Hairdresser Reacts To Dreadlock Removal Videos

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Major transformations today! It was so cool watching these girls go from dreadlocks back to their natural hair.

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    1. Sparky

      Wouldn't all the weight of those heavy dreads cause tension alopecia?

    2. Brittany S

      Brad: “what is that?!” It’s the dreadLochness monster

    3. Will Golden

      0:00 Hey sisters

    4. Xx Samara Nalley xX

      Does anyone have tips for growing your hair out??😕🙄 my hair isn’t that long but it’s long and I need it to be longer in the time span of 2-3 months. Tips? Tricks?😂

    5. Leon

      Brad: Hi beautiful, how are you today? You look ravishing. Me: *stares at phone screen with half bleached hair with blond patches, crying*

    6. Aki

      You should look at the girl who combed out her dreds of 6 years!

    7. Jordyn Citron

      Omg my friend Madison used to know this girl

    8. Valerie Balog

      When you have the same natural hair color as the first girl and apparently it’s rare?

    9. schurro

      I brushed my dreads around 15 16, my hair came back to my normal length hair Gods are on my side

    10. Keirsten Oveson

      Great birthday present.

    11. Just Amanda

      I remember when I had synthetic dreads and when I took them out omg it was hilarious!

    12. Homeless Gravy

      He is like an alternative James Charles

    13. Cupcake's Art

      My friend has 5 years of locks

    14. Ivona Bakotić

      Last girl after combing hair looks like Hagrid from Harry Potter :D

    15. marlice ruggiero

      This is why Caucasian people don’t need dreads lol. They do not have the same hair texture as a POC. Also she didn’t wash her hair for 2 years? You can wash your hair still with dreads. All of my African American friends with dreads take very good care of their dreads and maintain clean hair.

    16. Angelica Sudberry


    17. Ale Acevedo

      I know how hard getting dreadlocks out because I helped my sister with her dreads and she got really stressed and shaved half of her head XD

    18. Kristine McCaddon

      Are you for or against dreds?

    19. Cåprice Pörtia

      Lmao Y'all wouldn't like the racial stereotypes back and everyone wanna be so damn "oppressed" ☕🐸 Anyway I'm mixed.. I've had dreads. I have 'white people hair' - but not the texture of it.everyone in my family have 'poc hair' I know quite the few "white" people with *natural* hair. Also deadlocking came from multiple cultural ethnic background. Not just black. But everyone wanna ignore that. You also don't have to be 'black' to have natural hair. 👌🏻

    20. Shannon Sommers Brad omggggg watch this girl👀👀👀👀

    21. Le Pimp

      White people with dreads 😒

    22. Vident Productions

      The first girl should apply to be repunzel at Disney lol that hair is shloooooooong

    23. Karin Heinzl

      One day a few months ago, on a medieval festival I've seen a guy with dreads so long, they almost touched the ground.

    24. It's ME! Christiiine!

      Tttthhhhuuuuuper rando...but you remind me of another CZ-newsr named "Roly", minus all the piercings and AND he's British. Anywho, I love you Brad and your videos! All of them!!! Xoxo 😄😁

    25. Jennifer Buechner

      How is this even good for your hair?

    26. Pretty Repulsive

      That wad of hair reminds me of when I had a Chowchow, and brushing her would take two days, and about 3-4 piles like that.

    27. Heather Booth

      Its bold of you to assume I have 5 friends 😂😂

    28. Charlene Gutierrez

      Omg this is the best ur hair has looked

    29. Chris Lee

      this is the first time anyone called me ravishing

    30. Hey it's Hailey.M.Peters the first

      15:38-15:46 was my FAVORITE part of this video

    31. music lover

      the first video he showed that’s was enough to stuff a build a bear

    32. Breanna Northrup

      Brad only likes blonde people

    33. Bear Larsen

      My friend had had dreads ever since she was 7 ish, she decided to take them out after 8 years, it took 3 months to get all of it out

    34. Mills Buchan

      Those dreads are so nappy and look like dog hair u find under the couch. Brad: wow they are so beautiful.

    35. M F

      Last girls hair looks like the commercials at the end

    36. Savage Ninja

      This is weird this is my first time watching this channel

    37. Chase Rest

      Ashley’s hair loss for a week is my hair loss after 3days😂 I mean I have very thick hair, and it grows hella fast(1/2in a month) so I guess I see why I have so much😂😂

    38. Killer Kitty's


    39. Addi Gann

      You should collaborate with Hyram and try to do what each other do

    40. Bianca Goga


    41. Saimeren

      With that first girl, it must feel so good to be able to run her fingers through her hair again.

    42. Scrambled Eggs

      Brad: “Hi Beautiful! How you doing today? You look ravishing” Me: **in my bed with a messy bun and my old t-shirt** “Why thank you 😊!”

    43. Hope Sniopes

      We got a "a cannonball went through my shirt So it's fashioonnn" shirt. 🙃

    44. Satan's puke

      Combing my dreads out while watching this

      1. Satan's puke


    45. Claudia Gallegos

      Him: hey beautiful you look ravishing Me: you sure bout that? *as im eating, in the same clothes i wore to bed last night*

    46. MxstyTëars

      Brad: you look beautiful! Me: *on the toilet* are you sure about that?

    47. Taylor LeClaire

      oh no he has regular coloured hair brad are you okay? do you need a hug?

    48. kris tina

      I'M DEAD 14:13 🤣🤣💀

    49. Hanna Miller

      Brad: I want dreads Me: you don’t wanna catch that case tho

    50. cutie pie

      The first girl looks like Jojo Siwa!

    51. manaar منار

      I braided all of my hair in pretty small braids and left it like that for a month. When I took them out yesterday, I thought my breakage was a lot (a hand full) because my hair is armpit length but oh god seeing the girls hold so much hair really just

    52. Midnightwolf

      Brad:you look stunning Me:I look like a couch potato

    53. Isabelle J

      Brad: you look ravishing Me in bed with a hangover: Awe thankss

    54. Kat Reeves Kroff

      Your enthusiasm makes this so fun to watch 😂

    55. Jara Barrett

      maybe dont call them dreads? They're locs. Dreadlocks is a old term generally used to criticize black people, because you were meant to dread the people that wore them...

    56. Jaycee Pire

      I have the same hair color as her And my BFF does too. Neither of us have ever bleached or died our hair. I thought it was normal??

    57. yes

      omg the last girls hair is so silky Lol Brad then said the same thing after I posted this

    58. Banu and Baxter

      On my yt homescreen: Hairdresser reacts to jojo ruining her hair Hairdresser reacts to James Charles bleaching his hair Hair dresser reacts to... You probably get it

    59. Brit Novack

      I legit thought I saw Maisie Williams sitting in the first vid for a hot second

    60. Feilina Gloria

      the third video makes me dont wanna ever wash my hair, but dude my dandruff scalp gonna freak me out😒😬

    61. sophie wilde

      PS,just had to look at Lauren' s channel to see if she re- dreaded her Rapunzel hair ,she hasn't BUT she has uploaded a video of HER reacting to YOU reacting to her dread removal video lol x

    62. sophie wilde

      Thanks for uploading your really entertaining videos ,I' m a 52 yr old woman and still laugh my socks off at your drama queen facial expressions lol.Actually you are a hell of a lot like a hairdresser ( he was camper than a row of tents on a campsite) lol I shared a place with when I left home in 84 ,holy moly I grew up fast living there lol.That girl from the first video Lauren? before she even started speaking I was able to say she was English most definitely ,then felt she was from the north west or possibly north east of our country..Bingo ! I was spot on ,she looks so Celtic with that beautiful peaches and cream skin tone ,in fact with that huge head of blonde dreads it was just like me looking in the mirror 30 years ago,so similar it was weird.Still got hair down to my waist ,time this old hippie had a haircut ..Big hugs to you ,with thanks Sophie xx

    63. Manda Piee

      I'm not even lying, when I was 16 I was going through a diagnoses of lupus and they had no idea what was wrong with me. The pile of hair the first girl had was like the same as mine. I would brush my hair and piles like that would come out.

    64. Jasmine Adams

      HEY BRAD! Here’s a statement everyone should learn: There’s nothing dreadful about locs. There are negative connotations and stereotypes about people with locs in general. Let’s change the narrative! Can you do commentary on coloring or styling locs? I think that would be an awesome video.

    65. Kelly Leal


    66. Jacob Smith

      That’s the same color of hair that I have (I’m a Natural blond )

      1. Jacob Smith

        Of the first girl

    67. Tot & Kev

      the last girls hair loss is my curly hair loss everyday LOLOLOL Her hair and my hair are the same length though 🤪

    68. hii

      3:42 me with the same natural hair colour: :)))

    69. Gabrielle Shifrin

      I watched this while taking a break from making a wig

    70. Laina Briggs

      So I noticed with multiple hair types people with thinner finer hair shouldn't get locs because their hair is thinner and it's harder for them to support while people with thicker hair their hair fibers are thicker to support. That's why the first girls hair was so heavy. All that hair, her hair and head couldn't support the weight. ( Personal observation and opinion)