Historic Apollo 11 Moonwalk Footage



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    Starting at 10:38 p.m. EDT on July 20, 2019, NASA TV replayed the historic footage of the #Apollo11 Moonwalk in real time as it happened 50 years ago. Relive our #Apollo50th broadcast:

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    1. Don Paulioni


    2. Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers

      Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy! ;-)

    3. Dedy zee

      Haaaaaaaaaa, go up to the moon .... honey

    4. Nisha Aguiar

      anyone else catch the weird moving thing around 1:11 moving form one side of the screen to the other, almost like a shadow reflection?

    5. Jaspar Finke

      veeeeeeerrrrrry niiiiiiiice

    6. Frank None

      most people forget that in the 60's they used film for movies and pictures. Does anyone remember what happens when film is subjected to heat or radiation? it does have an effect on that unexposed film in the unprotected camera attatced to the torso of that man in the spacesuit.

    7. timid nice guy

      Believing in that one man's step requieres one GIANT leap of faith!

    8. Antonio Dipino

      I have to ask, can someone tell me why do they look transparent? Why is it I can see the background right behind them??? It looks like they filmed them in front of a white screen and projected tha film onto a film of a model of the lander and the moon. I’m not saying it’s faked though.

    9. Brandon Bennetzen

      So far over 1,100 dislikes were punched in the face by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

    10. ETurner87

      A large portion of the audio has clearly been redacted. The cover up continues....

    11. Escobar Dude WitThe Shoes

      I slept to this and had an epic space dream. Twice.

    12. JOSIE aka JOKER FEBO

      why was he see thru when he jumped down ?

    13. Devoted To Christ

      Was NOT watching this and up popped an Encyclopedia Britannica 250th Anniversary Edition advertisement. The first thing that came to mind was "250 Years of Historical Lies" then I accidentally clicked on the ad and I saw a picture of a coffee mug that said "Facts Matter" in big bold angry red letters. I never laughed so hard in my life. I felt like we are pissing off the lying and deceiving 33rd degree and higher Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons who are now censoring CZ-news videos because nobody believes their lies anymore and they think they can still program our minds with lies written on a coffee mug and from a big "OFFICIAL" encyclopedia! Like I said, I never laughed so hard in my life! How pathetic of these Freemason losers that they have to feed us lies because they are afraid we might learn about our human powers if they tell us the truth. How did they get that kind of power anyhow? It is time to take that power away from them. They do not deserve such power! I'm really feeling the need to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights. Are you? FREEMASON MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH! It is time to settle the score with these lost souls.

    14. Rocom RCM


    15. Allen Moses

      Greatest Generation is an understatement.

    16. Mw3trollmaster

      anybody else here him say unofficial time at 23:58?

    17. Moose Racks

      Why NASA CANNOT RETURN (or Rather GO-TO) the Moon (Lunar) Planet...BECAUSE THEY NEVER WENT THERE (with flesh and blood Astronauts) .... What was it someone said..."it is easier to fool the people than to convince them that they have been fooled" EVEN IF SOMEONE GAVE NASA a Billion $...they STILL WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SEND PEOPLE TO THE MOON AND RETURN to EARTH SAFELY. JUST ASK THE QUESTION (and answer) - (besides what NASA CLAIMS) what other space-craft has left Earth's low orbit and returned to earth's surface in one piece..? NONE… People are so fascinated that they are or rather they have been hypnotised into believing something which NEVER HAPPENED. Apollo IS one of the greatest fictional stories NASA & USA Government has created...during the Apollo missions. And people fell for this illusion. Like the Jester with his trickery …or an illusionist…hypnotized many many people. And they still believe. MANY of these SAME PEOPLE believe StarTek was real also…

      1. Ethan warblow 2

        Is this a joke plz tell me this is a joke


      wait just imagine if they forgot to hit record when they were on the moon

    19. Landy

      this is the 3rd time i fell alsleep watching youtube and not even space videos to wake up to a dead mac and once charged im 3 hours in on some apollo mission video. whats going on here man.

    20. Moose Racks


      1. De-evolution

        Moose Racks _"this is what NASA is saying"_ No that's not what NASA is saying, that's just quote mining. If you buy a newspaper you don't just read the headlines, do you?

      2. Thomas Kundera

        Naive :-)

    21. Dagoberto Morales

      Why the film was so bad!!. Were this a special cameras?

      1. Thomas Kundera

        Old B&W tube camera on a low bandwidth ...

    22. Malcolm Blowing

      I remember watching this live I was 11 years old. The tv's in those days had lines running across them which was normal. An amazing time for TV.

    23. yahya yshak

      I am really a big fan of NASA and if you are also a fan of NASA then give a thumbs up. and let's dream of walking by the moon 🚀🚀🌝

      1. Anita Vindiola


      2. Dude vs Gaming

        4 big fans of nasa

    24. Eagle 87

      Imagine being the first person to walk on the moon and its not even the most famous ‘Moonwalk’ lol

    25. Marcy Prewett

      why didnt they show them leaving the moon?

      1. Alex Siemers

        Because the footage we’re familiar with is from Apollo 17

    26. Beyblade Günlükleri

      The earth is flat

    27. Brian Sutherland

      The Moondust is dangerous as it has sharp grains that cut the fabric of the men's suits.

    28. univac2000

      1:33:37 Explanation?

      1. univac2000

        Did you click on the time stamp?

      2. Thomas Kundera

        For what?

    29. DJ DIGITAL

      This makes me proud to be a citizen of the United States. I was 4 years olds back then. We couldn't afford a TV set back then.

    30. Kristjan

      great launch, beautifull movie

    31. MonoWheelMaster !

      Better captions please

    32. ian

      Not Kubricks best work

      1. ian

        @Thomas Kundera Stanley told me

      2. Thomas Kundera

        @ian : What are your evidence that Kubrick have anything to do with Moon Landings? Then understand why what you wrote is naive.

      3. ian

        @Thomas Kundera are you talking about yourself, you probably believe everything you here on the News

    33. J Brock

      Happy anniversary! On 50 years of lies. Good job..alot to be proud of

    34. Davis Hatler

      I just got the Apollo 11 LEGO set, I love it. I hate that people deny this historic event.

    35. Jt Williams

      I was born in 1981, obviously well after this mission to the moon. But I find it perplexing that I’ve never seen anything but extremely short clips of this footage. It’s almost as if NASA hasn’t promoted this footage, at least during my lifetime. Why does it sound like it was recorded in a creaky old basement? And that flag...

      1. Thomas Kundera

        Study better.

    36. Francis Maxino

      Igloo shaped building at 56:23

    37. Grace MCLAUGHLIN

      # awesome

    38. branislav xxx

      who is the producer of this movie ?

      1. branislav xxx

        @Thomas Kundera i think it was some hollywood producer that is what i heard

      2. Thomas Kundera


    39. Joseph Santoro

      President Nixon's greatest legacy. We will always remember him for this.

      1. Joseph Santoro

        @Louis Mathieson was being sarcastic..

      2. Louis Mathieson

        JFK was one of teh main presidents to push for this to happen, don't forget the German rocket scientists too lol

    40. song and fun

      my vry favourite scene👍👍👍👍👍

    41. matt buddy [MattBuddy GNN]

      BRAVO!.... Stanley, BRAVO!

    42. joshua dilley

      1:33.38 is when he see's the Aliens on the rim of the crater looking at them??!!???

    43. Jim C

      Time to go back to show how it’s done 21 century style.

    44. 9966brandon

      Why are the astronauts turning invisible? 1 hour into the video

      1. Thomas Kundera

        Camera used on Apollo 11 were tube camera with a very high remanence effect, even accentuated by the fact that images we have are captured from a TV screen also having some remanence. So violently lighted area will remain on screen for seconds after having been masked.

    45. Nihilistic Nut

      What a joke, can't believe people still believe this nonsense.


      people be thinking the earth is flat im like look at the moon its a sphere

      1. Chris Lane

        Didn't you know the Moon is flat?!?

    47. jack jones

      anyone with a brain don't like phoney balogna

    48. Sub Liminal

      Why didn’t they film with color on the moon, but instead they used color cameras only while flying to the moon and back. Filming the blue world in color 🌎

    49. Saurabh Yadav

      Even I can land on the moon's surface.. If I'll be capable of buying Disney studios

      1. Alex Siemers

        But could you do it well enough to convince the Soviets?

      2. Thomas Kundera


    50. Mark Smith

      Sound starts @ 2:32

    51. sprdave


    52. Thomas Kundera

      Certainly the most impressive achievement in science and techniques in all human history. Thanks NASA.


      We know why the picture was so bad, don't we Buzz? hide the truth first space walk crystal clear picture

      1. Thomas Kundera

        Truth is not hidden: Armstrong and Buzz landed on the Moon in 1969. So what?

    54. UltimaKeyMaster

      It honestly amazes me not only that this is even possible, but it was done half a century ago when my parents were little kids.

    55. Stacy Elam

      Dear NASA; You and We both know the first mission was flown on a sound set with Stanley Kubrick as Flight Director. Having said that We know that Apollo 20 was real. Do us a favor - come clean and spill the beans...Show us all the clips from Apollo 20 and make things right.

      1. Thomas Kundera

        How do you know all that?

    56. Barnabas Vorreiter

      The American Eagle! Landing!!!

    57. The Last Operator

      Very powerful moment when JFK gets on the radio at 1:12:50

      1. Mark Smith

        Ah, thats not JFK, it's Nixon. JFK was Assassinated: November 22, 1963, he didn't get to see any of this.

    58. Brodie Tyler

      Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong on the moon A few days later: 400,000,000 people watch it S t o n k s

    59. LIONHEART 101

      That is an earth version of NASA, it's called the CGI's earth imagination, the earth version of God is flat. Unfortunately there are people who are smarter than scientists, including behind this mask.

    60. valerie gouineau

      Le 22 juillet 1969 je posais les pieds sur terre ..🌎🌝💗

    61. Brendan Golledge

      Conspiracy theorists say that the flag moved. It moved when they put it in, duh, but it didn't seem to move even a bit later, not even when they walked right by it. Did the conspiracy theorists watch the video?

      1. caav56

        Why should they bother watching actual videos? Reading the "articles" from their favorite conspiracy gurus and watching their videos is enough to stay woke.

    62. Make out Hill


    63. MissLadyLoveJoy

      All studio recorded, on earth...

      1. Thomas Kundera

        @Alex Siemers : Sorry no. Mars is way too far yet.

      2. Alex Siemers

        Thomas Kundera no, it’s on Mars

      3. Thomas Kundera

        That's on the Moon. Educate yourself.

    64. Casimir Vargas

      Alwayz True .

    65. Theresa Pitts

      GOD i cannot wait until we go back and this "debate" is FINALLY put to rest.

      1. Theresa Pitts

        @The Last Operator its so sad.

      2. The Last Operator

        Conspiracy theorists wont believe even if they went back 10 times.

    66. Blueberry_Angus

      The reason everybody saw people walk on the moon was because of my country Australia

    67. AmunRa

      Thank you NASA for 50 years of science fiction.

      1. AmunRa

        @Alex Siemers Same as NASA, fiction.

      2. Alex Siemers

        What about the Russians and Europeans?

      3. AmunRa

        Fiction, not science

      4. Thomas Kundera

        Science, not fiction.

    68. Nepali Tech24


    69. Regina

      1:24 Why wasn’t there any sound there?

    70. pauline Ross

      The moon is 240,000 miles away, in the last 47 years the furthest they have travelled is less than 500 miles. They didnt go to the moon

      1. pauline Ross

        @Thomas Kundera I have watched your videos and various things online and i now dont think the moon landings were faked but i do wonder why all the data and original footage were either lost or destroyed?

      2. Thomas Kundera

        @pauline Ross : (post censored, repost): Of course, dont' even ask to ask :-)

      3. pauline Ross

        @Thomas Kundera not a flatty no, thanks for your time. can i ask you some questions?