I Got A Japanese Lolita Fashion Makeover

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    So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping - and we’re coming in hot with episode 2 about Japanese Street Fashion Subcultures! Japan has some very iconic and unique Harajuku-centric fashion subcultures, and Lolita style has always fascinated me - so we decided to do a deep dive into the poofy, frilly, pastel style! What do you think of my final look?
    A huge thanks to RinRin for helping us! You can check her out here:
    IG: instagram.com/rinrindoll/
    CZ-news: cz-news.net/client-rinrindoll
    English Channel: cz-news.net/chl/UCU8_LMvzzqBXNL-KXuE-D_w
    You can check out the stores featured here:
    Abilletage: instagram.com/abilletage/
    Atelier Pierrot: instagram.com/atelier_pierrot/
    Angelic Pretty: instagram.com/angelicpretty_official/
    Chantegram: instagram.com/chantegram_official/
    Q Pot Cafe: instagram.com/qpot_official/
    Items Worn & Not Listed In The Video:
    Abilletage - Corset Over Knee Socks Side Lace-up
    Abilletage - Noir Croix Corset
    Abilletage - Corset Tights Victorian
    Atelier Pierrot - Volume Pannier
    System 'id' - Graceful Lace Aliceband (Headband)
    modifica - Morpho Necklace
    Gothic Holic - Fluttering Butterfly Clip Small/Medium
    Angelic Pretty - Cute Ribbon Wrist Cuffs
    Angelic Pretty - Love Heart Logo Pochette
    Angelic Pretty - Laced-up Ribbon Overknee Socks
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    Safiya's Instagram: instagram.com/safiyany/
    Twitter: twitter.com/safiyajn
    Facebook: facebook.com/safnygaard/
    This video is NOT sponsored! We paid for all clothing items ourselves, but Chantegram did provide their styling service for free.
    Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Josie Latino
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    1. Safiya Nygaard

      HELLO FRIENDS!! happy saturday! here is the next episode of our east asia series - hope you guys enjoy it! what did u think of the makeover?? xoxo, saf

      1. Chxrry Bxe

        This was a nice vid!

      2. Georgena Weaver

        And taking the last reply

      3. Georgena Weaver

        I’m being a bitch

      4. Lizzy Chang

        I love it!

    2. It wasn’t me

      “And also we needed a corset... of course” AHHH THE PUNS

    3. Bandito _clikkie

      Ok but can I say that I can’t be the only one who thought of Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa when they pulled out the finger ring and her dark outfit????

    4. Cupcake Gacha

      This outfit reminds me of something haunted mansion

    5. Tori Osgood


    6. Anna

      16:56 is absolutely adorable when she runs in the background lol

    7. Rose_does_gacha

      8:04 danganrompa! Celestia Ludenberg!

    8. raaubus


    9. Contour Cactus

      *I think i want to be a Lolita model*

    10. BangTan_Fan 2004

      You look like a happy lil’ hatchishakusama in those heels

    11. Dawn Bacon

      I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Natsuki Gushiken

      Oh no how did I get here I don’t like this I just wanted to watch Japanese people dress cool not this person who are you aaaaaaaaa

    13. Romeo Kohinoor

      Your Fuck Massage Affire How To

    14. Myra Theis

      I like the black one

    15. kelsey does random stuff here

      *warning, not body shaming* is it just me or think that Safiya is thinner than she is because she wears black? for some reason black clothes just do that.

    16. Michaela Oliver

      you should try dressing up as a southern bell dresses it is so puffy and you do feel like a bell

    17. Lucia Mulcahy

      11:06 did anyone else think of big bird lmao

    18. StarryKosmik

      I recognized alot of the deer stalker clips! Great channel.

    19. Ally Hatter

      You have no idea how many times I’ve watched this. Because I have no idea how many times I’ve watched this.

    20. Amaya J


    21. Raisheru Ribera

      No one: Danganronpa fans: Celestia Ludenberg

    22. Bobobobobo26

      She looks super good like it works really well for her

    23. Jamie Cox

      I'm kinda scared because you look like my doppelganger in that lolita makeup... also, I would totally wear that.

    24. danae

      8:13 Tyler: you just went a little Arwen Me, Arwen: HEY

    25. randomness unleashed

      I like the fish dress. But love the blue dress from the second store the most. Love how they did the hair.

    26. ElliThe BookWorm


    27. s t a r d u s t

      I always wonder if Saf actually pays for the stuff that she gets.

    28. Camila Hernandez

      First and last one is my favorite 😗

    29. Narwhal Studios

      She looks like Lydia Deetz holy shit

    30. Raven the Rebel

      *walks in store* Me: *runs to black* Mom: *makes me wear pink* Me: *cries* 😭😭😭

      1. Tøxic_Gazz

        Raven the Rebel relatable 😭

    31. twinklinqstarz


    32. pεαςh_pαηdα ʕ0ᴥ0ʔ

      7:49 - You look great!! 👌🏻🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    33. pεαςh_pαηdα ʕ0ᴥ0ʔ

      Personally, I love the gothic lolita fashion but unfortunately it's expensive asf in my country and clothes are hard to find if not downright impossible (even in self labelled "goth" stores). 😔😣

    34. Owlcat

      I am from the EU and when they showed the map of them flying to the left side of the planet I was so confused for a split second :'D

    35. Ani

      Stewie Griffin be like 25:12

    36. Sky SSB

      Safiya looks so pretty in all of these outfits!!”

    37. Baby Yoda

      My preference is a Gothic, Evil Queen from Snow White vibe

    38. Kristen Taylor

      what about her nails??

    39. no name heh

      THE BAG IS THE SIZE OF RIN RIN *wheze-laugh*

    40. Melayna Murphy

      I literally thought Aya and Lime were mannequins or giant dolls or something...

    41. HER Wonderland

      Gotholita ❤️🙌

    42. Sora Chan

      Now I want to be a Lolita Model! 🤣😂😅

    43. Harmony Harmony

      You’re so beautiful and cute! Love your personality ❤️ slay queen! 👑

    44. UwU Girl

      11:12 she looks kinda like a giant meline Martinez

    45. Gracee Freeman

      Wow that’s rlly nice on u OwO and I like that fashion that has like a bunch of charms and accessories so I knew I would like this OwO that’s all bye now! Edit:omg cats I must go some day and be in Lolita bc it would be like the best day ever to me OwO (I use that face to much sowy .w.)

    46. charlie winchester 27


    47. I Love Elephants

      the store angelic pretty gave me anxiety

    48. JennieChan

      You would LOVE EGA (Elegant Goth Lolita) or EGA (Elegant Goth Aristocrat)

    49. Gary Phillips

      Nice sex dress up but nothing else

      1. cg standing

        people can wear what they want

    50. 한빈

      정품 여성최☜음제 당일발송 온▼라인 해외직♠구 성/인약국 saya983.com

    51. Tara Faza


    52. Rootbeer&Stuffz

      This is a very elegant style and it’s culture is just incredibly gorgeous

    53. Kowalski MaybeAnalyze

      Oh my god that girl that drinks tea without using the handles, i'm getting nightmares

    54. theSwedishGal

      This made me think of dollightfully (ik she's korean but she's really into japanese street-fashion)

    55. Eldergeek

      7:26. I think that the term you're thinking of is "bustle", which did show up in Victorian Era fashion.

    56. Shara L

      Ohhh wow!

    57. kira casella

      I am sooo into the Lolita aesthic, especially the Gothic Lolita aesthic.

    58. Chloë Wassum

      YOU FORGOT THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!! 👁👄👁 👁👄👁 👁👄👁

    59. hug annoy

      She loves that they can dress like that to have fun and not to be sexy 😭🙏🏻 poor girl.... it didnt work. People still sexualize it. It didnt work :(

    60. Supergirl

      I will admit. The black outfits look awesome on you.

    61. Jadon Rowe

      You should wear for Halloween

    62. Kris Coke

      I like the purple dress, but yeah, you rocked the pirate outfit!!!

    63. Living at the Ledge

      You should try the Decorah key

    64. saberdaze is not gay

      who’s gon tell her about hentai

      1. cg standing

        she probably knows about it. But what does that have to do with the video?

    65. Irish Raine

      LOVE IT... 🐱

    66. Rosa Song

      I literately burst into laughs watching your videos. Thank you for putting up such amazing content all the time! Congrats on the wedding too!!

    67. Baberaham Lincoln

      I should try this, I just need to decide on the style I wanna do

    68. KawaiiDeathAnime SingsSongs

      Is it affordable though? Like I love Lolita and gothic Lolita but I can never find any stores in like my area or like online. Like there are plenty online but I can find any with a affordable price😩

    69. UltraSuperDuperFreak

      All those fancy words used to describe what the look is going for ... in my head i went "look like a baby"