How Strong is the Demon King? (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)



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    How Strong is the Demon King? (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
    In this video, I look at all the evidence in the Seven Deadly Sins manga to determine how strong the Demon King is.

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    1. Yukqri

      the demon king didn't "break" the perfect cube, he simply used absolute cancel on it. (the only things the demon king gave merlin wasn't resistance to brain ashing but also all powerful magic from the underworld absolute cancel included and we also saw chandler use absolute cancel in his first appearance)

    2. _ outsider

      I want you to make a video about how the war started and how meliodas is actually the villain of this series

    3. Farhaan Kodabaccus

      I want to see Meliodas real appearance 😭

    4. FaZe Elan 7w7


    5. just some random guy


    6. Sebastian Chaplin

      There is gonna be a lit season 4

    7. michael shwartz

      He trembles because he's scared of becoming his old self which is what happens whenever he is in the king's presence

    8. keawe kupihe

      That moment you realize despite everyones power ups, Meliodas and Ban are the only ones who can hold the flaming candlr

    9. Chudi Nwike

      Memes: Anything including ( who decided that?! )

    10. ulap at ulan

      let me correct you, the demon king said that Meliodas is trembling. Not just because of fear, but in anger also.

    11. MuchPie

      this video should be redone plz

    12. • Dark •

      Man, i just got spoiled ASFK i thought it would be a power measure with numbers or so

    13. rodrigo -

      In which chapter of the manga does Meliodas become the Demon King?

    14. rickyay26

      You POS why are you supporting these disgusting micro transaction and gambling filled mobile games? Fucking cancer

    15. Vaughne Rodulfa

      It’s already been 4 months?! 😂

    16. SoloTTVTWITCH

      What app do u use

    17. Duane McDaniel

      Will there be a new season of this? PLEASE GOD! MAKE IT SO!

    18. RaiderMBG

      /i hate blacks/ / i hate blacks /

      1. Vaughne Rodulfa

        What’s wrong with u

      2. RaiderMBG

        *i hate blacks*

    19. TFG Blxck

      I wish they would put all of this in the anime

    20. Massit

      Where do u guys read the manga

    21. Danijel James

      Where is the online fan sub manga?

    22. Destroyer9938_ Fortnite

      If anyone was curious I did the math and the demon king spend 1,577,847,000 years in purgatory


      I hope the demon king gets his revenge on Meliodas cause due to meliodas the demon king lost everything..he lost the underworld, the ten commandments , his sons..and in the end his enemies won..Meliodas is too selfish and is hypocrite for blaming the demon king ..also he not only led to the destruction of his clan but he still fights against them..Frankly if i was the demon king i would have murdered elizabeth brutally in front of him and then murdered him would have been better for everyone if those two were dead...i really feel sad for the demon king all his plans r thwarted by his son and now he even made his second son rebelious..fuck u meliodas

      1. francisco Davi

        and now he is in zeldris body this ins't are impossible >:)

      2. francisco Davi

        for some reason l don't know the why however when he are in "meliodas body" l kinda wanted to see what happened if he winned this fight >:)

    24. Travis Leep

      Awesome video

    25. You thought it was you’re dentist But it was me DIO

      *cough-thumbnail-cough cough* *drinks water* *cough-HaWt-*

      1. francisco Davi

        l proabably are the only the who wanted to meliodas at least maintain the adult form however no >:|

    26. immortal men

      1 minute in purgatory is NOT a year in 1 minute a healthy young man grew to crippled old man

      1. Randy Buja

        Oh snap

    27. Mitsukusiki Chan

      Guys pls help where can i watch season 3 dub

      1. ZearF

        Nowhere it's a Netflix original so there are none anywhere

    28. Melly Kwan

      Not strong enough to kill one sin of course gotta love plot armor

    29. Anonymous. D

      He just called the demon king a god

    30. Flamez YT

      Is season 4 out or is it coming out *IM CONFUSED* i know this is manga but pls answer my question

      1. Christopher Mc Caffrey

        Its coming out in autumn 2019

    31. Elizabeth Chan

      This is tough for Meliodas seeing Many Elizabeth's die..

    32. Jerry Wtf I don’t have a last name

      Full counter on the DK

    33. Tzouliano Louzi

      You that the demon king was meliodas🤔 you need to watch the episodes again

    34. CoTimSSlayer

      I need to finish my manga started a month ago at ch 195 now I’m at 250

    35. Crypto

      Ummmmm ur a little behind. The manga finally ended and now Melinda’s and Elizabeth are freed of there curse. Just sayingr

      1. Vladimir sawko

        Cryptoplayz this was posted one month ago. are you dumb Fortnite 5 year old looking head’ ass

    36. Ranaan Enninful

      If I get u with this u must like Read more

      1. RadanTV

        You exposed the trick.......😑

    37. Gen D.

      When is the next season

    38. AYAN GHOSH

      from where we can read the manga version? and when the season 3 will release? pls answer

      1. Dreadzzi

        AYAN GHOSH download manga rock

    39. Dang Le


    40. blaze4 TK

      Were is Melinda's mother?????

    41. Amanda Morgan

      yes called plot armor

    42. Renound

      Plot twist: Supreme Deity and Demon King had a divorce and blamed it one there favorite children(Meliodas, and Elizabeth)

    43. Genya

      Meliodas didn’t even use his demon form against demon king xd

    44. Your stupid your video suck SB

      That means that the demon king is way stronger because Meliodas is a ten commandments

    45. the sin of wrath

      I Think that meliodas will fight for his Body and will win and Kill the demon Lord

    46. Reanna Funneh

      Bet y’all didn’t know Meliodas is a Leo 🙊💛 not scared of shit and no bitch alive he can only be shook rarely ❤️

    47. Lazari thecreepypastalover

      Meliodas mine di don't even try to kill me!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    48. Micheal Moreno

      Video starts at 12:24

    49. Oweys Channel

      He stayed there for 500b years i used a calculator bec. Its too long.

    50. Conner Games

      Um what about the seven deadly sins movies when that beast destroyed the perfect cube with one magical attack

    51. AJ Quintanilla

      i hate the older looking meliodas

      1. francisco Davi

        l don't care

    52. Yomen Zhang

      Spoiler movie.... In the movie indura could break the perfect cube in one shot. Does that mean that indura is stronger than the one. But his power is 50000+ and escanors is 100000+ even when not a high noon. This anime forgot logic

      1. Conner Games

        Actually no because esconor couldn’t defeat him even tho he didn’t have his full power they had to have all the sins and the only reason they defeated it I was because hawks mom was there and the arc thing I am pre sure the power level of endura is like 300000+

    53. Fancyfaceuv

      Do nanashi from seven deadly sins explained

    54. Leul Sisay

      Why wont ban use snatch???

    55. Leul Sisay


    56. Julianne Faith Caumban

      I hate supreme deity and demon lord. The both of them will be the reason why the world will destroy. Goddeses don't think that their doings is bad and demons are still warfreaks but not all demons and not all goddeses. And they keep the fairies and giants and humans tag along with their nonsense fight... It will be their end. Their races will be End and Non will survive because of the supreme deity and Demon Lord

      1. Julianne Faith Caumban

        I guess....

    57. Wucan Zhang

      I'm so confused. So is the demon king's body in Meliodas' body? Or is Meliodas the new demon king all on his free will?

      1. francisco Davi

        sadly meliodas father possessed him during the chapter end of the 299 to the 305

    58. Jason Polanco

      Halks mom

    59. Adiel Medina

      Meliodas is king of everyone

    60. Galyy Sal

      1.555555 billion years in purgatory

    61. Meliodas Sama

      Yes we do have chance my dad is a pussy

      1. francisco Davi

        you know he can't come out of the purgatory right??

    62. Outlawed Outlander

      Did a new season come out?

    63. exaus_daguybro

      So called god? It's so called demon

      1. francisco Davi

        @Cake# better saying a really evil demon god

      2. Cake#

        I mean he does call himself a god so the video creator ain't wrong

    64. miss her

      What if Escanor trained in Purgatory?👀👀

    65. GEN_JUTSO

      1,576,800,000 years of purgatory

    66. filip madsen

      Wait seven deadly sins season 4 coming out when?

      1. francisco Davi

        season 3 is in october 2019

    67. Zero Six

      The demon Kings power is only 0.89% of Shaggy's power

    68. Peter Sam

      You know

    69. Peter Sam

      I’m a god

    70. Goonfuls

      He trembles in fear only because he knows the demon king has the power to restore him to his prior self. Fuck the demon king 😂😂😂😂😂