Here's Everything That's Broken on the Cheapest Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon in the USA

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    1. Hoovies Garage

      Needed a sponsor to help pay for ROUND 2 of AMG Repairs. THANKS VINCERO!

      1. Xxblaze191x

        Mmm more cheap aliexpress watches, just like MVMT. Buy a Seiko for $150 on amazon, will last forever and 100x nicer

      2. John P

        The bean counters got hold of Mercedes...and GM...and every other car company.


        Hoovies Garage ah a Coke Zero fan. We can be friends Hoovie.

      4. Goose

        Is the vincero the cheapest watch in the USA also does it break every week and when that happens can I take it to the watch wizard

      5. Daniel Reigada

        Good opportunity for some future shared content between the 2 channels?@羅章維

    2. james little

      I remember an old saying that fools and there money will soon be parted.

    3. iddddaduncan

      Looks like you got yourself a real peach,congrats helping wizard retire early

    4. Michael Flarkin

      My best friend had a 2004 Audi A4 at one point. However, it was the S line, which from what I understand basically meant it had the badging and look of an S4, but without the performance. Seems like Mercedes/AMG may have taken a cue from them.

    5. Michael Flarkin

      As a watch guy, those are some really nice looking time pieces, and the price is nice too. Might need to pick one up sometime.

    6. JDub 44

      The wizard is so laid back. But still entertaining.

    7. Simon Jansson (17L)

      When the ABS fails it pass out the steering

    8. Mark Price

      Seriously beautiful machine. I love the wagons. #jealous

    9. Brom Eliad

      that burnout looked so bad... super cringe

    10. Jepo Pro

      so how is 204,000Miles much? i mean a petrol mercedes is lasting around 430,000Miles (it is much but not rly)

    11. Vortechs

      My power steering pump exploded when I tried to do donuts in my shitty v6 Chrysler 300

    12. Anoxias

      Turns out it's not just the E63 that does that... I decided to go do some donuts in my 2009 Cadillac STS and roasted my pump and then immediately thought of this video when I got the $960 repair bill. Shoulda learned from Hoovie's mistakes

    13. james nagle

      Hey brother, great show!! I enjoy your show on many levels, being an amateur car guy myself, but really find it beneficial how you buy the car, and then bring it to your mechanic, and show the expense involved!! Keep up the good work, thank you!!

    14. MrMayonEgg

      "How could a little burnout kill a power steering pump?" "RPM:s?...i don't's a little freaky.."😂

    15. 99Lezard99

      yeah....these cars are nice. for the first owner. btw. a top of the line sport wagon and it still got an open diff.....

    16. Vision33r

      Should've just bought a 96-01' JDM Subaru WRX STI Wagon from Japan for $14k and get massive creds and it'll be cheaper to fix than this expensive glass cannon.

    17. Vision33r

      Years ago, I drove my STI to a car meet and people asked me to do donuts I said no thanks. I wanna baby it and for this same reason.

    18. mustpaike

      "Zis is our new E-klass AMG. Ve have getunt it to be the fastest vagon of this klass around the Nürburgring." -"So can it do burnouts?" "No. No, it can not. Zis is a German car and you cannot do burnouts on the Nürburgring." -"Buuuut... Can it do donuts?" "No. No, it can not. You also cannot do donuts on the Nürburgring. Also, ve looked into it and making it able to do donuts and burnouts vould have made it slower on the Nürburgring. And that is not our customer."

    19. BattleToads

      I noticed that your arm rest has black junk on it too. I have a 99 E Class turbodiesel and it has the same problem. Every time I clean it, it comes back over time. Any tips on keeping it clean?

    20. Steve W

      Correct me if I'm wrong but...can't an upper pan oil leak cause other components (alternator, etc.) to seize up?? Why not fix the oil leak?

    21. Connar Downes

      you gotta take that black front license plate holder thing off it ruins the beauty of the front end

    22. Know Rush

      I liked this video to hopefully offset some of the cost of that burnout. I don’t even like burnouts but I understand, I have 42 years worth of bad decision making...

    23. Novark ngood

      yup mercs are shit now, cheap shit from china fitted and boy does it show...…..

    24. 80sOutrunFan

      Glad I found your channel, lovin it.

    25. Dayton Koop

      great video hoovie

    26. taemian

      Speed sensitive steering on a 2007 AMG. I've got the same thing on my 2004 Mercury Marauder lol.

    27. Martin Gillespie

      You are absolutely right amg on normal cars just like m on bemmers totally wrong

    28. Profesor Culinac

      You deserved it asshole! CZ-news sellout.. asking somebody if he heard for CZ-news.. instant carma for being a asshole to that buddy.

    29. Cass Karo

      My friend even a micro electronic engineer expert would hate diagnosing a vehicle sometimes the electronics of a more complex machinery electronics are easier than auto electrics

    30. blok809

      Thats why Scotty Kilmer always say Mercedes, BMW, etc are endless money pits.

    31. Complete Evolution

      Dude your a $600 moron!

    32. Robert Presti

      more money than brains. Sad grandma and grandpa left you all their money for you tp piss away.

    33. Robert Presti

      yeah, do a burnout in front of someones cars so you can shoot rocks and debris at it like a dumbass.

    34. Ready72000

      9:07. Such a gorgeous car! Love the color!

    35. Austin Jolley

      South main auto wouldn't have thrown anything at it till he knew for sure what it was

    36. Chesterfield Alex

      does the sgitfing padels work?

    37. loranga japp

      So.....A 500hp car breaks down if you do a burnout?Great engineering......

    38. My2CommonSense

      I'm 62, and have owned some hot cars in my life, I have never done a burn out or donuts, it's just stupid to tear up your car like that.

    39. Liam Phillips

      That wagon is badass

    40. Nate Hurd

      I'm curious how you afford all these cars/ repairs.... Wizards must make a FORTUNE off you.

    41. Richard Ren

      M156 head bolts

    42. fala logo

      "Hitler get his revenge Everytime that a American gets a German car"

    43. Michael

      Shit watch shill.

    44. Gerald O'Connell

      Skip the burnout.. tell wizard to put some nos in that sucker!

    45. Kurk

      If the car shifts fine why would you bother trying to pay a dealer just to turn off the light?

    46. A Y

      Mercedes like BMW is a pile of junk. I pity those who buy it thinking they have a quality product. Send them to scooty kilmer to get some education. in fact all German cars are a piss of garbage marked up and over priced.

    47. eacyde

      Hoovie, Check out FCP Euro for your AMG parts. Lifetime replacement on everything they sell.

    48. Frank Blackcrow

      Is that the Masseratti with the twin turbo or the single... oh sorry.. I'm thinking of the actual European one.

    49. Rpkxnoscope NSG

      brakes for that car are not 1700$ what a ripoff

    50. Matt

      Hmmm.... your actually wrong.. the 43 line is powered by an AMG enhanced (bigger turbos engine recalibration) even a GEARBOX is different as for all AMG motors... they are still hand built

    51. John Smith

      So it's funny to him when he marks-up his mechanics parking lot? What a total dooschebag. The mechanic should visit him and bust a long nasty burn-out on his driveway at his home; hey, its character right? Duh huh huh huh......Screw this entitled prick.

    52. SandKey

      Not sure if this has been posted already but I believe many newer cars do not have a fluid by-pass built into the power steering pump, so when you crank the steering wheel to full lock and then mash the throttle the pump basically cooks itself. A power steering cooler may (???) help a bit, but best to simply avoid full lock while inducing donut level max rpm and all will be good.

    53. 36 Volts Son

      Is it me or is the wizard expensive

    54. Lucas Severus

      5:50-8:20 (especially 7:20-7:25) true words sadly

    55. Kyle B

      I completely agree with your assessment of the AMG line up today.

    56. T S

      That’s what you get for “actin da foool”.....totally agree with your AMG assessment though.

    57. Arnold Anderson

      Hoovie, you're your own worst enemy. Every time. Stop trying to do burnouts.

    58. Kevin Joyce

      Cant stand that annoying music

    59. pkt1213

      Love German wagons. Also love the black 944 sitting next to it. What I want my garage to look like.

    60. TheRedfin123

      sell it to legit street

    61. Relope Tepie

      what happened to da previa?

    62. Unklwigz

      That’s an ugly watch

    63. tom11zz884

      Scotty Kilmer approves this video

    64. Dario Zupanovic

      Mercs petrol engines are so unreliable,and from 1994 things went even more wrong

    65. Lee Christensen

      Make AMG Great Again!

    66. Alessio S

      so the quality of the maderati isn't anywere near the merc amg but the maserati brought you home whete the metc went tilt and let you call a cab and a towtruck. and burnouts kill your pwwrsteering on an AMG?? That s poor engeneering

    67. Fred Williams

      Im a huge fan of olders cars to! Hince the reason i drive a 08 infiniti M45 Sport! My favorite car of all i have owned! You have a very down to earth taste in cars and its cool to see someone else appreciate the modern classics as i do!👍

    68. O. Smith

      Why you always breaking cars ??🤣🤣🤣🤣

    69. Rick Stebbens

      That's hovie

    70. HansensUniverse

      post 2000 Mercedes is for sitting in the garage not to b driven. In all honesty, this car isn't worth the price to fix, i would sell it off or scrap it.