I found my Boyfriends SECRET underground MINECRAFT BASE !



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    I found my Boyfriends SECRET underground MINECRAFT BASE !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to I found my Boyfriends SECRET underground MINECRAFT BASE !
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    1. Lynnzie's Life

      Did anyone else see the trap door in the pool??? 👇👍

      1. Electra gangs sis


      2. Rachel Rossi

        I was going down to the comments and was just about say that until I saw yours😂 I was like omg at least somebody seen it!!!

      3. Mario Chavez

        I did see the trapdoor on the pool!!!

      4. Layla Walker

        I didn't notice it

      5. Mailee Martinez

        I seen it

    2. Kathryn DeHoyos

      Me: mom my tablet broke Mom: how did it brake? I smashed that like button👍

    3. rena Boshle

      I love your vs so much😎

    4. doug bagshaw


    5. Mark Ross

      your the best azzy you must be a good girlfriend to jordy

    6. Reeve Caley Chua


    7. Fatima Mollah

      Minecraft is so fun

    8. Laura Maddox

      There was a trap door in the pool

    9. Keaira Adams

      I'm telling kwebbelkop

    10. Catherine Wang

      Azzyland found your secret room

    11. Catherine Wang

      Destroy a bit of it 😈😈😈

    12. Barnen Hartelius

      Is'it Jordi that publish the videos?

    13. Sharath Mudappa

      Azzy can’t stand seeing a secret room even if she knows she will get in trouble and what can I say I would do the same. Thumbs up if you would do the same 👍👍👍

    14. Ariana Edwards.

      I love Arianna grande my name is ariana

    15. Jennifer P

      4:28 yaaaaaaaaaaa

    16. David Labuschagne

      Please do mire mincraft

    17. rehaf ali

      I won't tell him I Am Your Biggest Fan

    18. Amber Aguirre

      Hey my name is Ariana

    19. Charity Meyer


    20. Cozmoz

      I see some mermaid farts

    21. Felicien Assumani

      What pool are you talking about loser

    22. Jana Djordjevic

      I love you too

    23. Loyala Jude

      JORDIE ! azzy found your secret base!

    24. Camille Perret

      OH JORDY

    25. Vonte tube

      Azzy I think I understand why he did not tell you about this

    26. Anita McDaniel

      Hi azzy can you play more minecraft please

    27. Stephanie Featherstone

      I love you 😍

    28. Stéphanie Brodeur

      You nide you're sicrite plase

    29. Harley CrasyJoker

      HE MAKE THAT GIANT HOUSE?! OMG i can't believe this! Is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hart to build that house! XD

    30. blox watch

      in 01:56 is so sad

    31. Anna Kennedy

      There's a trapdoor in the pool

    32. Anna Kennedy

      he put traps all around the house once he saw what you did to his underground secret thing and he made the house all orange and put traps in there when you walk down there there's a pressure plate and a tent and I'll blow up and if you walk over and flip the switch you'll go into lava and die

    33. TiLlY B

      Wait you play Minecraft? !

    34. Yumi owo

      *Oh, my gosh your hair girl*

    35. digs Reyes

      I saw the pool the trap door in the pool I mean why did Azzyland do you see that trap door in the pool

    36. Wolfie's Gang

      Break the glass and go into the fontain

    37. Katie Smith

      Plz plz plz plz plz plz azzy do more minecraft! I love you so much! 😋Please notice me ! Love you and Jordi and zurol I'm so sorry if I spelled his name wrong🥺

    38. Ryker Mifflin

      Azzy u play games? ??? Cool

    39. Shane Morehead

      this willow

    40. Shane Morehead

      This is going to be good

    41. Victoria Ross

      U should propose to Jordie

    42. Matthew Klingler

      Azzy: But...Where’s my channel? Me: Wtf kwebble I think you two should break up if he doesn’t have your channel Azzy.Just a suggestion...

    43. Elizabeth artiga

      Azzy: 😠 Me: wow

    44. Sarah Westermajer


    45. Leon Hanson

      Gordi girlfriend was in gordis secret base and stole his diomands

    46. Leon Hanson



      I love you sooooooo much

    48. Andrew Esguerra

      or Shawn Memdez

    49. Queen of Candy & Kittens!

      Also,hey Jordy if ur watching!

    50. Queen of Candy & Kittens!

      Azzyland lives in Canada. I'm drinking Canada Dry®. 😲

    51. Itz Julia

      AHHH! I Wanna make so many things from your minecraft!

    52. paisley carson


    53. Lorance Gurung


      1. Lorance Gurung


    54. Cat Nguyen

      Destroy his secret underground 😈

    55. Henry Maliglig

      Azzy I'm getting minecraft and I'm going to make you a world.

    56. Linda Hoelscher

      Go to Preston plazz

    57. Velma Klein


    58. Shivansh Bhatt

      Everyone else:- there was a open trapdoor...there was a open door etc..etc.. Me wondering why she has a barrier block in her inventory?

    59. Miss Artist Again

      What if you get lost azzy

    60. Lexi Wilkinson

      How did the block disappear per!!!!!!!???????

    61. Ray Guerrero

      People did you see the trap door in the pool

    62. It’s Alex Bernardo

      Roblox is better why don’t you give it a try azzy pleas🥺🥺🥺

    63. Foxy Girl

      what would happen if he knew what you did he would be mad

    64. Foxy Girl

      you boyfriend will not now what you did🤭👍

    65. Jaymi& JuliesMomma

      I saw the trap door in the pool.

    66. RHAvalera


    67. RHAvalera

      In the pool you missed a white door

    68. Jarred Chappell


    69. Layan Bakre

      Azzy had 63 pieces of cooked chicken in her inventory LOL

    70. Layla Walker

      Ok I am sick and when I am sick I watch Azzy she is so funny and cool 🐶🦊🐱🐰🐭🧀