I’ll Become A Father At 14 And I’m Terrified. Please, Help Me!

Dory Story

Dory Story

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    Patrick will become a father soon. But... He's only 14! Watch the video to find out how his story ends and write your advices in the comments below!
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    1. Xiao Lin

      Hhahahahahahahahaha this is fake how do you post like 50 stories a day people can't report so many stories so fast just look at newsroom a real channel

    2. king of limones

      But u said that u didn't have a phone or bought u the new phones..

    3. Alena Diazz

      “ I wanna play professional soccer” yet wears a football uniform

    4. Martin

      Dont be silly wrap your willie

    5. FOX

      Is it that hard to put on a condom

    6. Rune LB

      This is the voice at oh my goal??? 🤣

    7. VL Thapuia

      how is dat even possible

    8. Gaming Centric

      I don't know if these people in the comment section are trolling or if they're actually serious and they think that this is a life's story from this youtuber. It is a person's lives story but not of the owner of this youtube channel 😂 It's so funny reading the comment section and finding that some (if not most and all) think that the reader of this story actually went through this and this is him, no this is not him, it's a story about another person whom they animated and is telling on here 😂 You think that a person would actually share their humiliating experiences on here to get exposed and evidence to blackmail against them or something along the lines of that. I'm sorry for making this sound aggressive, I just find it funny.

    9. Kellen Mckinney

      So is it foot ball or soccer

    10. Kellen Mckinney

      This guy is not 14 😂

    11. Patrick MatthewsDale

      my name is Patrick

    12. Vinod Singh

      I live in Northern Ireland

    13. The Anti Christ

      Go with sharen and raise the baby with her

    14. Ileana Rodriguez


    15. Melkü And Friends!

      Me in my mind: *That sounds like a you problem*

    16. Meika Jackson

      So did he get his baby back or not

    17. Miracle

      Imma become a father at 13 so shut yo gay ass up

    18. No Class

      nxt time. buy a condom🤣🤣🤣

    19. Fatafehi Muagututia

      Did It lol😂😂🤣🤣

    20. TheReviewCorner


    21. chukwuemeka okafor

      please dory story which software do you use in animating? please

    22. Ls3Ham

      Plot twist: Sharon actually got knocked up by some other guy and blamed the minute man 🤷🏻‍♂️

    23. Bruh Moment

      I was very happy.I became a man😂

    24. sueoleppard

      Soccer player but in a football 🏈

    25. Colonel_FinnBrit555

      2:13 no you fucken didn't, you became an unresponsable little shit

      1. Colonel_FinnBrit555

        Sex does not make babies

    26. Colonel_FinnBrit555

      Teens are horrible animals, unless they are responsible and nice, and not fucken tall, so yeah don't fuck girls at 14 or at any age bellow 22 years old, simple fucktards

    27. Gamandy Felix

      Boy: says he played soccer Video: shows football. Me: :/

    28. Kassie Rudel


    29. Mike Pogi

      Nice one dude

    30. Kurtis Miller

      90 seconds in, the kids already self-obsorbed and has a heart of stone. "Use all the money for myself." If that what you think of your family, then perhaps you deserved whatever the hell you got. Consider it a warning from God to change yourself.

    31. Stanislav mitev

      And remember kids always use condoms

    32. Danny Simon


    33. Andrea Rodriguez


    34. Krakatoa thug 78

      Your parents are good people

    35. Yad Ahmed

      Aren’t you suppose to be in puberty so you have your white ahm and then the white ahm gets in to the womb and then it creates a baby in the womb soo sorry to break it down to you it’s fake I’m not hating I’m just telling the truth And you go in puberty when you are more then 15 years old to 18

    36. Martal Cartof

      He made a child and he will adopt him.

    37. donismael69

      I cant believe he did " it "

    38. Joshua Persaud


    39. Mark Lowney


    40. Legend SansUltimate

      He drank beer at party... Entire video says: I am 14.

    41. Lawrence Cardinal

      I wish I can play football

    42. shonic

      my brother was 15 when he became a father

    43. Ziplog

      Did what?

    44. Yellena Yeet

      Wait he said he played in a foot ball team then he said he played soccer with pictures of football.........

    45. Anthony Landry

      bro you're not 14 lol

    46. Minibud81 Content

      Naw I’m good

    47. ban23 kan45

      ı understand you patrick be happy bro because your name is paparick

    48. Phatman Jake

      Statutory rape

    49. Century

      Your Problem Is Not Our Problem Cause You Are The One Who Caused It

    50. Han Naz

      What's the problem on having to be a father at the age of 14? It's a good thing actually

    51. Gamer Munroe

      Update ur story let us know what happens when hes born, did u get ur baby? Did the mother get attached to the baby and keep him or her? Did u two get back together make a part 2

    52. LIL _L3gend

      1:01 wants to be pro soccer player *wears football gear*

    53. drip_sage

      This Drip_Sage did you say soccer but you have a football helmet on I’m really mad at what you did there

    54. ANIME Navit

      13-18 age is where every teen think they are smart while being idiot.

    55. OG tom god

      Video shows football but he says soccer over and over. Only me?

    56. I am Chappy

      At a soccer game (wearing full football gear)

    57. Lazarus Andrike

      Ummm does he ply soccer or football

    58. kdin

      I'm dumbfounded on how she never asked for his age

    59. Xophan Lo

      Plot twist, they went to Maury to see the results if he’s the father or a child...and it wasn’t even close. The results was both 💁🏻‍♂️😂

    60. NNSRB 78


    61. Ally Gator

      You are not having a baby you are having a thaby and you better raise them without a gender or that's child abuse

    62. rupin kanet

      Next story My grandma is actually my grandchild and I am the real grandma

    63. Shalucard

      Damn Patrick you sound like you're 41 not 14

    64. じぇっせ

      Plot twist:She was 21

    65. Imaginary Path

      14 years old and he is drinking beer. No wonder he banged a 17 year old, and his parents treated the new baby like no deal with an addition of like 5 other siblings. This man is quite the early bloomer.

    66. александра йончева

      Ме да поп💋💋💋

    67. Unholy Spark

      He demanded you get married to his daughter? Wut a g0OD dAd.

    68. Froggy Pukki

      44 goals

    69. Froggy Pukki

      And scored a goal

    70. Froggy Pukki

      There playing football