Greatest Idea Ever!! THE NEW WALL

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    Today I wanted to just make a fun family video. Other than some camera failures I think it was a success. Felt good to just grab the cam and go. Like old times. Thank you so much for supporting.
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    This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on CZ-news since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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    1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

      Today I wanted to just make a fun family video. Other than some camera failures I think it was a success. Felt good to just grab the cam and go. Like old times. Thank you so much for supporting.

      1. COHEN R

        Roman Atwood Vlogs you should make a zip line

      2. Ellie Wheeler

        200 subs

      3. I Am Shay

        @7:55 ***Im worried about Noah. Hope its just Teen Years! He just looks like something is bothering him. It makes me sad***

    2. Olaf Thierry

      Bruh I'm 13 years old and I'm 1.85

    3. Thomas

      i hate pizza so much

    4. Aaron jasper Frias

      Tray a art

    5. Jessica bunbun

      i used to watch these vlogs every day but now i come back like every month to see how they've all grown and stuff heh i miss em' uwu

    6. Justin Murphy

      It’s 91 degrees there it’s 120 degrees here

    7. Arthur Allen

      Where's empire is my question

    8. Sniper Healz

      You should get some cool lights to go around the lake. That would be super cool!

    9. Britton Cole

      Roman you should put a slide on the tower

    10. Alyssa Montijo

      What happened to the other cat

    11. Buckbeast GamingTV

      Go to 18:31 and pause

    12. Chris carciere vlogs

      OMG my cat's name is snowball except he's a white ball of fluff

    13. Cate Breden

      Peppa what are you doing in the vlog 🐷🐷🐷🐷 6:20

    14. Andre Thibodeau

      8:00 invisible sticks that aren't sticks:)

    15. Yeet You

      Cora is honestly the cutest

    16. wolkan firarda

      hey banana Waaaaaaazzzzzuuuuuuupppp 😂

    17. Aiden Acevedo

      I remember when Noah use to be so out there having so much fun and doing everything now he is just like whatever

    18. djay4487 deved

      noah and roman: are almost the same height me and my dad: first time here eh?

    19. Cecil French

      I looked at the dislikes how can someone dislike a family day messed up i loved it

    20. Sydney’s Tv

      If I knew Noah irl I would have a crush on him ngl😂

      1. bob guy

        Haley Taylor it’s ok I hope you have a good day x

      2. Haley Taylor

        @bob guy I was responding to Sydney's Tv sorry, Idk why it didn't tag her automatically when I clicked respond.

      3. bob guy

        Haley Taylor I was asking why she would not criticising her is it because of his personality his looks why

      4. Haley Taylor

        You can have a crush on someone you don't know irl lmao. My first crush was a celebrity

      5. bob guy

        Sydney’s Tv why

    21. Dante Nestic

      you should put some stadium lights near the pond

    22. Bass Pro

      Can I fish ur pond

    23. Gabe Lagmay

      Finally you guys are putting fish in the pond

    24. Chickenlead

      Donald trump liked that

    25. Stormzzz

      We want to ball get loose something that she likes to do



    27. FFO TriPPy 。

      Only dogs that remember zues can like this commet

    28. aliska longee

      i’ve had a crush on noah when he was young and i just grew up as he did and now look at him!! i wish i had one day in the wprld just to hang out with them!😞

      1. Haley Taylor

        That's adorable, I hope you get to meet them some day♥

    29. Lyall Sutton

      All you need now is a slide Like so roman can see

    30. Sii Zapp

      You should add a rope swing on top of the big deck thingy

    31. james ensley

      I live your videos and I watch them a lot I give a recommendation to put pleco in your pond they eat all the Algie and nasty stuff in the pond if you get them get multiple they live good in packs and they live for a while they get pretty big

    32. Jason Ratcliffe

      great to see you all back again chin up stay strong and smile more :)

    33. TheJannik1992

      sedated for teeth ???? u americans crazy.. here local only and then u get to see while they do there job no pain realy

    34. Thecrazyboss04

      Hey Roman I know u probably won’t see this but I have never met my dad but wen I see you hangout with Noah it warms my heart to see you guys happy together

    35. XD Swavy

      Maybe u should add a slide instead of a rope

    36. alfred ramsden

      I love pixe

    37. Pool Tokyo

      noah voice got deeper

    38. Imperfect Grace

      Cora is just the cutest!

    39. Tomek Dudek

      how many vlogs can roman say 1,2,3,4...... 567

    40. JVR Services

      How old is Noah

    41. Victoria’s Channel

      I love this family so much

    42. Tim l3east

      834 dislikes... sound like nothing but what loser dislikes this video. Or any of his videos

    43. Shaban Mohammad

      23:23 Cora is so cute when roman says:where is it she as well points at at it

    44. Ricky Thompson

      How can you thumbs down this guy!

    45. Liza Smith

      Cora hiding behind Noah is so freaking cute. I’m living for how much she looks up to him😂

    46. Autumn rennick

      How old is noah

    47. Jasper Hataway

      Some grass carp can make problems in ponds

    48. Tom Riding

      Bruh you think Noah is tall, im 16 and 6"4.

    49. William Allen

      Keep it up you and your family make me fill like I have a new family and I like that. Because my dad and mother are not with me so you are my family now so keep going love you all.

    50. Ness ICEY

      Dang Noah is so white

    51. foxtail

      use anti fog fore the camera

    52. Jeremiah Dicesaris

      Roman if you read this how tall are u and I’m 15 and I’m 5,11

    53. Luis Gonzalez

      So is anyone going to talk about the pizza drive through? Just me? Ok....

      1. I like bubbles

        Pick up window kiddo

    54. Sameem Mir

      I love how the first link in the description is not his store.

    55. I Am Shay

      @7:55 ***Im worried about Noah. Hope its just Teen Years! He just looks like something is bothering him. It makes me sad***

      1. Papa Smurf_420

        I mean, you cant blame him after what hes going through.

    56. kody anderson

      Ahhh I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday

    57. Lyrics Laboys

      Noah is so good looking

    58. Lil Mizi

      Pizza drive thru?????????? Wait whaaaaa

    59. Kenneth Powell

      you need to make a video goin fishing in your pad

    60. SheClutches

      Snowball is a beautiful cat!

    61. Christian Jeff

      Hey Romanatwood, luv your vlogs, keep it up👍👍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    62. Little Rascal 411

      Can Cora lick her own elbow

    63. C.J. Strickland

      Can you please do more of the's videos

    64. Chris Mutimer

      M,your,hk,hkGregerggehngtrh Jj

    65. Mindy Ackley

      7:44 wish my dad responded that fast I love you guys so much❤️

    66. Rylie’s Place

      I wish y’all were my parents

    67. Ewan Brown

      Great to see the vlogs again

    68. Tiemen Spaninks

      I'm watching before Cora was born zo is zo cute😍😍

    69. Parker Scott

      You should add a rope swing to the swimming pond

    70. bnjyt

      bro wtf you have drive thru pizza. I wish Australia had that