Hunter X Hunter dubbed Episode 21 - 30

Judas Nanas

Judas Nanas

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    Hunter X Hunter dubbed Episode 21 - 30
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    1. Animated Suace

      Rip Gon-2019

    2. Animated Suace

      The Ninjas Shoulder Look Like Bowling Balls

    3. Animated Suace


    4. Zina Caramel

      What a terrible brother.. Poor killu.

    5. Yaboi RJ

      This hisoka guy acting like that guy from Tokyo ghoul

    6. Summerann Wheeler

      Do more hunter x hunter episodes please?!

    7. Derek Browder

      Saitama been around since the 90

      1. M King Cool Dude

        Yep is all part.of his adventures and training to brcome one punch man 👊

    8. Mahmoud's mom

      2:37:11 :me

    9. Mahmoud's mom

      Ninja is one punch

    10. Mahmoud's mom

      1:45:00 was funny

    11. SteeZpM

      1:05:00 cutest part of all hxh

    12. Blue Diamond

      Why did you play the same episodes from the last video?

    13. Jason Duong

      1:15:45 that face tho

    14. Leon A1 ALWAYS

      Still waiting on more upload

    15. Handsome _ beam

      This freaking trash man, the real hero can even fight a guy. Man I am so sad

      1. Samee Samson

        The real hero???

    16. Semeki Izuio

      Blah dub sound terrible

    17. Trash Editor

      I'm laughing so hard bc the clown keep laughing at the balled dude

    18. J-hopes hope

      2:36:34 the bitch is 18

    19. Private Account

      i woke up to this too many times

    20. John Rettig

      31 - 40 ???? Where are they I've seen two other sets but their futher along up to 100 .

    21. Biii Calsi

      2019 and stl waitng for forevr for huntrx's cumback

    22. DarkThanoss Growtopia

      40:20 magical hisoka :o i spelled his name right this time

    23. DarkThanoss Growtopia

      Rip gon...

    24. AJ Firelight


    25. timrrow games

      Hisoka reminds me of gaara

    26. Stephanie Dandeneau

      I like the 2011 version better

    27. Michael Jarrett

      just fyi, easiest way to tell any 2011 clip from the old animation is hisoka's hair, and a couple of other slight animation diff's, in the original (these clips) his hair is blue grey green and silver mixed in the 2011 he's got redish pink hair

    28. Simplz

      Thank you for this, much love

    29. WhiteTP0ison

      the nostalgia

    30. Justin Carpenter

      So why didnt killu get qualified for throwing water for goun aint that technically inerference?

      1. Justin Carpenter

        At the final fase

    31. Kimberlie Whyte

      I like how gone is brave


      trash dubbb


        you're not your

      2. Viridiann

        And your just trash

    33. General Shepard

      I give respects to hanzo

    34. people r sick


    35. Brian Allen

      Appreciate all the episodes.. Thanks..

    36. hachiko chuchie

      Continue uploading please

    37. Yuri The Animator


    38. Yuri The Animator


    39. Yuri The Animator


    40. Yuri The Animator


    41. Endangered YT

      Most of the characters don’t sound the same before and now Edit: I’m talking about English dub

    42. Fazo_Jcoolp06


    43. Jemajesty Sam

      Where is the rest

    44. l l

      Gons grown man voice lol

    45. Dini Drew

      well, many people say this anime character is similar to other anime legends like Naruto, Attack on Titan etc., but you should know Togashi (which makes hunter X Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho) is the "father" of those anime legends, as i know Naruto, Attack on Titan was inspired by Hunter X Hunter. Cmiiw

      1. Dini Drew

        @Greatest Ever oh really? then that's my mistake, thanks for your correction, I need to edit it

      2. Greatest Ever

        Dragon ball was created in 84 while hunterxhunter wad created in 97 ... Even YYH was created in the early early 90-91 something like dat

    46. Diego Onofri

      39:46 When my anxiety kicks in

    47. Coddy Clements

      8 ads for 3hours and 24min thats great!

    48. Ram Bone

      Hisoka runs like a gorilla! Lmao!

    49. Ram Bone

      At least Kurapika is easy to tell he is a dude in this one. Newer one its kinda up in the air for the longest in the beginning.

    50. Ram Bone

      I like this Leorio more than the suit an tie one from the new version of HxH.

    51. Double Yikes

      Awwww man it's the 1999 one. Shit cock

    52. Zipporah Funaki

      Mann i wish there was another great anime like this.

    53. Nana Chunk

      Oh my dear Pokkle and Ponzu, miss you both.

    54. Tristan Venter

      0:35 *HISOKA HAS WHITE HAIR?!?!?*

    55. Andrews Almeida

      i love you man. Thanks

    56. Tony Wade

      Man I'm stressing for Gon lol and the rest of them.

    57. Grey Shadows

      2:37:14 Leorio's face made me laugh so hard Leorio: KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM!

    58. InterGalactic_ Lesbian

      Question: Wtf are Hisoka's mcfricking cards made of?

      1. Shotta FrmDaSiders

        They are plain playing cards but charged with nen. He's like a bisexual Gambit only his cards cut and not explode

    59. Leo Ix

      Kill kept his badge on, like a boss.

    60. Darnell Young

      Why didn't I watch it from the get go

    61. Ahl Kanabi

      More episode

    62. Quid Pro quo

      I know you also tried to hold your breath in the cave

    63. zoe dat gurl

      Killuah:I cant explain it im into you and every thing you do Gon:(*-*) Me:YEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ TAKE YO MANTZZZZ YAVHDHDKWVEJ

    64. Nathan G

      Finding out he had to best Hisoka fucked Gon up so bad he started fishing for birds

    65. ItsTheFactMan

      1:56:45 LMAO its a secret 🤣🤣

    66. im funny accept it

      kurapika was ready to kill hanzo when he hurt gon naw scratch dat all his homies ready to kill for him

    67. Gacha Piglet

      WHERE IS THE GUYS MOUTH??????!!! 😫😫

    68. William Callahan

      Can you do this for like.... the rest of the series

    69. fab lac


    70. Sara Osman

      And then......he licked my blood