Here's Everything That's Broken on the Cheapest Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon in the USA

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    1. Hoovies Garage

      Needed a sponsor to help pay for ROUND 2 of AMG Repairs. THANKS VINCERO!

      1. James Bond

        Is the vincero the cheapest watch in the USA also does it break every week and when that happens can I take it to the watch wizard

      2. Daniel Reigada

        Good opportunity for some future shared content between the 2 channels?@羅章維

      3. Montana Browning

        That was a hoopti watch

      4. Kevin Habener

        I love this channel. And also with you doing it, Tyler, it really helps me to laugh at myself little bit. There's more than enough cars out there that would really get my eye including ones of the expensive makes that you can hardly stop getting, that I could just as easily get myself into the same position as you. And I really like Jaguars, too. I had the host of "Vehilce Virals" (another CZ-newsr) tell me that sometimes you just got to take chances and get the #1 vehicle of your choice regardless of how unreliable you think it may be at first and if you treat it like any exotic car like exactly what it is you may be surprised at how reliable it'll turn out to be. I took his advice and got an '04 Jaguar XJ8. I chose the normally aspirated one instead of the XJR because superchargers do go out and are VERY expensive to fix. In the 3 months I've had it, I had to spend $1,100 for the whole brake system, to get redone. The car had 73,000 miles on it and excessive brake dust was occurring on the front wheels too quickly which was an indication that the brakes were getting pretty worn. I'm saying a prayer over this, that if I should ever end up regretting buying my #1 favorite luxury car, that I won't have to end up regretting it too badly. Here I am, with every intention to treat my Jaguar like a Jaguar, and make up for that by saving as much $ as I can by choosing older Chevys with almost everything else I'd choose to buy. Other than the $1,100 draw back, it's all been good so far with my Jag. One of my mechanics was impressed with it. It had been well maintained while owned by an elderly lady for 13 years. And Just about everyone I know locally says they think I did god with that one.

      5. Esosa Ukponmwan

        Hey Hoovie, no uploads for today- Friday 8/16/19???

    2. Rpkxnoscope NSG

      brakes for that car are not 1700$ what a ripoff

    3. Matt

      Hmmm.... your actually wrong.. the 43 line is powered by an AMG enhanced (bigger turbos engine recalibration) even a GEARBOX is different as for all AMG motors... they are still hand built

    4. John Smith

      So it's funny to him when he marks-up his mechanics parking lot? What a total dooschebag. The mechanic should visit him and bust a long nasty burn-out on his driveway at his home; hey, its character right? Duh huh huh huh......Screw this entitled prick.

    5. SandKey

      Not sure if this has been posted already but I believe many newer cars do not have a fluid by-pass built into the power steering pump, so when you crank the steering wheel to full lock and then mash the throttle the pump basically cooks itself. A power steering cooler may (???) help a bit, but best to simply avoid full lock while inducing donut level max rpm and all will be good.

    6. 36 Volts Son

      Is it me or is the wizard expensive

    7. Lucas Severus

      5:50-8:20 (especially 7:20-7:25) true words sadly

    8. Kyle B

      I completely agree with your assessment of the AMG line up today.

    9. T S

      That’s what you get for “actin da foool”.....totally agree with your AMG assessment though.

    10. Arnold Anderson

      Hoovie, you're your own worst enemy. Every time. Stop trying to do burnouts.

    11. Kevin Joyce

      Cant stand that annoying music

    12. pkt1213

      Love German wagons. Also love the black 944 sitting next to it. What I want my garage to look like.

    13. TheRedfin123

      sell it to legit street

    14. Relope Tepie

      what happened to da previa?

    15. Unklwigz

      That’s an ugly watch

    16. tom11zz884

      Scotty Kilmer approves this video

    17. Dario Zupanovic

      Mercs petrol engines are so unreliable,and from 1994 things went even more wrong

    18. Lee Christensen

      Make AMG Great Again!

    19. Alessio S

      so the quality of the maderati isn't anywere near the merc amg but the maserati brought you home whete the metc went tilt and let you call a cab and a towtruck. and burnouts kill your pwwrsteering on an AMG?? That s poor engeneering

    20. Fred Williams

      Im a huge fan of olders cars to! Hince the reason i drive a 08 infiniti M45 Sport! My favorite car of all i have owned! You have a very down to earth taste in cars and its cool to see someone else appreciate the modern classics as i do!👍

    21. O. Smith

      Why you always breaking cars ??🤣🤣🤣🤣

    22. Rick Stebbens

      That's hovie

    23. HansensUniverse

      post 2000 Mercedes is for sitting in the garage not to b driven. In all honesty, this car isn't worth the price to fix, i would sell it off or scrap it.

    24. Marc Lawrence

      Watching your vids just completely confirms my belief that German quality cars are shit. Like American cars. I'm driving a 96 Toyota Avalon - and will likely drive it or another Toyota for the rest of my life - You have spent more on repairs on your Station wagon in a couple hours than I have on the Avalon in 22 years -

    25. nature10879

      This benz has over 200k. Thats amazing. And it drove from nj to Wichita ks. Ofcz for an amg luxury car with that mileage is not gonna be perfect. Any one complaining just buy a toyota and call it a day

    26. nature10879

      Its not bad at all


      The 🧙‍♂️taste the oil 🤯🤯🤢🤮

    28. Michael Graham

      Just put some Lucas in it keep steering

    29. Bo Ru

      Im sure that Hoovie knows that his c36 is probably the best car he ever owned

    30. 04Interc3ptorP71

      I had a girlfriend who had a BMW M3. I was under the hood of that thing at least once a week. I had a friend who had a Mercedes and he quickly got rid of it claiming it was a money pit. And here I sit with an Audi that has 192,000 miles on it. And all I've had to do is replace worn suspension components ( Control arms.) brakes, and oil changes.

    31. JJS

      One thing incorrect, AMG cars were not hand built. The engines were. The car, no. And so true, you can get ANY Merc here in Oz as an "AMG line" and people think they have an AMG, couldn't be further from the truth.Happy that Hoovie is these cars back, fixing them, and saving them from the hands of children. But Merc just isn't what it once was. ANYONE can afford a Merc now. The days of them being elite cars are well and truly over. Sad.

    32. Garrett S.

      I love that freaking car. Daaamn.

    33. Chloe Hennessey

      With Mercedes if you’re cranking it to far over either direction you can burn out the pump and the rack- really easy and fast. Did it to mine and cost me $5,200 to replace along with a tuneup, oil change and few other things. HPE did my tune and I went from about 530 at the wheels to 678HP now.

    34. Richard R

      burnouts with tires facing 2 other cars. :-\ dick move buddy.


      Dude, do yourself, and your wallet a favor. Don't buy another Mercedes.

    36. Marco Vlogs

      “...or maybe it needs to be reset...” “...shut up...”

    37. M86

      Should do a burnout inside the garage.

    38. David Kelm

      nice cars but oh the upkeep yikes !

    39. Bruno Tulliani

      I still use a sun dial which save me money for more car parts!

    40. smallfaucet

      Nice job...........of being a dumbass LOL!!!!

    41. Elizabeth Cherry

      That makes my day, 1 donut and blown power steering pump, who would have thought.

    42. Jesse C

      Never fix oil leaks unless it's tore down that far lol. There'll be a reason to get in there soon enough.... Only had an oil leak bite me in the ass once, the oil dripped onto a coolant line and it swelled and broke. The rest of the time, meh, just keeps everything rust free.

    43. Jesse C

      11:30 - SMART Mercedes... don't rely on a lying customer, KNOW the customer's been launching and how many. Then when you ask and they're like "Oh I drive it like a grandma" you can be like heh yeah, that's why there's 34 break holding full pedal accelerations, dick.

    44. Jesse C

      Honestly trashing the car THEN taking it to the dealership is a great idea... might as well break all the weak components and get it all fixed in one shot.

    45. Jesse C

      Mercedes Benz: The Best (or the CLA Class), whichever comes first What a catchy slogan!

    46. bazz229

      No matter age or price, they are gonna break regardless, so good thing you didn't get into it for alot.

    47. Jesse C

      I work in the car industry as a vendor, and I know a guy who repairs seat tears etc, he hauls all his equipment in one a Chevy City Express, it's maybe an 16 or 17. The other day we were talking by the van when I saw him at a dealership, the fan was just screeching. I said WOW that sounds terrible! He then informed me the dealership told him the entire blower motor/duct assembly would need replacing which is like a 600 dollar part, plus the labor. I was blown away, no pun intended. I was so distraught I came home and looked up the part numbers since I do all my own vehicle repair, turns out the dealership was just telling him he had to change the whole thing, the blower motor itself is actually a part you can buy for $90. I'm a little disgusted that they told him the entire thing needed replacing when the blower motor is accessible from the side of the assembly... but that's just what dealerships do now. They sell sealed assemblies containing MANY parts and insist you need the whole thing vs the part that broke.

    48. TheJoeMB

      Hoovie was hating on the E60 M5 and got rid of it to buy an even more unfixable Maserati lol

      1. Ragimund VonWallat

        and in the 60's and 70's people though that maserati was unreliable... back in the when italain cars main problem was adjusting the multi carb setup. once you managed to do this you were fine. now you are never fine

    49. RSSS68 Camaro

      Of all the things that need fixing this guy says “uhh ohh you need a ball joint” the cheapest thing to fix

    50. Kevin Washington

      That wagon is the truth! Great taste bro

    51. Mad Meddling Maddow

      A watch with a piece of marble in give it some weight and suggest an air of quality

    52. An idiot in a racing car

      "$1700 brake job"

    53. Muzza Moose

      Donut has more sense.

    54. Uncle Scrooge

      Watching Hoovies' videos remind me never to buy a post-2000 old car. Stuff's full of electronics that will fail or are in the process of failing by now and that will cost a kidney to fix. Only brand new cars for me and in warranty. Thank you Hoovie!

    55. thentantt

      Fcp has a retrofit brake kit for our cars from a c63 as long as your ok with one piece rotors. They're about 8 pounds heavier on each side

    56. Dariune

      Thats BS, doing donuts is the only reason anyone buys an amg over a regular mercedes

    57. EDMVT

      Hoovie, replace the brake light switch under the dash (driver side) usually that fixes the ESP, Speedlimit, Cruise control faillure

    58. Mike Parks

      Can’t diagnose a ball joint on a lift has to be loaded

    59. Mike Parks

      Turn the rotors

    60. Mike Parks

      Haha lets throw parts at cars and see if they come back

    61. kristy kaz

      Anyone else who are tired of listen about the Vincero watch?.He is not even wearing it in the video.. Thats says a lot..

    62. NuxSec

      I had a 2002 CLK430 that I had bought in 2008, and it still had the sticker in it from the original owner, it had this AMG package you mention, no badge on the car, but the rims and body kit were AMG, and that was an extra 15k for a total of 77k original price

    63. Patrick Van Reusel

      I was hoping to see a video about cars, instead I got a commercial for Chinese mushroom brand watches.

    64. Josh G

      it's really hard to watch his face talk while he drives.

    65. marcin kufel

      Just don't do the brakes

      1. marcin kufel

        Or just do the pads

    66. Ronnie Loco

      you could do the brakes and rotors yourself save money that way

    67. Martin ScoCan

      you would NEVER turn the steering wheel with one hand so easily if your power steering was dead..... you clearly have not driven a car without power steering in a LONG TIME

    68. Nick Gough

      One should learn not to buy cars with lots of miles, going for the cheapest version of any mfgr. They're cheap for a dang good reason.

    69. Dylan Jeter

      I predict your next car is gonna be a baby blue GMC Typhoon.

      1. Dylan Jeter

        @swissmrkc Yeah, I seen the video the guy that sold it put up. Pretty dope vehicle. I love Typhoons

      2. swissmrkc

        Close. Teal

    70. Work Hard Play Hard

      Hoovie must have forgotten or didn't know that the A45, CLA45 are 4 cylinders created by AMG and they're not v8 or v12. The v6 AMG engine is tuned and are also Nano Coated cylinders were as the normal v6 engines are not. The new AMG will come with the Inline 6 mated to an electric boost engine. AMG was always about v8 and v12 until BMW and Audi started making sportier versions of their cars. Noticeable is the M-Class and RS versions for those brands. Now, the AMG variants will peak over 400hp as the norm. All the 43's are tuned by AMG, both engine and transmission. The suspension is all AMG and not Mercedes on those cars. Yes, you can bring any German car to Eurocharge and they can tune it but you can tune the AMG variants higher than their cruising brother without destroying the engine or transmission. Companies have to evolve especially with the EPA demands.

      1. jpwdowiak

        Work Hard Play Hard exactly just watch engineering explained on the m139 engine a production 4cylinder that makes 416hp!! 208hp/L that is bonkers!