Hunting GIANT Bullfrogs at My FLOODED FARM!!! (Catch Clean Cook)



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    Its frogging szn baby! I finally went to the farm with the boys and harvested some beefy bullfrogs! I hope you all enjoy!

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    1. Sugar Skulls

      0:01 English has left the chat

    2. Isaiah Garcia

      Fuck you youtube and your new guidelines bunch of corporate dicks

    3. Connor Murphy

      Because if you shoot them with a pellet gun it doesn’t make big holes in them and if you accidentally hit them in the leg you can remove the pellet.

    4. Connor Murphy

      Flair I’m not hating I’m giving some tips when I go for frog legs I just use my pellet gun you don’t need a real gun

    5. Evan Osborne

      Slayman squad

    6. NoE ZuNiqqA

      Is he canadian or just a SUPER fan of NELK

    7. Elijah Gomes

      They have better call outs then my call of duty teammates

    8. Quinton Smith

      Tender lol you go

    9. Nicolas Rojas

      Istagram nicoalexis2019

    10. John S

      Where was the gun in the thumbnail pic?

    11. KRONIK999

      whos macy

    12. Mason Games

      I have a model of the STG

    13. Rodrigo Valdés

      9:22 what the heck was that 😂😂😂 a frog fusillade? Hahahaha

    14. JUs Jus

      They’re so white

    15. Buck Downs Canada

      It’s bullfrog season here but I only have a 12 gauge what can I do ?😂😂😂

    16. TheLuigiNoidPerson 109

      I don't have any idea why anyone would need an STG 44 to hunt BULL FROGS.

    17. Sean Gere

      Use a FX Impact PCP Air Rifle for frog hunting.

    18. Yordan Mart

      U should’ve used Takis

    19. falsehashtags

      No frog hunting until last 7:00? Why?

    20. MC ToTheSquared

      His PayPal wasn’t in the description ;(

    21. ray the person

      0:40 there are 3 American flags

    22. ray the person

      Why the hell are you shooting a frog arnt you supposed to use darts or somthing

    23. Michael Gallego

      that aint good bro dont kill them they have rights to live they are here on purpose dont kill them

    24. Bootyleg IG

      we eating good to night.. me:

    25. Samuel Miller

      He’s gots a sturmgewher

    26. JacobTV OBrien

      who the hell goes frog hunting with an STG 44 xD

    27. jimokie edc

      I like your gun

    28. Celine Nader

      I love how much Bonzo has opened up to the channel

    29. Loyalty1269

      Guys season with salt and pepper then season with pepper right after they come out the fryer

    30. AOS GAMER


    31. janet adams

      Another creep. Shut up. Trap yourself.

    32. Jaxson Tinney

      What gun are you using

    33. Jaxson Tinney

      Are you shooting an airsoft gun or a ak47

    34. adriloky


    35. P.S chykiatubbin

      So I'm watching this two weeks later because I want to see how to clean a frog and I wanted to say if you want the breading to stay on better then you should lightly salt it right after it comes out of the fryer

    36. Maku Gameing

      Are you Human or not how can you eat frogs


      Really and german stg44 😂😂😂😂😂 thats cool

    38. The No skin Nites

      They make specific weapons for frog hunting but ive never seen people go cod mode on them😂😂

    39. Chris Barcenas

      @9:04 good shot

    40. Tushar Kashyap

      These guys are trying hard to behave like grown-up 🤣🤣🤣

    41. TinyRickBitxch

      She gone 😂

    42. Jarrett Lane

      People actually have multiple watches for different occasions??? One watch fits all in my opinion..

    43. life of slav

      I dond thing so that you go to a date

    44. 4stroke 4life

      “Boney apple feet bois”

    45. Vyper_Kidd216

      Cats are great All dogs go to heaven The reason you clicked this video is at 8:11

    46. Ba Ya

      Lol they need a guns to catch frogs while we in Asia only use hands🖐 🤣🤣

    47. Special K Gaming ALT

      This made me so hungry😂

    48. MrLangDog

      Good friends having fun and entertaining!

    49. Kx _cloudz_ xK

      All you have to do is but a disclaimer of graphic content at the start of a video .

    50. Nick Torres

      CZ-news fucking sucks ass now try to Appeal to little 10-year-olds when they should appeal to their audience they’ve had since its started

    51. TGR15

      They start hunting at 8:32

    52. BushFam Cooking

      At 1:40min when you said "I freaking love it" - was a bit girly

    53. Better Bass Fishing

      Flair:”I love this watch”(you don’t see it the rest of the video)

    54. steven walker

      It looks like when there killing animals in the hbo series chonbay

    55. Wooderd Saunders

      Honey dipped frog legs yummy.

    56. Cindy guzman

      Do what you love to do f@$k CZ-news subscribe and like the video


      See frogs take out all the guns😂

    58. Stk Media

      isn't 8:26 where your video should have started?

    59. Kanbrye Cochran

      Try dipping your frog legs in honey then flour then Tony’s sachers then flour then honey and fry them ... use the honey from your hives for sweeter flavor

    60. hailey preston

      Can I have some bass takal

    61. Justin Hone

      By the way id do 1 packet of ranch seasoning in a half and half mix of flour and corn starch.... They'll be nice and crispy.....

    62. Justin Hone

      Hey flair next time you do frog legs do a dable of ranch seasoning and corn starch in the initial flour dip, then egg wash, then back in the flour/ranch seasoning/ corn starch... Finish wet with the franks my man...... Bet it qould be 🔥

    63. Jesse Sandlin

      at 23:05 i think the guy in the blue likes the girl look at his shorts running down his leg

    64. Derek Kirby

      22:08 that's what she said

    65. FireTorch5019

      Yo to not get demonetized put viewer discretion is advised

    66. Riley Benson

      I prefer Andrew's meat 😏😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. Jayden Logan

      Delicious frogs 🐸 yum 😋

    68. Sharp Lefty

      Love how you say demonetized every single time but not one of these videos have been demonetized

    69. Cosmos Gamer

      what gun are you using

    70. Kaj Riggle-Foust

      You sexy without that watch♡