Google Translate Songs with Camila Cabello

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    Camila Cabello and Jimmy take turns singing popular songs, like Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy," which turns into "Evil Young Boy" after running the lyrics through Google Translate.
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    Google Translate Songs with Camila Cabello

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    1. MrGriff305

      I find her more irritating than sexy. That's just me.

    2. Vitória Poletti

      Her and Camila Cabello is beautiful very wow people😭

    3. Good Game

      Русские есть ?

    4. Isabel D

      In the last song, Camila and Jummy sound. Like Stich from "lilo and Stich"😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. MJ fan

      Awwww the cute face at 00:56

    6. chong tube


    7. M Zaher

      Am NoT tHe SeLf

    8. Blake Giblett

      Give it up for the band they’re good AF!

    9. Aysla Santos

      Deveria ter em português muitos vídeos please

    10. Smidcht Tlaloc

      That thigh jiggle tho

    11. Cocoa Toast

      Nobody: Google translate: slipping with the girl of doors Me: wtf

    12. Fernanda Santos

      3:38 não consigo parar de voltar kkkkkk

    13. Tula Is a cat

      My soul, mostly gingerbread

    14. The Austeja

      Lithuania 🇱🇹🇱🇹

    15. bros humans

      Yup,so every nice!!🤔🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    16. Homero Thompson


    17. CNCO Y SHAWN


    18. danilo alves

      Hi, I am from Brazil, I am study English, have a good morning for all.

      1. kendall found

        Good job!! Keep studying

      2. Drawing Everything BR

        U should study hard, cuz it is "I'm studying", not "I'm study"

    19. LittleMixArg


    20. Asthetixx Pįãnppłę

      3:38-3:51 *yOU ImaGinE tHerE arE eMpTy BuTTs slApPiNG oN tHE ToIlET gRoUnD*

    21. Leslie Agreste


    22. Woop! Sh*t

      Camila is the most versatile singer i know. So talented

    23. Jo -_-



      I am the bald.guy ... Where are you

    25. Mu-sec Mil89

      These are fun to watch

    26. Justme Yram

      Bruh j thought she was gunna sing in Spanish

    27. X0X0

      friend: "did you eat my chocolate?" me: " *Im not the self* "

    28. christiana obomagbeaghian

      Them jiggly thighs tho

    29. Mr. Toxic

      'BuMpY bOy'

    30. Asia Festa

      I need this with Ariana

    31. musk7880 musk7880

      0:59 for the laugh anybody getting cardi B vibes?

    32. Wade Brown

      100% A GRADE

    33. ???

      No entendí un poroto pero esta camilla así que lo miro igual xd

    34. Janeth Elizabeth Blanco

      I love this game lol

    35. sids sids

      No one: Translator: my daughter is a dessert

    36. luciano difino

      no one : literally no one : Camila : "okAYY" 0:52

    37. nashersmasher

      i told you im not the self

    38. Nehemiah Pruitt

      Amazing singer my ass lol

    39. Sill Idill

      Racist ho

      1. - aquarius

        that literally happened in 2012 get over it idiot

    40. Andy

      Am I the only one not getting what the game is about? Aren’t the song lyrics supposed to be translated into a different language ? Looks like they just changed the lyrics :/

      1. Candelaria Vazquez

        They translate the song lyrics from English to another language and then back to English, that's how they get that distorted version

    41. Peter Ramos

      Please do Like a G6 by Far East Movement!!!!

    42. Alex Manga

      Made me lough so hard,never loose the Giggle

    43. rajeev srivatsav

      Still better lyrics than yummy

      1. Aparna Shankar

        True lol

    44. it’s camEla cabeYo sir

      i watch this video every single day. my daily dose of laugh ♥️

    45. D&M Mc

      I love you guys

    46. Eddie Baos

      Anyone could explain me? How do they get that translation If the song is original in English??? What languages is it translated to get that lyrics?

    47. александр васильев

      Her legs and smile is awesome)

    48. Anthony Kalnins

      Hilarious, loved it!! Rock those songs!!

    49. MaryGrace Butler

      Miranda did it first!

    50. reka lios

      You are best Camila Cabello

    51. Ruslan Gubaidullin

      Camila divine!!)

    52. Shizhu Shuari


    53. PC Gamex

      damn didnt get to see some slips

    54. tlali

      How convenient that I watched this while sitting on the toilet because I crapped myself laughing.

    55. grunch61

      She's so hot

    56. Matheus Rodrigues

      Jimmy Fallon brasileiro,trazendo games pra você 🎶🎶

    57. Carol Scafi Oficial


    58. Miguel Herrera

      Me pica el culo 🙄

    59. J Cabral

      hot chick

    60. Anderson Santiago

      more trash to internet and no imagination of tv shows, lets see who dies first.

    61. Eddie The Head

      That was just priceless!

    62. A M

      Bad guy had to be translated from some Slavic language cause duh means ghost 😜

    63. David Anderson

    64. Arturo Cabazos

      I've known her for a while, but I just realized that she looks pretty much like Yennefer from The Witcher's netflix serie lol

      1. schiggy.x

        Yes she kinda looks like her

    65. All About HallyuWave by Pilyang Sweet

      She's such a goof ball and I love it. ☺️

    66. I am Ashutosh

      how can a stone man have cash 🐰

    67. Master flaco

      Que bonita 😍

    68. Joshua Biukoto

      Her laughter kinda sounded like Teemo's 😂 Especially at 3:02 😏

      1. x40havoc

        Joshua Biukoto LMAO facts

    69. Ron Miller

      I can't watch this chic, she's too damned hot and I'm alone.

    70. Queen of the Roses

      She is second class celebry...