Hunter X Hunter dubbed Episode 11 - 20

Judas Nanas

Judas Nanas

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    Hunter X Hunter dubbed Episode 11 - 20
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    1. LJ

      Is this a fan dub?

    2. klappty66

      Why did I hear Killuas footsteps?

    3. 407Freedom

      Killua: I'm gonna kill every last person in my family and collect their bounties. Gon: Killua, your amazing. Me: Fucking ridiculous...

    4. Arolema Prarath

      Hi humans

    5. Superhero18

      Killua is an epic Hiei clone and I'm loving every minute of it.

    6. Buruchuru

      Watch nyo po cover ko ng OP ng HxH :)

    7. EarthBound BlackStar

      Is it me, or is this the ova of hxh

    8. Noneya Bidness

      Hey Judas, why did the others get deleted?

    9. Pharoah M

      People who post anything of hunter x hunter in dub deserves to be shot literally

      1. Mark Nicdao


    10. osama xp 2

      You are a big mater you can't make a good Chennai face you pro

    11. Og02

      Upload them again

    12. Ralfs Jansons

      Dowt delate this wideo plz

    13. KnaveStudios

      the bet was "he regains consciousness on his way down after you throw him" yet he "regained consciousness" before he got thrown, therefor making the winner of the bet gon's team. and being even more of a stickler, he regained consciousness far before that point. Kinda mad that they didnt call that out.

    14. Ysrah Salabao

      My nephew was named Gon...because of this

    15. Darkdecidueye9

      I preferred it when killua give him his heart back after he died

    16. Brian Ko

      when your about to win a smash bro game and hears the ice cream truck coming 34:50


      I found krillin

    18. Troy Green e

      That hold fool deserves to die a pain less death 💀

    19. Hoshi

      This dub ass

    20. Kauthr Maymoonah

      killua my favourate. but Liyolreal is the funniest. but kulapika is much handsam anyway.

    21. NorzeGod

      oml why am i crying??!

    22. Sky Avenger

      Could you continue making episodes like this

    23. juker prie

      How the fk could they not know hisoka.....

    24. Jeremiahs Demise

      2:42:26 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    25. Tharika Rana


    26. Dulce Garcia

      Killua is beautiful 😍

    27. riahashi

      Lol 47:56 only 69 haurs left

    28. Khadara Mahdi

      If there’s anyone in 2019 Like

      1. Koby Robs

        @Naima Abda like if you got it in the bum often

      2. Naima Abda

        Its me

    29. Khadara Mahdi

      I like to watch this movie since I was young it’s my favorite movie ever 👌👌😍😍

    30. Niccole Evans

      Anybody noticed his earings in his here

    31. odd _gamer

      Bru I'm on that fat ass pickle hed ass tomato build body ass dude he made me mad!!

    32. Nikola Sirar

      sergej ovth vtgb4QAYUN

      1. Nikola Sirar


    33. Issam Baccouch

      damn u Togashi

    34. DejeGotLit PartyHard

      I'm just going to ignore Hanzo at the end where everyone is sleeping

    35. Rockk

      I like how anita knows over the table for no reason haha

    36. Animated Sauce

      Look at that Cool Bald Ninja

      1. Animated Sauce

        @Mitchell Merritt Aww Why Spoil :( vut its okay thanks for telling me

      2. Mitchell Merritt

        He loses to Gon in a fight in the last stage

    37. Nat-noo Kim namjoon


    38. Robert Hummer

      God the english dub for this is terrible

    39. We are Biker

      M l the only crazy who's in love with hasuka

      1. Ronald Chu

        I M

    40. Don G

      2:12:46 whats going on with that guys neck?

    41. shotguntrinity2 2

      Why does the guy that lost to killua look like a weaker escanor

    42. Shaun Viray

      I don’t love HUNTER X HUNTER only i love who post dis videos which is JUDAS NANAS

    43. ゆうき


    44. Ben A


    45. Moon . HunterTM

      Ur saving my life ❤

    46. Gerardo Martinez

      Its Hunter x Hunter baby 👋

    47. shiela Leyva

      I love killia since then when I was just a high schoolers way back 2000... Until now, i can't stop liking him even when I'm on my 30's. Hahahahahaha

      1. Zina Caramel

        Me too hhhh

    48. AJ Firelight


    49. AJ Firelight


    50. Vasu Bansal

      He will just eat chocolates by hunting his families

      1. Ronald Chu


    51. 7th Seal

      Hanzo the bald ninja ahahahahah!!! Edit: my favorite in this arc.

    52. Riyaz Sayyed

      2:57:59 kakashi sensei ???

    53. Brian Allen

      Appreciate all the videos.. Thanks

    54. Blueberry Sans

      2:00:52 Oh my gosh.

    55. Blueberry Sans

      32:58 I laughed so hard that my stomach hurted😂😂😂😂 Kurapika, you are the best

    56. joiuygtfcx kyreee

      cus im black

    57. sam oldfield

      gon here is even more dump

      1. sam oldfield

        i take it back everone here is dump

    58. sam oldfield

      i looks like they wanted to start hunter x hunter with the chimera ats arc theme from the beggining

    59. iiKatty22341xo0 Lopez

      They don’t sound the same😫😫

    60. shilon bishop

      I love ur vids

    61. Emilie Vitaris

      Who else prefers 1999 show

    62. Garcia Family

      3:03:53 You talking about Atlantis?

    63. Shin Nguyen

      lmao the way they pronounce Killua's name..... the intonation is so off.

    64. Please, kill me

      I ship Killua and Gon

    65. Cheeseburger Samurai

      I can already hear the feminist and trans community ragging at 1:42:50

      1. goblin porridge

        haha you're so edgy and have literally no idea what you're saying lmfao

    66. Toto The Squid

      okay but leorio called kurapika *_sunshine_*

      1. goblin porridge

        leopika intensifies

      2. Oh No

        Toto The Squid yasss

    67. Dizzle.


    68. Zay Woppo

      Anita’s dad was El Chapo

    69. Bubblegum Jaden

      3:12:05 my manz got some singing skills

    70. Afro Shinobi

      Not feelin Killua or Gon's dub voices in this version.