I found my Boyfriends SECRET underground MINECRAFT BASE !



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    I found my Boyfriends SECRET underground MINECRAFT BASE !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to I found my Boyfriends SECRET underground MINECRAFT BASE !
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    1. Lynnzie's Life

      Did anyone else see the trap door in the pool??? 👇👍

      1. morten daugbjerg

        but was there a button to the iron trapdoor

      2. Kerry Mehaffey

        I was about to comment that

      3. Everson Mataira-Cant

        Lynnzie's Life it's probably a drain

      4. Dave JakoKov


      5. Maria Vidal


    2. Brianna Ragsdale


    3. dwayne lammy

      She was thar in the bace


      We already hit 100 k

    5. Renee Osenga

      A...Azzy there was a finger over the camera,but not all the way

    6. 7 cool kids slime fun

      Azzy look in the pool

    7. Cornflakes It is not about cornflakes

      We did now part 2

    8. Ayana Cartwright

      I know I am a kid but I really need to say you have bad eye sight you are like a grandma because you did not see the door in the pool at the very bottom

    9. Ayana Cartwright

      there was a door in the pool in the very bottom

    10. Ayana Cartwright

      ohhhh azzy snuck in Jordan's base I am going to tell him on one off his videos

    11. Diona Mercurio

      Good pool did VIP anyone 100% 100

    12. Johnathan Scott

      Check the house

    13. Hunter Phillips

      Do more minecraft

    14. Kc & Aji's World Ph.


    15. Kc & Aji's World Ph.

      Did anyone else see the trap door in the pool???

    16. Katherine Mejia

      Azzy and kwebbleop

    17. Lily Belle Harris

      I never new azzy played Minecraft!!!??😵😂😱

    18. Mona Sangma

      Something was in the pool

    19. Lisa DiCecca

      Billy Eilish is my favorite singer

    20. Lisa DiCecca

      Billy Elisha is my favorite singer

    21. Damaso Nieto

      You áre mean fore stealing his diamonds

    22. Maria Barajas


    23. Maria Barajas


    24. Maria Barajas


    25. OB3Y V1BEZZ

      Its been a month

    26. OB3Y V1BEZZ

      So likeee no more videos? Tf

    27. Rush 14 RP

      😨😨omg . You broke your surprise car 😧😢

    28. Dark Warrior

      She was in you base

    29. Aiden Chance

      You are so weak

    30. Darkness Demon

      yayyayayyag i love u AZZY

    31. Darkness Demon


    32. Nikola Conkova

      Hhhhhh😂ujk 4 to be named as the first person to be named

    33. Mihai Berbec

      Bad stuff girl ,you had a barrier in your inventory ,that you can only get from creativ ,im mad

    34. sarita gurung

      You as Hole

    35. Strawberry Ninja

      That's a lotta CAKE! XD That made me laugh

    36. Unicorn 1950

      You got 138k likes where is the Minecraft

    37. Crsmgacha YT


    38. Lillian Bauer

      HEEEEEEEY j-

    39. Elijah Bostic

      2:43 pause VERY QUICKLY look to the left what is that in azzys room?

    40. Brandon Elliott

      You play mincrift?!?!?!!?

    41. Mahara Suhail

      I love you azzyland

    42. Sean Dietz

      Josde you ‘re wife has dsdufrd your bas

    43. 胡雅淑


    44. 胡雅淑


    45. 胡雅淑

      AzzyLand Do more MINECRAFT

    46. unspeakablegaming Kjoss

      Who is ariana granday

    47. aljig adona

      Oooo I’m gonna tell jordey

    48. Riley Rose

      I am in 10 but I got no boyfriend😥😣☹

    49. Wonderful Narwhal

      How do you get colorful armor??p

    50. Addilyn Campbell

      I am new I just want you know what did you think I’m only seven my name is Alexis and your biggest fan and yeah I want to tell Jordy

    51. Phillip Grieg

      I did

    52. Elena Díaz

      Am I the only one who remembers when Preston did this? He legit had a WHOLE series on just this video.

    53. jeremy tierney

      love your videos

    54. Elena Gepe

      Azzy how do you make the pink armor

    55. Georgia Mae

      In the pool there was a trap door Where does that lead to?

    56. Sage Henderson


    57. Mendoza Gaming

      Pls pls pls pls

    58. Mendoza Gaming

      Go back to jordi pls

    59. Cherry Pornias

      izzy your boyfrend made a trap in your house in the nex minecraft video

    60. Micky Z


    61. JC EPIC

      I saw it, azzy secretly go and find out what it is. I might just be a drain

    62. In jon


    63. Alejandro Diasana

      Did anyone see the iron trap door on the pool like if you see it

    64. Aidan Murray

      I told him I'd Did i

    65. Mvpvinny

      Not even one day and it has 136k likes

    66. nelly shutt

      I did

    67. BearClaw Randoms

      *Were gonna close all the doors* *walks past an open door and closes the rest of the doors*

    68. Sugel Verás

      I miss u U r the best

    69. Harmonise Productions

      1 like equals one Ariana grande song to listen to

    70. Mihaela Stojanova

      5:41 who see the door