I'm a Dad now!



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    Our Baby Boy Asher was born on the 5th January. We will not be sharing his face on CZ-news or social media to protect his privacy so please respect that. I will be back soon!
    Twitch : www.twitch.tv/DanTDM
    Twitter : twitter.com/DanTDM
    Instagram : instagram.com/DanTDM

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    1. Lizzikaze playz


    2. RaidJV

      Ayyy congrats. Also January gang where you at!!!

    3. sex cash murda tommy

      what position was it

    4. TheRealCyborg60


    5. Leslie Montes

      hold on what- Haven't watched him in a good solid 4 years and wow 💀

    6. McKenzie Taylor


    7. Erin Alcantara

      Amazing news, Dan! Im happy for you.😁😁

    8. Myajayla Odom

      I just got a baby sister

    9. qt_ Sweetdevil

      What else is going to happen to all of my Minecraft childhood people?... I’m broken.. but congrats for the baby.. 💔

    10. SG VAMPY1

      I think we should change Dantdm to DaDTDM

    11. AmyCoolKid101 ;3

      Ahhhhhhh Bro your my childhood memories and I come back 7years later and you have 22M And a kid my mind is blown I so proud of you (つ≧▽≦)つ

    12. Sunset Safari

      2031: Son: *watching dans videos* Dan: what are you doing!? Son: Watching your old videos Dan: *watches a few* Dan: *wipes away tears* Son: Dad what’s wrong!? Dan: I had a CZ-news channel a long time ago that I quit in 2022 Son: bUt WhY I CoUlD HaVe beEn a StAr!?!?!?

    13. Sunset Safari

      If dan had a kid he call him pugman!!!

    14. Aar Kay

      Instead of Dan, it's gonna be Hey guys, it's *DAD* here, welcome back to a brand new video! God bless your family.

    15. Skibet

      U were my childhood and I’m so happy to hear that u finally got a kid

    16. Jasmine LaPenna

      I feel so old wth

    17. Alli Gomez

      The day before your baby was born was my cousins birthday lol Btw congrats in having a baby :3

    18. Pro Gaming

      Press if you are a DanTDM fan 🔽 🔽

    19. W0RLD D357R0Y3R

      Put him in a video

    20. Bobby Tackett

      Congratulations for Asher turning 4 weeks old

    21. Nicola Patten

      Why is he not shoing his face

    22. rosebxbles

      So much respect Man, u were seriously my childhood and now to see you’re a dad is amazing! Best of luck,so happy for u

    23. Taylor DeArruda

      I haven’t been watching your videos lately but I’m so happy for you and Jemma I’m sure you guys will be great parents

    24. Paloma Castillo

      I have been watching you since forever and I’m really glad that you have made a family

    25. burned toast

      My birthday is on 3 rd of January

    26. TR_ Beast


    27. Jacob Turnbull

      I have been a fan of Dan from a young age and stopped watching him for the past few years but came across this video and just want to say I'm happy for u

    28. z4Qn D4RK R4iD 19

      I’ve been with dan all of the way through his journey on CZ-news and this is a very big moment

    29. Gavin Sydness

      Omg omg omg omg

      1. Gavin Sydness


    30. Dusty and Sara Bright


    31. Sticky figures from your Misses

      Been watching since I was 6 in 2011 in it’s mad to think your a dad now

    32. 00 _zero

      Is the kid named Pug man

    33. Robert Vaz

      I’m so proud for you 😃

    34. Chile Wafflz

      OMG IM SO BLESSED JANUARY 5 IS MY BIRTHDAY TOO! Congratulations to Jenna and Dan.

    35. DuB Squad

      Man this makes me feel old I’ve been here for 6yrs...

    36. Samantha Gacha

      My childhood is depressing now Dan:has a child Pat and Jen: breakup LDShadowLady: gets married

    37. memes kids

      You've changed my life I hope he changes your life

    38. Morgan Glesias


    39. Aiden's Gaming World


    40. XxcrystalwolfxX

      Haven’t watched Dan in a few years come back: I’m a dad now! Me: how much have I missed! But OMG congrats and Asher is one of me fav names AHHHHHH 💞❤️

    41. Burpea Burpster

      How do you make kids?

    42. Tilly’s Life

      Asher? What happened to Pug Man? Jk love u Dan 💕

    43. Cheri Parham

      I can't Believe it

    44. can i live, mom

      Ayyyeee 😉😉😂😂👏👏👏👏

    45. Jojo siwa Official


    46. Officially LOVE Unstoppable

      well done

    47. Chris Robb


    48. Finlay Kane

      Play Fortnite rip of

    49. gene ryan

      Damn, I wish I could do to school and say my dad is dantdm.....but my dad went to get some milk 2 years ago and never came back.

    50. Ava Byrne

      I told my little sister and she said “so now is he dadtdm”

    51. Gacha Llama

      Ive been waiting for this forever ahh, ur gonna be sucha good dad

    52. 2minnit

      Wait, does that mean you had..... No refuse

    53. lolafilly extreme

      Congratulations 😁😁😁😁

    54. Mini arts

      Hahaha congratulations Dan!

    55. Itz_Starry Gacha

      Last time i watched Dan i was 6 im 12 now, oml i feel old...

    56. Purpziey

      Dan I believe that you will make an amazing Dad !

    57. CARLITO

      I knew I would watch this video one day

    58. Daisy Brinkhoff

      I am so happy for you !:-)

    59. Lily & Friends

      DadTDM 😂

    60. mike theroblox

      It born junuary 5 2020

    61. Epic Games

      Congrats man you were a big part of my childhood

    62. Jackie Marshall Makes Music

      Dan you’ll be a great dad

    63. Afra Sihab

      Ayy born on the 5th January same

    64. Charley Swinton

      It’s so nice growing up with Dan and now seeing him have his own family just- 😫🥰🥰

    65. Dominica B

      I feel so goddamn old now XD. I hope you raise your child as well as your videos raised me 💖

    66. Overwatch Girl


    67. Overwatch Girl

      Dan! You should change your channel name to DadTDM!!!

    68. meli the demon

      My birthday is on 10th

    69. Gaming tingz

      I'm crying 💕😭 I've watched you my whole childhood and now you're a dad. I'm 11 and I'm so happy for you 😭😭😭😭💓

    70. Ghost Alexis