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    I surprised my wife with her dream car! 😍
    #carmenandcorey #ccgang
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    1. Carmen and Corey

      Her reaction was Cute🧡 don’t forget to subscribe

      1. Sebrina Lewin

        It's cute and lit


        Carmen and Corey I lost y’all but I found y’all new phone but I’m back here

      3. Averyanna Martin

        Awwwww it so cute of him

      4. Beautiful Butterfly

        I love your car Carmen

      5. Caprice Jones


    2. Aliya Lomax

      You did good

    3. Shannon Haywood

      Love ita d it does fit you

    4. Sebrina Lewin

      It's firry

    5. Alexis Francisco

      i love your car and i like the color

    6. Pretty Sekiti

      Oh wow this is lit

    7. alldaydrae


    8. HisReapaHarley

      That color ♥

    9. Kadyn Branch

      All she need is the Mercedes sign under the review mirror

    10. Jennifer Brown

      Bangin ass car u guys earned it all

    11. Sulayman Badjie

      Happy lovers always smiling.

    12. jonathan alexander

      Sexy woman sexy car 💜🔥

    13. Anthony Lee

      Hell yeah I love that car Come to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and show how you country boys put a car together great job on the car Corey

    14. Fefe TeVe

      Me being from Alabama knowing that people from here don’t get to make it to this point in life especially at a young age gives me so much motivation by seeing y’all do it!! Y’all really living and I support it🤘🏾💯

    15. only 1 sleepy in Detroit

      Different type of Bag keep going hard my guy 🎯💯

    16. Heaven Townley

      Croey and Carmen nice car from heaven Townley 😋 😘🤑 🤯🤭 🤓 I love you for ever xoxo

    17. Kahmyrah Greene

      That nice Carmen deserve everything

    18. Shariah For Life


    19. Shariah For Life

      So now everybody know they tag

    20. Sean Madison

      That’s right shower her with gifts

    21. Tierra Clark

      So cute ...love your wife 😍😘😍

    22. Deanna McFarland

      So good

    23. damari Perry smith

      I like they intro

    24. Tashaika Thompson

      ,her reaction was so cuite omg ♥️🤞

    25. Jasmine Stewart

      Car fire 🔥 including Corey car collection 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love that truck

    26. NKC TheGamer

      It was a good gift cool 😎 videos I been subscribe and turned on post notification

    27. Shanie Henry

      Kno he got some ass that night

    28. NI ES HA FR AZI ER

      When Carmen said " I gotta hit some corners" I FELTTTT THATTT

    29. Bossladycoco Media

      It be the way you love her that make them Mad keep doing your thing y’all ❣️❣️

    30. Juicy FireYT

      I was expecting a better reaction but it’s cool doe I will like still xd

    31. Vontrece Copeland

      Okayyyy 😂😂😂😂 Amp her up then

    32. Ross

      I can tell she likes the flowers more than that ugly ass car.

    33. Jocelyn Pitts

      💯💯how sweet

    34. Jocelyn Pitts

      Such a sweet young couple

    35. Jocelyn Pitts

      She said I gotta go to Walmart

    36. Jayla Helms

      Loveee the color 😻😻😻

    37. Phillip Armstead

      Love the wrap on the Benz look different and unique.

    38. Kim Maiden

      Luv ur car CCGANG

    39. Tamara Gaston

      Awweeeee yesssss😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    40. deidra spry

      carmen derserve better yall look at her eye she very light day and she happy

    41. rena potts

      give me a giveaway

    42. Demetrius Smith

      nice whip

    43. Ron Tha Don

      Y'all just have to hate on their videos

    44. Kendarius Lane

      I 👍 it that's a 👨

    45. Àrlanda Willis

      You did good Corey

    46. Àrlanda Willis

      The car look nice

    47. Walter Johnson

      Why didn’t you show her the inside.

    48. johnny bladetv

      Carmen is perfect ❤️❤️❤️

    49. ansumana namaiye camara

      Nice G

    50. Shelby Scott

      Are you’s pregnant

    51. Airforce One

      It’s great to see the both of you just enjoying each other’s company! Nice car blessings !

    52. Christina Saali

      Bro I would cry idk how she can even talk

    53. Christina Saali

      Lucky ass

    54. Liyah Taylor

      That's a cute color frfr 😍

    55. L.C

      God, we really know how to waste money..smdh..

    56. itsNisaJanae

      That Color Fye !!! 😍

    57. lil bbyboy P

      Shii I would love to get my girl one of them but in a different way

    58. RT J

      Why they put the license plat on there


      Any small CZ-newsr want to grow each

    60. Mallory Bullock

      yooooo that shit really TOUGH omg

    61. BankMan Dan

      Corey knows how to hook up a ride and knows his woman. It fits her well.

    62. Kirk State

      Real man stuff.... He a real youtuber no clickbait like some channels

    63. 1UpTop2x Montana


    64. Ariel Shaw

      That car🔥🔥🔥🔥

    65. lea johnson

      In y’all intro we’re the kids ??

    66. Bj2x_ Adams

      She never really ask for anything so for that reason I think it’s dope and the car is ❄️ as well. Keep the videos coming 💯

    67. Tbaby123


    68. Cynthia Sellers

      Beautiful car!!

    69. Jamari Smith

      Hello 😘😁😀😃😄😆🤑😎❤️🧡💛💚💜💜🖤💝💘💖💗💯💔💟

    70. Man Vlogs

      The one and only best youtuber