Grayson Dolan rejecting James Charles for 2 minutes straight



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    1. Marcus Saffold

      But dat girl that is quiet in every scene is smashable

    2. Local Fresh

      Remember when people were mad at james for forcing gay on people. Its probably a bit tho

    3. Comment

      0:28 has me dying all the time 💀💀😂😂

    4. Deshani William

      I Felt The uncomfortable mood when James said how about u bang me instead

    5. Min Yoongi

      *imagine James' reaction to Grayson having girlfriend lmao*

    6. Алексей Боярко

      0:49 and 0:52 killed me

    7. Roudha Khalaf Azzan Mohamed Rashed Al Marzrouei

      For the people that are obsessed with daddy Grayson please kill James for taking him away from us😂😂

    8. m

      James Charles sexually harassing Grayson Dolan for two minutes straight

    9. Taylor Buckley

      james looks wayyy better without makeup lmao

    10. Liberty the_ potato

      Then where did the 38 seconds come from.... Explain that two minute straight video!

    11. Lea Fonacier

      my poor baby grayson feeling uncomfy :(

    12. Tony Cole

      Even if Grayson was bi or gay, he could have any guy around. Plus, who would want a freak for a boyfriend, acts and dresses like a women but is a gay man.

    13. 4debbiedeb


    14. Armani V

      I feel like James was in on how Uncomfortable he could make him feel

    15. Marquis Williams

      It's funny cause James really seduced him off screen long before this. Grayson is bullshitting for this skit. And the crazy part is they're both literally mocking everyone that isn't "woke" enough to comprehend how things happen now lol. These boys have been bangin eachothers bootyholes. Clearly.

    16. Anastasija Marinkovic

      Cringe :)

    17. Soh Rijin

      I didn't hate James from the "Bye sister" video. I hated him because of his singing and I only REALLLLY hated him after he started to collab with the Dolan twins and Emma.

    18. Angel Jackson

      This made me uncomfortable

    19. Pastel demon

      I feel so sorry for him and feel embarrassed because it's obvious that Grayson is uncomfortable with James touching him

    20. - SAPPHIRE -

      I just noticed something... Emma Chamberlain is friends with Hannah Meloche... Hannah has two younger brothers.... fuck I go to school with them

    21. Henry Haynes

      It seems rly staged tbh

    22. Shay Destiny

      Ew. James. Get it together....

    23. Jessica Marfell

      0:51 there's always that one friend am I right.

    24. ondy andra andra


    25. Abe Silas

      I feel so bad for Grayson hahaha Ik this girl who was just like that with me it was hell

    26. Kim Duh

      I never really like james charles for the way he treat straight man.. like damn wtf.

    27. Prerna Kane

      It's important to show that you're interested in a person but RESPECTFULLY. And back off if the person is not interested.

    28. Paula Velasquez

      His face when James Higgs him 😅😒

    29. Savannah Anderson

      HES just way too clingy no wonder he has no one to hang with anymore

    30. Thunder Monster

      2 minutes of me looking aways beacuse of the cringe

      1. K


    31. Rae

      its painful to watch because james doesnt have the charisma to make a fucking joke like, "can you just like...bang me instead" xD

    32. Lisa Amer

      Does james has a crush on someone in the video...? I diddn't say anything

    33. Sakata Gintoki

      James is my gay, old coworker openly flirting with my boyfriend in front of me. Ugh.

    34. jujubee

      It’s hilarious how many people are buying into this brand and don’t even know they are. like do you think he would put cuts of him being uncomfortable in multiple videos to put him? no, it’s clearly a gag

    35. iAmMikoe

      It is obvious he’s uncomfortable, but it’s also obvious he still hangs around James cause he knows he’s getting that PROMO

    36. Definitely Not Me Duuhh

      0:48 😵😂 i died

    37. Vic Flexin

      You nassttyy


      I guess James didn’t saw the r in Grayson

    39. Name Unavailable

      I though the LGTB community hated having beliefs shoved down their throat?

    40. Avery desir

      James likes Grayson Oh no

    41. gucci pucci

      No ones more uncomfortable with James than Grayson

    42. mema

      James Charles sure is ANNOYING!!!!

    43. kahaya shahiro

      They just look like me and my secret crush ~~ oh my god

    44. iluv judas

      Sister thirsty 💦

    45. lAlAlA

      Y'all stop hatin on sister James, the video was scripted so they planned to do those jokes 😑

    46. Cody Justin

      He's just inappropriate ,

    47. Brooke White

      James is like the weird nerdy kid no one likes but they still let him come around bc they feel bad for him

    48. Aj Niemerg

      James Charles needs to die

    49. Aj Niemerg

      That’s nasty 🤢

    50. Do not intterupt Randy

      James charles is a pervert

    51. Rex Novida

      HAHAHAHHAA ouchyyyyy

    52. Merci

      The reason stopped watching the Dolans during the sister-squad era.

    53. SMR0M

      and yet people thought james deserved a second chance

    54. tawnee marie

      he needs to chill bro

    55. SailorMoon Fan K

      I would do the same 👑

    56. Weird Girl

      Like why does he keeps spending time time with James if he can't stand this that much ? It's either comedy for the videos or he just stays in the sister squad for visibility. I mean if you're not clear with someone then don't expect them to act like you feel is appropriate. I'm not a fan of James Charles, I'm not saying his flirty attitude is right if it's how he is everyday with every straight boy but the truth is nobody knows if it's stood up for the videos or sg. It's kind of easy to always blame James because of his dramas and stuff and I'm tired of it. If Grayson really feels this incomfortable why did he kept hanging out with him ? Stop blaming he easy target for stupid stuffs lik this... And don't tell me it's because he wants to stay with he brother and Emma, he's a big boy who can see them separately yet he continued to be part of the squad

    57. Violeta Orozco

      Are the George Michael kids though. Lol they so much

    58. Lucas Cayabyab

      Why James Charles speaking like that??? Jigzz it is so annoying, his voice is annoying!

    59. Aeryka Brooke

      im shooketh

    60. Neko Neko

      hahaha they looked pissed it's funny

    61. The Wild Queen

      Would it be different if it was Jeffree Star? Poor Grayson

    62. TheEtienneDavis

      James is creepy

    63. Anthony Fernández

      Those straight guys feeling uncomfortable around a gay person, disgusting.

    64. isabella vlogs

      if i was grayson i would leaterly punch james in the face

    65. isabella vlogs

      i don't wan't to be mean james but grayson dosen't like you bitch

    66. Asiana Grant

      Damn he trying to hard 😦😦

    67. ‡ shelleysmonster ‡

      james seems so desperate ajsjdhdh

    68. Mar

      Well if there’s one thing I’ll agree with James is our taste in men especially Grayson 😭

    69. yes.

      James is so orange Sebastian bails?!! Is that u

    70. tonkatsu kun

      James charles is just creepy as hell