i need to talk about this...



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    i need to talk about this...
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    Today, i talk about the changes that I want in fortnite due to the mechs and some things I just want to get them off my chest... FORTNITE!! SUBSCRIBE for more Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay, and leave a LIKE for more Fortnite Funny Moments!
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      Little did he know

    2. TheFireEmbers YT

      I know I’m a month late but the mechs are part of the storyline

    3. Angus ian Morrison

      Remove the mechs

    4. Nicolas Babkine

      its for the story line

    5. R3D_SAM3RI

      Randumb is one of the best players in the game (in my opinion) and for him to talk s*** about the mech is proof it's op

    6. Maverick Schembri

      Do a talking video with formula

    7. Blaze FORGOTT3NH3ROS

      20pts for the incredibles reference

    8. Teamersnowball

      Don't pñlay Fortnite anymore

    9. Daniel Angulo


    10. T0x_ Zaps


    11. OofBlox_YT

      That’s why roblox and Minecraft are better

    12. Virginia Montes

      Randomb is right I have bin playing sins Session 2 and a have 693 wins and if a guy starts to play fortnite he hase the mech to win and prabably alot of pepol have dide to a guy with 0 kills in a mech

    13. Big Sports Clips

      Yo West drum called you out

    14. Max Zohar

      I want to talk. Stop putting a million ads in each vid

    15. Gamer Khan

      Randumb this season is about time travel, not the past. :(

    16. mohamed semeicem

      bro finaly someone talks about the mech pls # ban the mech

    17. Cookie lmao

      Who’s watching after the “no building” update?

    18. GoldenHasSwag

      I was so sad when streched res was removed and I miss it

    19. Otabek Islomjonov

      1 like = 1 less mech in fortnite

    20. Otabek Islomjonov

      1 like = more justice for little Timmy

    21. SN qauke

      Let's just say it like this bots are ass and the people that get hated are the people in creative grinding to get better but really the bots get praised by epic when it's not them winning 3 million dollers

    22. Raccoon Bronze

      I agree with you im okay at the game but the mech need to be nerfed more here this should be the mech • 4 rockets • rockets do 25 - 10 damage • stomp dose 25 - 10 • easyer ways to get out of mech item mabey

    23. yes

      one word MONEY.

    24. Zelty RS

      Tengo una cabezota

    25. Antinator 8508

      Yeah I get it too I started in season 2 and now I have a mech that’s shooting rockets into my 1 by 1 lol love ur vids

    26. STRIKE YT

      The fact that they keep mechs in competitive goes against there whole philosophy

    27. Aj Keyes

      Great speech

    28. Blax 239


    29. Sovyattl

      2-3 mech per game is enough

    30. WinnerMatt11

      THEY NERFED IT You can no longer farm mats with the mech You can boost way less often They nerfed then ten rockets to only 5

    31. Ajax C


    32. 123 what is next

      BUFF THE MECHS Hands down -🙌-

    33. Bobert YT

      i have been playing fortnite since season 2. I love this game but epic dosent see how the mech, planes, and the sword make good players wanna stop playing. I started playing other games because of the mech. i just wish epic can acknowledge the mechs. I still enjoy fortnite tho.

    34. Bobert YT

      Way to fight the mech......leave the game

    35. Max Trzcinski

      can you please carry me i have no wins only in team rumble. xXBEAST264Xx

    36. Noel Garcia

      AMEN 🙏

    37. EmperorVed

      Randumb if you dont play fortnite can you just play roblox strucid??

    38. xd StefanAPlays

      We did it

    39. TheSadJoke

      am triggerd every body is saying HoW ManY PeoPle want EpiC to watch thiS

    40. Tyler Crawford

      The mech is double pump, infinity blade, and planes, the gauntlet and all the end game weapons ] but combined

    41. tox-uc love u

      They added mechs because of bots when i was a bot I spent all of my time playing playground and creative so I can good at fortnite every game i play today i always die form a mech

    42. ayzacksaile7

      Arena has mechs too

    43. Jadin Garrison

      Lol epic he gave a dream speak please

    44. Joshua Cardozo

      Bruh mechs are so broken I don’t even wanna look at them, I freaking hate them to where when Weaver I see one I self destruct it I haven’t got a win Spence season nine bc of flipping mechs.

    45. Ralph Shepherd

      This man out here spitting facts.@randumb

    46. DukeCityGaming

      Kids need to learn that losing is the the only way to learn how to win. You must lose before you can win.

    47. Ash

      The philosophy is actually good and applies outside of fortnite kinda inspirational thx

    48. YOUNG_ NIKO

      The dislikes are the kids who like the mech

    49. Kap Mcmury

      I have been playing fortnite since it released and I have never had so little fun. I play maybe one game a week now

    50. Niceboi202

      You need to talk about your thumbnails? And clickbait??? Oh it’s not that... oh well..

    51. pepijn niesten

      Man i feel you:(

    52. SG botzz

      Plz like

    53. KSM Rushlxn

      This is so good😭🙏🏻

    54. koda Togo

      Talk about what?

    55. InfinityBear

      Yo know what really well said I’ve been supporting you since S3 and I also see you as a content creator it’s probably hard to make videos with the mech this op

    56. Julio sanchez

      I have some video ideas for u 1v1 Nick's and formula and KIWIZ!

    57. MNJE Gaming

      When i see a mech i destroy them

    58. Edwan Baharudin

      Randumb:No content Me:did somebody say a spectating video

    59. Swxftyyy

      this video was so true😢

    60. Saphire Blue

      I am able to find shockwaves every game guess im lucky

    61. Derive Lemon

      stop putting in sad music and making it so dramatic, your acting like your entire family died in a car crash when in reality they brang in a temporary over powered item

    62. Windchill

      Play an LTM most don’t have mechs in them

    63. matthew colemansober

      9:35 that Incredibles reference I see you

    64. Fleek _YT

      That's true then new players won't learn how to get good at builds and aim facts 🙏🥳

    65. YT_ RiskytheOG

      NO it was unfair for sifon

    66. Ritz

      Is fortnite going to be the new h1z1

    67. Darth Goku1814

      I've started in season 2

    68. Darth Goku1814

      I got 5 wins yesterday but to day only 2 but I could have got 6 if it wasn't for the mech but still love the game