How to Overpower a God - (Ban from Seven Deadly Sins)

Nux Taku

Nux Taku

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    With Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai coming to a close with quite the epic finale being Meliodas and Ban vs Demon King I figured a nice happy overpowered anime analysis was in order for best boi Ban, the man who went to purgatory and back, the fox sin of Greed. sorry about the reupload thingy...
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    1. Relaxterboi

      Could season 3 please come to netflix i mean gosh just give it to me

    2. Roy Bokelman


    3. J.C. cannon

      Ban recently regained his sacred treasure and got another power boost

    4. Syed Abdullah Ali

      Escanor or True Fairy King👀

    5. Byron Ayerdis

      The lack of zawaradu is disturbing

    6. Alex 0nYT

      i cant share this because i have no friends. - w -

      1. speed Demon

        There i liked friends come from everywhere

    7. jamario holder

    8. dongus bongus

      18:04 me 2 I want that good mind set

    9. PulseMania

      the schmoruto part got me xD

    10. Mercy Mike

      GAWD DAMN your my number one youtuber atm you've got great chemistry with anime some of the best vids I've seen keep your top notch epicness going WOOOOOOOOOOO

    11. Carl Freericks

      This was OP done wrong not right and it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever for Ban to be able to go toe to toe with the demon king. Ugh I’m so mad that the author nerfed the living shit out of the demons.

    12. Aomine Daiki

      4'28 that was unexpected

    13. Aomine Daiki

      14:41 Alpha among men

    14. Aomine Daiki

      Reminder a bad ass without a *loli* is not really impressing compared to bad ass characters with *loli* like ban, accelerator, souh mikoto, dante, Sesshōmaru, kenpachi and scar

    15. Mikitalu Chimoto

      does this make ban a superhuman?

    16. BHoll76

      Irony: Definition: When People love watching a show about character(s) who are Super Strong, But hate that they is super Strong. Also See Definition for Asinine.

    17. Matt Stewart

      Welp I made it 4:10 seconds into the video, looks like I’m going to have to wait until the next season to watch this video :/ oh well lol

    18. Theeret Mandana

      I like Ban but fuck liking the loli

    19. MrMasterDebate

      Ban gave up his immortality to revive his love interest.

    20. epic gamer

      Smhmoruto 😆

    21. luka gogiberidze

      great video dude, and thanks for spoiler alert, i love the series but don't want to get spoiled so, i left a like and will watch it after finishing the manga

    22. _ Bloomzy

      Ban in Purgatory is op

    23. BLUE AND RED

      is ban immortal or not

    24. BigDaddyMedz

      this nigga a whole ass attention seeker

    25. X8137694318X

      Yo. I. Look. Away. For. A. Second. And. It. Sounds. Like. You. Started. Rapping. 🔥🔥🔥

    26. Fenix

      Your anime character matches your voice

    27. Daniel

      Ban and Meliodas have an arm wrestling match, breaking a fortress SethTheProgrammer: So ban is AT LEAST fortress level

      1. Basil Alli

        So true LMAO 😂

    28. super kid

      I just gota say i hate this series because the characters never make sense one example out of many they saud that the grandmaster was stronger than meliodas and no one could stand a chance against him only the seven deadly sins could begin to fathom his power, but when he came he fucking sucked even more than gilthunder... Thhey should have definatley made him op

    29. I love games and youtube

      Go to netfix to wench

    30. Noob Doge

      Actually there’s gonna be 3rd season in fall.....I think

      1. Jake Clarke

        Noob Doge yes on 9th November

    31. alex Plays

      What about escanor is he stronger then ban ???

      1. Guilherme Brito

        No because he is the most damaged sin that is fighting against demon king together with Ban and King and Meliodas

    32. SluGGCat :D

      will ban get back his immortality? after saving elaine? after purgatory?

    33. Gear

      "Seven Deadly Shmeckles" -Nux 2019

    34. Jordon Davis

      Fuck ban n his bitch n his fake lil sister n his fake ass adopted fuck father figure

    35. Aaron Kozel II

      Who would win? Ban or Escanor?

    36. Fexer Rexer

      Ban is pretty much just dead pool

    37. Fsy North

      i hate when people stretch videos so hard.

    38. ChristianKirbos

      I can do what ban does. I stole your heart ;)

    39. Dhogdy

      Ban got nerf and don't have imortality when he leave purgatory but he have new power give life but he can still regenerate???

    40. Preston Archibald

      What so my favorite Character Escanor isn't the most powerful anymore talk about inconsistency🤔

      1. Preston Archibald

        @Malik Mobley That's some bull shit

      2. Malik Mobley

        He gave his power back

    41. chaos-deadly2

      We don't like Elaine we like Jericho ban is a grown man elaine I'd literally a 5 yr old

    42. chaos-deadly2

      I didn't ask how to make up with friends

    43. Trevor Manning

      Just saying meliodas is the strongest of the sins

    44. Kyle Angeles

      Ban is best girl

    45. MrStar Nation

      Note that Ban was abused by his parents and litterally said that he would've forgave Zhavago if he saved Ban instead of his son. That makes Ban's anger upon the smitification of Zeldris by the demon king much MUCH more deep

    46. kazuya kenzaki

      Hes op and not immortal

    47. bigcat188

      Seven deadly sin of greed to seven virtues of charity

    48. Crimson Black

      The only heart that matters to ban is Elaines also it's not the world It's the Za worldo

    49. childhood drama

      Don’t let this distract you from the fact ban is a nonce.

    50. Sinpergang Dan

      Rip to my n word Wild

    51. Vyktym 76

      Would Smote be the past tense of Smite?

    52. FoxHound

      Ok but why ban got fangs? Like bro you vampire?

    53. Normal guy


    54. Ssnake

      Nux: Ban is immortal. Escanor: WHO DECIDES THAT?!

    55. CarrotPork

      what happens when someone drinks bans blood

    56. russell westGOAT

      I think smite in past tense is smote lmao

    57. Mecha Apple

      He used to be shit, but now he lit

    58. rock obama

      Are you sans ?

    59. Itz Blitz

      Remember that one scene where Gilthunder throws the spear all the way to Meliodas when he was in another village, but then Meliodas catches it and throws it right back at him and IT COLLAPSES THE ENTIRE TOWER GILTHUNDER WAS IN BUT GILTHUNDER DOESN'T EVEN DECIDE TO GET OFF HIS CHAIR BUT IN FACT JUST TILTS HIS HEAD A LITTLE TO DODGE THE SPEAR. We all thought he was op.

    60. Brody Daddis

      The dub for the argument between Ban and Mel is golden. “Uh, why is bird guy dead?” - Ban

    61. Brody Daddis

      Anyone hyped for season 3 this fall?

    62. yourRAGEv2

      Ngl I shed a tear from this ban is truly my favorite now

    63. Eclipse Modz

      3:08 to 3:19 I'm dead

    64. Liu Antonio

      Damn it I should not have watched this video 😂 I haven’t read the manga and now I only have questions

    65. Lui shirosagijo


    66. Uzochi Okeke

      Ban is what kept me going while passing through the shitty arcs of the anime/manga.

    67. zeph_ 13

      I went into the manga hyped got Ban's hell arc because you praised it as the absolute best. But it was super short and wasn't as great as you made it out to be.

    68. Sieko57


    69. chinosaft

      Ban is in Anime OP he can defeat Escanor :) No chance for Escanor.