How I got my trash cat Luigi



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    ▶do you have a cat? i do. his name is Luigi and he likes to eat trash.
    ▶grab a shirt or plush before they're gone!
    ▶Rebecca Parham voiced lines in this video! Check her out:
    I USE:
    ▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
    ▶ Adobe Photoshop CC - backgrounds, illustrations, thumbnail
    ▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
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    - I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
    - I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.

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    1. illymation

      i in fact do have another cat! her name is.............. junie :^) like my comment if this bothers u or you want me to make a video about her too :^)

      1. Galaxii Teaa ドラゴン

        Darn I thought you were gonna say Mario

      2. SerenityM16

        Moar cats ♥️

      3. Doom The Suspicius boi

        No she is now mario

      4. Willow_ Lolbit

        I NEED TO SEE IT

      5. *• vodka •*

        I’m very disappointed that you did not name her mario


      very nice

    3. Animal jam fox star

      UwU Furry i am a furry

    4. FishKeeper Cole

      Watching this while my sisters kitten is running around with a nerf dart in its mouth while badly attempting to dribble a stress ball. Help

    5. The Minnesota Railfan


    6. Kayane Gouling

      you are the best

    7. Aristidez Alvarez


    8. KatzyKins

      Ily how dare you This is hilarious and I can't handle how cute your son isssss ;w; I had a boy like him once xD

    9. Hungry Puma2388

      0:05 face reveal

    10. Derek The Changeling

      Luigi looks like my kitten nermul but main difference is the padern of the fur and she is a manx kitten.

    11. Geena Bartley

      I have THREE cats

    12. LPS kitty

      I right now have my first cat and his name is munchkin

    13. Kermit Aiden Kermit

      I prefer a duck

    14. Miss Minka

      What happened to the petsmart video?

    15. Jonathan Madi

      I bet he wins by doing nothing

    16. Joava D

      Wait, is that a thing? If a cat is fixed early they keep their kitten meow? This explains Olive! It's sooooo cute!

    17. David Porter

      I punted a cat cause it stuff it’s fucking claw into my foot when I was sleeping (idk it was like a body reaction lol )

    18. Creebelle

      I relate to this so much! My cat Adrien was such a sweetheart when I first met him at the animal shelter and I honestly thought he was the perfect match for me! He was all black, cuddly, talkative and just overall super chill! And then I brought him home... he was fine for about a week then he lost his mind!! He started jumping on everything, chewing cords, screaming at all times of the night, knocking things over (big things usually) and he scratched at EVERYTHING!! My poor couch will never be the same... I was ready to bring him back to the shelter or rehome him. I even got to the point where I put him up for sale on Kijiji (eBay of Canada) but after not even a day, I took the add down. He was (is) such a pain sometimes but I got used to having him around, he's great company most of the time :) He's definitely gotten more behaved than he used to be but it's taking a very long time. Unfortunately (but fortunately?) he is not very food or affection motivated... I try to give him treats but he ignores them and just walks away, he doesn't freak out over food and he doesn't care. This is great sometimes cause I don't have to worry about him trying to eat my food when I leave it out or beg for food. But at the same time, it makes it SOOOOOO much harder to train him!!! I tried positive reinforcement instead and again he barely responded to it, he'd just walk away. Now the only thing he really learns from sadly is the spray bottle. He hates it but I don't even have to spray him most of the time anymore, he'll just see me pick it up or point it at him and he'll stop whatever he's doing bad and walk away lol He's not as cuddly as he was when I first got him, he does have his moments when he loves to cuddle but it has to be on his time. If I don't try and force him to stay with me or let me give him attention then he will usually just come to me. He's gotten in the habit of sleeping on the pillow next to mine, that or curled up on my arm or in my side! I've noticed recently that if he's able to, then most of the time he will try and be near me no matter what I'm doing, it's very cute lol. Even as I type this out he's laying at my feet at my desk. It took a while for us to get along but in the end, I'm really glad I didn't sell him or send him back to the rescue. I was very lonely and while he caused more stress on me at first, he's a comfort to have around now. I named him after Adrien from Miraculous Ladybug cause he's a black cat and was super sweet at first, now I'm kinda wishing I had named him Plagg instead cause of how much of a brat he is sometimes lol oh well, too late to change it now! I love him very much :) Sorry, this comment is so long! I just really related to this video and wanted to share my experiences with a similar situation :) Love your videos! Keep up the great work!!

      1. Creebelle

        Btw if anyone wants to see him, he has an Instagram lol it’s lechatnoiradrien :)

    19. JohnnysDolly

      Bob? *w h a c k* Luigi???? *S N A C C*

    20. Snipiz열 꼬리

      Omg.....I Have A Cat Named Yoshi xD

    21. Natsukiii

      Everytime i hear ilymation, i think of “I love you mation”

    22. Kaitlyn Buck

      Its so freaking stupid that you got blacklisted just because you said that you would put down the cat if there was no treatment options, that petsmart must want their animals to suffer in pain i wouldnt ever shop there if i heard that happened.

    23. Olivia Keller

      If you get a evil male cat call him walugi

    24. chawoowii parappa

      3:42 420.

    25. Digstreme McDingus

      131 TheAmaazing cat in upper corner?

    26. Bob Lundberg

      3:45 420 😂

    27. UltraBlue Drakko9

      That pets mart is idiotic you don't want a cat to suffer for no reason

    28. Breckin Jochem

      Did anyone else notice the 420 3:42

    29. Doom The Suspicius boi

      What about mario

    30. lpsrandom 1234

      Small OwO bonesssssss

    31. SushiChu

      *Legend says that Luigi still has the balloonin inside of him to this day*

    32. Monkey buddy Games

      I was thinking is that rebbeca

    33. A'mya The Trashcan

      Bob? *WACC* Luigi? *SNACC*

    34. Matthew Progamer

      "So check out me merch"

    35. Jini Five

      Idk what your complaining about those meows coming from Luigi is the cutest thing of all time and my cats RARELY meow ;w;

    36. Arkady Gorbachev

      The thumbnail looks NSFW tho...

    37. Mellowcat AJ

      *Luigi* is *CUTE* Like pwease *Nobody notices anything* Welp time to leave.

    38. ThatOne Weirdo

      1:38 I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣

    39. Fish Lips

      Same thing with my……… cat………

    40. HAVE SOME Sub-Zero-O's!

      Why is there tissues and lotion... 1:40

    41. Aracelli Rodriguez

      I love cat's and dog's but I love dog's over cat's back then

    42. Kay Jones

      I have a kitten she so hyper

    43. Potatoed

      I like both dogs and cats. But the first time i met a cat, i knew i loved cats.

    44. Spud _ÙwÚ

      Tell Luigi I say hi!

    45. daria morant

      My dog does the same thing 😂

    46. xXGacha_ WolfieXx

      one of my four cats has a half meow it sounds the same as your cats

    47. Nolan 10101


    48. Aya Gonzalez

      I like cats too Lol Luigi if you had ANOTHER cat would you name him Mario xd

    49. Lmt68 Thompson

      Once their gone, their gone. Me: OH NO! I NEED ONE! *realises I’m British and I forgot* Me: Oh, nevermind Me: Wait- GONE FORVEVER?! *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

    50. Anthony Carter

      ouuu my cats name is cheeto

    51. Natsukiii

      I love luigi

    52. *• vodka •*

      My cat threw up a finger once and my sis found out he had eat the WHOLE EYE OF HIS CRAB COSTUME WTF

    53. Yeevee M

      Soooo nobody’s gonna mention that they live in an apartment labeled 420? Lol

    54. Kellen Craig



      My cat had an extra toe which i thought was extra adorable and thats why i adopted my cat ☺

    56. ya boi skinny penis

      UwU bois

    57. Hope Comitale

      Hi im going to start animating do you have any tips for me or suggestions ps i love your vids so much

    58. Max Thewatchingod

      My CAT my SON

    59. Big Yoshi is god


    60. GuyInTheCommentSection

      cats are better suck it

    61. Yo Mama

      Mine is named engine bcs I found him on the engine of my dads 2006 Ford GT

    62. Family Atlas


    63. Hayashi-san qwq

      1:40 that poster xD

    64. NRB_Surfynug city

      Your cat sounds like my cat my cat is caramel color by the way.

    65. JDM • IS • LIFE


    66. Vi Cardoso

      I keep re watching this video, at least once a week. "But why tho?" *BECAUSE OF LUIGI!*

    67. Mr. Aztec

      He protecc He attacc But most importantly.... He grow his mustache bacc

    68. the best Alan

      I do have a cat at 3am on the night I got him all I heard was Hissing turns out my cat was hissing at my phone when it lit up at Twitter notifications

    69. Mr.noob_ADEC The nub

      I have a cat named Chito