I Had Four Guys Fight Over My Heart. So Satisfying!

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    New 2019 animated stories that actually happened! In this video we tell the story of a teenager who dated 4 guys at the same time because she can’t say no.

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    Oh, hi! My name’s Nicolette, but I’d prefer Nicky. Do you always say “Yes”? Do you know why it’s important to be able to say “No” - at least from time to time? Well, I do know now. Even though it’s pretty embarrassing to confess what I did right now in front of all of you, I feel the need to tell you everything. Here’s my story.
    When my parents, who happened to work together, got their job transfer and we were forced to move to another city, I already knew that my life was going to be more complicated. I had to leave my besties and my boyfriend Nick here, in my old city and my old school. Yeah, I know, it sounds a bit cliché, but I thought back then that we were meant to be together, especially given the fact that we had the same name. Lol.
    Anyway, I moved and he was devastated and became super-jealous, almost constantly texting me to ask about every step I took. I was really afraid to change my environment, because of the new high school, and the fact that I had no friends and everything. But one of my girlfriends, Jess, saved me. Once she had introduced me to a guy she’d been to a music summer camp with - his name was Rodger. I knew that he also lived in the city I was moving to. I was not the kind of girl who calls boys first to ask them to take her out, but by that time I already spent two lame and lonely weeks in a new place, I just decided to take that risk anyway.
    What can I say? Rodger made me laugh all the time and took me to a few interesting places, like an art gallery and a café where I tasted the best ice-cream ever. He was a little bit older and good looking, so that at some point I found myself interested in him. I mean, yes, I know I had Nick and I didn’t want to break up with him. It was just flirting between Rodger and me, and nothing more, until he took me to one party.
    It was the birthday party of one of his friends and as soon as we arrived he began trying to flatter me, like he wanted something, you know, more serious than just talk. I managed to escape to the balcony to grab some fresh air and I saw a guy from my school. I knew that he was year older than me and that his name was Alan. He probably didn’t recognize me, ‘cause he approached me and asked whether I was there alone. I pointed at Rodger, who was making us some snacks, but for some strange reason when Alan asked me if I had a boyfriend, I shook my head. We had a nice little chat during that party and the next day at school I was suddenly the one to went up and said “hi.”
    It didn't seem like I had “something” with Alan, right? It was just a movie night with no romance at all. And it was interesting to talk to someone who differed so much from me. I learned that he was in a garage band and played the bass, and he invited me to one of their performances during the upcoming weekend. He rode a motorcycle, which was really cool, in my mind. But at the same time, we had some things in common and it seemed like he was also interested in what was I talking about.
    I don’t know what was happening with me - whether it was my age, or my new environment, or both, but I tried not to mention the other guys while talking to each of them. Even though I never thought of myself as a cheater, I didn’t want to lose any of the three of them. It turned out to be pretty challenging to hide them all, though, but I successfully managed to do it for a few months. Rodger was sort of my guru in terms of socialization and the arts; Alan was a daredevil and made me feel free; and Nick…well, Nick was my good-old boyfriend, who knew me probably better than I knew myself and I really missed him, and us.
    And then spring break came, along with my birthday. Nick promised to come and spend a few days with me, and I was pretty excited about that. I had already made myself safe, having told Rodger and Alan that I was going to be out of town so that they wouldn’t disturb Nick and I, but he canceled everything at the last moment. Sadly, his mom broke her leg and he had to stay at home to help her. This made me a little bit angry. I mean, of course, she didn’t do it on purpose, but she could’ve let her son come and see his girlfriend (after not having seen her for a few months, gosh!)
    I was so upset on the evening before my birthday, that I changed my Facebook status to something about “feeling lonely in a crowd.” And the next morning I woke up to hearing someone beeping loudly outside of my house...

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