😆😆😆

    5. Brady Smith

      The one time I get Kidnapped I'll be wearing slip ons


      You look like you’re from Zoey 101 in this video lol in a good way

    7. oMg I sMeLl ThE pOpCoRn


      Hmm it’s almost like the ice Takes up ROOM

    9. Laila Garley

      Bye Lia.....

    10. antoniojessica08

      when you did a slow mode for your laugh on the popcorn one i laughed and kept replaying it

    11. Jordan Wilcox

      “There is no what if I’m pregnant and it is Jesus” like if you remember that dumb girl that went on dr. Phil

    12. Panda and Cricket

      1:02 i actually felt bad for it

    13. E R

      When my 6 yo niece comes up to me excited about wanting to put an empty chip bag in the microwave... 🙄

    14. April M


    15. Susie Hallow

      Sniper:Aaww I dont like it! 2minuts later Sniper:Aaww I love it Me: Like WHAT!

    16. Tamy O'Brien

      there is no what if I'm pregnant and it's popcorn there is no what if Im pregnant and it's a balloon love you SSSniper wolf

    17. Tamy O'Brien

      I can make a chicken nugget in here but not a kernal

    18. Tamy O'Brien

      I can make a chicken nugget in here but not a kernal

    19. Sandy BoleYT

      Get a venti with no ice Thicc drink

    20. Kentavious Holloway

      I did it with funwuns and it’s like 40 inches

    21. martin Giahi

      SSSNIPERWOLF: I wasn’t trying to burn down my house by doing a DIY. I am not doing it today. Actually I am.

    22. beauty guru 21 pallet

      i tried the hack before the last hack

    23. Janie Travis

      How about we put in the work to get Lia AirPods. :)

    24. Dance moms fan

      At 3:35 Lia's scream. LOL😂🤣

    25. Janie Travis

      Her laugh in slo-mo though

    26. Isobel Forgan

      Lia: I don’t like it! Also Lia (about the same thing):i love it!

    27. Sabrina damn.

      I know a life hack ok so what you have like you know when you search some up on the microphone and the video goes black but you still want to watch it Soo what you have too do is search up something on the microphone again it will turn back to normal I tried it and it works. So yeah like if it works for you byeeeee

    28. Alliya Vratney

      ...or just get a venti...no ice

    29. Deora Brown

      why did you make the bag talk tho i mean i get but why tho

    30. Honey Cream

      I was asking Siri how do you spell Crystal and when you said how long it went to Siri I’m like omg

    31. syeda musaddika

      Phhhh i did NOT fart!😁😁😁😂😂😂

    32. Elliexx Xx

      I know some peeps do this but when she ate the pizza from the bottom it drived me nuts 10:21

    33. Phoenix Martin

      Me when I see the ice and I'm going like well its does take up space so it's obviously gonna fill the cup

    34. Glamourgirl2_60

      why you have rain deer butt

    35. Minty Leaf

      Kidnapper: hey, come with me Me: are you kidnapping me? Kidnapper: yeah, why? Me: hold on, let me get my shoes with the longer shoelaces. Kidnapper: oh yeah, go ahead Me: alright, now I’m ready Kidnapper: good

    36. Christina Bunnyxx

      Ssniperwolf: back and forward Me: wow omg 😂😂

    37. Caurale Cabrera

      I got headphones but their wireless its cool dude like i hate tangled up earphone/headphone wires thats why i bought a wireless one

    38. Itz Slimey Time

      I HaTe Iiiiiit I dOnT liiiiiiKe It oH I lOoOoOoOoOvE iT Wow that sound like me.....

    39. Amanda Duhhh

      Heyyyyyyy Me finding you will keep me busy for so long all these videos yay

    40. Private Sam

      I hate that you bully your dog the poor soul 😂

    41. Phatima S

      Shane Dawson has been doing that hack of the Doritos since the old days

    42. hellen ?

      Lol the part white u tot scared.. Xd

    43. rebecca krabbe


    44. Sandra Davis

      Is your hand broken

    45. BrodyyaboiGAMING

      The drunk was the same because the ice took up room in the cup

    46. David Weaver

      So far so Dangerous 😨

    47. Tanya Rock

      The heahphone thing works i did it when i was watching lol😂

    48. Horse Lovers

      Yesterday i made home made popcorn with kernels and made my recipe i made up a while ago

    49. Galaxygirl Pop

      Sooooo you untalented the wire headphone and 1 I know you’re gonna break your headphones so one side is gonna sound different 2 You’re just gonna make it more tangled which will be a bad thing. Just sayin

    50. Ellie Brothers

      Sniperwolf: "what u should by is some airpods. No?" Me:diying of laughter! My sister: WTF DOES THAT MEAN?! 8:44

    51. Laila Steele

      3:52 she was on Dr.Phil

    52. Max Bermner

      It is just added wight making the water go up that high try putting a vete in to a small with ice

    53. galaxy _girlyy613

      sssniperwolf: Bye lia Me: you ment Bye felicaaaa

    54. A'mano Aki'se

      This is me 😂😂 00:55

    55. Zainab Chikliwala

      put ur pizza in a small plate so simple

    56. Tahlia Shen

      Slow mo Popcorn kernel:pops Sssniper wolf:evil laughing

    57. Lendrick Thomas Jr

      CALLIN' ME A PESENT NU-UH UNSUBED (jk didnt even sub yet XD)

      1. Angelina Fasolo

        Lendrick Thomas Jr join the wolf pack!

    58. Jelly _Filled

      lol i could just SMELL the kernel burning from that hair straightener XD

    59. Eric Wind

      you said and I opp!

    60. MyDogAndMe Nipdog

      not trying to say your stupid the hack is.

    61. MyDogAndMe Nipdog

      SSSniperWolf Ya'Know It's Kinda Stupid to put dorito's in a microwave. Just tellin ya

      1. blue unicorn

        *inhales* ok. she did it for the fans. seriously -_-

    62. Daneika Devlin

      I watched your TikTok of these hacks

    63. Azul M

      Just sayin I was listening to this with headphones so umm yes I still use headphones! But it's okay cause I Love❤️your videos

    64. Ahmad Behram

      why you telling me peasant I'm a fan

    65. cherylz666

      >:3 cats

    66. Jessy Musick

      Lia: Goodbye sweet prince The chip bag: bye Lia *goes into microwave and shrivels up*

    67. Ming Ren

      ;Her how long are we making Popcore. iTs BEEN 3 HOURS ;her. aAAAAAA!

    68. Teresa Jackson

      It will it is good to shoot the bag with the chips and makes a chip smaller and the back smaller

    69. Giselle’s Dreamworld

      Nobody: SSSniperwolf: there is no what et I am pregnant and its POPCORN 🍿