How To Ruin a Jet Ski



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    How To Ruin a Jet Ski
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    In todays video we buy a new jet ski from a subscriber named Anthony (super nice guy) then we attend Cj's dog Tina's wedding. She got married to the next door neighbor dog Earl. After we head out on Ryans Wake boat to try kite tubing for the first time. Which was pretty dang scary. After we test out our new jet ski by taking it in Bens pond and later dragging it to the lake. It was a really fun time hahaha. Comment down below "Congrats Tina and Earl" if you read this whole thing. Next week we plan to jump our new jet ski across land.

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    1. Simon Granger

      Who hasn’t had a teacher named Mr. or Mrs. Johnson

    2. Andrew Goodrich

      I rode one once and it got confiscated by game wardens like 8 years ago but it was badass .. by far the most dangerous watersport activity ever

    3. Andrew Goodrich

      What would be the best was if they had some say does anyone object and someone had another dog come out from the corner and bark hahahahha that would have been hilarious

    4. J DJ

      You know the country is mest up when dogs getting married

    5. 70phoenix70

      Little did they know this would be the greatest publicity stunt they would ever do

    6. Hellcat Dude

      Into song?

    7. Mardell Shells


    8. That Oneguy

      One of yall need a mullet.

    9. Olivia Charney

      Why is the guy in the boat wearing the net guard

    10. Gavin Wurm

      I have a Yamaha wave blaster II and that sucka whips shittys like you wouldn’t believe

    11. Tyler Jacobson

      Cj 😂 it’s not to late to back out he has flees 😂😂

    12. Natasha Basinger

      You make you're video funny when Mike took his pants of.

    13. DS_pinkislit

      Dude Ben’s laugh never gets old😂

    14. Matt Davis

      Wtf is wrong with people. Dog wedding. Jesus

    15. Jacob Sommer

      I have one of those tubes

    16. Captain Awesome

      I wish I had friends, you guys look like you have so much fuckin fun..

    17. Doug

      someone, please tell me what the into song is called.

    18. Lucas VanMaanen

      Everyone subscribe to cboys

    19. Calthecool

      Absolute madlad.

    20. IBLrade Lithner


    21. idev__

      a wedding for dogs is the whitest thing i ever seen

    22. Blayne Abernathy

      Muck ?

    23. ayden dail


    24. Ihatemyself 123

      80 percent boat video 20 percent jetski

    25. Oliver Hodges

      congrats tim and earl

    26. Ben Manning

      A dog wedding... seems about white

    27. David Lee

      can i get that un edited version ;P

    28. Dalli#706

      Get a better jet ski I race them that is so slow

    29. Hunter Caufield

      Bro I tried to build bangins car in for a horizon 4

    30. DontScreenPeek

      I still got my kite tube. We use it but never pull up and get air anymore. Those things are so fun

    31. mason green18

      Hey fuck you you said take ur pants off micha. Cboys I wonder y we get demonetized but then again there way funnier

    32. SpookyCereal

      next thing you know the dogs are cousin and cousin

    33. TJ'ZZ WORLD

      16:18 #jackass 4.0

    34. Braapaholic Tv

      Dogs getting married?


      8:48 regected

    36. Andrew aj Kalls

      Those new chevys are dope.

    37. zel

      first and last time watching their videos as soon as i heard god wedding i was gone.

    38. Ren_Hedgecock

      bruh my mom walked in as soon as mica took his pants off

    39. R m Glaesman

      11:25 y’all are parked at Tjs right

    40. Jesse Tedrow

      How to ruin anything give it to jake

    41. Jonny D

      Careful in stagnant water like that, there is a brain eating amoeba that could be in there.

    42. Polished Potato

      If you guys REALLY wanted to jump a road into another lake, The twin lakes are perfect, I know Jake and My brother Spencer used to fish their a lot, my brother has jakes snap (don’t worry I won’t hand it out) so if you guys wanted to come down from Alexandria give my brother a snap. If not that’s fine too.

    43. Trev S

      I want that side by side

    44. Pickles Rad Racing

      Rip 8:48

    45. FoxRcng708

      That tube is retarded and doesnt look fun in anyway.

    46. Tyler Nichols

      Imagine being that much of a kissy you wear I neck brace

    47. El Trumpo

      White people are big wierdos

    48. Johnnyt1998

      Goes to fist bump and gets fucking wrekt @8:47

    49. Wesley McElveen

      Look at sugar island road its a road you can jump that’s close by

    50. Vincent yep

      69 FTW!!

    51. Evan T Godard

      You guys should try fishing on that lake

    52. AllegorX FPV

      The problem is that an uncontrolled fall into water at anything over 25mph is seriously dangerous. It's one thing at wakeboard speeds, 19-23, but in my experience 25+ starts to get a lot sketchy.

    53. Eric Aragon

      God I love white people

    54. Logan Hilkert

      Kens drinking white claw on the boat😂😂😂

    55. Jase Austin

      10:50 rope was too short

    56. Jase Austin

      That rope isn’t long enough

    57. Ernie Miranda

      😂 Im done boys.... that was hilarious

    58. Luke Pankau

      Where are you guys at I will come ride that tube at full speed.

    59. *Nick *that clique

      I think people got hurt on them because they don’t have rope on each side

    60. Outdoor X

      Congrats Tina and Earl

    61. Dalton Darby

      Could u come snowmobiling with me this winter I live 20 miles outside of Jamestown u take highway 20 to get there

      1. Dalton Darby

        I would like to have you guys ride with that would make my life awesome

    62. Dimitri Hillier

      You guys should come to deer lake Newfoundland we have like 15 people that are big fans including me we all Rip dirt bikes and quads and sleds.

    63. Cody Shue

      I want a phone case but you don’t have it for an iPhone 6s😭😭

    64. Franek

      Do a garage tour

    65. dom keller

      I remember when jake was trying rider a sideXside on 2 wheels good memories

    66. Connor Heise

      Wtf an actual wedding or a dog! 🤷🏻‍♂️ little extreme ya think?

    67. Trevor Kornish

      Wrap Jake's car with a wrap that says ballsy to match his shirt

    68. Rylan Henderson

      Does he not have balls or is it just me

    69. ball zack

      Ken's such a douche bag