Grouch (Joker Parody) - SNL

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    Watch the trailer for the next gritty antihero origin story.
    #SNL #DavidHarbour #CamilaCabello #SNL45
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    1. Nova 2006

      More bull shit .the joker was a excellent movie . There was no threat need for security ext. It's over one billion now. The threat was and is people thinking for themselves ....if it's so simple and dumb ...why is it a a billion without your stupid help..die slow snl. The real joke is only 5 people watch you

    2. dyscea

      Variety: Did we need a dark take on Oscar the Grouch? Me: uh, YES!

    3. The Cat Man

      This really expands the Sesame Street cinematic universe.

    4. MayoAyo

      Best thing they wrote in forever

    5. Mason Ruacho


    6. Righteous Shadows Dojo

      The Grouch can kick the Jokers ass in real life. 👍👍👍

    7. Moptheory

      why does this actually look good

    8. Goldenpixels_1021

      I could literally tell that this was David Harbour before i read the tags, lol.

    9. Alex Combs

      Holy shit that was amazing

    10. MaximumGAME

      This is beyond fantastic. Amazing quality and premise. A+++

    11. Riley


    12. HmHm 2007

      “From the twisted minds of sesame workshop”😂

    13. Untitled

      Can they please release a No-laugh-track version?

    14. HunnyBADger G

      “Bitch! You better shut yo damn mouffagaus”

    15. John Cloois

      At first glance I thought the thumbnail was the famous Vito Corleone pose.

    16. harvey jennings

      The Count should've been a bookie.

    17. The Bellcaptain

      SNL continues its proud tradition of one good sketch a year

    18. Mocha Express


    19. Dinis Nascimento

      O batatinha é melhor

    20. Nick Naujalis

      Nice sketch. This music alone deserves to be put in a trailer for or at one point as the main theme of the Sesame Street movie coming in 2021.

    21. Thomas Powers

      am i the only one who thinks they need to makes this into a real movie

      1. UnknownFlickZ

        No you are not

    22. Arno Claesen

      stop doing fake trailers of movies i want to see

    23. saam saaman

      خیلی بی مزه بود

    24. C Zwieg

      Bruh no one talking about Guy Smiley or The lack of Abby Cadabby

    25. Roxterat

      Wow, it's not funny even with the forced laughter the whole time and it has NOTHING to do with with any point in the movie I saw twice. Congratulations, you have become the trash.

    26. joyonto dasgupto

      Snl has the best onset workers of all time

    27. FreePennywise

      I prefer orginal

    28. L. light

      Probably the best fu**in parody I've seen in a while. Thank you all at SNL! 😆👍👍

    29. John Erkman

      F’ing BRILLIANT 🤘❤️🤘🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 I finally got to see it and the hype JUSTIFIED!

    30. Justin Addison

      Variety: Did we need a dark take on Oscar the Grouch? NY Times: No Me: BULLSHIT!

    31. nick wilce

      You only arrest elmo because elmo mexican

    32. odiemodie1

      OMG... Didn't realize the woman @0:35 conducting the therapy session is Gordon Robinson's wife... who happens to be also a nurse... is Susan!

    33. zzman85

      How are there so many down votes, this shit is hilarious

    34. Shoya Clough

      The idea, the cinematography, the acting-perfect execution🙌🏽❤️

    35. Carlos G

      This is actually something i could see

    36. BLACK KORU

      Americans have a low sense of humour. The term ‘dumb american’ would perfectly describe this lame parody. Not funny at all.

    37. Michael Blaine

      Weird,I just took 3 pills

    38. Brandon Black

      Snl just made there careers never took off 🤣🖕🖕🖕

    39. Brandon Black

      Joker 100 times better than this shit 🖕

    40. Markyz deSad

      Что за хуйня?

    41. Kw grimlin

      its rare for snl to have good sketches nowadays, im just glad to know its possible

    42. Garrett Gates


    43. Ava S.

      I am so impressed by the minor version of the sesame street song in the background it makes it that much better

    44. J05E Gonzalez

      Who's the Prairie Dog girl... I'm asking for a friend

      1. Chaos Ultra gaming

        It's prairie Dawn

    45. Vinny scaramuzzino

      Great work.

    46. ya boi


    47. otterpoet

      The _Sesame Street_ we didn't know we needed!

    48. Addie Rerecich

      This looks 100% better than Joker I also didn't really laugh until the narrator goes "brought to you by the letter R" then I burst into laughter

    49. Jaso

      SNL has fallen off or...?

    50. christian mccauley


    51. Sir Snacksalot The Hungry

      Please make this movie a reality!

    52. Kobe Emerson

      Like if sesame street is one of child hood shows ##pskids

    53. HwaRose

      (I find this so funny ) "Hell no bitch" ---> 1:13🤧😭💕✨😂😂

    54. Fat Thor

      God, let this be a movie

    55. Davis Craig


    56. Ernest Byan

      How cool would it be, to have this be made into a movie, or a tv show.

    57. 1 Subscriber Without Any Videos Challenge

      This is making me cry it's so f**king funny

    58. Yrt

      5000 Trumpanzees are still mad about the Trump sketches.

    59. Dope Beats

      This is such a great role for David Harbour!!!


      I know probably no one will see this comment, however if you do, I just want you to know this: I’m a twelve year old film-maker running a production company and I’m about to release my new film. So, maybe you could subscribe, that would mean the world to me :)

    61. Sis Cat

      Really good parody:)

    62. It's Complicated

      From the writers, of "P is for POTTY" LMAO! BRILLIANT!

    63. googoomu22

      Wow, this is deeep! The high evel and amount of detail in the photography and inside references is astounding! How big is SNLs budget these days?? I loved Joker (and Sesame Street obviously : ) ) I was screaming at this! Chris Redd actually does look like Grover, I will never un-see that now!

    64. fuzzygreenturtle _

      They had to ruin it with the narrator

    65. chelse brown


    66. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ

      dude is a great actor hope he don't killed his career with hellboy

    67. Randy Jackson

      You only arrest Elmo cause Elmo MEXICAN 😂😂😂😂 this is the best skit they’ve done in a minute

    68. Jason

      This would be an amazing movie if done right.

    69. James

      Dave Chappelle was right about Sesame Street

    70. Pretentious Ass Wipe

      the Joker movie was so awesome that I feel like this video is disrespecting it and therefore I hate it

      1. Pretentious Ass Wipe

        Huh? But it’s not funny

      2. mew10521

        Huh? It's a parody of the movie