GIANT Horseshoes Challenge!!

Team Edge

Team Edge

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    Hey guys! In this challenge, we play a game of giant human shoes, where we dress up as horses and throw giant human shoes! They are size 17 so they are GIANT! Who do you think will win? Let us know down below!
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    čas přidán Před 4 měsíci


    1. Silverexit Gameing

      Nobody: Bobby: Imma be a Beautiful Pegasus one day

    2. Matthew Harvey

      I'm a grown man, and this has been playing for the past 3 nights........ So much better then then 90% of the shows on TV.

    3. Xx CelysWolfie xX

      I couldn’t really see it but did Bobby hit Jordan in the no-no spot Me:I didn’t know it did that.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Carlos Diaz

      Crap i didn't noticed. Nice eye.

    5. Madison Mieske

      Do you know what’s funny that Bryan has a weird Horse it’s like help me I’m getting tortured.

    6. Madison Mieske

      It’s J Fred

      1. Madison Mieske


    7. Diety Drizzy

      Sorry Jordan about your leg

    8. Leilany Delgado-Carrillo

      The mister person is Bobby because it look like him

    9. Christian Leon


    10. TorNATEo Boi


    11. Crystal Holland

      bryan has j freds shirt on

    12. Crystal Holland


    13. Jimmy Rocha

      Where is J Fred

    14. Jimmy Rocha

      Is that real J Fred

      1. Jimmy Rocha

        Where is J Fred

    15. Mcree 243

      Blobby: imma horse Bryan: oh you scared me

    16. Hortencia Gamez

      Bobby Sinn is the horse

      1. Hortencia Gamez

        Bobby sonn is the horse

    17. Shae Vlogs

      Am i the only one that didn’t see Billy’s smile coz they were laughing with their eyes closed? No just me ok!

    18. cbw wat

      J fred isn't there because he's a giraffe not a horse

    19. Linda Chiu

      It’s bobby

    20. Matthew Dresser

      look at bobbys feet

    21. Lucky Armpit

      4:00 LOL

    22. Ashton Wesserling

      At 9:32 it sound like bryan said the n word

    23. Aja Tarron Of House tarron


    24. Kevin Laureano


    25. Bluesimn SpoonBoy

      Wait i realized Something... Bobby did not get the points in first round because he crossed the line

    26. xxZillaKillaxx

      Whips remembers MOM MODE ACTIVATED!!!!!

    27. The Royal Person

      0:37 imma be a beautiful Pegasus today 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    28. Isaac Shelley

      Can we get more Whitney plz

    29. Andrew Dollard

      Um bryan 9:29 what was that sounded like he said the n-word

    30. KaneAmora

      7:25 the added sound of the man yelling made me lose it. 😆

    31. AC Drawing

      Bobby had a line fault on all of his throws on human shoes

    32. chipputer

      Cool broken leg switch, btw. Support your right leg during throwing but guard your left during the part where you're the target. Nice.

    33. Jersey Newlin

      Poor Jordans penier

    34. Ella Reyna


    35. Sam Templeton

      I love the editors jokes there awesome

    36. Silly_lilli Chalmers

      Hi 👋 is the season of spring

    37. Minty Anderson

      He was in a car crash

    38. Adam Murray

      “Thank you for going out of your way to read this”

    39. JJ Villanueva


    40. Casey Eliason

      Don’t open your mouth when people are throwing horse shoes at you. Trust me, you don’t want to know.

    41. The gaming Canadian

      Bobby called line fault on Jordan but he stepped over the line on all 4 of his throws.

    42. Burn Neblograv

      7:43 nice job bobby. You gave him broken nuts along with a broken leg

    43. fenulm

      Brian you do 4:30

    44. M Renner

      Bring j love and j jokes back Edit:and jfred

    45. EndieStuff

      What if they left him like that

    46. TheDigital Wolf

      "Am I beautiful yet" mask closes. I guess not 😂😂😂

    47. Galactic Stars

      this should be a challenge, try to make billy laugh challenge

    48. Carmelli Ecaranum

      Did anyone realize theat they put the pillow on his Left leg but his right leg is broken

    49. Kayleigh G

      I could tell it was Bobby cause of how short he is

    50. Amanda Sencenbaugh

      Best clip ever: 7:23

    51. Jenny Mosquera


    52. Christian Dayrit

      The reason billy laugh because bobby is a weirdo

    53. Marisa Garza

      Can we take a moment to appreciate their editors? Look at all the camera angles, text boxes, colorgrading, audio clips, and special effects they add in to make this video. They're so incredible!

    54. Ikaika López

      Watch 5:10 to 5:14 on 0.25 speed

    55. Unknown Channel

      4:11 bobby you messed up

    56. memeydino123

      At 0:19 I actually took my time to read everything on the screen

    57. Omar Hussein

      Did any one see that Bryan had j Fred shirt on.

    58. Saul Rachelson

      Bobby actually won something?!?!?!?!

    59. Xxcypress Xx


    60. Valkyrie Damen

      Bobby: IM A HORSE Bryan: *shook*

    61. Monkey Farts

      Aww Bobby is a little winer lol I love it!

    62. Nakuro-sama Tiger

      Jordan is like the Fish Out SpongeBob ooooh my leg

    63. Nakuro-sama Tiger

      TEAM 3DGE brony style 😁😁

    64. Alex Brizendine

      Bryan. Why are u wearing a j-Fred shirt

    65. esilva999

      To the people that are going through the comments have a good day

    66. Luis Rufino


    67. Lil Lilly

      Why Bryan is J-Fred in this video

    68. Highlord Ynot

      tip stop saying youtube knows i haven't seen the video. you are ALWAYS wrong! always.

    69. Cheyenne Jones

      I’m going to have nightmares from Bryan today 🙂🙃

    70. Brittaney Stetson

      you should do a make billy laugh contest