Gordon Ramsay Left Stunned After Trying The Best Of British Dishes | Ramsay's Best Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

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    In this episode, Gordon Ramsay is on a path the find Britain's best British restaurant, and after a rocky start, both teams leave Gordon stunned as he tries their final dishes.
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    1. kevin anderson

      Fucking disgusting!... and don't get me started on the food.

    2. Timmothy McCandless

      Both very good looking food, but those burnt chips were just such a big mistake the chef shouldn't have sent them, the expeditor shouldn't have sent them, and the waiter shouldn't have taken them.

    3. Andrew Stewart

      You can always count on a black woman to complain about the food so she doesn't have to pay


      HAha.. This show fucks up the Black people food more than any other race.. LOl..

    5. DA

      has any one read the subtitles?..lol whenever their accents got too thick it was gibberish in the subtitles..lol

    6. Mart

      Who writes the subtitles? Someone with no idea how to write in good English

    7. Dreoilín ÓCoigligh

      Redhead at 14:07 wow, stunning!!!

    8. Rocky Road

      Maybe it’s me, but why does it seem so many top tier chefs serve such tiny fru-fru portions?

    9. Mark J

      Raw pigs head ? People eat that shit ? It’s Fukin RAW

    10. Frankie K

      Those subtitles tho 👌 better than the episode. World class transcribing 😂

    11. kato robles

      That manager asked if she wanted another penis 😂🤮 6:50

    12. Groove Q

      CC subtitles are hilariously wrong in so many places

    13. Magic Girl

      i'm honestly kinda surprised west house didn't win. From what it seemed like, most of the issues there were with service but even then they had good recovery. The food at west house seemed better as well as i could only tell through the screen the presentation looked better in my opinion. As for the other restaurant, their food seemed good however with the 30 customers challenge gordon set up, they had food sent back because it was cold, they had people complaining about too much pudding. In the secret customer challenge they burnt their food and while they did explain, it's still surprising also their second dish wasn't the best in the secret customer challenge. Finally the last challenge Gordon had for them they really did seem even so I could see where Gordon was coming from. However to sum it up, West house had problems with ordering and the other places food wasn't consistent and so I guess I thought West house would've won. Why am I writing this? well i'm glad you asked, I have no idea XD this is only my opinion idk :I :)

    14. Lia Flexx

      I would rather try The West house regardless of the mom messing up once in a while. To me, it just felt more warm & cozy. I don't think they get rushed by busloads of people often so I doubt the service would realistically be an issue.

    15. Jay R

      41:00 all I can hear is Tom Hiddleston screaming "TELLLL MEEEE!!!?"

    16. Lou Simms

      Fine dining is a major waste of food, you all should be shamed of yourselves

      1. Lou Simms

        @MKultra81 I've worked in fine dining. You're literally asked what your opinion on sustainability is and if you're okay with waste during the interview, so don't speak of you don't know of. If one order is not done properly for a table of 6, ALL 6 orders must be re-fired at a fine dining establishment even if the other 5 orders were perfect. They must all come out together at once. Tremendous waste of food, like I said before.

      2. MKultra81

        Lol, of all the ridiculus outrage I saw on the internet, this one is new.

    17. Tom E

      Gordon mate - you badly need a new sub-title writer ...

    18. Immanuel Kant

      Sorry but mom needs to go, she messes up the restaurant.

    19. Cole Parkyn

      Imagine having Gordon say he liked something you cooked

    20. Sean Kilburn

      I'm sorry but that guys wife is so slow mentally.

    21. Lee Maxwell

      The subtitles are a masterpiece

    22. Top Five

      Who the fudge made your subtitles? #SackedInTheMorning

    23. B P

      How can you have two restaurants in a semi final?

    24. itchykami

      I didn't know it was legal for Britain to show that good food was created in their country.

    25. Gigi Devoe

      I'd starve to death on this servings... She was never trained correctly just thriwn in & Formed Bab habits.

    26. Ali U

      0:15 British Wrestling.. im sure he said British restaurants 🤣. Text software cant understand Gordon!! Tbf it did sound like a muffled 'wrestling'..

    27. Lewis Birkett

      Ooo I gotta go to the sheffield place

    28. Me You

      Who ever is translating this got so many words WRONG. Pong cocktail? Its PRAWN cocktail... moron

    29. Jose Dias

      I dont get British food... Every dish looks gross.

    30. Daniel He

      I am. Hungry. Really. Hungry.

    31. Rhodey

      The subtitles are atrocious

    32. Lakota Marks

      The closed captioning is so bad.

    33. Azadpreet Singh

      Wtf no one ever thinks of the bus driver. Is he feeding himself with air?

    34. Let the truth be told

      Gordon is absolutely wrong, The chef can only put out the orders from the awesome food he’s making for 30 people in his time frame not theirs.

    35. Ryan Veloz

      damn highkey think the west house shoulda won

    36. Dunk Master Darius

      Brits talk like their mouths are full of marbles. It's like they say random things that don't make sense but they all understand the garble. It's like speaking to the coach on the Waterboy

      1. Dunk Master Darius

        @farrad edmund I do. Do you understand how opinions work? Basically I can say whatever the fuck I like because it's an opinion. For you to get bothered by this or get mad just shows your lack in maturity. You do know what maturity is right?

      2. farrad edmund

        Dunk Master Darius you do understand how language works right

    37. rollerblader Royston

      Like if you’re sheffield born and bred

    38. Mc Lovemoffin

      now I really want to try rolled pigs head

    39. Azerawth

      lol that moment when you work food service and have done back to back 100's of customers per hour, and they are struggling with a solid 30 for the entire time they are open lol

    40. MerseyMinded

      Here I am eating beans FML

    41. Username • 15 years ago

      23:49 He is cute tho 😍😍😍

    42. Logical Gamer

      The subtitles are completely shit on the videos. I love Gordon Ramsey, especially the wild hunting and cooking episodes. I dont know who does the subtitles but they're often wrong.

    43. Simon Galeforce

      My grandad was a Chelsea pentioner. He made you some lampstands as he was a gifted wood turner. His name was Alan Gale. Then you Gordan, as a thank you invited a group of the Chelsea p's for dinner. He was so proud of that and how warmly you welcomed them. Thank you Gordan Kind regards Simon

    44. Simon Galeforce

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣The subtitles are hilarious.. Check out 6.50

    45. Paul Lütze

      Whoever did the captions... well maybe don’t next time

    46. ZombieVikingGaming

      The West House has the better food but the wife brings his restaurant down. If it was best chef, we know who would win. The son needs to takeover.

    47. ShaeShae

      that was wrong of you Ramsey they f***** up would not put in the lettuce on the plate you didn't take that in consideration I think the older man in the little young boy should have won

    48. Ghost In The Shadow of The City

      If someone was paid to do the captioning, make them return the money and please hire someone for whom English is not a second language.

    49. - G -

      9:00 head full of white hair: "we're young and ambitious"

    50. Diesel Johnson

      👎🏼 terrible choice

    51. TheBigGuy3380

      I like traditional stuff.

    52. squidbillie11

      21:20 the subtitles lol

    53. abcd bdkdka


    54. Shu Zhang

      38:14 "God I'm so hard."

      1. Mark Oliver

        He said hot you damn fool.

    55. James Denham

      35:29 that botched handshake gave me anxiety

    56. Rezureckt

      “too much pudding” Theres never too much pudding

      1. Rezureckt

        Nick Deserto Youre right. Its better

      2. Potato King

        Black pudding is different from normal chocolate pudding lol

    57. Nick Dearborn

      I wonder why he made that decision, based off of everything he just said the West house was far superior. He must just like the MMA dude.


      At the seven minute period I found myself reading the subtitles instead of listening...cos penis was a great highlight throughout...

    59. Luis

      Second restaurant turned into an episode of Kitchen Nightmares

    60. Subjective Object


    61. Yeeto Mosquito

      6:55 turn on subtitles. Good day

    62. Leap Tech

      Oh that's a difficult one, how do you tell your wife you're destroying the restaurant with the screw ups.

    63. Kian Owen

      no one: not a single person: literally every single person in the west house at once: *right*

    64. Spark Swain

      The closed captions are hilarious.

      1. Grenadier 144

        Check out 6:55

    65. Disabled Velociraptor

      Probably random but the youtube subs for this are absolutely shite... entertaining though :D


      The most horrible looking food on earth...British... Of course, anything that's not a cheese steak is obviously terrible...

    67. zonescat

      You mean English* Britain includes Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, none of which were represented here.

    68. Nite Owl

      That was a perfect decision. The family run place already has a star, no additional staff and is great right where they are. They couldn't handle a non stop crowded dining room if Gordon pushed them into the deep end. they dont even have a POS system. The other place is bigger, fully staffed, up to date and is ready to rock and roll. The two young chefs working together with their support staff is ready to level up. They will be able to handle the quantity without sacrificing quality. No one wants to give mom a heart attack either! 😎 A perfect decision. Unfortunately I fear mom is going to be running after this show! Better get that POS system and another sever for mum!

    69. paul tak

      This is stupid... It’s like taking an exquisite craftsman luxury car for a couple of hours of off-roading and expecting the thing to look exemplary as it did before

    70. Ozymandias K.O.K.

      9:09 that song is so familiar not sly silver someone else