I Can't Control My Tongue

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    1. Gooey Mxrshmxllow

      Him: *bites tongue and likes it* Me: *bites tongue and shouts*

    2. Heidi Quintua

      Can I kill his horrible mom?

    3. •¿Áłėxíš Ğăçhá¿•

      2019:I Can't Control My Tounge 3019:My boyfriend's a dog and I gave birth to a furry

    4. S0LSAN3 1

      *CLICK BAIT*

    5. Ninja Xpro11

      Ew you eat a tongue

    6. Fay McBella

      Hmmm🧐 Hmmmmmm🤔 Hmmm?🤨 3:32 EWW

    7. Fay McBella

      Euhm...... Wait... What?

    8. Rosean Jordan

      That's messed up is your sister your wife and you didn't went to your mom's funral

    9. OctoLink


    10. Luzwing Villagran

      0:34 what happened to her arm (Keep watc)hing

    11. ITZ__coolio SUF

      2020:I ate my tongue 3020: I ate my mom and evreyone at school to

    12. ANG JIA HUI -

      If you can't taste food, GREAT! You can blend a bunch of icky vegetables to eat and stay healthy and full without having that bitter taste

    13. ANG JIA HUI -

      Next title, " I AM ALLERGIC TO MY OWN HEART BEAT!"

    14. adam vivero

      your a zombie

    15. Sofias01

      if you cant control your tongue than how can you talk in this video

    16. Andrew Young

      i have sharp teeth i don't know if I am a vampire

    17. Andrew Young

      what it tastes good

    18. Andrew Young

      i drink blood 🤫🤫

    19. Lps Leafy

      Why does he sound like Markiplier🧐🧐🧐🧐

    20. Xxblade_playsXx Foxy563

      Thumbnail:I eat my tongue Title I can’t control my tongue

    21. Bendy Morgz

      Did tht really happened

    22. zoe j'nell tuner

      2019:i ate my tongue 2030:i ate my eyes😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    23. M A L F U N C T I O N E R R O R

      The next thing on my recommended is “my parents found out I slept with my sister” and I went “ohhh that’s why they were so close”

    24. Imarni Anson

      This story is kind of weird because well his mum beats them up and he cant control his tongue

    25. arbab super dragan ball king

      I use to eat myself then my tongue ate be and iam not alive lol hahhahahhahahhaha

    26. Valeri Iliev

      then if you eated your tonge how do yo talk liar

    27. The blazing Rex

      This is so fake

    28. Chicken Plays

      2019: I eat my tongue 2020: My mom ate me after I gave birth to her


      🙏 0:31 💓🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇💕


      Alan: I eat my own tongue Me: FRICK. I BIT MY FRICKING TONGUE

    31. Yo Soy La Reina Kay

      Wait so his wife yelled you bit you tongue

    32. Erick Garcia

      If you eat a lot of pills you would die😕😕😑😑😑 you dummy👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    33. Kevin The Cube

      That how do u speak lmao

    34. Nyantastic Games

      Doood plz stop recomending this fake sh*t its bu**sh*t and it polisends your mind to do weird choises in life because They wanna be famous. I realy hope people Will stop watch these fake sh*t videos and get a f*ing life!! These fake videos are bad for people it makes them not take upertunities for love because these videos always has to do with cheeters

    35. Slim Goody

      Him: I ate my tongue Me:well did it taste like throw up?

    36. caroline wambui

      Your mom sounds awful

    37. Olivia Bann

      You have dibetes

    38. Clinton Dozier

      How can u talk

    39. Slade jr Kane

      4:02 thought ur sister died 1 week after being locked in the basement for one hour

    40. Bebang Bautista

      But what if both of you did something bad together?

    41. Charlotte Stone

      next movie;i ate my dad bc he would not stop yelling a me

    42. Just a gaming kid

      Next vid: *I ATE MY FACE OFF*

    43. MarcosJimenez _yt

      Yo it’s wrong to not go to your moms funeral

    44. kawaii animation

      Are you Markiplier? Srry just curious. You sounded simuler.

    45. Foja Squad

      If you are your tongue you wouldn’t have one like....this doesn’t make sense 2019- I Eat My Tongue 3019- I Eat My Fingers

    46. Lilax Sky


    47. yuvraj kukreja

      Good vedio 🙂

    48. Haley Hook

      read the discription lol

    49. Squad Sisters

      I am so mad at that stupid fucking mom

    50. idk

      "We did not even go to her furanal" now that is just rude. Ik you where abused but really

    51. Coolest Gamer193

      Your mom got wrek until now! And you might digest your tongue...

    52. khezia and me

      Wait...........IF U ATE UR TOUGH HOW CAN U TALKK????!!!!!!

    53. itsyaboi wolfhere

      this is fucking scary

    54. Ting Pinineo

      It is so fake how are you talking

    55. William Mullins


    56. Kristjanimation

      Why does his voice feel deeper than usual

    57. brokenwheel200 7

      Please.....help youtube.... CZ-news is out of control

    58. Kath Oytas

      ive bit my tongue like a millions of time

    59. Fintaly Yolontan

      I would chew on whatever I find. It’s a way I use to help myself when my parents were fighting

    60. Sienna Howard

      That's your mum

    61. Nicola Ainah T. Torrejos

      are you serious this is a joke

    62. sherlyn salen

      If you eat yure tongue then why are you talking

    63. Gnarly Chuck



      When you realize there getting the stories from reddit WOW

    65. Buddy Carter

      I bite my tongue

    66. Galaxy's village

      I'm so scared

    67. Nooby29 9

      I also eat my tongue

    68. Meki Thomas

      Man i eat my tongue Me wtf how are you speaking

    69. Kaiju Zerk

      Deep ass voice noice

    70. UnicornUnicorn

      If a vegan bites their tounge does that mean their still vegan?