I Sold My G Wagon *Emotional*

Ryland Adams

Ryland Adams

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    1. Ryland Adams

      I hope you guys enjoy this video! Thanks to Arthur for getting me another car! follow him on snapchat @Art_m323 and thank you Catie Turner for letting me use your song at the end of this video to say goodbye to Daddy G --> cz-news.net/online/video-e9Kh3Clashw.html Lastly, any name suggestions for the new car would be greatly appreciated! have a good week :)

      1. Margaret Chaudhry


      2. Grahsee Lowber

        Name it sugar as in sugar daddy

      3. Gus S.R

        A ver cuando vienes a Madrid, España. Nos encantas.

      4. Gus S.R

        Ryland eres super divertido y natural. No como Shane que cansa siempre con lo mismo. Saludos desde España.

      5. Aiden Blackburn

        Have you asked your doctor about the chance that it might be chiggers?

    2. Dani 1811

      Shane's skin is fkn glowing, I want a skin care routine ❤️❤️

    3. Kaylee Littler

      I say it should be honey G after your dog or mama G

    4. Wolfatello Pupperdo

      *whispers* Mommy G...

    5. Khaleesi

      Arthur is hot hi Arthur

    6. Billy Fenlon

      When you and shane get married, are you changing your name to ryland dawson/yaw?

    7. marley

      6:21 hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jeffrey?

    8. Queen Minnielynn

      U and shane dawson should do a consperisy thery on kate yup

    9. Brie Chainey

      love you but 1st world problems

    10. ThisCrazyThingCalledLife

      When shane said "oh, highlight. Just kidding that's grease" I felt that shit in my soul

    11. Sister Squad Fan

      Why cant they just keep the car?

    12. Janidelf Rodriguez

      we will miss “Daddy G” there were many iconic moments with daddy g that we won’t forget. 😪🖤 But more iconic moments will happen with your new car. 🙃😊

    13. Devon M

      Is it bad that I was on the verge of tears.....

    14. Gi Gi

      Meanwhile I would trade my car in 2 seconds

    15. Ruby Smithson

      So, all I have to do Is start a CZ-news channel, and I can get my own G ride! #Americandream

    16. G

      i hate that i teared up during the montage

    17. Juliana Cromey

      Im worried (the BRAND NEW G WAGON) is gonna be TO white. 🙄🤦‍♀️💁‍♀️Rich ppl problems😂

    18. birdwithabrokenwing

      Thanks for always letting me have fun an live vicariously through you Ryland- this was very entertaining and Shane’s attitude is right- if you have the money and you’re responsible with you’re finances otherwise then buy it... if it will bring you joy and you’re going to use it and it’s within your budget then go for it! You absolutely deserve to enjoy the benefits of your own hard work and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ❤️

    19. michelle

      “Honey G”

    20. Orry Maine

      Random edit from Shane: *They Don't care*

    21. A Salty PoTAtO

      Congrats on the new car luv the both of you wish i had a fancy car like that lol 😂 or a car at all XD

    22. Levi Vegan


    23. shelby johnston

      i love that a montage of a car made me cry.

    24. djmor23

      What video was that clip from where they had a dinner party and they were all dressed up where Shane was choking?

      1. Billy Fenlon

        djmor23 its a show by joey graceffa, escape the night. Season 1 Episode 1

    25. Rosie Martinez

      You and Shane r great and both so beautiful in a out. Y'all Rockin it!❤❤

    26. Destiny Rose

      My mom had something similar it turned out to be eczema.

    27. dntgtyerknkrsnatwst

      Uhhh that's scabies my friend, and you 100% can get it from wearing peoples clothes :(

    28. Aesthetic .__. Vibes

      I like how you did **emotional** 😰 oml

    29. Pastel Pink123

      here's a thing - we're all gonna die :)) ♡

    30. basicallydorito

      I'm still waiting for the song " *tea in the g* " . xD

    31. tik gs

      OMG youtube sends you free root beer sigh me up

    32. GROUP CAT

      Ryland please tell me why you had to get rid of the black one?

    33. Baby Dragon

      Did u trade it in as partial payment? U shoulda given it or sold it cheap to someone that really needed car...just my op

    34. Kathryn Middleton

      the rash looks like cutaneous larva migrans. in case you’re wondering, it’s transmitted onto your skin from dog feces 😂 so yoga in the grass makes sense.

    35. NyTa Nykoal

      Meanwhile Shane’s skin is glowing 😍

    36. chimmy bear

      That Moment when Shane thinks he looks gross when actually he looks stunning and gorgeous

    37. SanchezAndrea

      12:37 i live in west covina;( come here

    38. caitlyn who r u

      Arthur is hot af damn

    39. caitlyn who r u


    40. trash 101

      ok why isnt anyone talking about how cute Aurther is

    41. Chuan

      hiz eyes are so fucking scary! wtf is she seeing???

    42. cr angye

      Not even this video, but the song playing the montage at the end got me

    43. David Rudley

      Did Molly drive your G Wagon one time??? Or was it Shane’s Jeep???

    44. Lacey Oakes

      Names for the G! Honey G! Cookie G , mommy G Baby G 💞😚

    45. Jillian Murphy

      Ryland your dad has the most insane eyes they are so blue I can stare at them for days

    46. Hannah Harker

      Bye daddy G, welcome Mommy G

    47. cara haney

      I actually cried at the end 😭🤧

    48. Samantha Morales

      The music at 10:54 made me think I was about to hear the intro to BTSWorld

    49. Benjamin Suarez

      Arthur is hot

    50. Julie Storie

      Looks like poison ivy

    51. Alex Foster

      Honey found me a code that saved me 200 dollars on A Gucci bag!!

    52. T4CTIC4L_ AC3

      am i the only one questioning why that dresser is censored in the backrgound at 14:06? secret makeup? or maybe sex toys. I guess we'll never know.

    53. Jillian Murphy

      There tana goes giving her ringworm away again

    54. Reporter Brie News

      I need you to post more RyRy 💜

    55. Crystal Eggroll

      I cannot imagine being this spoiled. I would be so ashamed of myself if I acted this way

    56. Ryan Pooley

      Should have gotten a tesla

    57. weiwei

      where’s their rings?

    58. Awonya

      ryland talking about cars like phones: "i want this one to last me a while" *next year's model comes out* "ughh i need a new one"

    59. Gracie Blondin

      Shane: "Why are u justifying to them..... THEY DON'T CARE!!" Lol

    60. Nightt xox

      One of the first g wagon lines i remember is : 'Ryland's gonna piss out of his eyes'

    61. lila bear

      rip black g wagon

    62. Kolby Botka

      how this make me crie

    63. Summer Hansen-Baird

      You guys should get a tesla. It's better for the environment :)

    64. Tatum W.

      Omg name your new car mamma G!!! Yaaasssssss

    65. Sophia Garrett

      Can you imagine the person who ended up with ryland's iconic G Wagon

    66. jessica godfrey

      Ryland is the cutest, omg i love him

    67. Vöxtur

      “ I guess I just don’t care that much” lol

    68. Claire Wagenblast

      Water bottles don't get recycled if you recycle it with the cap on

    69. Virginia Duran

      Legit This video had me crying at the end ( 19:51 ). Goodbye Daddy G.

    70. Paula

      12:33 wessst covinaaa caALIFOORNIAA