Guy Sebastian Ft. Lupe Fiasco- Battle Scars (lyrics) ♥



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    Guy Sebastian Ft. Lupe Fiasco- Battle Scars (lyrics) ♥
    Beautiful song ♥
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    1. yayan 09

      2020 and still in love

    2. Julia Zraiga

      Ich miebe dieses Lied so nh

    3. Baba Bosd

      2020 Still Love this Song♡

    4. Melanie Dominguez

      This song helps when you feel like someone out there understands what you feel

    5. Diamond Animator

      I use this song WHEN i have a very big sprue in my mouth and putting salt to it... Yup very brave😅

    6. Μάριος παπάς

      Yoo 2020

    7. vepuys

      we are in 2020 and i'm still listening this beautiful song❤️

    8. ayla Far

      2020 ❤️

    9. Shibuya Kazama

      2020 still hear this song

    10. hana zainal

      I got no job rn, I didn't get my salary for last month I worked.. I got lots of thing to pay.. Got no money left.. My mom is not really well.. Please pray for me..

    11. Ghost Memeslayer


    12. armyy sedra


    13. Marc Hutter

      Anyone 2020?

    14. 1

      Rip Kobe & Gigi!

    15. Hazim Dean

      Rip kobe 🙏

    16. Vincent Mata

      Kobe 😢

    17. Fahad Ahmed

      This lyrics completely fits with my story.😢💔💔 One sided Love is the most painful thing in the entire world... 😔

    18. Iman Iskandar

      i was in love with this one girl,but she have a boyfriend already, but we love each other actually and i already sleep with her, now she pregnant my son 1month 1week, our family didn't know about this also her boyfriend dont know about this, and we still dont know what to do how to survive this but i try to give a responbillitys but sure its difficult for the girl :'(

      1. Iman Iskandar

        and we actually still fucking young :'(

    19. Kuba brawl stars


    20. Kuba brawl stars

      I like battle scars

    21. 1 7


    22. Dominic Veyette

      Your skin is not paper dont cut it your face is perfect dont cover it. always remember people are here for you.never think you are the only one. every one loves you dont think they dont. always remember people are here to help. if you are in pain you have love from your family to heal you.remember you are happy for who you are.

    23. Kinte Jay


    24. jeremiah monhollen

      this song reminds me of my uncle jason who fought so fucking hard to stay alive he had so many surgeries he died in november of 2019 it hurts me so much knowing that he is gone i love him so much he was the funniest uncle i had. Uncle Jason i love you so much i am happy you are not in pain anymore and you are resting in peace

    25. Lilou deva De teba

      BEAUTIFUL SING !!! ❤️

    26. Kokeebz -

      Hey random stranger If you lost a loved one, from death or separation If you are suffering from any disorder or illness If you are cutting If you are restricting If you are suffering Yes, these battle scars, the one that you have, may not go and will forever stay in your heart and hands But these don’t have to be a bad scars, they will remind you of how strong you are, even if people don’t know that, you should be proud of yourself for what you go through Everyone is going through hell, so be kind to everyone, so they can know that there are still good people in the world You are so strong ❤️

    27. Ajay Chetri

      Isle respect bruh

    28. Armando Morejon

      Check out my Facebook 😁

    29. Rianna Renae

      hey jobless mike. you most likely won't see this, but i miss you.. a lot😔

    30. Diamond Animator

      Umm am i even supposed to be here😐 well found this music from an app called Film maker lol 😅😂. 2019? Jk im not that person... Or am i?

      1. Elise Kruse


    31. Charly ice

      I'm cutting myself . I do not know but these are battle scars too

    32. Jorien Tol

      it was a hard battle man

    33. Alex Pope

      Every day it just gets worse and worse

    34. Zoeya Khan

      B Ba Bat Batt Battl Battle Battl Batt Bat Ba B

    35. John Lopez

      Nov,23,2019 still searching on CZ-news this song😅

    36. Alex Pope

      This is the first time I've suffered a heartbreak it sucks I wish I can stop loving her but I can't it hurts so much 😭😭😭

    37. Alex Pope

      Mine are never guna change

    38. Me me

      fav ❤️

    39. lilithxy me

      These times I thinking about suicide a lot. I really doesn't wanting live anymore.. but can't die too.



    41. ABworld MEDIA

      Still watchin 2019

    42. itachi uchiha 1993

      Who’s watching in 2019

    43. Bruna Santos


    44. Chloe Ragan

      Still a 2019 favorite. This is a very deep song and I love it ❤

    45. flubinatorHD

      Du bist cool

    46. Dan Ezekiel Alcantara

      This song reminds me everything that happen when me and my team playing the championship basketball for our school and accidentally I got injured at 3rd quarter of the game btw my position is Point Guard and my injury is in my ankle and shoulders 😭 and yeah that's really not fine for me and my team my coach says you cannot play this game but I my mind keep telling that I CAN AND I WILL BUT the problem is STILL MY BODY 😔 AND I can't 😭 but so thankful coz God is still good even if we lose the game yeah I know it really break my heart and also my teammates but I don't have any regrets all I can do is MOVE ON AND BE THANKFUL💖

    47. CLOWN sama


    48. BabyXenomorph

      I got a scar on my head got hit by a flying disc and left me bleeding, quite alot. But now it's permanent.

      1. Matt from Wii Sports

        I'm so sorry....

    49. Water Sheep

      I came here because the song is great but these fake deppressed teenagers ruined the comment section so now I hate the song

    50. César Ortiz

      Battle Scars Isle Of Man TT 🇮🇲

    51. Arts and crafts 964

      I remember when I was 11 years I was in depression and the relationship with my parents was not good I barely talk with them and once I cut myself with a sharp object in my finger I was so stressed about my studies listening to deep music and seeing deep pictures which meanings were soo deep I didn't study but my sister knew that something was wrong with me so she decided to talk with me and tell me about K-pop and I was interested in it so I was watching them everytime and became a big fan of bts and twice but my sister said that you have to promise to study hard and I started to study hard and get good grades in my tests I am sooooo much happy now the relationship with my parents are getting good every day (SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH)

    52. Loki Laufeyson

      I've had a few depressive episodes in my life. Now when I look at the scars on my arms, I sing this song


      Is there anyone 2019?

    54. اناقه الفتاه

      2019 anyone

    55. ibrahem mohamed


    56. Luke Skywalker

      Thank you Guy and Lupe . I use some of the phrases from this to relate to some of my prisoners . Really breaks the ice .

    57. Dannyeliman Dannyeliman


    58. Tuli Das

      Superb song

    59. Fortnite Gamer

      This was my favorite song and i didn't hear this song for years now it's 2019 and I am hearing it.

    60. Stan A.C.E

      Im annoyed that the lyrics are so wrong.

    61. si patrick

      i just wanna to cry.

    62. Komodo Dragon100

      the song is so true, It hurts so is so beautiful.

    63. OfficialEnergyYT

      This is my outro song

    64. Doroteja Pesic

      2019 anyone?😄

    65. Oddly Satisfying 2019

      nice,enjoy it

    66. Endercool

      The thing that I'm gonna say about this is that I have a crush on a girl but my friend also does and I don't know what to do. These battle scars.🎵

    67. Nabed Algalb

      Feeling down .. best song

    68. nurullah bayrak

      Lovely song

    69. ìtź_ģàchà Ròss