I Can't Believe Dr Phil Said This - Jacksepticeyes Funniest Home Videos (Season 2)



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    Season 2 of jacksepticeyes funniest home videos starts now. With even more memes, reactions, funny videos, dr phil and laughs than ever before. Whether it be funny clips or vine videos or even epic funny fails, nothing is off limits.
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    1. ¡i! Purrtato !i¡

      "rip handsome jack" no that was tall jack, the other one was handsome jack-

    2. Boki

      8:23 ended me 😂

    3. American savage

      I am disliking this video because he said thanks Obama

    4. Scott O'Dell

      My God Jack stop complaining cause he said the thing about the woman opening up water bottles

    5. Brennen Mitchell

      love the borderlands reference 5:19

    6. xvulturex JS

      Jack : 7:23 CZ-news : Boys.. We got em.

    7. RAS2032

      That's bad enough, don't let Morgs copy your video

    8. _Tech_Dog

      Jack: We have Handsome Jack! Handsome Jack: Hey! How - oh, these pretzels suck... how‘s your day been, buddy?

    9. Lachie Dent

      When you said hey Siri pop up

    10. Bat2theMan

      Lol that was tall Jack you knocked over.

    11. RadRaptor

      YES IT'S BACK *slaps white board* LAUGH!!! *sigh* I missed this series

    12. Noah Onichino

      Your autofocus is giving me a seizure. 🙏 thank you 🙏

    13. the thing

      If someone saw you with that chair the must be like "Oh my god it's Jason Bourne"

    14. the thing

      Why does FHV sound like a new STI

    15. Emily Butler

      One time me and friends were riding bikes and the 3rd oldest rammed into the back of my tire and we both fell of our bikes

    16. Underpug

      guy riding the bike: PAY ATTENTION!!!!! Guy in car: No u!!

    17. Zeb Groves

      Wait so 2019 jack cant curse.......😢😥(starts up bath) where did i leave my toaster.

    18. Bree Reardon

      I’m having a panic attack Rn! Omg jack is helping me so much I love u

    19. crazy killer ghost

      Jacksepticeye but you're not allowed to swear

    20. Flameninja

      Borderlands 2 not 3 (which you should play)

    21. Odhran Murphy

      L is for lovers who love one another A is for ass of which I like to eat U is for u’re the only one for me G is for the only gamer I see H is for happy I always feel it When you put them together what do you get (what do you get) what do you get what do you get LAUGH

    22. Dontworryits ABSTRACT

      jsefhv juh-seh-fu-hvv

    23. Bora Usta

      i actually waited a month to watch this because i had to watch season 1 first

    24. Rehtska Muse

      Where he cut the vid and went into the next scene with the mask hanging on "handsome Jack" killed me I was like WTF 😂😂

    25. Nightslayer

      Do thos weird products

    26. Angelina Alms

      His name is Obama Hussein Hussein is his last name

    27. Anna Banana

      Obama Bin Laden

    28. Garner Cuddumbey


    29. Erazor

      It's almost been a month Sean. We need more lauGHS!

    30. HoneyBunny WaffleMonkey

      I wonder how many people wonder what the President's last name is when they say it all the time

    31. Kate Rishel

      1 more month till the chair thing comes

    32. ShzUMI


    33. Jessica Richardson

      Oh I thought it says smash that like button

    34. ThisIs KIA

      4:00 jack said like this and a tomb raider ad pops up....😂😂😂 brilliant timing youtube.

    35. J.Roberto Ramírez Mt

      Is Time for LaUgH

    36. Adon Ripple

      6:15 poor dude was just trynna get water

    37. Beatriz Choi

      Honestly I dont know why Jack laughs at some vids but I laughed more on his reactions that the vids he is reacting 😂😂

    38. Harry McLachlan

      betteer be no ho mo

    39. CelestialSushi

      6:14 To be fair, it's an Aquafina bottle

    40. Nomékop 5

      The time has almost come

    41. Sans the Skeleton

      Jack should do big bill hells car


      We dont care about women rights

    43. Sad Pootato

      At the end I was waiting for him to say “The babes are back” from last season and now I’m sad

    44. bling bling boy

      Is it weird that I can pop my toe as many times as I want or am I weird

    45. Vicky Johnston

      Does anyone realise he's twisting the water bottle cap the wrong direction

    46. bananabuttersomethin

      Jack: makes a show of not swearing anymore Jack, 2 minutes later: Son of a bitch!

    47. Eduard Alberg

      when he pulled the borderlands reference one, but then i borderlands 3 and was like...atleast you tried

    48. Deucey Dee

      (Regarding the LEX) penguinz0 (aka Cr1t1Kal): This is the stupidest thing ever, I don't know why anyone would want this jacksepticeye: I nEeD oNe RiGhT nOw

    49. AXE BURGUR

      dude fucking women are stupid and they are week

    50. Arjun Sanal

      Guys..... Where is that video about Lex ? Anyone know ?

    51. mentaya11

      I think I like regular Jack more than handsome jack...or tall Jack...did he accidentally roast himself with those names?

    52. Amayawolf

      Jack: We can afford nicer things. Like this CZ-news: Ad time

    53. GreenTurtle Gaming

      Best honking day ever.

    54. FueledBy Monster

      Scare pewds season 2???

    55. Irrelevant Person

      I love how Jack uses Minecraft noises to censor himself. It's perfect.

    56. JakzTheMan

      Obama Osama

    57. Joey Fan

      He said shit

    58. Joey Fan

      He said bitch

    59. originallillster !

      I wanna see Jack react to every Barry Scott advert

    60. Charlie The froa

      Those pant chair thingy looks like peg pants

    61. DewDew 1598

      In a tweet a few months ago you said “if this gets 10 thousand re tweets I will dye my hair green again” it got way more than 10 thousand rts in a few miniutes and you still haven’t dyed your hair green

    62. alastaire vlogs & gaming

      The dude who couldn’t open the water bottle probably had to big of hands lol

    63. Alium 61

      1.1k people who watched this had no brain.

    64. Mason Johnson

      Stop trying to kill him

    65. Mason Johnson

      I have a bad case of diarrhea I saw it and laughed my ballsaronies off

    66. Mason Johnson

      Hell ya we make money

    67. Mason Johnson

      No not handsome jack

    68. Mason Johnson

      Jack your my life I would not be alive if it wasn’t for your laughs to me

    69. ZeroRequiem

      Omfg I can't believe they got Jack for this episode!

    70. Aydyn Clayton

      This is awesome! And funny