Hunter X Hunter dubbed Episode 11 - 20

Judas Nanas

Judas Nanas

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    Hunter X Hunter dubbed Episode 11 - 20
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    1. Animated Suace

      Look at that Cool Bald Ninja

      1. Animated Suace

        @Karmasam 1 Aww Why Spoil :( vut its okay thanks for telling me

      2. Karmasam 1

        He loses to Gon in a fight in the last stage

    2. Nat-noo Kim namjoon


    3. Robert Hummer

      God the english dub for this is terrible

    4. We are Biker

      M l the only crazy who's in love with hasuka

      1. Ronald Chu

        I M

    5. Don G

      2:12:46 whats going on with that guys neck?

    6. shotguntrinity2 2

      Why does the guy that lost to killua look like a weaker escanor

    7. Shaun Viray

      I don’t love HUNTER X HUNTER only i love who post dis videos which is JUDAS NANAS

    8. ゆうき


    9. Ben A


    10. Moon . HunterTM

      Ur saving my life ❤

    11. Gerardo Martinez

      Its Hunter x Hunter baby 👋

    12. shiela Leyva

      I love killia since then when I was just a high schoolers way back 2000... Until now, i can't stop liking him even when I'm on my 30's. Hahahahahaha

    13. AJ Firelight


    14. AJ Firelight


    15. Vasu Bansal

      He will just eat chocolates by hunting his families

      1. Ronald Chu


    16. 7th Seal

      Hanzo the bald ninja ahahahahah!!! Edit: my favorite in this arc.

    17. Riyaz Sayyed

      2:57:59 kakashi sensei ???

    18. Brian Allen

      Appreciate all the videos.. Thanks

    19. Blueberry Sans

      2:00:52 Oh my gosh.

    20. Blueberry Sans

      32:58 I laughed so hard that my stomach hurted😂😂😂😂 Kurapika, you are the best

    21. joiuygtfcx kyreee

      cus im black

    22. sam oldfield

      gon here is even more dump

      1. sam oldfield

        i take it back everone here is dump

    23. sam oldfield

      i looks like they wanted to start hunter x hunter with the chimera ats arc theme from the beggining

    24. iiKatty22341xo0 Lopez

      They don’t sound the same😫😫

    25. shilon bishop

      I love ur vids

    26. Emilie Vitaris

      Who else prefers 1999 show

    27. Garcia Family

      3:03:53 You talking about Atlantis?

    28. Shin Nguyen

      lmao the way they pronounce Killua's name..... the intonation is so off.

    29. I am a Fangirl

      I ship Killua and Gon

    30. Cheeseburger Samurai

      I can already hear the feminist and trans community ragging at 1:42:50

    31. Toto The Squid

      okay but leorio called kurapika *_sunshine_*

    32. DrizzyFN


    33. Zay Woppo

      Anita’s dad was El Chapo

    34. Bubblegum Jaden

      3:12:05 my manz got some singing skills

    35. Afro Shinobi

      Not feelin Killua or Gon's dub voices in this version.

    36. Ryza nicole Culala

      I like killua's killer eye

    37. Leo Chol

      Kurapika is a shy boy i think. More than 3 time see this hunter x hunter but didnot get boring. (Sorry for wrong spell and grammar)

    38. ItsTheFactMan

      the blond dude *forgot his name* his back story is like sasuke uchias L M A O

    39. James Mejia

      The boild to looks like one punch man

    40. Jaxx.Ox. Beat

      Kilua godspeed

    41. Níghtmare Pílgrim

      I've never watched the earlier version of HunterxHunter...any good?

    42. aldair 3000

      There is a remasteration????

    43. Mpho Makutu


    44. JACK Khalid

      Killua is awsome

    45. Carthalo *

      Why does the art look a bit like pokemon

    46. Bianca Wilson

      What the hell is this I'm out

    47. B.L.U.E

      It’s different on Netflix

    48. Ben Sanders

      I ship the two strong men They are just so cute together 😍😍

    49. TheKevin Show

      He admitted karapica I know that I spelt that wrong but he admitted he was like a girl

      1. The chain user

        Yes he looks like a girl but he is not he is not the only guy who has a feminine looking he is just shy and cute thats why you think he is a girl

      2. TheKevin Show


      3. TheKevin Show

        Or she u

    50. Anjali Khare

      I think killua should have use godspeed and kill that majini No one would never know

      1. artistic edits

        He did not achive godspeed at this time of the show , tbh killua achived godspeed in the 2011 version. But throughout the 1999 version ( the one we are watching in this vid) he does achive the ability to use nen and that type of stuff. So what im basically saying is that all of them ( Killua , Gon , Leorio , and kurapika ) did not know what nen is at this time of the series. The only abilities killua had at this time was what he knows about assansation. ( or his assassin abilities) so yea hope this made sense.

    51. Ninja Snake

      First time watching this , ty for the 1080p quality 👊🏼🔥

    52. Zac Attack

      12:36 this is Brock from pokemon hitting on nurse Jenny.

    53. Platinum Investing Group

      Kurapika eyes are beautiful 😍.

    54. Platinum Investing Group

      Oh I have to scratch my butt ohhhh.🤣

    55. Wawa Kpru

      Tompa needs to die ASAP

    56. JayLivingLife

      Why does it look like this???

    57. Tionna lonewolf

      Killua is so cute

    58. Tionna lonewolf

      Killua is HOT

    59. Elix Grey


    60. Drew Black

      Totally made by the same people as Yu Yu Hakusho. It's like Goan is Yuske, Killua is Hiei, then it's obvious who Kurama and Kuhabara is lol

      1. FDroid01


      2. Jay B

        Yoshihiro Togashi wrote both stories

    61. Dog God

      I like the newer version but this one seems like the characters are more fleshed out

    62. Kevin Mondiere

      2:26:06 jenny? Never heard of the currency thought it was yen

      1. killuyeh •

        Kevin Mondiere it doesn’t take place in Japan, but in a sort of alternate universe. They have their own currency as “Jenny.” I was confused at first too Haha

    63. al Sol

      The best anime in the world

    64. Moha Marco-Bohne

      So much things that aren't in the 2011 version ! Love it !

    65. MaxGaming YT


    66. The wolf and vanished Duo

      The definition of legendary anime

    67. animefan

      2:38:23 how the fuuuuuuuuxk

    68. animefan

      72H i tough i was a beast cus i can not sleep for 48h BUT NO THEY BEAT MY RECORD :(

    69. Rabun x_o

      “Because Gon wouldnt want me to” Aweeee they are such a cute duo owo

    70. kidwizzard original

      Last part my fab