I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional) - Part 16



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    We build redstone epicly in minecraft
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    1. Niroj 98

      The meatball actually looks like a pokemon ball 😅

    2. santiago gonzalezg03

      8:14 Felix says Hello there. General Kenobi

    3. The Car Guy

      Why do you have such a bad mic when you are the 2nd biggest youtuber

    4. ali kamel hamza

      Felix: omg hes talking to spider hes evil Me: ... hes in a cave of course theres spider

    5. ali kamel hamza

      Felix you can build a catapult with TNT and water wait minute he will die of fall damage ;-; I'm not smart but you can get a horse and test it and see were it lands and put water under it

    6. Dev. Y

      Imagine how many meatballs people probably made in minecraft after this video

    7. XD Ren TV Neyiaiteafieacra 1998

      05:00 06:15 07:15 07:25 08:25 09:15 10:00 10:25 11:00 12:15 13:00 13:15 14:00 15:00

    8. Mars Wolf

      AHHH "One... Two... Ad...." legit why poods T-T~

    9. Yesenia Razo

      Rip water sheep 🐑🐑☹☹

    10. strech147

      What meat is that meatball supposed to be made of?

    11. Doaxy TV

      I love how pewds abuses a chicken for information on water sheeps whereabouts like he wasnt the one who murder him

    12. Hailia Sunflower

      I actually cried I miss water sheep 😭😭😭✊🏻❤️

    13. NMV ?

      Unsub T series

    14. AlexTheNut11

      Why is this playthrough so emotional

    15. Dox UnHoly _

      15.46 I see dinner bone I little down to the right

    16. The Moist But Droopy Long Crotch

      Tbh Sven is now ruining the show haha he's focusing too much on it

    17. Simply FantasticxD

      “Next episode we’re gonna find ender portal” Dinnerbone: Am I a joke to you?

    18. Geo The Great

      Felix:Water sheep was the son I never had Sven: aM i A jOkE tO yOu

    19. Jeric Aldan

      PewDiePie you don't know that you can throw a chicken egg and a baby chicken will soon .🤣🤣🤣. By the way I'm Zack

    20. Joanna Cong

      Minecraft *The best anime I’ve ever watched*

    21. Krystina

      I named my cat felix lol

    22. Rothanak's Entertainment Vidz

      I Lik3 wauter sheep mor3 Than jumb0 meetBall

    23. HyPe_ X


    24. HyPe_ X

      15.59 there was dinnerbone

      1. Cannon Powell


    25. Uranus !

      R.I.P watersheep 😣

    26. Mariel Caparas

      We want a water sheep merch

    27. ChromoCore

      One, Two, Three, Four... Sven!!

    28. Groundhog0phil

      Bruh when he had the cult with the chickens to bring back water sheep i laughed so hard

    29. Ya Boi, Kari

      Moldy meatball

    30. Ya Boi, Kari

      But no Jurassic Park music?

    31. Ella Brinsden-Rolfe

      'Italian leather exterior, all handcrafted by one Scandinavian Swede'

    32. Niamh Walls

      You can make a bubble water elevator 👍🏻

    33. Paolo L. Prota D'.

      Pewds you can make an elevator in like 2 seconds. Look up soul sand elevator

    34. The Mob Master

      Try using a hacker to bring back jeb. Pay him a $1000 to bring him back.

    35. alexzander moraga

      can you make sven a dog house plsssssss

    36. Anthea Tan

      build a water elevator those are sick

    37. dioscoro IV militante

      Did pewds really made that meatball?

    38. Sum Buddy

      Pigman is the best therapist

    39. Lainey Winkler

      No one: Felix: meatball

    40. mr yeet

      1 2 3 4 *SVEN!*

    41. Simon Xyooj

      R.I.P jeb__

    42. Chobane

      i dont get it didnt he torture and kill water sheep?

    43. Alexanders VeryOwn

      *When you realize pewdiepie knows more about minecraft then you do even though you played minecraft since you were 12*

    44. Sarah Bouw


    45. Apple Artsy fart

      U ok bro? 11:23

    46. Adam McAbee

      is it boat cow or water cow felix jeez make a decision

    47. Jose Carrasco fernandez

      Me play Minecraft since 2013 can't even builld a home

    48. Hitanshu S


    49. ForisTeam

      Pewdiepie and Water Sheep has a really weird relationship

    50. Axel Thebrownsofa

      You did not build the meatball. Hands down!

    51. xGemx

      I want puffer merch

    52. Kizaro 87654

      All italian will be' so proud for the meatball

    53. EyePatch

      Probably the best feelings ever when he found joergen #2 😭🤭🤣😂

    54. william edward

      Salam PewDiePie zona Depok

    55. Bahar Topak


    56. Arunav Agarwal

      felix: he was like a FATHER to me also felix : he was like a SON I NEVER HAD!!!! i worry about his relations with his father

    57. Santiago Rico Dias

      >:0 >:3

    58. P5-1 FAVYL KHOO ZI ERN

      Me: Mom can we go IKEA tmr? I miss their meatballs. Mom: Did you know that their meatballs are from horse meat? Me in my mind: JJJJOERGEN

    59. Random Katt

      Yoooooooo! He has found JÖERGEN!

    60. Gaming Demon

      Seed?? Tell me plssss :DDDDD

    61. Christopher Savignon

      Damn... This makes me realise how refined Dragon Quest Builders 2 really is. I bet you'd love to have some magnet blocks for that elevator.

    62. MuffinGoss

      I'd like to see T-series try and suck on that Swedish meatball

    63. Barnabas Hidvegi

      we miss you water sheep

    64. SYKOU

      PewDiePie : Alright, let's stop playin around, we got real stuff to do. **A few moments later** PewDiePie: We're here to summon water sheep. **Bell noises**

    65. • Violett •

      But like IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE REDSTONE?? THAT IS LITERALLY SUPER IMPRESSIVE WITHOUT CREATIVE. He’s learning really fast for someone that hasn’t played in years.

    66. Mr. Hasbr

      I love it when Sven and the Chicken were looking at Felix when buikding the Memorial

    67. Rhea A

      Felix: WaAAat you never play tuber simulator? Me: how dare you assume I don’t play tuber simulator.

    68. tâløň ùčhîhâ


    69. Zoe M

      Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he used red stone to create a summoning circle for water sheep an joergen😂