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Halsey - Nightmare



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    Nightmare by Halsey out now.
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    Director: Hannah Lux Davis
    Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio & Targa Sahyoun
    Production Company: London Alley

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    1. Emmy Covers

      *I did a cover of this song on guitar if anyone wants to peep it;)* It's not as good as Halsey but wanted to pay her tribute, love her empowerment, and would love some support :)

    2. Ivan Sushong


    3. Katherine Vasquez

      I love the video and I like the song but i feel like they clashed together.

    4. omar oa 420


    5. Vanessa Hayden

      Director: how much on the “bad b*tch” scale? Halsey: yes.

    6. chelsea applegate

      YES GIRL

    7. UnKnown ɇclipse

      2:22 that clap tho

    8. Ame Amin

      You know a song is good when you feel like total badass just doing some grocery shopping while listening to it.

    9. Zargabanth

      I cant stand this bitch.

    10. Matthew Wickham

      yeah its catchy but she is hot and female soo?

    11. xAssassinosx

      2:28 when your mom is coming and you have not cleaned the room yet

    12. Hell Angels

      3:31, that's Debbie Harry damn!

    13. ARMYللابد roro


    14. HOLLEY Ann

      Anyone notice how shes talking about bipolar too? Or is that just me? Halsey is queen 🖤❤

    15. jacky wacky

      Cara : so what should I do Halsey: swag bitch ........... swag

    16. Guli S

      This gave me t.A.T.u vibes 👩‍❤️‍👩

    17. #boxing girl

      This song is amazing💜

    18. TheCereAL BoSS

      2:04 Finally a boy! *Oh no*

    19. Turbo B

      0% talent 0% lyrics 100% sex

    20. park sura


    21. Ashymx

      *Ears has left the chat*

    22. mada mada

      The BBC Radio 1 live performance is ten times better than this studio version, believe me!

    23. Julitte 15


    24. Amy Flanagan

      I've got Pink and In this moment vibes from the music video...

    25. The loud house best of best XDD

      Footage of when the feminist take over in 2036.

    26. AshreidKian

      Bro the newspaper eye block, #illuminatiConfirmed

    27. Verty Richardson

      How many pussy do u see in this video

    28. Clarisse Dubois

      It's a queen.

    29. Rosebert Discipulo

      Berta's Hit Chart 6/19/2019 Top 5 Last: 4 Peak: 1(3x)

    30. Jessica Klimko


    31. Jessica Klimko

      It was definitely clever but Maria brink (in this moment) did it first.... but she’s totally clever and absolutely AMAZING

    32. Irina Cheremisina

      Кто от bts?

    33. Rakon dolla

      هدي ملقاتش شكون ينيكها برك ههه

    34. سید محمد حسینی

      Messed up dirty song it is disappointing

    35. El Brock

      Controversial equal rights supporter right here: I hate the label "feminist" because of the reputation of this kind of people. Imagine the hate if a man was to say "I keep my exes in check in my basement". IF YOU WON'T SAY IT TO WOMEN DON'T SAY IT TO MEN

    36. ImYour MasochistLover

      Call me gay but I like seeing halsey in a suit because she slays it

    37. Robin Hood


    38. Thanairys M. Colon

      Ok I got to be honest at the end Halsey looks like Eleven from Stranger Things😭❤️

    39. Gyde Oneal

      Debbie Harry...DEBBIE FUCKIN HARRY!!! Fuck your "yes" "no" meme bullshit! It's DEBRA MUTHAFUCKIN HARRY!!!

    40. halfless

      when the song starts i was thinking in Loona

    41. Emilee Barela

      Came for halsey and came out with debbie harry??? Hell ya

    42. CLI X

      only 37m views ? seriously ? u deserve much more than 37m :(

    43. Ernesto Barrientes

      A bed bug bitch 😂

    44. 八九我们

      OMG THIS IS🔥💥

    45. Presto Media LLC

      Check my mushUp of this song

    46. German Goosus

      Gosh I'm fkg gay

    47. Marionette Studios

      People actually listen to this and enjoy it?

      1. ThatGuyCanmanNC

        Marionette Studios tf do you even mean asshole

      2. Marionette Studios

        @ThatGuyCanmanNC yes just ask your mother

      3. ThatGuyCanmanNC

        People actually care about you and think you matter?

    48. kim namjoon

      oky nice

    49. Loony

      goosebumps everytime the drop comes up

    50. Journey Bourney

      Halsey is literally g o l d. This song had a lot of meaning and it's a bop. What a fucking queen.

    51. Scarlett stone

      Why am I getting old Avril lavigne vibes from her?

    52. milly rocha

      When she says ''I've tasted blood and it tastes sweet'' doesn't it taste like quarters.

      1. milly rocha


      2. ThatGuyCanmanNC

        milly rocha it sucks when you have a fear of blood (and vains)

    53. CarLizzle DizzLe

      Blondie!!!!!! Debbie Harry 😍

    54. Arzu Yildiz

      Repeat and repeat again.. I love this song too much. I wonder why this song have listened only 37 mn.

    55. Geraldine Laurente

      She was just too hot dancing old town road👌 way to go girrrrrll💪

    56. kedd

      i like that they didn't cover up the cellulite on that girls butt at the beginning ngl

    57. Abyan A.F

      I'm sorry halsey you suppose to gimme a nightmare not a boner

    58. Cookie


    59. Sofí castillo

      Wow this music i like

    60. Taehyung Fingers

      Love Halsey! Love her music and her face.... she is rude but pretty.. Love Her... And i love the collaboration with BTS... That was so awesome!! Thanks Halsey!!

    61. Thighland 101

      My heart stops everytime that beat drops

    62. Серьёзная Мадама

      Прикольная песня, но мне так одиноко без руссичев 😑

    63. Manu Bhardwaj

      Deserves more views $$ who's with me ###

    64. Reaper5.56 Xx

      I would cream pie 🥧 her

    65. Paige Scates


    66. Kittenz_Mittenz

      Is it just me or does this intro sound just like the one from The Neighborhood Prey?

    67. Rachel G

      Halsey makes me feel like a bad bitch💋💅🏽💅🏽

    68. Lord !

      The lady who directed this also directed 7 ring by ariana grande

    69. tim wood

      I love this song Nightmare halsey you are the best you made my dream come true

    70. Flutter Girl Gets Mystified

      Brunette Taylor Swift.

    71. tiffany diestelhorst


    72. B B


    73. Crystal Vasquez

    74. Vivian Gilday

      How embarrassing oh god

      1. ThatGuyCanmanNC

        Vivian Gilday ? What does this even mean?

    75. jlllmcd70andahalf

      It took until my third listen but now I'm totally rocking with this song.

    76. Seok Nam

      Es tan linda :")

    77. Mohamed Essam

      feminist evanescence type of vibe

    78. insta kittylover

      Woah the contrast of her collab with bts😂. I love her so much

    79. 13BRAVO REDLEG

      We definitely need more third world immigration! Accelerate Clown World!🎪🌎

    80. Lisa T

      You, are strong. You, are important, YOU.!

    81. Lisa T

      #Here we Go! 💓💓

    82. Lesbiehonest

      Tatu is that you?

    83. MinghoE

      Director: how many girls do you want in this video Halsey:yes -Halsey2k19

    84. luci boom

      Like si hablas español :,u

    85. Freedom Boy

      Halsey looks more like a rapper than a singer

    86. Angela H.G.

      Which haircut u prefer 0:38 or 1:37 I prefer 0:38

      1. ThatGuyCanmanNC


    87. isabelle snortheim

      a true work of art and it is so powerful

    88. The Mangle


    89. kore prod

      I love how mainstream clips make eroticism sound like a gay shit

      1. kore prod

        @ThatGuyCanmanNC this is just me against the world lmao

      2. ThatGuyCanmanNC

        kore prod well that was something

      3. kore prod

        @ThatGuyCanmanNC nope and i dont really care about that but that explain why there is no men in the whole clip maybe... didn't know her before this clip and i dont really like this kind of music so ... My coment is just about modern video clips are more sexual than old school porn aka eroticism in other words i think its easier to nut on a video clip than on old school erotism lmao its not necesserly about her its like this since 90' but i wonder what the next step ?! wait a french rapper released a videoclip only aviable on pornHub because it contain some porn content ... Hmmm clearly women's body never been this much a (marketing) object but who care shit storm incoling lmao

      4. ThatGuyCanmanNC

        kore prod you know she’s gay right?

      5. ThatGuyCanmanNC

        kore prod what does this comment even mean?

    90. Mashael

      I know this didn’t have low budget but this is one of the worst directing i ever seen

    91. Manali Kothari

      Director: How many Wigs do you need? Halsey:Yes

    92. Jin Hit

      *Imagine namjoon watching this*

      1. Super Kitty

        Lol I didn't think about until now.

    93. David Hanson

      Ur fake now ! Just another carbine copy ! Disappointment ! Now will be hearing .. of ur over dose typical !

    94. beexus brown

      halsey with bts 😇😆😋 Halsey when not with bts: 🤬👹🗣

    95. Julio Andres YT

      director:how scary you want this video to be? Halsey:yes

    96. CO_OUTLAWZ -

      Tupac when thug cry ....

    97. Samantha Batick

      Does this song remind anyone else of t.A.T.u - all the things she said?? 🙄🤔

    98. Egemen Civelek

      this girl made amazing songs

    99. Gunnar368

      Nice tits

    100. Salvador Rivera

      Derictor: passive-aggressive Halsey: ye