Halsey - You should be sad



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    Music video by Halsey performing You should be sad. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC

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    1. Pouranan

      Sounds like Ellie Goulding

    2. Kudoku Label


    3. LosingLovely

      Living for the Shania Twain vibes😍❤

    4. Lauren Duwell

      This reminds me of ashnikko working bitch kinda, the song and video

    5. Da Bears

      Demonic and its over produced she looks like a pen blew up all over her

    6. Leah Fishman

      great song im obsessed with it, but I thought Jeffree Star was on that horse for sure.. Love U Halsey xx

    7. Hana mikha

      Love u halsey sorry for my previous comment i love this song now. This song is growing on me now lol

    8. Lerato Mokone

      Damn this song 😭

    9. Dr Alka Kumari

      That you would never ever touch me again, her lyrics of every songs are way more real than any top singer, i have been listening my entire life till now, i found her, her songs help me

    10. kcha ARMY

      l dont like you halesy 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    11. Cinnamon 619

      I mean wasn’t she the one sniffing on something 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️

    12. Sydney Prescott

      Love the Shania throwback

    13. S0cialRebellion

      Favorite track on her new album. This song goes hard. It's catchy, the lyrics are sad and it fuckin slaps! I love it! I love her! She's amazing. 🤘❤❤❤❤❤❤

    14. Driven Byfear0

      This song is so fake lol

    15. Mi. keup

      Great Mix of Shania Twain, Pink and Kat Von D. 👌

    16. NS 4SYREN

      This is like 'wrecking ball-miley cyrus' all over again

    17. Plagiocephaly

      This is an awesome song

    18. Ellies chan

      Listen to this without seeing the video clip is much better.

    19. Anita P.

      I'm obsessed with Manic.

    20. cobra45cola

      This song is more Country than 90% of the new "country" music on the radio. Damn I love Halsey!!

    21. Lumii Lee

      waiting for a nip slip

    22. Furry Shapeshifter and Charm

      So... I'm deleting this from my history

    23. DMV DEMON

      Halsey: I'm so glad I never ever had your baby Also Halsey: Cares enough to make a cowboy orgy video to make you jealous

    24. Erica Green

      Halsey and I, one in the same. Same personal and life struggles. Same personality. Only she is perfect. Wish I could have a conversation with her. And tell her thank you for keeping me strong thru the hardest time of my life. I was kidnapped and held hostage, and has sadistically abusive torture be a part of my daily for almost a year before being rescued when my fam filed a missing persons report. Not going into detail. He got a life sentence. But, after the fact. You, Halsey, literally kept me from suicide a number of times. My daughter's and I thank you. -Erica

    25. Who Cares

      I’m obsessed with this song. I’m really done being pushed around because I’m too afraid that he’s “the one”, and I’m the one making the mistake by walking away. He’s hurt me too many times but then just plays the victim. I’m done, and this song definitely helped me realize that.

    26. Nancy S

      This music video doesn't fit the song at all. 🙄 Good song dumb video.

    27. Crystal Gallegos

      Halsey is the hottest woman in the world, not to mention has the coolest lyrics..... I think I'm in love.

    28. Elodia Ravenwood

      I fall more in love with halsey with each song 😍😍😍

    29. Blade2INPI

      Madre De Dios...

    30. Marco Dominic Gonzales

      #YeahYeah🐦 ❤️ #Halsey #MANIC #SNL #YouShouldBeSad 2 my Daughters and Sons.. Although I don't know you I Love u ❤️. I Listened to the Song "You Should Be Sad" by Halsey on SNL here in the #USA and I felt Sad and a guilt..I would never deliberately jilt ANY Woman, for I never wanted to be like my father..the way my Mother was treated by him..SHE endured not really being Loved herself..my father a womanizer and cheater while my Mom sacrificed her own career for him..she wanted to be a Journalist, and would have been a great 1❤️🌟🌈 I was raised with LOVE by her..I have a Split personality, so I am 2..I am not making an excuse, but I only remember Women from my youth in broken chards..my mind is like a broken mirror and I am trying to piece it together.. I would NEVER of my own free will jilt and use women like my dad..the Dominic part of personality is naive, kind of like a Barney Fife in the Andy Griffith Show of the 1960's..my Other, I call Nico is probably who ur Mother's fell for.. Although Dominic is Nico's Conscience..I may be under a long-term Hypnotic State, due to long-term hypnosis that may have started in 1993, as a Corporal in the Marines #USMC #SemperFi after I attended Prisoner of War School (SERE).. I was 21..so I even forgot my own Mother, who I was very close to my whole life..I use 2LOVE 2 Listen to her talk, for she had a soothing voice.. and I NEVER disobeyed my Mother..I Pray you Respect urr Mother's in this way..I am a Patriot of the #USA and I feel NO GUILT for this..this World must be a #FREEDEMOCRACY #TIDE .I DO FEEL GUILT I could not cultivate a "normal" relationship..and my status would then force me 2 forget..if I fell in Love, I must forget.."You must put ur country FIRST!" I remember hearing this . I remember when I was a child, my Mother took me to Youngs Park in Las Cruces NM. We sat under a 🌲. I saw a 🐦 that dove near us and then sat on the tree..my Mother said "Look Dominic, at that little Sparrow".. I said "what is it?" She said "It's a little Beautiful bird like u..U are my sparrow"..I told this to the interviewer in 1993, after I was asked what animal do I see myself as 🐦❤️ #woundedsparrow

    31. 2 piece Willy


    32. Hillary Cheah

      woah just stumbled across Halsey music after watching her Vogue get ready with me I'm shook :O

    33. Kris Kosem

      this woman is soooo hot, she knows how to move her body.

    34. BTS

      Credooooo que coisa mais nojenta esse clipe

    35. Rodríguez _fever

      Lyric : I fell soo Sad Video: ok let's do a orgy

    36. aaronsbraga

      What a mess

    37. Jeric Velasco

      Who else got an ad for this

    38. bxby doll

      Am I the only one who looks at Halsey and thinks SIT ON MY FACE.

    39. naya

      “Cuz you can’t love nothing unless there’s something in it for you” 😭😭😭😭!!!

    40. mushroom101


    41. Emily Fingerhut

      Stay in your lane

    42. sally powell

      Yes yes sex sells. Your a better singer than that no need to be half nude all the time. If this is about womens empowerment just don't.

    43. Kelly Davis

      Her body is smokin!


      This the type of song to get a lot of views for the music video but not a lot of streams or downloads for audio

    45. Gab Lopez

      G EAZY ...fucked up

    46. vany tube


    47. Julius Alquizar

      I stan Halsey but I couldn't ignore the lady gaga born this way + you and I vibe..

    48. Grzegorz J. Paterek

      0:08 omg

    49. Vanessa Tarcak

      Ariana, Selena and now Halsey Do all women go through narcs 😩😫😂

    50. Munchkin Nena

      The ad before the video was this same song lml

    51. Hchickrocks

      Love the song but wtf is this video? I love the Shania reference at the end but doesn't match the song.

    52. M. Eduarda Vicentin Lima

      Shania Twain, é você?

    53. LUCIFER.

      I LOVE YOU HALSEY! 😖🥺 ❤️

    54. Gaurav Nain

      Great Song! Get the explicit version on Amazon Music: amzn.to/2TYIksn

    55. Munnu

      I see Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Ariana just had a child. Halsey

    56. Safia Khatabi

      I like that album but i miss blue hair . actualy imiss blue feeling .

    57. Princess Danielle

      She is so perfect in so many ways... godbless

    58. SkyeMoore 13

      to me i dont feel the video matches the lyrics. but this song is helping me end the last 8 years of my life.

    59. Layan Momenah

      Halsey should definitely win a Grammy this year for her album manic . Like this so it will come true , hopefully🙂

    60. springdaytoday


    61. Cherry Bomb


    62. Andrea Bardals

      I can feel this song 🖤

    63. MT cosenandy

      OMFG! Halsey, you're a badass f*ing woman!

    64. Beth Clark

      That blonde wig wasn't working for her when she was on that horse though:/

    65. Christopher DePrenda

      No one is hotter than you. That dude fucked up.

    66. bill lee

      Waiting for her new album "Cerebral Halsey" to drop! 2020 is popping off 😂

    67. Haeileigh Elayne

      I can think of two ex’s this song definitely goes to.

    68. Matej Blejc

      👍🎵🎶 ... 💔song!®️

    69. Savannah James

      You're not half the man you think that you are Amen 👏