GIANT Horseshoes Challenge!!

Team Edge

Team Edge

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    Hey guys! In this challenge, we play a game of giant human shoes, where we dress up as horses and throw giant human shoes! They are size 17 so they are GIANT! Who do you think will win? Let us know down below!
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    1. Ruby Terry

      At 0:19 I actually took my time to read everything on the screen

    2. Omar Hussein

      Did any one see that Bryan had j Fred shirt on.

    3. Saul Rachelson

      Bobby actually won something?!?!?!?!

    4. Oliver Furnell


    5. Valkyrie Damen

      Bobby: IM A HORSE Bryan: *shook*

    6. Monkey Farts

      Aww Bobby is a little winer lol I love it!

    7. Shet Kaihama

      Jordan is like the Fish Out SpongeBob ooooh my leg

    8. Shet Kaihama

      TEAM 3DGE brony style 😁😁

    9. Alex Brizendine

      Bryan. Why are u wearing a j-Fred shirt

    10. esilva999

      To the people that are going through the comments have a good day

    11. Luis Rufino


    12. Lil Lilly

      Why Bryan is J-Fred in this video

    13. Highlord Ynot

      tip stop saying youtube knows i haven't seen the video. you are ALWAYS wrong! always.

    14. Cheyenne Jones

      I’m going to have nightmares from Bryan today 🙂🙃

    15. Brittaney Stetson

      you should do a make billy laugh contest

    16. unions Rochelle


    17. A1A Adventures

      At 02:14 Things Start To Get Weird. Watch The FULL VIDEO !!!

    18. austerity

      bryan made me laugh when he tries to make billy laugh

    19. TheLifeOfMason Tv

      bryans annoying asf

    20. Mary Rust

      So so great

    21. Douglas Adams

      It's the devil

    22. Ella Krause


    23. Wolfy Wolfy_190

      I knew it was Bobby!!!! 🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂😂🤪😂🤪

    24. Carson Ernst

      Did anybody else notice that Bryan was wearing j-freds shirt

    25. Rosie Favela

      Jordan is fricking HOT!!! Is that only me thinking that. I look at him and I'm like j-fred who?

    26. Bryson TYLER

      Bobby because the grey shirt

    27. Diana Campos

      5:12 - 5:35 😂💀 I can’t breathe

    28. Diana Campos

      3:04 Its just because Billy is a whole mood 😶

    29. Caleb Toler

      Ssj bobby

    30. ImNoOne-

      it sounded like Bryan Said the N word with the hard r 6:31

      1. ImNoOne-

        wrong time 9:31

    31. saleh aldabashi alajji

      4:42 baby swer

    32. Victoria Newman92

      Bryan looked so sad when he called him stupid

    33. Colton Loyd

      Bobby makes me mad in some of these videos

    34. Paradox Drp

      Did anyone else notice both crossed the line on every show

    35. Emily Wells

      billy is a whole mood 😌

    36. Harley Cannon

      That’s just mean

    37. Luz Maria Galvan

      Bobby made me laugh

    38. blah blah

      7:18 so cute


      The red horse shoe i already killed you Blue wall thing NANI

    40. Darhk Ninja

      Bobby (Edit) I saw that tiny little text at the top right anyone else be honest

    41. Casey The Quesadilla

      Bobby in tank tops😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤

    42. Dilan Bojic

      9:32 “N*g*er!”

    43. Savannah Avocado

      Just plz don’t leave forever joe don’t be like Matthias

    44. Matt Wood

      Those shoes would fit my feet!!!

    45. trevor vandeveld

      I watch your videos every day !!! I hope you a great day team edge!!! :)

    46. Elihanna Claveria

      Justice for Jordan

    47. DieselPowerCummins

      I wear a size 18. Where’d ya get the shoes from?! Lol

    48. JustAJuniorBeebo

      No one: Not a soul: Jordan: Horse Jordan: AM I BEAUTIFUL YET?!

    49. Dani Madden

      Horse girls have entered the chat

    50. Lyssette Perez

      Hi good vid

    51. Teahauna Bevly

      Bryan is always my favorite team edge member

    52. grovesfcs

      You guys are so mean to Jordan

    53. Hannah Nick

      The first time I saw this I saw Bryan and I clicked out 😅😄😄

    54. Nobody CJ


    55. CHIKOI Vlog's

      That's bobby you can fool me

    56. CHIKOI Vlog's

      That's Bobby

    57. Little Flora

      i like how u cover jordan’s leg with a pillow

    58. Morgan Wright

      Bobby should wear a cowboy hat mire often it really suits him well

    59. SergPlayer

      5:10 Bryan: “Ready billy? Here I come😏” Bobby: “ohth stone cold killer” “...........” Bryan: “Don’t break eye contact with me” Bryan: “Eyes on me big boy. Oh yeah, I’m comin’. Mehhh.” Bobby pulls pants up a manikin’s knee: *billy laughs*

    60. Kingston paterson

      They all had 0 points from the beginning, real horse shoe rules the horse shoe must show shoe around the point there was only one success who shot lates

    61. Nobelynx

      I could tell it was Bobby just by that little shoulder shimmy 😂

    62. Hazie e

      Why is bryan wearing j-fred's shirt

    63. Belle The doggy/thunder paw/bendy/aka Felix

      Where’s j-Fred And Bryan is wearing his shirt

    64. Xxx BEYBLADE


    65. Demon Sniper

      Click here for something CZ-news knows you haven't seen yet *video I have seen is there*

    66. Unicorn With a cookie

      Has anyone else noticed that Billy kinda looks like Bobby with a beard

    67. Eric Kratzert

      Bra what is that horse bobby

    68. Is it sad i knew it was bobby because of his fingers...

    69. Jasmine Kachur

      Can I have those shoes u guys r throwing plzzzzz 😂

    70. Lily Playz

      im not watching anymore cause J-fred isnt here so bye