I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional) - Part 16



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    We build redstone epicly in minecraft
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    1. ღ Coffee ღ

      15:13 correct me if I am wrong, but Dinnerbone is to the right of Pewds in this shot lol

    2. traditional instinct

      Hi pew

    3. TheNoobler

      Kills sheep all the time, “ok, you can live”

    4. Dogs for life

      Whenever a pet dies pends says “ he was like father to me” or “he was like son to me”

      1. Dogs for life

        I mean pewds

    5. ca te

      I think this map is in modinstaller

    6. Jay Reed fortnite pro

      16:34 Sven woofs when he sees Horse

    7. Caped Baldy

      The moment pewds learned red stone was the moment the series became substantially boring

    8. UnRivaled

      How minecraft players spend time: 99% = Building,farming,mineing and fighting 1% (Pewdipie) = Torturing animals

    9. Andy Lea

      Every time a minecraft animal dies it becomes a zombie pigman that was water sheep!

    10. pollitrom

      pew de pie :"this structure symbolize the power of friendship" IMAGINE MY LITTLE PONY SONG CAME OUT OF NOWHERE

    11. Isa Reis

      Jorgann ❤❤❤❤ you're back !! 😍😍😍😍

    12. Isa Reis

      You Felix ! You killed water sheep you cannot miss it

    13. Katherine Suarez

      The spider curses all the water sheep

    14. Arsh Raza

      The Gaint MeatBall is the manifestation of Water Sheep's Suffering and Pain

    15. Burak Cader

      10.38 sven is water sheep

    16. tonia fronckowiak

      R.I.P today we are here to say nothing will be the same they were our best friend

    17. tonia fronckowiak

      Nothing will ever make us except these tragedies ever we are sorry for your losses

    18. K-Lark

      Pewds two episodes ago: *slams lava block into water sheep multiple times* Water sheep: *dies.* Pewds here: "I may have been partially responsible for what happened to water sheep. I am not perfect."

    19. Princess wolf

      I saw bone Jorgen 😂😂 under the water 😂😂😂 like if u find it too

      1. Princess wolf

        @Arsh Raza at the time 15:44-45

      2. Princess wolf

        @Arsh Raza in the water UwU

      3. Arsh Raza


    20. 오상현

      Why don't you use water for elevator!!!

    21. play game

      Soy un comentario en español like

    22. DEATHFROMABOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    23. Tyler Baird

      WhO eLsE iS wAtChInG iN 2020?!?!?

    24. Tobias Channel

      Please dont hate water sheep

    25. Christine Lidwina

      Felix: friendship, loyalty, trust.... Also Felix: tortured water sheep till his death

    26. Dustin 2019

      Water sheep like a father to me

    27. Gilmar

      Is this a filler episode?

    28. Thrupy Sarcia

      Pewdiepie is one of the luckiest people in the world

    29. notur_bella J

      When u made memorial for Jeb (water sheep) 😍😔😫😔😣😩😣😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 And when you founded Joergen 😍😭

    30. Chief Super9103

      You could just use soul sand and water

    31. Eline De vuyst


    32. Kris R-K

      I cried when he found Joergen 😭

    33. Trail Finder

      I just laughed the hole video 😂😂😂

    34. Marco Adona

      Pewdiepie:you can probably make it smarter Mumbo jumbo: hold my 🍺

    35. OJ

      This episode made me cry

    36. nathan clem

      I love PewDiePie!

    37. BadgerTales

      Water Sheep sounds like a Hufflepuff.

    38. Stookysqauch Apple

      Pewdiepie I think darth Vader is competing with you for biggest meat ball

    39. Seth Harmer

      it all started going downhill from here😂😂

    40. Seth Tech

      U should have made water sheep merch

    41. some poopy dood :з

      If you like meat ball press this '

    42. MM-usic

      At start he says so many good things about Watersheep... Pewdiepie in 14th part of series : YoU hAvE nO fRiEnDs

    43. 100 subs with 1 vid

      11:35 notch can u hear us? Sven: shakes head 🤔

    44. Nina Villa

      I miss water sheep

    45. Shannon Andrea

      I cannot even build that meatball in creative. I have been trying for months

    46. Jeanette Walden

      I think pewd has a bondage fetish

    47. Hanke Auret

      if it was sven that was lost he would have been found by now , but jöergen who pweds got first has to wait like 8 days 🤔 why pewdiepie have to be like that

    48. Mine Gold

      i am literally at my bed, at the same pose as the white shirt boi at 18:18 with my cat

    49. Ya Like Jazz

      I feel like this is starting to become a lets play

    50. Nathan Kolb

      Anything: dies Pewds: he was like father to me

    51. Sharkgames 600

      He was the son he never had He was a father to me

    52. Alwin Sten Mollqvist

      are you from sweden

    53. Steve Cox

      Omg I saw him before u brought up the coordinates agggh

    54. Argon

      If you guys try to build a giant meatball in your world as big as this one you can have a mob farm aswell because mobs can spawn inside it, so you can have an aesthetically good mob farm just by building a meatball.

    55. banana seok

      i was really startled and also happy that Joergan is safe and i was like what the freaking banana how???????????????????????????//

    56. Monkey Tail

      Is math identical to science

    57. Astrid Ella

      meatball was made in creative cuz u can't get grass in survival..

    58. TheRainbowDash ._.

      Nani how he is build dat redstone

    59. Daria Dziurdzikowska

      Your meat ball is so lame because its made from dirt

    60. Ray White

      I hate what does sheep

    61. TrapperMC

      Pewdiepie: I might be a little responsible for water sheep’s death Water sheep: you tortured me and then suffocated me in a magma block lmao

    62. Danny Jones

      I wanna see a sciicraft member look at pewds exposed redstone

    63. Zpectre

      Pewds: next time we’re gonna find the ender portal Next Video Title: I FOUND IKEA BIRD

    64. Itz HannahBanana


    65. Danilo Paragas

      teacher:we are gunna count 2day kids:ok pewdiepie:we count like this also pewdiepie:123456 SVEN! kids:123456 SVEN!

    66. Hazara Singh

      Yo chiter yo blade basket

    67. Sophie Flinn

      It sould be a Swedish meatball from ikea lol 😂

    68. Jooviel Dellava

      Yey yowrgan is back😂😂😂😂

    69. anno_3

      16:29 that actually made me v happy

    70. MaceoThe Man

      Felix how about you live in your meatball