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    Homeschool Musical - Studio C. The music hits close to home in a new #Disney Channel original movie! #Trailer
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    Cast: Jessica Drolet, Tanner Gilman, Ike Flitcraft, Jetta Juriansz, Matthew Galvan, Tori Pence, John Foss
    Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Russ Kendal, Jim O'Doherty
    Director: Gabe Casdorph
    Writers: Grace O’Doherty, Jetta Juriansz, Ike Flitcraft
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    Homeschool Musical - Studio C

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    1. Daniel Christianson

      Honestly, I was surprised that there were only two students in the class. I know fellow homeschool families with up to 14 kids. Most I know are around 6-8 kids, though.

    2. LizzyGrace 42

      ok i was ready to laugh but like.... as a homeschooler this was very offensive... we arent all awkward and my homeschool sports group hasnt lost against the public schools all year

    3. wesleydude15

      I'm here to do one thing only... *LYRICS* 0:20-0:44 I'm the whole student body My teacher is my mommy so I really got to graduate! Or else my dad will be my dorm roommate 3:16-4:05 My kitchen is my cafeteria My uniform is my pajamas. Making my parents proud is class criteria. And there's never student drama and there's never student drama when you're home schooled it may be uncool but there's no rules when you're home schooled oooooooooooooooooh home school. 4:30-4:50 home school musical we don't know our school anthem. Our dad is the principal and our mom wrote the sequel so we'll see you on Home School Musical 2 ooooooooooh Hope you guys like these!

    4. Ava Smith

      “I Can be an athlete” *dramtic hair flip* “and a singer”

    5. Amelia Russell

      *Throws headpones* MEEEROOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Jacob Combs


    7. Darah Andrada

      I'm homeschooled at this is HIGHLY stereotypical

    8. The Infinity Channel

      Now there making fun of homeschoolers, how classy. 😒

    9. Daniel Boyd

      Yeah frankly I’m just insulted by this.....

    10. Amanda Dolinski

      homeschool is how i live :)

    11. i LyriKia

      I have watched this so many times🤣🤣

    12. The Creative Craft

      Dora: Muy bien! I have to agree with Dora. Great sketch!

    13. Jacey Timbs

      If any public schooled thinks this is how homeschooled people act well I got some news for you. YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG

    14. chicken nugget in the window

      Why is this a thing?

    15. Daniel McLaughlin

      That hair flip at 4:10 made me laugh so hard 😃

    16. Jessica Payne

      Please do more homeschool videos!

    17. Keena Schroeder

      “Shark tanks on”😂🤣

    18. Keira's Cloud

      Ok! Note! This is not realistic! I am homeschooled and it's nothing like this!

    19. Lily C.

      This is AMAZING!!! I am homeschooled!

    20. The Wonderful Life of Cali

      LEAVE SARAH!!! 😂

    21. Kristen C

      This is an insult to homeschoolers. I want the old cast back!!!!!!!

    22. Beth C

      I’m not laughing because it’s my life

    23. LindaJean Madisin

      This is my favorite sketch you have done! I can't stop watching it. The songs are amazing. After watching it so many times I see more and more high school musical similarities and I love it.

    24. Salem Thorup

      There's so much more you could have done to make this funny. Funny for those that homeschool and those that don't have a clue about it. But instead you just made it lame for everyone. I guess it's the last Studio C video I will watch. Thought that maybe you'd learn how to be funny since the original crew left, but looks like your legacy is altogether lame. It was cringy and even the few lines that were somewhat comical were executed poorly. The general idea was a great one. Homeschool Musical--- genius premise.... but you ruined it. I bet you could have homeschool moms and their kids make something of much finer comedic quality.

    25. Merv Carper

      It’s just like the other one

    26. Eli Wang

      "Im home schooled so I have a lot of free time" My home schooler friend who works till 12 pm


      This has made me watch all three movies 5 times I can’t watch sharpeies adventure tho

    28. Peppa Pig

      I seriously cannot stop watching this! I love the music and their voices! Go Team!


      Just dance

    30. Sarena Louise

      All I could think about after watching this is that I have the same Bluetooth headphones as him 😂

    31. Emilie Pitcock

      This isn't anything like homeschool, but I know it's a joke 😂. I have as many friends as my public schooled friends

    32. Anto Joseph

      Looks like they found a younger matt

    33. Glittering Blaze

      Woah, I said that before I read the comments, now I feel way better! Thanks, you guys! Nice to know I'm not alone!

    34. Glittering Blaze

      Soooo... I'm homeschooled... And that wasn't like my home, or any of my homeschooled friends. I love Studio C, it's the best, but that was so weird... I almost feel misrepresented.

    35. Bo Cowan

      Is it just me or is it weird that mom was sitting on the washing machine while talking to her son 😂

    36. Brienna Harber

      I actually do homeschool this made me laugh sooooooo hard! 😂

    37. Payton K.

      *LEAVE, SARAH!*

    38. Anna Skywalker

      This is so funny. But not accurate... I swear I have a social life

    39. Jenny McCoy

      THIS IS NOT AN ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF THE HOMESCHOOLING WORLD!!!! My Story I'm going to be 17 at the end of April & I'm graduating from homeschool in 2 months. I would have graduated 1.5 years ago, but I dragged my feet for 4 years because I hated school. Now I know that if I want it gone, I have to GET IT DONE!

    40. J Vader

      After so many years of torture I’m just now dropping out of public school half way into my junior year...... however This video did not give me confidence 🤣 Please wish me luck

    41. Guardian Of Peace Fair-Lemental

      Troy and Gabriella!!

    42. Soli Deo Gloria

      my friends when they see i am homeschooled

      1. Soli Deo Gloria

        but not a singer or basketball team player

    43. Onycha Lee

      It's kinda funny how studio c is making fun of homeschoolers but homeschoolers are the majority of the people who watch studio c.

    44. Joyful Jordan-Girl

      As a former Homeschooler (now honors college student) I find this hilarious, mildly offensive, and mostly true! If you want to learn more about homeschoolers, I would check out the channel Blimey Cow as well! :)

    45. Scarlet Escolano

      I promise you that all homeschooled kids are like this. *please believe me*

    46. regalisaac

      Why do I really want to see this made

    47. Chris Stratford

      Gramma and Grampa already bought tickets!

    48. Grace Ranch

      I sent This to my homeschooled friend 🤣😂🤣

    49. Mayva

      This needs to be a real movie

    50. Emma Caton

      Y'all do know a huge group of your veiwers are homeschooled, right? But this is what a lot of people think homeschoolers are like too, im sure XD

    51. Natasha Maldonado

      This was AMAZING

    52. Midnight 777

      Ha this is slightly offensive to the home schoolers out there

    53. Hyacinth Hansen

      Homeschoolers are not that weird but this is still really funny

    54. Sydney Kuculyn

      "LEAVE SARAH!!!"

    55. Michaela Collins

      I do school at home online and they do actual field trips. And I have to go to every. SINGLE.ONE.OF.THEM. It’s absolutely awful. None of us know each other, like what do you expect us to do ya know? And a lot of them have been in homeschool their whole lives so they’re not really socially skilled. It’s pure torture.

    56. timhrim

      So sad

    57. Marty Bova

      this is so rude!!!

    58. E Monster

      You guys should do Homeschool musical the musical the series

    59. Ramdom Giltter

      Disney is such a theif they stole Big Head kid and decided to make a show.......... Make something of your own!!!!!

    60. Alex Hill

      Evan Hansen is that you?

    61. Pink Panther

      Oh god what is this cheap Matt knockoff kid? Screw Studio C

    62. Margaret Knelsen

      Is THAT how think we act!? HAHAHAHAHAHA that's just ridiculousness

    63. Vance Turner

      This nothing how we are i i think that i am more social then other kids in public school.

    64. Christy N

      I wish my teacher would let me and my fellow classmate do a homeschool musical.

    65. EB J

      As a homeschoolers myself, I find this slightly insulting... but also slightly entertaining. Homeschoolers may be seen as weird, but at least we own it. And I've known some weird public schoolers for sure fyi. 😂

    66. Emma S

      "I'm homeschooled, so I have a lot of free time." Bro I wish

    67. Kål

      A little TOO accurate...

    68. Ivy McClelland

      I guess my CZ-news just knows I'm homeschooled

    69. JayFossa


    70. Mr. Quincy

      Can you do part two, homeschool is really awesome.