Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD) [Official Audio]



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    From the album Music To Be Murdered By, out now: smarturl.it/MTBMB


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    1. Audrawaikis

      Friend: what's the wifi password? Me: Its on the back of a router. Back of the router: 2:56

    2. Axel Ceja

      Hola Esta chida va Like

    3. OTwo Chanel

      Thailand 🇹🇭 😈

    4. 15K Subs In 2020 Challenge

      Who is waiting for the announced music video 👇🏽 👇🏽

    5. Smuk777

      1:21 fi de vaca KKKKK

    6. Xavier Maldonado

      I wonder what the captions say 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    7. Babatunde Olatunji

      Is it just me or does this song sound on 1.25x

    8. John Smith

      125% speed ez

    9. Demon Whiteout

      wait a min, Juice wrld died Dec 8th, THIS IS RELEASED JAN 28TH 2020 WTF

    10. Saad Fadla


    11. Ilias Rad

      U just pulled a pistol on the guy with the missile luncher

    12. Detroit Diz

      Album is Phenomenal!!! Check me out if y'all have a min!!!!

    13. Hugh Ropp

      Why do you keep deleting the videos? This had 41m views in one day. Now its 15m


      Eminem is the goat Period

    15. NxG Playz14

      Majesty is faster than rap god. Idk why people saying rap god is his fastest song. His verse on majesty is clearly faster.

    16. SadFah Lifestyle

      Hello Somebody would like to push my channel please ? Need help ?

    17. Richard Ancheta

      Vídeo please

    18. Juicy Ju

      And only then did "Rap God" reach the billion mark?!

    19. Sans Undertale


    20. Imthabest 35215

      Honestly juice was perfect on this

    21. dTerror

      This song would be way better without juice wrld

    22. Tivan

      I can only do Juice WRLD's verse

    23. Patrick Beebe

      Pretty sure I'm about 1 million of these views alone

    24. Ethan Staubach

      I just played it at 2x speed and almost passed out from shock

    25. lansana sylla

      The best

    26. Vekz Arts

      4.1k fans has lord jamar mgk, joe budden and Nick Cannon together sad

    27. Vuli Noa

      WTF did we created

    28. Valmetti Rakkori

      MAN STOP!

    29. pc memory


    30. pc memory


    31. mega twat

      Fuck i literally didn't even know this song existed, rip

    32. Hamad Khaled

      Rap levels : very easy easy medium hard very hard supernatural eminem

    33. Christopher Vaushen

      Playback @ 75%. Just... trust me.

    34. dead_walker

      No one beated Rap God... Eminem: *Fine, i'll do it myself*


      King the speed flow man

    36. yanis Slimani

      Godzilla for 1billion ?

    37. Sondea Sondea

      Who ever dislike f u

    38. Destiny Hubbard

      If you try to put on caption it says you can’t

    39. Meme Demon

      Eminem exists: People: making fun of oxygen

    40. R.Hirano

      Me: WIFI password? Eminem: 2:57

    41. Dr.Drumer Boy

      I have a friend who can sing rap god fast

    42. Alp Kağan Bal

      Super Fast, Super Clear This is so hard, logic is the clearest rapper after em I think, but Even logic can't spit this as clear like this, Will he? ...

    43. Buzuc Denis

      Oxygen: Joins chat Eminem: Joins chat Oxygen: Leaves chat

    44. R0xIx 17


    45. silviц dдиiеl

      Oxygen: hi Eminem! Eminem: what the fuck are you?

    46. Alphahacker

      Eminem is rapping faster than my internet connection!!!

    47. Robert Popielarz

      This beat on .75 speed 😱 Edit: now I understand what he says

    48. Богдан Павлюков

      Кто русский и смотрит энима

    49. Christian Bazazo

      The real monsters here are the drugs that killed Juice WRLD R.I.P Juice , Missed but nevery forgoten

    50. Tatiana Queiroz

      Fuck reality Eminem is amazing

    51. Ayoub LOTFI

      Rap insane

    52. ra him

      لعرب اين انتم🤔🤣

    53. Brandon Hendrickson

      He must be hiding a 2nd set of lungs under his Starter Cap, that has to be it..

    54. Justin Y. Brother

      By Brother juice😌

    55. Ville Qvist

      i liked it:)

    56. ACHRAF GMR

      Best music ever

    57. Hegyi Levente

      Everyone it talking about how fast Em raps but noone give a little respect for Juice WRLD.... R.I.P young man.

    58. 80 69 yt

      Αυτα μ. Αρεσουν

    59. Anca Schiopu

      some artists grow over Times, but no eminem.is fast but it is not even 1% compared to stan song

    60. Jaden Norris

      For me, this is hands down Eminem's best song in this album.

    61. Ambro 1234

      Fast as f*** 😎🔥🔥

    62. Time Fox

      Next year he will rap a whole essay in 1 minute without breathing

    63. Keith Weller

      Lungs: you need me to breathe Em: aM i A jOkE 2 U

    64. Unk nown

      R.I.P juice wrld 🙏❤️

    65. Vladik Vid

      Юра монстр !

    66. kxnora

      the beat can't keep up with his voice

    67. Yura Petrosyan

      OMG. Fuck how is it even possible!!!! My life changed after I learned that Eminem is 47!!! One of the best of his songs

    68. Carson Cappello

      Godzilla: Rap God: Am I a joke to you

    69. ben nikoro

      I think it’s safe to say that Eminem taught dragons how to spit 🔥 🐉🖕🏽

    70. David Clarke

      Please pause occasionally to allow em time to breath 🙏🏻🙏🏻