Historic Apollo 11 Moonwalk Footage



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    Starting at 10:38 p.m. EDT on July 20, 2019, NASA TV replayed the historic footage of the #Apollo11 Moonwalk in real time as it happened 50 years ago. Relive our #Apollo50th broadcast:

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    1. INDOpendence 4 All

      I was so sick of youtube recommending NASA videos that I took the time to research how to block recommendations. NASA is so annoying and dumb.

    2. Keakume

      CHECK IT OUT! 49:10 a light appears between both astronauts in the back when the left astronaut moves to the left. It’s lights up and moves to the right out of the shot rather quickly.. seems kind of weird..

    3. Jordinax


    4. Alexas Machine

      K can someone tell me how a rocket turned into their luner module please? How did they get the moon buggy up there? Just curious. One more thing how does that turn into the pod they land in the ocean. Sorry just don't understand is all.

    5. jorge louis

      What would happen if meteor strikes on the moon it's full of impacts no wind looks no more impacts since they filmed the moon can someone explain. Huston no problem.

    6. Scott Johnstone

      Great truths available to those who can remove one of truths protective layers. Places to go beyond belief.

    7. Eric Rush

      yup still looks like set. its not deep enough at all

    8. Geraldine Hill

      The shot of the moon around 14 minutes is utterly magnificent

    9. Arc

      Supposedly went to the moon yet 2020 and can't go back? HAH Blatant scam to justify the 53million a year taxpayer budjet. "Space may be the final frontier but its made in a Hollywood basement"- red hot chilli peppers

    10. Fagoon Bhuiyan

      Was this video footage done at night or during the day? If done during the day, no need for electric light! If holding video at night. If the video is captured at night, how can the distant moon be seen? Is the NASA Apollo Electric Light is so high that the moon can be seen at the end? If lying is a sin. Then that sin can be seen like NASA Apollo 11.

    11. mrk mrk

      can we hear nixon talks with actornauts

    12. Juan B

      So who was first on the moon? Man or Camera?

    13. Craig Wesley

      i cant even get the wifi at the mall to connect consistently or a movie to stream without buffering once in awhile and they are streaming from the moon . . . dead xP

    14. Craig Wesley

      i cant even get the wifi at the mall to connect consistently or a movie to stream without buffering once in awhile and they are streaming from the moon . . . dead xP

    15. Craig Wesley

      i cant even get the wifi at the mall to connect consistently or a movie to stream without buffering once in awhile and they are streaming from the moon . . . dead xP

    16. Hebe Gebes


    17. No Mere Mann


    18. Paola Milia

      Never believed the went to the moon

    19. thiago valquerizo franco

      🤣🤣🤣 really think we believe this?? 🤣🤣🤣 thats a comedy movie, nothing else. I thought you lost the tapes anyways, and telemetry to go back in a nano second 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    20. ruben quezada briones


    21. Winslow Wong

      You people are BRAINWASHED!!!

    22. Ameha K

      What if Neil Armstrong had said heehee while moonwalking?

    23. Manish Singh

      Not see stars why

    24. NOT SURE

      what a load of bollox, a tv signal sent from the moon travelling through thousands of miles of radiation in the van allen belts, wouldnt look like that.

      1. Bennett Harnisch

        How would the radiation belts affect the light carrying the signal? You can see the moon perfectly clearly though the radiation belts

    25. Dianne Witherspoon

      R there no 🌟s in outer space SHOW ME 1 🌟.....😆 HUMANS

      1. Kay

        Bro earth and the moon are two different things

    26. Joey Rocha


    27. Glory333

      I notice the image is "swimming" moving left and right, is this why people say the flag is "waving"

    28. Adam Bernklau

      Which Hollywood studio was this filmed in.

    29. Radley2612

      Two and a half million people have woken up to this

    30. concept

      why am i always sent here by the algorithm

    31. Brian Mino


    32. Family Moses McD

      !You know whats upsetting, You Tube is becoming an arm of the Main S M. Pro pa ganda, and I did not ask for this video, Its getting harder for find channels I subscribe too and harder to stop the propaganda from being forced on my screen. It just popped up and began to play, Don't be fooled there is no such thing as Coincidence distraction is a tactic of the deep state people!

    33. The Type Of Guy

      Woke up to this horseshit

    34. Gak R

      Imagine someone going to the moon just to do the moonwalk

    35. A Watchman


    36. Bisser Iordanov

      it is a cheep Sy-Fi movie, they made better than that in Hollywood. Chance for them to get there and land safely withouth computer was 0.1% but to come bace was O.000001%

    37. Cross Farm

      if they farted in their suits, would tthey smell it the whole trip?

      1. Fard Muncher

        They had a neck ring that seperates the helmet from the main suit.

      2. Cross Farm

        A Galactic Dutch Oven

      3. Kelly Weingart


    38. Gary Boulding

      We never though their was a SSF, from a SSP; that NASA was the real thing. A Lot of Wasted Years of Potential; with the whole world behind Space Exploration! I feel a great loss, by not having the whole World behind the (Secret) Space Program. A huge loss of potential, by not having one Space Program, that President JFK wanted, with every Nation on Earth behind the Program. His vision would have taken our World into a "Star Trek" Inter-Galactic Civilization by now. They stole that vision, that human potential, that personal experience from all of us. We should be an Inter-Galactic Civilization now; not just an Inter-Galactic SSP.; our potential was stolen from us. The Military became the sole intermediary, the sole contactee for Humanity; a group of egotistical hyper-manic racist/facist Group suffering from moral and spiritual bankruptcy. It was very easy to break all treaties with ET that required them to SHARE ALL TECHNOLOGIES WITH THE WORLD, TOO SHARE ET WITH THE WORLD. POLLUTION WOULD HAVE BEEN SOLVED BY SHARING ET TECHNOLOGIES WITH NATURE, WITH GAIA ALLOWING GAIA TO BETTER SUPPORT HUMANITY. THE MILITARY FORGOT OR REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE, ABOUT OUR INTER-CONNECTIVENESS. WE OUR ALL ONE. WE OUR ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. THE CONTROLLERS SUFFER FROM MORAL, SPIRITUAL BANKRUPTCY, WITH ALL THEIR LIES, SECRECIES, RELIGIOUS, AND POLITICAL SECRECIES STRIVING FOR ONE WORLD ORDER. THE MILITARIES PLAYED INTO THE HAND OF THE CABAL We must forgive them in the end; for us to move forward into our own ascendency!!! This is so important!!!!! .

    39. Gary Boulding

      I was focused on the TV watching this amazing journey of humanity, to our nearest neighbour, the Moon.

    40. Gary Boulding

      Neil Armstrong, hesitates when finishing his line looking at Spacecraft from the US Navy's SSP.

    41. Gary Boulding

      The Apollo Program ended Man's Exploration of Space aboard rockets.

    42. Gary Boulding

      This is furthest journey aboard a rocket that modern humans have made. Solar Warden shadowed these Appollo flights in case the astronauts need rescuing.

    43. Gary Boulding

      The background has been cropped off; this is why people do not think the picture is authentic. When Neil Armstrong lays out his famous line; there is a break in his famous line; while he is looking at large spaceships from Solar Warden, parked on the edge of the crater. They have the US Military Logo on them. He tells his Doctor on his private Medical Line, to his Doctor. The Ham Radio operators pick up the two minute speech World wide.

    44. el di

      The conspirecy is that NASA hide the dragon! The dragon of the fairy tail...

    45. DubBeGood bud

      The Van Allen belt proves we never left earths orbit. Why hasn't Armstrong ever given an interview about the most important human achievement??? Maybe he's just shy.

    46. Tian Xia

      This footage is better than wut I can do sadly I might turn the camera on accident and pick my nose

    47. James Raider

      20:38 is where you will hear one of the best things a person had the privilege of saying.

    48. Fred Speed

      How come NASA invested in the crappiest camera gear of all time? My 1968 Kodak 55 took better pics than this rubbish 😂😂😂

      1. Rumbert Dillahuntsville

        It has to operate in the conditions of space, you weak little maggot.

    49. Fred Speed

      Do you think Gucci designed their little man bags? 😂😂😂

      1. Rumbert Dillahuntsville

        Says the worm too cowardly to leave his mother's bedroom.

    50. David Ames

      And to think this was all filmed in Canada..

    51. pieter blom


    52. Wish Bone

      No stars in space?

      1. Wish Bone

        @Rumbert Dillahuntsville They are in space their is no such thing as broad day light

      2. Rumbert Dillahuntsville

        Why would you expect to see starts in broad daylight?

    53. Juan Rodriguez

      I saw it on TV therefore it must be real 🤣

    54. Gold Tooth

      Made in a Hollywood basement...

    55. Paweł B


    56. Gaming 6000

      Just imagine Gen Z seeing this when they are adults, seeing with 11 minute’s delay the first people on mars. Then who knows? Maybe they will go to Phobos, Titan or Europa? I’m sure NASA will try their experienced hand at manned missions for the first time in 9 years.

    57. Gunzmith Dragonkind

      halo is more realistic

    58. Lan Shark

      Nice shot of Las Vegas.. lol

      1. Rumbert Dillahuntsville

        Spoken like a true coward and worm.

    59. isaacosbiz

      Oh my days there's so many things wrong in the first 25 mins. From talking gibberish to, who's taking the video footage of the first step? Why are the shadows at night time? The biggest problem with the moon lagging depicted here, is that they used such bad actors. 😆😆 This has got to be one of the worst examples of science fakery in history! I can't even be bothered to watch the rest of the video. I'll save to watch later.

    60. It’s ok to be white

      This is nearly as convincing as the warren report.

    61. Bhupinder Singh

      Is there gravity on moon??????? Like seriously?

      1. jobowisheshewasnomo

        how old are you?

    62. christy lynch

      Just look at it

    63. Nazmin684

      As a believer we landed on the moon; why is the flag not moving at all?

      1. Alexander Siegel

        because if you look closely on the top of the flag you can see a rod that is holding the flag in a rectangular position to keep it from falling.

    64. asdfjkdr ydsodjslll

      "Because of what you have done, the heavens have become part of man's world." - Nixon... this was the point of all this wasn't it?

    65. asdfjkdr ydsodjslll

      Anyone else think they are overly concerned about the television camera?

    66. Jake Stafford

      For you guys that don't know, the flag isn't moving because there isn't any wind on the moon. The same goes for why the first footstep hasn't vanished, and won't for thousands upon thousands of years.

      1. asdfjkdr ydsodjslll

        Oh really. Look up if the flag is still there? How convenient.

      2. Jake Stafford

        just letting u know lol

    67. Maxi Krahl

      fell asleep, woke up to this, thought it was police chatter. found my interest in police chatter though.

    68. Terry Goddard

      they spoke in code so none of it made sence, we call it talking bollox

    69. SS

      You know what would be really amazing? If a human went to the moon. That would be special.

      1. Hgbnk Bggj

        @SS Of course not. I accept the overwhelming and indisputable evidence, in line with global scientific and historic fact. So the onus is very much on you to explain why it isn't in fact, true. Please start - then I'll explain why and how you are wrong.

      2. SS

        @Hgbnk Bggj In case you didn't know, I was being sarcastic. Of course noone has been to the moon. Perhaps your the uneducated one that believes everything your government spews out?

      3. Hgbnk Bggj

        You are uneducated. We've been 6 times.