How to Overpower a God - (Ban from Seven Deadly Sins)

Nux Taku

Nux Taku

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    With Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai coming to a close with quite the epic finale being Meliodas and Ban vs Demon King I figured a nice happy overpowered anime analysis was in order for best boi Ban, the man who went to purgatory and back, the fox sin of Greed. sorry about the reupload thingy...
    The Mind of Ban:
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    1. Gijs

      Nux, I might really dislike your voice, not that you can do much about what you got, but I loved this video. Great work man.

    2. Kvng_Moey

      2:55 ;)

    3. Michael Thomas

      When does season 4 of the seven deadly sins come out

    4. Jay Pea

      EPIC FINALE LOL... Aren't we all glad that was wrong?

    5. Myrrah

      how to become stronger step 1 - be immortal in a sense that your body continually regenerate and adapt step 2 - live in an environment that continually kill you so your body will regenerate and adapt to that environment

    6. The Falcon Nation

      Ban has always been my favorite sin and could potentially be my favorite anime character of all time (at least top 5)

    7. MentallyCrafted

      "Im am" leaving the 7 deadly sins. That's not my typo. 11:16 Ban is E.S.O.L.

    8. Emoji 784

      Ban is strong now but they should of give him some new techniques with the power

      1. Alterate Awful

        He still hasnt found his sacred treasure

    9. clay 101

      You know bons hair is Rick hair so that’s why he’s so powerful In the next manga he needs to become a pickle

    10. R G

      Luffy. xD lol

    11. Joshua Hofman

      Its smote

    12. xKarim

      Will he age to death then?

    13. krispy kreme

      Ban is so overrated.

      1. krispy kreme

        @Alterate Awful He had alot of help from meliodas.

      2. Alterate Awful

        Why ?? He was the only one who could hold Demon king off

    14. Cameron  Berry


    15. TrainerSpyro

      Half way thru the video: Ooooh he's mispronouncing everything on purpose... XD XD XD Great video!!!! Ban is the greatest ever. Lol

    16. McGlubbin Fishworth

      WHERE IS HIS SACRED TREASURE?! Gah dammit Ban, why’d you have to get some situational irony and have it stolen?

    17. ShadowsOfTheDead

      7 deadly sins seasons coming in fall

    18. Arijit Pandit

      Doesn't Ban look strikingly similar to Grimmjaw from Bleach?

      1. Alisha Potts

        Eh. Like I said appearance wise they are similar.

      2. Arijit Pandit

        @Alisha Potts You forgot one thing Hidan was a villain. Although Grimmjaw started as a villain but turned a new leaf as we can see in the TYBW arc.

      3. Alisha Potts

        Other than being immortal, their abilities aren’t that much alike. I was talking about physical characteristics as well they also have similar personalities excpet for Ban is toned wayyyyy down, and isn’t “religious” if you can call what Hidan practices, religion 😂😂😂.

      4. Arijit Pandit

        @Alisha Potts I'm not talking about ability wise, i'm only considering looks and voice.

      5. Alisha Potts

        And Hidan from Naruto.

    19. OtakuToGo Animes und Gaming

      "...balanced like all things should be..." was that a intended Thanos quote XD?

    20. Adrián Csupor

      "Hey why is your hand gone?" "Don't change the subject!"

    21. MajorMoron

      Smote, u numbnumb

    22. Slow Cheetah

      SDS was a great anime in the first season, after that....they ruined it!!! it is shit anime now

    23. otaku sale seven deadly sins

      Million years

    24. Chrisfragger1

      Guess it will never happen then, because there is NO WAY in hell that Luffy is getting his dick wet.

    25. Nicholas Nwagbara


    26. էለርէiርለረ

      i didnt even get 10 seconds into the video before leaving to go rewatch seven deadly sins again

    27. Burwito

      if ban got his sacred treasure, ban would be more op

      1. Lightning King91

        Bruh you are so right. He still ain't got that. Lol. I watched all 3 seasons. But can my favorite guy get his stuff together 😂

    28. Mikey Rakes

      Loving your third channels content Noble!

    29. Aron Eklund

      Bon not Ban

    30. Abdur Rahman

      I completed reading the manga and I was blow off and I will say that I can't wait to see the next season/arc I just wanna see how ban and meliodas holds up against zeldoris (demon king's new vessel) although I guess now that meliodas has a hold of his power he probably will not let anyone else interfere/get hurt with his problems

      1. Holyking100

        Abdur Rahman yea and my boy Arthur is coming back in some way shape or form. I’m so glad they didn’t forget about him.

    31. Quisy Bear

      actually ban is a half fox half human

    32. Abdul Richardson

      "During the day"😂💀

    33. Alex Chatham

      Smote! Is the word you were looking for

    34. TheSavage DylanC


    35. Lord Azriel Yotam Shefatya III

      Actually a demon can kill him. By eating his soul.

      1. Alterate Awful

        Meliodas stated in Purgatory that both his soul and body got insanely strong

    36. Andrew Rich

      There is a next arc ideot and in the end meliodas became stronger than base form frieza Everything you say is so wrong so wrong

      1. I eat food drink water and breath oxygen

        Yeah he is indeed an *ideot*

    37. Andrew Rich

      Seven deadly sins is going to continue ideot If your going to be an ideot I might as well as unsubscribe Nvm I just realized I Wasen subed anyway

      1. Kyle Fitzsimmons

        Lol you got 3 brain cells in there don't ya

      2. OsCaR •


    38. Peter Robertson


    39. mael oli

      Ban=One Punch Man confirmed

    40. MrMoonElite115

      Why dose he sound like pewidepie

    41. killarjr


    42. Tim Conway


    43. Austin foster

      It sucks how I only got to watch 4 mins of this

    44. Maria Cervantes


    45. My name Is yours

      11:15 “I’m am leaving the seven deadly sins

    46. John Parinello Jr.

      Smote is past tense. I hope they make this arch into anime. That would be sintastic.

    47. salty phish

      @Nux Taku "smote"

    48. badsol

      i love how this guy explains things, ill take this over some half dead foreign dude reading a scrip any day

    49. DeathSkullz XD


    50. Cyb3r Tig3r

      lmao 666K views, fun

    51. Mxson90


    52. TheBlueRobert

      Probably not the first but smote is probably the word you want

    53. OH yeah yeah Btw

      He is overpowerd but king is also overpowerd

    54. SepticSoldier25

      Only clicked because I’m in a heated debate about have sexy ban is with my friend

    55. Midnight's Requiem

      I don't know escape if he could keep the one longer than a second he should be the most powerful. Hell that second shouldered enough

    56. baby sy

      This guy reminds me of Patton Oswald. 😂

    57. Vocal Vortex Studios

      The fact that *THIS* man's english va also voices numbah 1 from CKND is hilarious to me

    58. Your Mom

      I personally just don’t like that ban isn’t immortal anymore because that means he can actually die and I don’t like that

    59. The Anime Life

      So gilthunder was like the supreme kai

    60. jox reaper

      Anyone else notice at 3:10 escanor how to Fairy Tail tattoo

    61. DatBoyC 88

      That's why Ban is my favorite SIN character in SDS. The most fleshed out character in the story.

    62. Classic Sans

      ban is my favorite anime character

    63. Chukwuebuka Abangwu

      I love this video

    64. Chukwuebuka Abangwu

      The word you're looking for is smote

    65. Chukwuebuka Abangwu

      SMOTE 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    66. Dat Ninja Dray

      Ban could kill king in 2 seconds

    67. sans station

      Animatpat activate

    68. FARES ODEN

      U have the nerves to make a video about ban. And u left the fairy king harlequin out? Fan boy alert

    69. kitano ken

      Has ban ever found his sacred treasure?

    70. Rashard Mccallum

      So annoying...

    71. ajay rajpoot

      So we can safely say FOX DEMON IS BEST.Naruto and Ban proves it

    72. Niko Niko Ni

      He definitely stole my heart ❤️

    73. toca the one

      Talk about gayyyyyy

    74. Brandon Sutton

      paraphrasing here at around 12minute mark "elaine is dead etc, etc" literally then shows elaine alive in the clip. lmfao. but, i get what you were saying.

    75. silverstryker21

      Nice end of series spoiler warnings.

    76. Matthew Brown

      the past tense of smite is smote

    77. Chace Martin

      Go to 3:09 and look at Escanor's arm and if you watch Fairy Tail you'll thank me.

    78. Barron Von Monster Truck III

      What is the name of your ending song? Also have you ever read psyren? I think you'd like it.

      1. Alterate Awful

        @Barron Von Monster Truck III happy to hear that Hope to see u around again Wish u the best in the future and have a great night/day

      2. Barron Von Monster Truck III

        @Alterate Awful not your job to answer my questions lol. I appreciate that you let me know.

      3. Alterate Awful

        @Barron Von Monster Truck III sorry it took six days to find your comment

      4. Barron Von Monster Truck III

        @Alterate Awful much thanks = D

      5. Alterate Awful

        Undertale soundtrack

    79. Tj Jourden

      Ban is the only reason i continued to watch the SDS. His story ark is Incredibly tragic, and beautifully written. He is my Favorite in the series, and i enjoy his Gangsternicity

      1. Alterate Awful

        Same here , i only watched SDD because u watched Bans ova first

    80. Jalen football toons Wynter

      OMG before I even watch the video, this is the first time I've ever been on this channel and I want to say how much I love ur profile pic with Red X on it not to many people really remember him but I'm hella glad you do.

    81. Kpizzle Price

      Frieza is a funny dude😂

    82. Dark Star_333

      0:49 her says with _that_ character.

    83. Penguindreamz

      Waman an gentle wamen?

    84. 水Ziis

      Ban is my favourite character

    85. GOT AOT

      I liked this only beacouse the SMITEFIED action at the end

    86. xd alanna

      gotta say, I really fucking hate your voice. or just to be less harsh, the way you narrate.

    87. Baymaxy Gamin

      AHHHHH king I beat my meat omg lol

    88. Will Quenichet

      Do a video on the power of the cutoff shirt. A shirt cut off at the belly = God among men

    89. Lana Lewis

      Ban's my favorite immortal character ever. He's even better than Greed/Greedling. xD

    90. etai feder

      4 minet intro XD

    91. pɐlɐS ʎɥʇlɐǝH

      Im quite sure ban isnt a support character, hes one of the seven protagonists, we learn about him, his life and his sin, we see him most of the time, this applies or still has to happen to all other sins

    92. Reptilian Overlord

      The past tense of smite Nux is Smote.

    93. RED FACE

      2nd strongest sin if u read the manga u would know that he is god tier and his immortality isn’t even that deep compared to his power now 🤮

      1. Alterate Awful

        @Dingy chapter 195

      2. Isaiah Joshua

        Dingy at the very beginning. It’s only a tiny bit different in pacing very dope

      3. Dingy

        RED FACE is the manga worth the read and if I have watched the anime where should I start the manga?

    94. Dennis Chavez

      guys do u guys know were i can watch second season of the seven deadly sins other from netflix

    95. Sam Siggers

      So what your saying is there is a second season of Mob Psycho 100 and i don't know about this? People of the internet tell me where this is, i must know my lively hood depends on knowing what happens in the second season.

    96. Khalil Shaid

      What if melidos did purgatory🧐

      1. Haris Assassin

        You are not paying attention

    97. Eric B

      This guy talks like a drug addicted junkie in misery.

    98. Jeremy Harris

      Anyone else tired of Postmates ads?

    99. Peter yelfstephens

      i love this vid . bann is the best

    100. Ryan Piercy

      its smote, the past tense of smite is smote.