I'm Coming Out.

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    I love you all so much…
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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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    1. NikkieTutorials

      *I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖

      1. Boujee Beauty

        Love u back

      2. Sham Ml

        We love you more 💙 & so proud of you 💛🌈


        Love U Sis💜💙💚💛❤

      4. ponseliana melianvi

        I love u ♥♥♥

      5. PacisEritVobiscum

        Still messed up of you to not be upfront about your biological sex with your fiance. It is dishonest and no amount of excuses can justify it.

    2. D

      It will never be real... Regardless of pills and medication you are still male and living an illusion! This needs to stop!

    3. Andri Stefánsson

      Voff voff

    4. Seven Heathen

      So transvestigators were right... 😒

    5. Sander Hesselman

      Ik steun je

    6. Carina Becker

      ik moet zeggen dat ik je niet heel erg volg. maar dat wat ik van je zag gaf mij al het gevoel dat er iets "anders" aan je was. ik weet niet zo goed waar dat gevoel precies door kwam. ik ben zelf christen en geloof niet dat het de bedoeling is om je geslacht te veranderen MAAR ik wil heel duidelijk zijn dat ik geloof dat er NIEMAND op deze aarde is die het recht heeft te oordelen over zoiets. en omdat ik christen ben weet ik ook dat God van mij vraagt om van iedereen te houden als mens. mijn mening over of het zo bedoeld is of niet doet er niet toe. jij bent jij en jij bent een mens, mij maakt het geen zak uit of je een man of een vrouw bent, en hoe je geboren bent, jij bent MENS en wij mensen moeten elkaar menselijk behandelen. mensen die je chanteren... sorry dat zijn geen mensen. en meid ik vind het enorm sterk dat je hiervoor uitkomt, ookal is het niet op het door jou gekozen moment. en precies wat je zegt JIJ BENT NIKKIE en daar veranderd niks aan. ik bewonder jou sterke persoonlijkheid en hoewel ik dus niet verbaasd ben zie ik gewoon een prachtige sterke vrouw en niet een man die vrouw geworden is. ik had dus al het gevoel dat er iets "anders" was maar ik zie een vrouw die een dikke laag make up draagt die trouwens prachtig is!

    7. Boujee Beauty

      Brave lady u are Beautiful person Clean heart Relented personality

    8. Makaylee Duvall

      Sweetie I'm pansexual and its difficult to be LGBTQ+ Community. I love you and i support you always nikki!

    9. molly hodson

      omg i love you so much xx

    10. Joel Armitage

      You were born with the right soul, you have been a woman all your life, no matter what your body is.

    11. adie rose06

      Not every trans person HAS to be out. I can't believe anyone can say she was "fooling" anyone. She is her and everyone is always saying that trans are exactly the same as everyone and same with LGBTQ+ so why is it that that is only the case when they are out. They are THEM it doesn't concern YOU if you have a different opinion on who they should be.

    12. Makayla Brown

      Omg I Love You!!! You are such an amazing person and I'm so glad that you came out and told us all this... It is so moving and inspirational and it... There is no words to explain how I feel at the moment... I love you Nikkie, stay you because you is amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️

    13. Kale Girouard

      I only heard you were trans from people talking about this video and so I was like "oh cool, so nikkie came out as a trans man" and I was searching you up and found that every article said "she". You coming out as a trans woman is the biggest surprise I've ever felt lol ❤❤

    14. Elyssa Dyck


    15. Rhonda Radford Adams


    16. Monica Gerard

      I have never felt trapped, but can only imagine how it must have felt. So glad that you have the freedom to feel "untrapped" - God Bless you and your loved ones. You deserve to be happy!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    17. Joshua Credeur

      I was actually completely unaware of who you were until today when I stumbled across this video. You are incredibly funny and you seem to be very bright. I have a lot of respect for the way you're handling this whole situation and I hope everything goes well for you

    18. Shwetha Niranjan

      I don't wear makeup , I just came across your video but God i love u ♥️,be you girl , good for you ♥️

    19. ᴀɴᴘxɴ ᴍᴀɴɴ

      Omg, the fact I was thinking before clicking on this that she was born in the wrong body, but honestly same I don't like labels.

    20. mhashem81

      You’re a woman a beautiful woman! I haven’t been following for some time but when I saw your interview on Ellen I was in disbelief. Nothing about you strikes out male or masculine. You truly were born to be a woman and I’m glad you are because our younger generation of woman need powerful women like you to look up too. This doesn’t change my view of you in any way. I still see you as Nikkie who loves to share and show her creative blessing. You are an angel.

    21. Dennis de Jong

      The question remains: "does she do a bigger dooky than her girlfriends?"

    22. George Friesen

      I too would be crying if I had put so much effort to make myself believe I was a mistake for who I am; born naturally... That would screw me up, entirely...

    23. Me Me

      I just fell in love with you even more! I wish I knew u as a friend for real and. It just on here to watch! I love you so much! May God bring you justice for what u had to go though. Remember what goes around will always come back around! Their day will come. Keep doing u and God bless you and your family!

    24. dancewomyn1

      Wow, You're incredible! Brava...What a beautiful person you are, inside and out! Congratulations.

    25. Dustyn’s Funish


    26. Time Bomb Terry

      You are still the beautiful Nikkie we all fell in love with. You're a powerful woman. In the sense that you had such an important moment taken away from you. You have been strong. You have been graceful. You have been everything a true Queen is through all of it. I respect the hell out of you and I will always see you as Nikkie, the slay queen that, alongside some of my other favorites, taught me a lot more than just make up. 💋💄❤👸🌟👑

    27. angelo molenaar

      And there are still 125k people who hates transgenders i bet mostly Americans no offense. Or people from South America where it is still illegal to be your self

    28. Bailey Huff

      Sees title* Who ahh I thought she was engaged to a guy Hears she trans* Wtf you go gurrlll🥰😍

    29. nangthip

      I'm Thai and this is common in this country and I would wish for any other countries on this earth to understand and seeing at another person nothing different between us a woman a man or what ever sex people are chosen to be ... Go on girl ..!!! Living your life with freedom and all the right to be you Xox

    30. Michael Kaba

      Meh, okay I guess

    31. Lena Palmo

      Yasssss Queen

    32. ME by Melanie Eggers

      Soooo inspiring. Props to you for taking control of your own narrative and not letting anyone else take that power away from you. Some people behave deplorably and I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I don't think any differently of you knowing your background - you're just a beautiful soul who I adore for you being you. Bravo girl! 😘💕

    33. itsnatti_ lolol

      Nikki you are strong and beautiful. Your past does and yet doesn’t affect your image and how I see you. I am not in your situation and I’ve never felt like I needed to change my body, but you’re my hero. And that is because you are brave and encouraging. I love you Nikki. Keep your head up and don’t listen to those haters

    34. jv_bby

      Love you no matter what!! You are NIKKIE TUTORIALS!!! You fckn SLAAAAAAYYYY in makeup sis!!! ALOHA!!! 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🌺🌺

    35. Rey Jaysson Sangcap

      I hope you and Jeffree will be coming along again. Please

    36. sis no

      *WAIT OMG I LITERALLY WAS LIKE SHES THE PRETTIEST WOMEN ALIVE AND SHES TRANS- OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH! I’m so proud of her for coming out 🥺 congratulations beautiful 💝*

    37. 💜Monnie💜

      You are a beautiful vrouw 💖 I’m so proud of you

    38. Not Mad Just Disappointed

      oh my god I bet she gives the best hugs. she looks so warm and inviting

    39. Alyssa Murray

      33m views?!?! but not trending... k

    40. Christopher Whipps

      I thank you so much. You are my idol before you came out and now more than ever

    41. DatgOnE

      I’ve been with you for years Nikki.. you brought tears to my eyes I’m so proud of you 🥺 much love sis 💕

    42. tim

      i thought we all knew she was trans and we just didn't mention it like how we all knew joey graceffa was gay i mean it is so obvious especially without her makeup and eyebrows and her voice

      1. 💜Monnie💜

        tim I disagree. I don’t think it’s obvious without makeup and her voice. It was a shock to me. Unlike Joey.

    43. Si Si

      All the love to you Nikkie. Nothing has changed concerning how I personally see you, or your videos. I never watched your videos bc of your gender, I watched them bc you are just so damn good at what you do! I think that it is disgusting how some people have the nerve to try and blackmail you, and I'm sooooo happy that you were the one to serve them!!!

    44. Bronte Chadney

      this is making me cry because I relate so much to this ... uugghhh I love her so much

    45. Kay

      You are very pretty and talented. And inspiring. To me, you're just Nikkie. Glad you unburdened yourself and hope you feel better.

    46. Taylor Cruz

      We love you. Nothing changes ❤

    47. NS


    48. antaresxp

      Oh boy, this is not inspiration, this is mental disorder. With all respect

    49. antaresxp

      So is it girl or boy ? I am confused... or is it sick boy who thinks that he is girl or it is a sick girl who thinks that she is a boy ?!

    50. Paola Hernandez

      No entiendo ni papas jajaja

    51. Alison Stephens

      Good for you Nikki ♥️ I'm sorry you weren't able to do this in your own time but you are supported. P.s. Your voice is so calming. Calm should hire you to do a sleep story

    52. AB’s Kitchen

      We love you nikki 😘😘😘

    53. Zahory Gonzalez

      I'm still tryna figure it out how she could be as a boy!

    54. hotcheetos

      To all the haters: take a shot everytime nikki said "ME". you'll wake up in the middle of the ocean sharks surrounding you

    55. Potato Marculasabelaminatesserina

      I stan.

    56. Isabela

      u doing gr8 sweetie ^^

    57. Tracy Pauling

      Trans Imagine my shock. Not

    58. Caitlan Stannah

      It takes a special kind of loser to try to pull what your attempted blackmailer did.

    59. _Roseeee

      A true queen 👑 amazing ✨🙌🏻

    60. My dog is fat

      I just thought I'd put it out there that you are really, really pretty! Also I admire your bravery CB if I was in your shoes I would never have the courage to do anything close to this. Women are just strong like that I guess

    61. Santa

      we support you and proud of you

    62. kristykreme

      proud of you love ❤️❤️❤️

    63. Marie Song

      Very well spoken you truly are a beautiful woman.

    64. Big brown

      Please stay in

    65. Aybree Madison

      she is on ellen about this yall

    66. Queen B

      Your voice is more feminine than little sister who wears a tutu and tiara every day

    67. thecherrydivine

      Who the hell did a this to you, you are amazing and everyone should except you. You are the Best you you can ever be.

    68. EMMA GRACE

      omg you could never tell

    69. Jennifer McBride


    70. Otaku_Cosplay

      You are beautiful no matter what ^^