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    Hoonigan, Ford and Need For Speed proudly present Ken Block’s Gymkhana SEVEN; Wild in the Streets: Los Angeles.

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    1. Uswa

      Thats why i want to live in LA

    2. amqs

      gta v irl

    3. Eli Mor

      I bought that mustang in CarX DRIFT RACING . Teach me how to drift bro I won’t disappoint🤝

    4. Shotgun Jax_s0n

      Coolest shit I've ever seen

    5. Suryadi Adi

      Wow. Amazingg....

    6. ꧁༺ıɱცơཞɛɖ༻꧂ I'm bored

      Did ken get arrested after this ?????????????????????? Or did the po po let him do it

    7. Cuptaincapquake

      When did Forza come out with a new cutscene?

    8. Drops Vlog

      los santos???

    9. Likua Yumi

      Bring the Hoon

    10. No internet Dinosaur

      9/10 Not enough smoke

    11. Kelly Pugh

      Who's the loser disliking the video?? There are 10,000 losers on youtube

    12. No Expert

      Modern Masterpiece

    13. Maximilian Munley

      that burnt out sti is depressing me

    14. Joe Marchinski

      Want to see him build a 1970 firebird..i did with complete susspension and a 350 pontiac putting 430hp to the ground with 3:23 ls dif...sick car but Ken could do it 100 levels above

    15. Ford 4 life

      One of the best videos

    16. Alexander Gangi

      Rip that one car who thinks they’re cool by driving past the detour signs

    17. Dirty Saint

      That OJ scene. Fucking gold.

    18. daniel Haskins

      Nice OJ bronco

    19. jason willy


    20. Orzech

      My favourite moment was, when there were cars :)


      this is driver in map for gta san andreas (LS)

    22. Serge Somborac

      KB's driving skills are like breathing to the rest of us.

    23. prince bogo

      4:01 and now he has aids and thanks GTA V I know where he is

    24. Илья 123

      Спасибо gta 5, я узнал очень много мест

    25. Mehrooz 1

      2.27 infinite

    26. NubzOnToast

      1:03 This could be the next Bond car xD. *”Smoke screen, Deploy”*.

    27. Abhishek S

      what type of manual gear shift is this?

    28. Lacy Nichols

      Hoonigans the most insane car brand that’s in the world

    29. Lacy Nichols

      The Intro INSANE!!!!

    30. Денис Романов

      10k dislikes? Who are those pricks?

    31. Camping with Cav

      The blazer though 🤣🤣🤣 amazing build and video!

    32. Саня Саня

      Гта 5

    33. Cody Shields

      Is it all no lift shifting

    34. b. b.

      The intro was filmed behind my barbershop in DTLA right on naud st. I kept hearing it and I swear I thought it was a monster truck near by filming because it was so damn loud.

    35. Carnifex | كارنيفيكس

      7:23 + Respect

    36. Carnifex | كارنيفيكس

      Definitely this much better than fast and furious

    37. Polo Lara

      6:39 how does he do that??!?

    38. yjmsrv

      The whole city of Los Angeles hates Ken Block now with a passion because for a 12 minute video on CZ-news he shut down the streets of LA, causing 207 years of lost time collectively.

    39. aj gavin

      one of the best things my eyes have seen

    40. Дмитрий Dmitriy

      на полном приводе можно гонять(дрифтить)...не знал

    41. Eugene Ramm4

      Block-biggest noob in rally.

    42. trip spbrasil


    43. Роман Белебердулин

      Вот парадокс выходит,в ралли кен блок нехуя не достиг и в дрифте я имею призовые места,а видосы хорошие,что тогда могут снять чемпионы если захотят


      *hotslut.ru* 0:51

    45. Cool guy Ali

      I didn’t realized gta was mapped from LA but I didn’t realize how accurate it was lol

    46. Cool guy Ali

      After this video I feel determined to get in my 2003 corolla and try my best to look that cool


      I can drive like this but i need money to buy rear wheel drive car

    48. Charles Norton

      1400 hp.

    49. J Kyle

      Streets closed pizza boy, find another way home.

    50. Auto Meat

      Что за долбоебы понаставили 10к дизов, наверное сраные задниприводные дрифтеры...

    51. Ilya Kampan

      Кто после Цареградцева?

      1. Евгений Юрьевич

        Ilya Kampan не,он сам учиться дрифту на этом канале)

    52. Volgin93

      7:56 When you're already late for work but you forgot your coffee at home.

    53. Dan The Man

      How do you get them to shut down that many streets for a drift video? Just wondering in case I ever hit the lottery...lol. awesome vid

    54. Braxton Racing

      Director: how much smoke and drifting do you want Ken: YES

    55. DestinyLSP

      Rip that deer

    56. Ps4 Nametag xXLionSeriousXx

      Crazy and Cool

    57. Spag Face

      As much as i love the og hoonicorn i must admit the new one is amazing. Keep up the good work guys!

    58. Fabio Ferraz


    59. knight demon

      Who says muscle can't drift

    60. knight demon

      Brother of taklumi

    61. Diplexsword47


    62. NamE

      like gta 5

    63. Emilien O

      Tu en refaira une de video

    64. Frederik Gorlt

      Ge do live gta in real life

    65. Lowkii

      Youve got a big set of bollocks on you ken

    66. Jenson Groff

      Just imagine driving down the road and seeing this.

    67. Monte Maguire

      Another BADASS GO CART

    68. The Absurd

      Is that a different Hoonicorn?

      1. Spag Face

        This is the original hoonicorn

    69. Zqualumeta YT

      Beaming.drive has gotten pretty good with its graphics now.