How This Guy Made the World's Hottest Peppers | Obsessed | WIRED



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    PuckerButt Pepper Company founder Ed Currie is on a mission to create the world's hottest peppers. Ed is the evil genius who brought the world the Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest hot peppers in existence; but he's not stopping there.
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    How This Guy Made the World's Hottest Peppers | Obsessed | WIRED

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    1. Sosophi Mc

      We eat this every day. For us this is just a appetite booster. We call this as KING CHILLI.

    2. deadfr0g

      Torture artist uses agricultural science to bring the world pain, laugher, and joy.

    3. VezzyVex

      this man is a pepper fricker and I love it.

    4. Leilani SB

      So technically it should be named the pakistani reaper? Lmao

    5. Don Cruize

      My wife is hotter than those carolina reapers

    6. Danny

      He's never heard of the insanity pepper of Quetzalacatenango!

    7. Zoujam Gangte

      The hottest chilli🔥'll find in #MANIPUR(Northeast of India) Hope to see you there oneday.

    8. Ismail Khan

      Carolina u r hot 😜

    9. kcm gaming 2 2

      Its already in manipur u can try it called umorok

    10. Mugshot

      The more spicy it is the more wringcle the fruit

    11. Gamaliel Calvillo

      Mexicanos que comen doritos con salsa valentina : ¡Nuestra batalla será legendaria!


      i love the creative decision of opening on the side effects of eating the pepper with that footage. you guys have a great ability to make the uninteresting interesting, you make great content.

    13. twin uzis

      his shits must hurt like a mffffff😂

    14. Yeet on My deet

      Peppers are dumb cause their whole defense system activates AFTER they are eaten

    15. Jeanienhenhe Cocoy

      I have that pepper here in my house,,, it's super do per hot hot

    16. Vy Sarangcha

      thats umorok

    17. Higgs Rock Farm

      Just doing what you love and being very successful at it too Respect, what a blessing

    18. Joyraj Singh

      I eat every day . We have plenty of. It's very cheap chilly.

    19. Alexander demoniac

      I bet he shits uranium

    20. GodsProdiGy #55

      Organ system burnt away that's why it doesn't to the same damage.

    21. Yosel Choden

      O this is not good for ur health

    22. manish konwar

      Naga is Indian not Pakistan

    23. nur hdy

      this more likely "ONE PAQUI CHALLENGE CHIP" you check it out

    24. MC Mew

      I think I read somewhere that Ed claimed to already have a few pepper breeds even hotter than his reaper, and he's just sitting on them until someone else's pepper challenges his crown. Given this guy's commitment....I think I believe him.

    25. Alanna Woods

      It is said he has even hotter peppers, but is holding them back until someone tries to beat his record.

    26. Bryce Sudyko

      Dont also forget that there is the pepper x

    27. Azrul Wolf

      Behold Dr.Pepperstein..

    28. Prasanta Dangoria

      Genetically modified chilli. Not good for human consumption.

    29. Eclipse _

      Y not a Carolina reaper and a ghost pepper breed

    30. country Boy

      it's NAGA chilli ..

    31. Zerus Zephuros

      Thanks for having Thai chili on the list for comparison...... I won't eat anything hotter than that...! (Just ten of them would already kill me!)

    32. Nganthoiba Lairenjam

      on manipur the hottest pepper

    33. Nganthoiba Lairenjam

      that’s not the hottest dudes The hottest is at manipur Name u morok

    34. BlueOzzie

      When they started talking about breeding i just kept thinking of my breeding lines in ark rofl

    35. Mr1152451

      This guy's a madman. But he works hard, and he paid his dues. If only I can find the right calling like he did.

    36. Trinada TV

      Hes kinda creepy in a disguised way of creativity! Guess he will feel he succeeded when some dies.

    37. FrostyBite

      Its the ghost pepper thats the hotest

    38. Kpizzle Price

      I'm gonna exchange the hot sauce with that sauce . Y'all gonna stop eating hot sauce after that . Im joking 😭😭🔥🔥🔥

    39. Des Gardius 2012

      “Some like it hot, but I like it *REALY* hot!” -Heat Miser

    40. jefrino Ali umar

      his stomach is solid steel

    41. money mane

      So basically its just a cocaine pepper

    42. Mustache Ice-cream

      Bruv, I'm crying for them 😭

    43. Sadaf Shah

      U can try this pepper in a Pakistani dish (biryani or curry) and present it to a Pakistani. They can eat em all without complaining

    44. puca

      and people say white people can't handle spicy food

    45. Wrong Think

      1:22.... god? more like Satan!

    46. Apon Niloy

      Maybe naga pepper our Bangladeshi products

    47. waynielia bowens


    48. Babar Ali

      Use water Don't use tissue for wiping after toilet, because tissue will catch fire.

    49. Atuno Lasuh

      Come to Nagaland...this is nothing

    50. Ibn Battuta

      I tried it here this week its not as hot as I thought honestly. Like the taste

    51. Godwin Tambio

      Philippines eat the leaves of chilies... they add it to sinigang

    52. cory skipper

      Used in Police OC spray

    53. cory skipper

      He pee'd on it the whole growing season.

    54. Kannan Srini

      Come here india Andhra pradesh you ever bite

    55. rere439

      I'd love to see the struggle of guys that think they will hold up everything that get inside their body through mouth but actually they don't 🤔🤔

      1. David Timothy P

        I think i was one of those guys that thinks so because normal chilli simply doesn't pack a punch for me, but after seeing the scoville scale comparison.... NOPE

    56. Shaun Fuller

      Imagine him growing a super hybrid strand of weed

      1. Infectious Sheep


    57. creative sixonenine

      This kind are there already,..... in Kerala, 🇮🇳

    58. Rupam roy MESSI

      Please come nagaland...india

    59. Sean K260790

      Probably the best way of getting rid of a flu or chest infection

    60. esty esfandya riny

      Mantap nih buat seblak😂😂

    61. Calin Coldea

      Outstanding profession if you like to hurt people.

    62. lynne tobias

      the hottest ,

    63. testunot

      Bruh thid man can eat carolina reapers everyday while i ate one for a challenge and i dont think i would ever try it again

    64. Thangjam Langamba

      This pepper is like those of us it's too hot we called it u morok means wood 🌶 your stomach will burn

    65. Richard Einsberg

      You missed the hottest pepper in ASIA was found in PH NOT IN THAI SWEET PEPPER😅

    66. Dilian Brudi

      I envy you I want to do something like that

    67. Dilian Brudi

      I envy you I want to do something like that

    68. amazo88

      if he really is into heat, he should research resinifera toxin.

    69. Mona thoi

      Got lot of it in Manipur, India We locally called it as "umorok"..thanks

    70. Jack Yan

      Naga king chilly is the hottest chilly in the world..which found mostly in Northeastern part of india.