I Got Arnold Schwarzenegger To Say "GET TO DA CHOPPA"



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    I met Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton to interview them for Terminator Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller. Without even having to really ask, Arnie did some memes and quotes saying "Get To The Choppa". In this Linda Hamilton interview she also explains why she came back to the role of sarah connor after all these years.
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    1. My Rc life

      Fuckkkkkkk yaaaaaaa

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      That inspired me

    3. Somebody

      When and how

    4. Bonus Ducks 2.0

      Anytime jack talks he looks like he is in a school picture because of the background and the outfit he is wearing

    5. AlexChannel

      Arnold: *Aight, am a head out*

    6. Samantha Dehn

      If you are a fan of Arnold Swarzenegger. Like this comment

    7. Ann Pierce

      Is my favorite

    8. Ann Pierce

      Can't wait to see the movie but until then terminator genyses

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      The interviewer has a hitler moustache

    11. Bluqe

      Here ya go 👇🏼 6:05

    12. Jadyn Stephenson

      He looks like be is going to die soon 😭😭

    13. Jadyn Stephenson

      Arnold Schwarzenegger was so buff in the movies

    14. Jadyn Stephenson

      I hate termatator movies sry jack

    15. Richard Li

      if you look at jack's old videos he is a very good narrator

      1. Richard Li

        and it certainly paid off

    16. PinBallReviewer

      Dayum I wonder if I could get an interview with them if Jack could? I would love to intervie Arnold and Linda. :)

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    18. Connor Rogers

      Without Arnold the movies he did will be diffrent

    19. K

      Well... All I can say, is that aging is terrible.

    20. Noir [Narrative]

      Jack you so Lucky ^~^

    21. Soul Taker2000

      Arnold: Sorry guys we have to get rid of water its vapors are one of the most abundant in the Greenhouse gas spectrum Water: Water vapor condensing in the clouds*i'll be back*

    22. Crystal Voyage

      Ok *Boomer*

    23. Frances Mayo

      How cool is that

    24. Michael Santos

      This was WHOLESOME.

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    26. Wendy Huttle

      The is so awesome, and I'm happy for you Jack and Arnold Schwarzenegger Be happy 😄

    27. Mr_Aung

      “Giv dis peopl aiierh” Is my favorite

    28. Games&Anime Lover

      Shortcut 👌🤞👇 6:05 Your welcome

    29. Logan Stewart

      i just want to skip to when he says that, cause i want to get the real action.

    30. Obi Whaaan

      Get to the choppa? Yes, get to the choppa

      1. Obi Whaaan

        Get to the choppa

    31. Jimmy Terchila

      Jacksepticeye, can you ask Arnold if he was the only one that played as the terminator in all the movies

    32. XxlilAlexskiXx KDA

      Oy can you highlight when he says it

    33. C4Booom169

      AstalaViSa BabYa

    34. C4Booom169

      Il be bACk

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    36. Cholo TeddyBear

      Jack: I made him say GET TO DA CHOPPA Terrorizer: That bastard

    37. Cholo TeddyBear

      Bro you got arnold and Ryan renolds my 2 most favorite actors beside Johnny Depp and Jim Carrey which you should meet too when sonic comes out you should see Jim Carrey

      1. Cholo TeddyBear

        Where is terrorizer when you need em? 🥔🥔🥔

    38. Christian Donaire

      Uzi nein millameeta

    39. Mega Gaming

      I was only here for get to da chopper

    40. TRealBOOTYFLAKE Treal

      "I like to read" Me:*watches the new movie* Also me:"hol up"

    41. Arth1r _PC

      Short cut 6:07

    42. Airiya

      676 people did not get to da Choppa Rip..

    43. Lxrd S.O.D

      Oh my.The Terroriser is not gonna like this lmao

    44. PrissyNeko

      Both Arnold and Linda seem like such down to earth people. Arnold gave some really solid advice, Linda was a delight, and I love the questions that Jack asked. I really enjoyed this video. You did great, Jack!

    45. LSN ANKLE

      Nobody: Jack: yea yea yea yea


      Me: lost in the woods Arnold:get to da choppa Me: Oh ke

    47. nadamuchu

      Lol the click baity title isn’t even necessary jack

    48. Brandon Vanlinder

      Jacks mouth:you guys are my childhood and im so happy to finally meet you Jacks brain: can you say "GET TO THE CHOPPA"?

    49. ferio lisal

      Me : he will not going back Arnold : I'll be back

    50. Wide Load

      He has lived every 90s kids dream

    51. Destroyer_5 Rockz

      In the stands, we love yelling out Arnold phrases

    52. Travis7patriot

      Man jack is really good at that interviewing stuff

    53. Lamo Tran

      GET TO THE COPPER!You are one ugly well,you guys know the movie

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    56. Drew Glynn

      It’s fucking amazing that you are interviewing a legend

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    58. Michael Cameron

      6:03 Your welcome

    59. pink bandit

      I like how you can tell that Jack is shiting his pants to the entire thing LOL

    60. GA5_ MA5K

      They're taking like this movie is going to do great F

      1. GA5_ MA5K

        @Fredrick Davidson talking

      2. Fredrick Davidson


    61. GA5_ MA5K

      Im sad for them

    62. Dekotah Chappell

      I love terminator

    63. Wout Van Cauwenbergh

      Lucky bastard

    64. Nisioisin 23

      Terroriser would be proud.

    65. GodZilla

      Terminator: I'll be back Jesus: I will be back

    66. Jaedan Begay

      Jack Terminator to with my childhood

    67. Ki Ham

      I had no idea being a CZ-newsr can get you Interviews with amazing people like Arnie

    68. Gustas. C

      This film is amaizing i just saw it i REALLY recomend it👍👍👍

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      Roses are red Violets are blue I clicked for the name for the video And so did you!