Guy Sebastian Ft. Lupe Fiasco- Battle Scars (lyrics) ♥



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    Guy Sebastian Ft. Lupe Fiasco- Battle Scars (lyrics) ♥
    Beautiful song ♥
    Lyrics from-,940531,940531 so sorry for any incorrect words/sentences
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    1. Rick Sanchez

      I've had a few depressive episodes in my life. Now when I look at the scars on my arms, I sing this song


      Is there anyone 2019?

    3. اناقه الفتاه

      2019 anyone

    4. ibrahem mohamed


    5. Luke Skywalker

      Thank you Guy and Lupe . I use some of the phrases from this to relate to some of my prisoners . Really breaks the ice .

    6. Dannyeliman Dannyeliman


    7. Tuli Das

      Superb song

    8. Malika Jamal

      This was my favorite song and i didn't hear this song for years now it's 2019 and I am hearing it.

    9. Oxy jin

      Im annoyed that the lyrics are so wrong.

    10. si patrick

      i just wanna to cry.

    11. Komodo Dragon100

      the song is so true, It hurts so is so beautiful.

    12. DRO1D510

      This is my outro song

    13. Doroteja Pesic

      2019 anyone?😄

    14. Oddly Satisfying 2019

      nice,enjoy it

    15. Endercool

      The thing that I'm gonna say about this is that I have a crush on a girl but my friend also does and I don't know what to do. These battle scars.🎵

    16. Nabed Algalb

      Feeling down .. best song

    17. nurullah bayrak

      Lovely song



    19. Emy 123

      I love this song! 💖💖❤️😍

    20. Samia Dipty


    21. S & L Diys

      My favorite song❤️

    22. MSBB PIEE

      Try listening this while playing battlefield 1.

      1. L4 LYRICS

        Yeah me too

      2. MSBB PIEE

        Liking my own comment

    23. Jason Baker

      i played this song after my dog passed away

    24. asha lee

      I got war with love 😌

    25. Hιʀoツ

      When you get a paper cut *THESE BATTLE SCARS!*

    26. Elyanour Hermez

      I miss cameron boyce 😖 😭

    27. L4 LYRICS

      Using scar in pubg and singing this song

    28. Mohamad Al Jamal

      Am i the only one listening to this song because it's cool and guy has an amazing voice and really talented? Everyone in the comment section's depressed and suicidal. Gather your shit up and stay strong people. Family and friends make life much easier unless you are the psychopath creating problems everywhere you go. Which means you had a bad upbringing and your parents didn't put much effort in raising you. In that case realize you are the problem so either work on yourself and improve your behavior and relationships or jump off a fucking bridge and rid of us of your presence. I have this stupid uncle that has 4 sisters and 1 brother and he doesn't get along with any of them not even his parents and guess what! he is 36 now and still lives with his mother and doesn't help provide anything for the house And has no job and makes my grandma sad almost everyday. Once tries to cry infront of me saying that no one likes him and he is really a good guy. I told him to fuck off and that he is the problem. People with such a mentality need to realize that if their life is a mess it's because of the way they think, perceive, and take decisions.

    29. Nikhil Khanna

      Love this song

    30. Nikhil Khanna

      I was given the 10 paper and I lost my father my wish to ride with him on my sports bike which he promise me after 3 purchased and would like to carry my father's dream passion this song always reminds my journey.singer and writer done a marvelous job .

    31. Gabby Manzo

      Did u spell hurts, hurst in the song for one of the lines?

    32. _ 3ehh

      these battle scars......😭

    33. Brian Broughton

      Nnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss you have a great time

    34. Dreamy Mariel kitty

      I I w I wi I wis I wish I wis I wi I w I

    35. Bolty Mauxi

      Everybody has a scar wether it’s from a battle or not, scars never truely fade. My scar is near death.... 5 times.

    36. Jampaul delacruz delacruz

      Best song!

    37. teh teh loves o oo

      I really looooooovvvvve this song 😯😃😃

    38. 酒井一紘


    39. Aziz Chafai


    40. Slitz _5

      am i the only one who just screams the lyrics and then seconds later have your mum screaming shut up at 2 in the morning ._.

    41. Slitz _5


    42. Pasquale Anatrella


    43. Android Hacks


    44. Leilani Moes

      but i absolutely love Guy Sebastian's songs

    45. Leilani Moes

      when i hear this song i think of all the mess and drama that i have caused with my relationship and with my family and it hurts knowing that.

    46. Daniela Quiroz Cervantes

      i know this song for a video of the arrowverse , i wanna DC use this song for a movie

    47. Grzegorz Myszor

      I wish you weren't the best, the best i ever had... Man thats shit is real 💔

    48. Omar Habisse


    49. Humasfuntime H

      Who is here after Solomon's perjury

    50. S. Eileen

      4498? Anyone?

    51. Jade Wolke

      1:12 I always thought it would be: „I wish you weren't the best, the sister I never had.“

    52. pamela Ciardi

      2019 ????

    53. Why so serious


    54. Re3oo HD5450


    55. Marloeiagames

      I I l I lo I lov I love I love y I love yo I love you

    56. Luisa is da

      Ignore this. Just replay button for me; 1:00

    57. Ashlyn Thomas

      Whose listening to this in 2019??🙂🙂

    58. Hayden Fisher

      Is not the time for kiwi YASS IT IS 🥝 What about a 🥔

    59. Physics _galaxy

      Nice sound🤟🤟

    60. BF NICK

      It is the best song ever!!!!

    61. Suello kentlawrence

      1.25 Speed THEY BROKE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    62. Sheba Isahac

      My memories

    63. BestGuy LOL

      s so so g so go so goo so good so goo so go so g so s

    64. 01_french fries

      To everyone who has depression always remember Your a Queen/King in your way

    65. Fallon Elliott

      This was me and my best friend's favorite song until she ruined my other friendships and stabbed me in the back. Now whenever I hear this song it reminds me of my suicide attempts and terrible times throughout 2018 because of her

    66. 2whippedfor2wish

      I really do relate to this song

    67. Soul Raıder

      this reminds me of when my dog died... just 2 weeks ago. i knew him for 14 years and now im 17.. hes in a better place now raider

    68. Amirul Aiman


    69. Taim Helal


    70. Jacob Bainbridge

      Lyrical video: 23 million views Original video: 8 million views Wtf 😂