How I got my trash cat Luigi



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    ▶do you have a cat? i do. his name is Luigi and he likes to eat trash.
    ▶grab a shirt or plush before they're gone!
    ▶Rebecca Parham voiced lines in this video! Check her out:
    I USE:
    ▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
    ▶ Adobe Photoshop CC - backgrounds, illustrations, thumbnail
    ▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
    ▶ MERCH:
    - I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
    - I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.

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    1. illymation

      i in fact do have another cat! her name is.............. junie :^) like my comment if this bothers u or you want me to make a video about her too :^)

      1. Lauryn Hoy

        In a way, your cat reminds me of when my older sister was in her 2nd year of college , she brought her tabby cat Oscar home for the first time; he was cute but also naughty. He once used me for a foot stool and his back claws scratched my leg. He also once caused a major hand injury on my older sister.

      2. Noah Ali


      3. Johana Hernandez

        I have a cat two but she crazy and SCARY And SHE BIT ME

      4. Bagel Kenny

        You realize that saying “Luigi, snack” will get you permanently banned from everywhere

      5. TyattDraws


    2. Gacha Maddie

      4:14 Did anyone else hear the actual Luigi in the background, right after Illy did a Luigi impression?

    3. Shelby Smart

      my cat eats erasers

    4. Shelby Smart

      i perfer cats too

    5. akocbibbo

      Girlfriend reviews brought me here! +1 sub from me ;-)

    6. SF AE

      I’m a cat lady because I have six cats :3 Luna,Elsa,Flash,Bell,Princess,Jazz :3 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    7. Inkmaster Gamer

      Are we not gonna talk about the fact that her apartment number is 420. Lmao. I love that...

    8. Alex Elliott


    9. ShrekOnCrek

      sounds just like my cat georgie who’s 1


      What about midget?.....

    11. literally a loser

      Is it possible / good for cats to fence them up while they learn not to eat things like that?

    12. Joey Garza

      *it makes me sad cause I had a dog named Luigi and...he escaped my backyard 8 months ago...*

    13. Dogberry

      Hermes, my large, handsome, crosseyed, boi

    14. Cutie Gaming

      i got your play button tee for valentines day

    15. Olivia Beckett

      I like cats and dogs you should like both way can you just like both they are both cute dogs play cats can also play

    16. The Scout Regiment

      We tried to adopt a cat from pet smart and we said we would cut her nails and they did not let us buy a cat (a lady went up to me and said “if you want a cat go somewhere else”) and today I have a dog

    17. Necromancer Noivern

      i had a cat he ate a bug he caught barfed it out than ate it again

    18. imalways waching

      My cat has that voice but hes a three year old, giant, unfixed, male cat. And you walk outside and this large alpha Male cat walks over to you with the softest nicest sweetest voice

    19. Robin

      Is that becca I hear!?!

    20. Arielle Fieber

      My cat barely meows and when she does it's barely anything

    21. gingy cookie

      ah, spongebob

    22. gingy cookie

      uh i like both

    23. Frankie McAnally

      Bob wack Luigi snack I’m dying 😂

    24. The smart Potato

      Cats are better if u don’t like cats u have never cuddled with one when they purr

    25. Sarah Johnson

      BOB!?!? WACK!! LUIGI???? *SNACC!*

    26. Alina Blackblood

      Cats can and should be fixed at 2lbs 6-8 weeks old. Any older than 4 months/16 weeks and a female kitten can get pregnant. Fixing early guarantees no babies, and lowers the risk of things like pyometra and testicular cancer. It doesnt stunt growth like many think it does and some cats do still develop deeper mews. -- an experienced cat rescuer

    27. MetalMario1996 and friends

      Ahhh SpongeBob

    28. T H

      Im glad i got my boys at the same time from the same litter so they kept eachother entertained when I wasnt always available =3 Didn't stop them from falling into the toilet or chewing on plastic on purpose for attention though =p ...its impossible to actually be mad at cute fluffballs =D

    29. Lennon Rivas

      Wtf at 1:21

    30. Hikari Takanashi

      luigi. snacc. *eats the cat*

    31. Papyrus The skeleton

      Was rebecca parham the mean cat lady?

    32. Izeyia Jeffries

      I’m not talking about this video but I don’t think all these people should be posting theses hurtful comments about illy she’s going through a lot right now so you should be sportive and if you are reading this right now illy you will get though this

    33. swiggycool

      The poll for cats or dogs, I can’t choose!

    34. tangobleu2000


    35. Gacha Kat xxx

      I prefer cats too lmaooo

    36. Three cheers for Sweet cheese whizz

      You shouldnt adopt pets at petsmart, I don’t blame people who don’t know how bad petsmart is but petsmart and Petco are known for abusing and mistreating pets

    37. YeetJbros Ruff

      One of my dogs milo act almost like Luigi

    38. Rain Hunter

      Shelter: Yeah lets name this kitten Bobtail kitten BOB ME: WOW.

    39. Jeremy Doyle

      1:52 did anyone recognize rebecca from Let me explain studios

    40. Starlight

      Who loves how she draws the cats on two legs

    41. Doggielover22

      Me: Mom can I get a cat My mom: no ur Allergic

    42. Doge Gaming

      I have a small black kitten that is ferocious and acts like a panther

    43. random mobile

      Wait Luigi a snack omg she is getting ready to eat him

    44. Johnson Lai

      What the f***? You guys like dogs more than cats

      1. Jonathan.

        well yeah i grew up being a dog person all my life

    45. GR8GUYISHERE Pictures

      get a luigi board

    46. XxSpiritedWolf xX

      I think that your cat is part dog

    47. Mericia Richardson

      Bob? WACK Luigi...? SNACK!

    48. TommyKid TV

      Bob wack Luigi’s snack’s

    49. Musical Andy

      Shows cat sat on the sofa I love it 😂

    50. Skunkgirl4life

      do like harry potter if so what house are you in

    51. MoonChildArts 문 어린이 예술 Animation Channel

      wait illy........... you can sell me a shirt for $15 but you can sell me a sweat jacket for $44 I’ll take the jacket for 60

    52. Just a baked potato

      My cat’s name is Max and he has a small tail because he is a Manx cat

    53. Epic Anti Depressant

      “420” I see what you did there. 👀

    54. Harukø Chelsea

      Just testing some thing _Illy_ *Illy* -Illy-

    55. Salty Lightning

      Bro I think our cats are twins

    56. Eric the nerd

      1:01 she sounds like an anime villains mother introduceing the villian

    57. Harper Thompson

      i have a cat her name is keke!

    58. liz

      so i paused at 4:39 and uh

    59. • Fiona likes anime •

      I prefer cats.

    60. Ruthann Goodfield

      I don’t think they knew the true definition of terminally ill.

    61. Mr Paws

      You nean the cat in final space avacado

    62. Sloth Hugger Studios

      i was eatin sour patch kid why watchig this

    63. Nugget Tube

      Bob wack Luigi snack

    64. Deciet Sanders

      I like cats and dogs both

    65. Grace6873 AJ

      Bob? Whack! Luigi? Snack! Hotel? Trivago!

    66. Ryan Wittenbarger

      Luigi's voice sounds cute.

    67. Precious prince Ноу сшкуыг хукызь

      This is basically how many times she said Luigi 👇🏻

    68. hardwire

      ...the stray outside my place i named bob because of his missing tail. screw you im clever! my actual cats name is khajiit. she is a black bombay bundle of awesome. very smart but also very skittish she does not trust easy but when she does you have a friend for life.

    69. Røsië animatiøns

      *bob* W A C K ! *luigi?* S N A C K! This made my day!

    70. Gianna Goldstein

      1:02 Got me dying 😂😂😂