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    Nightmare by Halsey out now. halsey.lnk.to/nightmareYD
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    Director: Hannah Lux Davis
    Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio & Targa Sahyoun
    Production Company: London Alley

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    1. Te_tupoy_chmoshnic Hahaha

      Похоже на tatu "я сошла с ума"

    2. Eveleidi Ayala

      Perfectly amazing. 💥💥💥🥰🥰

    3. cHris

      sdds da halsey brava

    4. Anastasiya Petrova

      Интересна бартосики смотрели этот клип

    5. Ҽɾíςɑ Ҽɾɑ

      Roses are red, violets are blue. I love Halsey, what about you?

    6. Praweena Srinakha

      Wieso? Die Version halsey ist wach geworden. Und hat was umgesetzt. Während hier fast über 24 std ramadan bei friday for future war. Halsey bist jetzt wach. Schön. Kannst auch mal was machen. Während ich bald meine 24 Stunden bewährung Zeit im offenen Vollzug absitze

    7. Lia Lima

      Que mulher meus amigos...Que mulher❤❤❤❤

    8. Mona Mozafari

      You sound like trash 😷😷

    9. M H

      Kids who are the best ,men or girls? Boys:Men are the best Girls :Girls are the best Halsey:Boys do you want nightmares? Boys:No Halsey:Than who's the best? Boys:Girls are the best Halsey:Good boys.

      1. FightForever

        In your dreams! haha!

    10. Khahang Nguyen

      The song is the most beautiful I have just heard

    11. Armando Peralta

      You're a gift " now you belong to this Hunka-hunkA!*haaa Hä haa.. [HI PUDDÏN..]"🃏"

    12. 이승준

      Is this song is hommage of ,all the thing she said' by 'TATU' ???

    13. Bruh Moment

      Women left to their own devices are self destructive and degenerate.

    14. Fatma Ahmed

      🧐 wait 🤷🏼

    15. Samantha  Tenly

      Well if I wasn’t gay before I sure as fuck am now.

    16. Vikki dash

      Eww disgusting video.....

    17. Matt Cook

      So this is the quality of a song with 60M+ views... really? I mean it’s alright innit but a very average song.

    18. Dallas Morgan

      I want to live it! Halsey come along, we're walking and waking up to our wildest dreams and our enemies can live our nightmares! Churches have a comfortable bed, I'm lying in the inn right now! Gross or godly, you decide hasley...i will listen to your cries ten four backdoor have you any meat?

    19. Jackson

      this is the worst nightmare I've ever heard here the best nightmare >cz-news.net/online/video-eUcThHVbrXY.html

    20. LaRoca YoonGi

      He oído esta canción un millón de veces y aun así me sigue gustando.

    21. Galaxy diamond plays All about gaming and more!

      Producer:Do you want any men in the video Halsey:NO THEY ARE A NIGHTMARE

    22. Jose Luis Ortega

      Estupid Halsey

    23. Jose Luis Ortega

      You sou fok

    24. Moonlight Bae

      Lmao this is the only Halsey song I like 😂

    25. Lux Detlef


    26. Park Juh BTS


    27. Mikołaj Wójtowicz


    28. stygianempathy

      I thought it was *I’m no sweet dream but I’m a hell of a knife*

    29. Ricardo Calles

      This is almost as bizarre as Three Beat Slide's "She Shot Me"

    30. Sha_ Pasuzi

      Blood tastes weird and kinda oily

    31. Gabi

      Gratidão!! Essa música expressa muita coisa que eu queria dizer e muitas vezes nao consigo!! Gosto de cantar quando ja estou de saco cheio das coisas que acontecem.

    32. saris- gacha

      Like👍 si lo estas viendo el 2019

    33. Maria Luisa

      September 2019❤️❤️❤️❤️

    34. Queen Momo

      The fact this song lowkey slaps 🥺

    35. Queen Momo

      Imagine Bts watching this😂😂

    36. iLLCHAYS

      Only chick with short hair is smash

    37. Pablo Magdaleno

      need more sexuality for distract the auto-tune

    38. Michael Gerson

      I need women like her in this video

    39. Fryan

      0:08 Metallica did it better

    40. Wellington Oliveira


    41. 4one14

      I really needed this anthem lately, thanks Halsey!

    42. Monkey Brains


    43. Viji Kottackal

      Just love the maddness and freedom in the vedio

    44. Power 090

      *Me lesbian has entered the chat*

    45. Patrick Burmer

      She thinks she is soooo cool

    46. Vika Rozova


    47. Aaoi Aaio

      Iheat you

    48. Vincent Lai

      This song makes me want to tell all the trash talkers shut the fxxk up

    49. Bea Val

      At 1:42 u can see that the name of the newspaper is “Manic”, she basically told us the name of the album

    50. shogairah


    51. BeingKing Music

      Hey see that's the girl from Without Me she looks Changed

    52. Нефедони

      Сэмпл в припеве от группы Тату. Звучит неплохо

    53. Shikha Chaturvedi

      halsey : i keep a record of the wreckage in my life. me: thanks . me too

    54. Маржангуль Баржаксинова

      А BTS смотрели этот клип?)

    55. ESPSJ

      "you smile asshole" i love that

    56. Karla Guerra

      What did Me. Grey do to Halsey 4:03 he's gotten out of hand with those red ropes lol 🤣

    57. babygirl

      beautiful, talented, show stopping, never done before, amazing, iconic, queen 🥺

    58. Kendra Sales

      2:45 I'm now a lesbian 😍🤤

    59. Phantom rider

      *Am I the only one who feels Blondie vibes at **0:21**??*

    60. Madi

      If you dont love Halsey... Then you're just wrong 🤷🏼

    61. Melissa Issa

      I love this song!!

    62. Paramanathan S

      Who else came here from graveyard???

    63. kamaram Monira

      she got such a powerful attitude, Love it

    64. MiRa R

      imma be real,,,, those fight scenes were hot bye

    65. tama’s pajamas

      An ok song ruined by more feminist garbage.

    66. Michael White

      Talk shit I love it everytime... I aint got no problem doing that time

    67. Yuri Lopez

      Bruh this I the most ugliest girl I ever seen I am even better ugh ugly bitch

    68. SeBatman02

      Halsey is hotter than most Victoria's Secret broads

    69. fabio mineiro

      THIS MUSIC IS AMAZING good job

    70. karlosp02

      Damn she`s fine as hell !!!