I Sold My G Wagon *Emotional*

Ryland Adams

Ryland Adams

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    1. Ryland Adams

      I hope you guys enjoy this video! Thanks to Arthur for getting me another car! follow him on snapchat @Art_m323 and thank you Catie Turner for letting me use your song at the end of this video to say goodbye to Daddy G --> cz-news.net/online/video-e9Kh3Clashw.html Lastly, any name suggestions for the new car would be greatly appreciated! have a good week :)

      1. JessicaRoseJ

        Mama G

      2. Alexis WuvYou

        Love you

      3. Snow_ Kittygacha

        Ryland Adams I think the *rash* is a spider bite but infected... (OmG sorry I had to do the ... it just looks better unlike me)

      4. Ingrid galindo


      5. katelynn wood

        Ryland Adams the rash looks like poison ivy

    2. I get bored easily lov3

      The hole in shane's shirt is such a mood😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

    3. Ashley Johnson


    4. Tisha Renee’

      Arthur is a hottie! 🔥 The G wagon is pretty smokin too! 😘


      literally "Arthur G Wagon" on ryland phone! lol

    6. ping pong ball

      i cried at the end compilation oh my godd 😭


      It went from daddy to mommy

    8. Kendall Marr

      wait why did i actually get sad

    9. Inch Berries

      I had to rewatch this because I just upgraded my car. I loved my old car she was my baby and I cried when I drove away from her in my new car. I felt like I was betraying her lol. I didn't want her to see me leaving in the new one. Lol I know that is crazy talk but I had her forever and she got me through a lot. She had to put up with 3 kids and all the crap that comes with them. I will miss her dearly.

    10. Jess Nesh

      Shane should of kept DADDY G 😉💙

    11. Blanca Vazquez

      This is the most "us citizen" shit I've ever seen.

    12. Luca Castricum

      “There’s 40,000,000 colours” literally 2 seconds later, “There’s 60 colours”

    13. s4awd2

      Is it me or does the old one just look waaaay cooler

    14. The Artistic Purr

      There gonna be great Dad's! Literally the first thing a parent worries about is rashes 😝 It's a first time parent worse nightmare!

    15. Me E

      Gold digger family after shane damn

    16. Me E

      Dont act like you never seen any thing white ppl damn haha you invented every thing

    17. iimegxn

      i thought shane’s cup said obama lmao💀

    18. Gimme The potato

      Ohhhh your life must be sooo hard 😂 lol Just kiding

    19. Leticia Dass

      shane is giving the gorls skin.

    20. Carl Schwab

      You really drive the best and most beautiful car...and safe.....

    21. Carl Schwab

      Why does Shane always cover himself with blankets, drapes, capes, tablecloths???? Is he always cold, or...???

    22. Aall Pprr

      Ryland did you have the worms?

    23. celebrity edits

      3:35 Shane is glowing!! Gawd he's so perfect 🥺 I'm jealous:((

    24. i’m a clown

      the cars at 5:25 sent me 💀

    25. Snow_ Kittygacha

      The poor life... fuck The rich life... YASSSSSSSSSS (OmG NO OFFENSE!)

    26. Snow_ Kittygacha

      It looks like a spider bite but infected...

    27. olyvia Riggle


    28. Jessy


    29. Queen Vlogs

      Yass honey

    30. Muraad Mian

      Geez I never seen so much sniveling and whining about a car. It’s literally just a car that’s all. It’s 4 wheels and a engine I don’t understand why anyone would need a car like this to make them feel self important you should be happy with the merc you have and be grateful about it.


      Ok but when Shane was talking about how he tweeted about no diet AW root beer and CZ-news was the one who sent him all those drinks that was hilarious

    32. Desiree Reed

      So much drama about a new vehicle. My god.


      🙏🙏 0:40 💛 👇👇🔥

    34. Saoirse ¿

      Rylands a Taurus and this has to be the most Taurus thing I’ve ever seen ♉️

    35. Candy Gobbler

      My dad had the exact one, it was great until somebody bombed the car a month later

    36. Aubrey king

      Kinda made me really sad at the end because they have been through so much and worked very hard for what they have bough and I feel like he should have kept that car but I mean it’s his decision and I always support you guys!! Love you merry Christmas!!💘

    37. Jonathan Castro

      I was crying at the end

    38. i cant be e lone

      BROO. SHANE. u BE GLOWING, its honestly looks so beautiful what Chu talkiNG about . YOU DONT LOOK AWFUL BRO . GLOWY HEALTHY LOOK IS A THING ! ESPECIALLY IN KOREAN N JAPAN

    39. Maria Arzuagas

      this is the most privileged thing I've ever seen LMAO

    40. Spongebob Cruw

      Tbh I get why he’s so emotional my parents sold a infinity (spelled wrong I think) and we got a suburban it was hard bc all of our memories were in that car i legit cried but now it’s time to make new memories..,..

    41. NOuijaWolf666

      OMG U SHOULD NAME THE NEW G QUEEN G!!! like if u agree!!!!

    42. I am milan

      It's just a car. 😒

    43. Lilyana DeLeon

      save money when you shop with honey

    44. MoonWolfGirl

      thrash maybe ringworm

    45. Kayla Alegria

      I recently got rid of my car. I completely understand about the memories and worrying you won't like it.

    46. indianatone

      This is the most “rich people problems” video I have ever seen I think.

    47. Josie SC

      Shane you skin looks gorgeous you do not look awful

    48. Green pls-

      why am i crying over a car

    49. Cuban Çhiaos

      How does he not make you sad like instantly he very negative it feels draining from my phone ?

    50. Analia rayo

      it's true forever missed😢😭

    51. Karen Salas Ruelas

      He’s so fine ! Arthur 😍

    52. Erynn Kennedy

      What were they blurring out?

    53. Mzs.Rodriguez

      Arthur is FINE FINE!!!!

    54. pler kuda


    55. Ally Buckner

      You went from the girl in the black dress to the bride in the white G ❤️

    56. Hannah Vick

      Youre allergic to grass. I get it too

    57. Anne Dubois

      “They don’t care” ....... ❤️❤️❤️.

    58. So liloquy

      11:54 LMAOO i love this scene. That's the shane we knew that was fired from Jenny Craig.

    59. Roberto Lerma

      The effect Shane and rylands videos have on us... I’m tearing up to a montage of a freaking car 🚙 😭😂

    60. fia lodato

      You already know the concept of the video at the beginning, if you don't like it then click off? The comments complaining make me upset me. Ryland is known for being bougie and playing that up for youtube. It was a big deal to him that's why he made the video.

    61. Esme Faloola

      Arthur is fineee 😍

    62. Sammy G

      That was the first car Molly Burke drove

    63. Ashleigh Mumford

      We need a skincare routine from Shane. His skin looks so glowy rn.

    64. Jennifer Nicole Schroeder

      Yeah they copied the light projection from the mirror from my car that did it years ago.

    65. Clara Svendsen

      your rash looks and sounds like scabies. you could have gotten it from her clothes

    66. xXPotato_Queen Xx

      It’s funny because this video was made on my birthday 😂 ( that’s the day Ryland got his new G... )


      Shane is so self absorbed sometimes. Ughhhh

    68. hazel

      shane is so glowy

    69. Nina Sharee

      And here it is, I so badly want a Jeep Wrangler (Sahara)..lol.

    70. Kevin Clavijo

      Lmaooo Ryland you are literally me with with decision making and letting go 😂😳😂👌🏼