Greatest Idea Ever!! THE NEW WALL

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    Today I wanted to just make a fun family video. Other than some camera failures I think it was a success. Felt good to just grab the cam and go. Like old times. Thank you so much for supporting.
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    This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on CZ-news since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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    1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

      Today I wanted to just make a fun family video. Other than some camera failures I think it was a success. Felt good to just grab the cam and go. Like old times. Thank you so much for supporting.

      1. Ricky x x

        @Har15-ha55 hgfgggg

      2. Demolition Mini

        Roman Atwood Vlogs what type of dog is flash?

      3. Bronwyn Buckham

        I. Love. Your. Videos

      4. COHEN R

        Roman Atwood Vlogs you should make a zip line

    2. adam powell

      The tadpoles Robert which tend to focus

    3. Karen Beaulieu

      give him a like for being so kind to all of us like down below

    4. Callum Mann

      I still miss Zeus 🙏🏻🐶

    5. frankalanjoyce

      cora shood ride flash

    6. nuckfugget 12

      Noah looks like the kid from it

    7. TheVampyD

      Don't jump in those Muddy Puddles Peppa!

    8. FuZioN Gh0stz

      You guys should add a giant water slide

    9. Janie carff-hawley

      my local pool has somthing like this

    10. Donna McAlister Anderson

      Noah should start a CZ-news channel

    11. Melissa Scranton

      like your video

    12. Shah Tiham

      Man my man it has been days and days that I have seen and told you you it has been enough of your madness it is paglami in Bangla if you ever get to know it is crazy you should work on it please you must!

    13. Danielle Nelson

      Your the best you are so funny and keep it up

    14. Reuben Gilbert

      Yo Roman, I think the better choice on cleaning ur pond is having clams inside

    15. Creep MoveJr

      I not having a good day I got a rock into my head

    16. Philippe Syddall

      Why don’t you go to unspeakable place a since he cam to your House 🏠

    17. COHEN R

      Please subscribe to my channel channel

    18. Leon Wright

      When I went to the dentist I have to get a filling

    19. MattieCooper

      I Declare that Flash, Tux, and Snowball are TENDER BABIES OF PURE EXTREME CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!! MEGA TENDERS!!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    20. Plauge Pointe

      Get more donkeys

    21. Patrick Smalleyes

      I think them Beatles are water stryders

    22. Danielle Back

      i like going to the dentest

    23. CleanDinosaur 28

      point your toes when you land on your feet

    24. Ya_Boi_Skittlez

      You should put fish in your swimming pool

    25. Nathan S

      freshcut Noah

    26. Jill Gloria

      why are you so short

    27. James moran

      i feel like their life is just a really good sims game.

      1. ethan587

        James moran 😂😂😂

    28. Cam A

      Hey roman i would suggest putting armored cat fish in there to they are fish that eat the algie or however you spell it

    29. Michael Kimes

      My brother is very ugly but not noah

    30. Taylor Syombathy

      When will you be coming toConnecticut Roman ?

    31. Taylor Syombathy

      Those are going to be some big fish

    32. janet smith

      Good vid

    33. Brayder ToT

      I'm watching this while eating candy... Frick

    34. Jesse Mendala

      Not to judge, but what's going on with kane's front teeth

    35. Ashley Costanzo

      peppa? what r u doin with cora?

    36. wrx069

      I mis Zeus

    37. Jayne Freshwater

      My heart when Cora cried uh 😢😭

    38. Alison Barr

      Roma Atwood i love your videos they make smile so much

    39. firepro901 BCL

      I remember when Noah was 10

    40. kewyn Kapp

      Why don't you but bass in the pond

    41. Lee Vlogs

      i was eating pizza wall watching

    42. BigDipperChipper

      A rope swing would be fun to jump off of

    43. Liz Hughes

      Love the videos your my favrot youtuber

    44. Rian Brewer


    45. I stream with No cometary

      I’ve been subbed for like 2 yrs

    46. I stream with No cometary


    47. Incent Gaming

      Carp are invasive they will take over your pond

    48. Brooklynn Adams

      roman: noah can i go roman: i got to go get food

    49. Now What

      Just watch Roman Atwood vlogs. You will never need to get up again just watch him and you can do almost everything

    50. EG - Brawl stars

      The water wall is amazing

    51. Brandon Micheal Juvenal

      Roman my dream is to meet you I love you

    52. hudson Hallgren

      1026 pm

    53. Alicia Foster Marsden

      Love ur vids

    54. Aleyna Akar Rashid

      Peppa what are you doing in my video (only some people would get this)

    55. Aleyna Akar Rashid

      Noah is so tall it’s like wowwwwwwww

    56. Aleyna Akar Rashid

      Roman I think you need to make Brian a salon!!!

    57. lacilynn pummer


    58. Shannon Lee

      Hubby and i have a serious cupcake and brownie addiction. Hubby would always under or over fill the cupcake cups so i learned if you use a 1/4 measuring cup, it fills the cups perfectly everytime and it works for muffins too. Plus less mess! 😋🎂

    59. P.f Videos


    60. T Cabra

      That pain is equivalent to a hammer hitting you in the head constantly...until they pack it....So sorry for you

    61. Alex Mcmanus

      As soon as I watch your vids I like em instantly

    62. Olaf Thierry

      Bruh I'm 13 years old and I'm 1.85

    63. Thomas

      i hate pizza so much

    64. Aaron jasper Frias

      Tray a art

    65. Jessica bunbun

      i used to watch these vlogs every day but now i come back like every month to see how they've all grown and stuff heh i miss em' uwu

    66. Justin Murphy

      It’s 91 degrees there it’s 120 degrees here

    67. Arthur Allen

      Where's empire is my question

    68. Sniper Healz

      You should get some cool lights to go around the lake. That would be super cool!

    69. Britton Cole

      Roman you should put a slide on the tower

    70. Alyssa Montijo

      What happened to the other cat