Gutfeld on the Tulsi and Hillary battle for America

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    Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard hits back after Hillary Clinton's 'Russian asset' claim. #TheFive #FoxNews
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    1. Gregory Mandara

      She would be good for the country! That's why they hate her! Vote Wonder Woman 2020

    2. Kralj Slovan

      "some on the left have a problem with Tulsi because SHE IS N O T ANTI-WAR" is that the message she got through ur thick skulls? LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW, NEWS CHANNELS CHANGED THEIR STRATEGIES, THEY SEE PURE BS WON'T WORK ANYMORE SO THEY TURNED TO HALF TRUTHS WHICH ARE EVEN MORE DANGEROUS. Don't care for their interpretations.

    3. Imonous

      Hawaiian Sarah Connor lol xD

    4. Andrea Wisner

      People on the left never liked Hillary. Hillary is a right-wing "neoliberal" warhawk. She started out as a Republican until she found it convenient to be a Democrat. She claims to be a feminist but the only womans' right she cares about are hers, and maybe her "friends."

    5. Helen N

      Hilary Clinton didn't own Jill Stein's votes, so Jill didn't steal Hilary's victory. The independent voters wouldn't vote for Clinton.

    6. Logan Thomason

      Hillary needs to be put in a straight jacket and put away in a dark place.

    7. 72 Virgin Goats

      bitterness is her favourite colour of lipstick....

    8. Brad Gudim

      Hillary is a Clinton and Clinton is corrupt. Hillary is still pissed about Monica.

    9. Brad Gudim

      Tulsi does need to deny something she is NOT. Running around denying you are not something or someone it crazy. That Joy woman is crazy. Tulsi and Andrew Yang 👍

    10. Daryl Younger

      Hillary the insignificant political turd 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    11. Kapila Imbulahitiya

      Actually Hillary is the one who created Russian or what ever you called against US interests. As you can see many people turned against Democratic Party not because they like Trump, but because they don’t like Hilary. “Please Hillary Just go home”

    12. Dan Murtagh

      Skinheads aren't racist you idiot!! Research before talking

    13. Craig Brown

      Hillary suffers from a permanent P.M.S., nutjob

    14. Luke Powers

      assad did nothing wrong

    15. c v

      "pots have a higher IQ" - that's an insult to pots!

    16. Jerry Mills

      I once counted eighty-six scapegoats for Hillary's defeat in 2016, and she's adding to them all the time. Now she's saying they were all Russian assets. The only "Russian assets" I see are voters who are rushin' to the polls to be assets to Trump's 2020 campaign. PS Jesse, the Ruskies didn't hack the DNC computer; Seth Rich leaked the info to Wikileaks.

    17. evan

      My gosh Juan is any idiot

    18. Skylark Myself

      hillary living vicariously through elizabeth warren and warren wares her well and proud good little puppet ...Tulsi aint having it make... America sane Tulsi or bust 2020

    19. C Cole

      Hmmm... finally a Fox "News" segment I whole-heartedly agree with! (Until Douchey opened his mouth) Republicans... seriously, stop associating Hillary with all Dems. 90% LOATHE HER.

    20. Tony Stark

      Crooked Hillary

    21. I pee in my sink I'm afraid to come out my room

      i smoke the pot ,make the oil in the kettle

    22. rajesh1174

      As a conservative I can say that Tulsi is not a progressive but a populist. Geez is this what happens when you go against the establishment? Donate your Starbucks money to tulsi2020

    23. chris04060406

      Tulsi is a rock star.

    24. Larry Lee

      Trump has come right out & professed his love & admiration for brutal dictators.

    25. Digital Shredda

      Juan is sooo gross. Pretty sure he sucks small cocks. Nasty!

    26. Catherine Williams

      As a progressive republican, I wish Hillary Clinton would just go away and be happy as Grandma Hillary.

    27. Steve L

      Juan talks about Stein and says a whole lot of "IF". But Trump won. All the If this and if that would have happened does not matter. Trump won. The dems need to stop praying for a better past. It's just not going to happen.

    28. Billy Engerson

      They lost the American civil$

    29. Richard Kennedy

      I miss the old evil empire.

    30. notgonnapay

      These leftist media personalities are absolutely ruining everything that this country stands for. They ruin journalism by claiming Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian Asian based on the singular fact that she didn’t say she wasn’t a Russian agent. I’m so sick of leftist media stations trying to tear Tulsi Gabbard down because out of all of the absurd people running for president in 2020, she’s the only Democrat who is policies made any sense.

    31. trgtdron

      It proves Williams is a Russian spy, Greg asked him outright if he was a Russian spy, he ignored it, williams didn't deny it, hes a spy.

    32. trgtdron

      Why would Ms. Gabbard have to defend herself from crooked hillary and morons in fake news?

    33. Freddy Bañuelos

      This dude is actually funny haha

    34. Kevin Cantrell

      What confuses me is that she still wants to stay with the DNC even though they rigged an election against the person she backed......stupid. I love it when people who have never served question the honor of people who have no honor and have done nothing that wasnt self serving.

    35. Hmngbrd77

      How is Tulsi a 3rd party candidate?

    36. Hmngbrd77

      Joy us an UN useful idiot.

    37. Hmngbrd77

      MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves. I cant believe the acting!!!

    38. Satoshi Matrix

      "I don't know Jill Stein, I know she likes environment" why does Trump say things you'd expect a six year old to say? That's like saying "Republicans, I know they like guns"

    39. David Temple

      Bill Clinton denied his sexual predator life style so does that clear him?

    40. Mark Springer

      Having Joy Bauer still on the view is probably the lowest in TV history that they would make a decision like that. Clearly she's on some sort of LSD we are mind control. I could say a lot more but it wouldn't be put on here.

    41. Western Sunrise

      Juan is a f$cking moron. Why is he paid to do this?

    42. Wires & Numbers

      Foxnews talking pinheads pretending to be anti-warmongers... after screaming support for Bush's wars on Afghanistan and Iraq😂😂😂

    43. Frank Herman

      We need to borrow 007 from England to get to the bottom of this.

    44. Nonie Vic

      Please get rid of Juan!

    45. Chris Ama

      I think I’m going to start my own party and call it “the conspiracy party”.

    46. Shane Darden

      Why would any logical, EDUCATED, American, dignify that actualization with a response???? Im now convinced, that it is a symptom of mental illness to be (( FAR )) Left in your ideals today

    47. Chad Peterson

      Juan is so flipping stupid.. spews out crap..

    48. Nature cannot be fooled

      Hawaiian Sara Conner 😄

    49. Bob L

      Juan might be a CNN or MSNBC agent the way he keeps sabotaging Fox.

    50. Bob L

      Tulsi has one or two good positions, nonetheless, she is a leftist loon.

    51. Joelene Preising

      Poor Juan looks so ill at ease

    52. Vale Salazar

      My name is Valentina. Am I a russian asset!?🤣🤣🤣 Gabbard needs to move ahead with defamation suit since hellary is not responding.

    53. st Conrad

      The CIA is a Russian asset

    54. Imonous

      That win/like ratio tho

    55. Ran Cobb

      Hillary is not coming back. She has moved all her contacts, support, money, etc,, to Kamala Harris. Why? Because they both are evil and power hungry and Kamala will help Hillary to regain power.

    56. Arturo Suarez-Silverio

      The best evidence that Russia isn’t a communist/socialist state is that the Democrats freely smear their opponents by accusing them of being “Russian assets.”

    57. Dottie

      juanjuanabee just shut the fluck up... loser... thumbs down

    58. eRmaC

      Sarah connor is not from the future dumbass.

    59. Jeff C.

      Does anyone ever stop to consider the "strange" string of suicides that seem to follow the Clintons?

    60. Espen Christensen

      Liary Clinton, you are done, finish over out forgotten not wanted has been

    61. Climate C. Heretic

      1:20 just proves how DUMB the leftists are in this country... that all character assassinations must be defended. Cant wait for Civil War 2.0 to rid the earth of all these lunatics.

    62. Elmer Fudd

      Ole flubber neck Behar is mentally ill.

    63. Deborah Wood

      Joy is a houseful idiot

    64. Irma Vela

      Hillary...poor little old darling. Her dream will NEVER come true

    65. TheReal10bears

      Tulsi is attactive but beauty doesnt get political votes, theres a reason Trump is in office & beauty isnt the reason 😆 I would love to see Tulsi & Hillary in a Celebrity UFC grudge match televised 👍😆 I would pay to see that

    66. Cool Cat

      Why am I agreeing with Fox? Well a broken network is right at least twice a day right?

    67. Rexgator

      What an idiotic sounding laugh-track on the view

    68. Tom

      The man in the blue suit is a FOOL. ‘The bots love her’ how can a robot 🤖 be capable of human emotion? This is guy is a tool.

    69. Steven Goodnight

      I am bald Greg not a skin head lol

    70. Joseph Buehl

      Juan.Juan.Juan. How much is Soros paying you.