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    1. Pink Cat

      Adam’s face and laugh I can’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Cristian Hansel Borrinaga

      Amy is in love of justine😂😂

    3. Pink Cat

      Why is this me 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    4. Sarai and the Promise Pets

      Can they have a 👶 baby?

    5. Sarai and the Promise Pets

      That looks like the slide from my school

    6. Nuam Pi

      your vid are so dumb

    7. Tania Cosma

      I liked a boy for four years and i got rejected by him though it was so sad and i was crying the whole night j am crying while i am writing this text my sis is crying as well she feels sorry for me

    8. Jennie Kim

      When I was 10 I didn't dare to talk to any boy


      Why all girl in your anime girl sooooo loooook uuuuuuggggglllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    10. xIcy_ NadeX

      My brother plays Maplestory- and I used to play as well ;>;

    11. Ariel Vazquez

      What if amy is watching this

    12. Kayleigh Lopez

      My Friends that are boys ,play football :P

    13. Ja Htu Aung Zahkung

      Justie: *texts Amy: Your making me a boy with Luv!* Amy and Me: OH, MY MY MY~


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    15. Jerome Clemente

      justie: i married my online girlfriend fried chicken: i thought u will marry me! not ur online gf she is only on online!

    16. S6 m6p

      2:18 I was running like that with my cousin going to the the grocery store and I was 8! He was 9! Running to the streets minding our own business

    17. revign411

      Omg i think i am justin!!!!!

    18. EmilyOlivia Rushton

      Lankybox more like randombox 😝😛😜🧟‍♂️🧟🧟‍♀️🤮👽👻👎👽🤒😷🤧😜😓😓🤒🤧

    19. _ jleeenna _

      who draw the animation it looks so cool

    20. Hassan Senussi

      So did I mate XDDD

    21. SONG BoSS

      At 3:15 on chat boy with luv

    22. Mhel Carabio

      Oh I see my favorite anime my hero academia my favorite character of my hero academia is uraraka

    23. Emmalee Ray

      I love my hero academia like if you love my hero academia too ⬇️

    24. ItsNotKen -XOXO

      'x' will get sued

    25. Hailee Kluskowski

      I really want to know how you got that animation thing

    26. Jordan Mooney

      thats sad like it if its sad :-(

    27. Alexa Richardson

      Who is x

    28. Itstilbert

      I wanna met x

    29. mox emma

      If Adam have a water in his hand and then he put the water on justie

    30. Takumi4Life

      Thanks justin thanks to you im addicted now in maple story

    31. Marilou Maguddatu

      X is a demon

    32. Sophia Iscool215

      He Justin your an adorable grape 🍇 in anime just trying to make u not feel like know one likes

      1. Sophia Iscool215

        You oop

    33. Gaile Mika

      why did you marry a online girl how about you marry in real life 😂😂

      1. Gaile Mika

        sent amy your vid ☺🙂

    34. Morgan hunke

      You watch my hero academia!!! 😱😱😱😝😝😝😝😝YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY

    35. Mishall hasnain

      I also love animeeeee!!! Wuts your favourite? I have many favourites

    36. Sreyluch Chea

      How old are they

    37. Sreyluch Chea

      Who hate x

    38. Chris Marcelo

      I actually felt bad for Justin

    39. BlueOcean

      The text tho......BTS boy with luv ❤️

    40. OD - 03SK - Castle Oaks PS (1496)

      can you guys do more stories of your life with your girlfriends

    41. OD - 03SK - Castle Oaks PS (1496)

      you should play Roblox its REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    42. S.M.S las primas


    43. RSZ 103

      Hedgehog=life Adam=hedgehog Justin=hedgehog Justin=lankybox Adam=lankybox Lankybox=life

    44. ping qiu


    45. RSZ 103

      X=Satan Amy=Angel Who would YOU date??

    46. ping qiu


    47. ping qiu


    48. bih ze


    49. Lina Tran

      I love Naruto Like if u like him too!

    50. Jen Rezac


    51. JC - 06BN - Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS (1540)

      How many ex's did you guys have please don't say ten and how did you guys break up in that place

    52. Knight Of Games

      Like and comment if you have a crush Ps:Comment your crush’s name

    53. Mario Baez

      X looks like Ariana Grande!😂

    54. Christian Valencia

      Soo sad

    55. 복덩이파파

      What?? 5 grade?! In 10???? It poes to be 4grade

    56. 복덩이파파

      Amy is acully Korean comdie charactet

    57. oreolie life

      who saw the episode I lost the love of my life... the character Natalie. don't tell me that Justine ignores the girls that ACTUALLY LIKES HIM AND THOSE WHO TALKS TO HIM! *me in real life* slaps my face

    58. CreativeCoco 1

      Why did EX look like Ariana Grande???🤔

    59. Shadow Demon

      me lisening to this storys: Hm ya i see way they didnt have gfs in the past me watching thier normal videos: HOW DO THEY NO HAVE GFS

    60. Christian Marcelo

      Hey are you jeanbause

    61. Alessandra Gonzales

      Ya Justin u know wen u said I like food and Maple story will u like Anime right?

    62. Purple Vlogger

      Can you guys tell the story about how Adam and Justin Met?

    63. Omar Mota

      One like to slap x 👇🏻

    64. Eonminus

      Imagine FBI Watching This...

    65. Fluffy Unicorn

      is it just me or does ex look like Ariana Grande

      1. Mar- -Moura

        Queen of high ponytail 🖤

    66. Kiera Kubiak

      I have a boyfriend but I'm "married" to him and I didn't even know and he adopted 4 kids without my permission and they are all in my grade (6th grade)

    67. Huguito Luna

      I think that she broke you up cause to date you or just hate you

    68. Katie Garza

      Could u tell us Amys facebook

    69. Penny Swindle

      Please we want to how you and Adam met

    70. Ëthan

      Im also a quiet, shy, and awkward in school. The quiet part means I don't talk in school. But I have a lot of friends and never be late... sometimes.