Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!

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    There are a ton of interesting things in Minecraft, but one that stands out to me is the fact that to cut down a tree you PUNCH IT! You punch a tree! How does Steve not break his hand? Loyal Theorists, I want to find out if you can really cut down a tree with only your FISTS and not injure yourself... too bad. Don't try this at home Theorists, let me do it for you!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Marc Schneider
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Niko!

      *ouchy tree*

    2. jkgaming101

      Stop punching trees We’re trying to plant 20,000,000 of them

    3. Onika Studios

      How do we know Steve is human

    4. Rezaur Mumin

      0:17-0:19 made me laugh for 10 mins

    5. Elijah Plummer

      One dollar for each pun in this video in the pun jar

    6. WizardShark

      Death Battle releases another battle royale: Goku vs Superman vs *Steve*

    7. Willian Junior Cordeiro da Mota

      Help me here. At minute 1:06 we see NigaHiga, Smosh and what are the other two channels' names? I can't remember!!

      1. Jacob Joel Estrada

        Willian Junior Cordeiro da Mota *punches tree with other arm and legs and head* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      2. Willian Junior Cordeiro da Mota

        @Jacob Joel Estrada I`m on my millionth atempt AYAAAAA

      3. Jacob Joel Estrada

        Willian Junior Cordeiro da Mota hold on brb *punches tree* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      4. Willian Junior Cordeiro da Mota

        @Jacob Joel Estrada Loved them both but couldn't spit the names LOL Thanks

      5. Jacob Joel Estrada

        Willian Junior Cordeiro da Mota that’s ray William Johnson and Charlie the unicorn

    8. Lilly Reilly


    9. Janelle Imes

      AHHEEEM, did no one take into concideration that minecraft time is faster than real life time? I mean, a single minecraft day passes in a matter of mins

    10. Willow Oak

      his intro changed, one is yellow. COINCIDENCE?? I think NOT

    11. wild pilot

      I know I am late on this, but I want to ask you. Since most of the blocks in Minecraft float, wouldn't it make the wood in the trees weaker since the gravity wouldn't condense the wood? In what is essentially a zero-gravity scenario concerning the blocks, the tree would need less strength and structure in order to grow, so it would be easier to punch it to pieces.

      1. wild pilot

        Sorry if this comment is outright wrong, I just think it could explain the "Super" fists.

    12. Gold Gamer


    13. IzZyGaY

      Not me

    14. PlayingVg

      Shoulda Just Asked Austin To do this 😂

    15. Atlantic Salmon

      *Accidently punches dog* *dog literally disintegrates into dust in Steve’s hands*

    16. Shawn Tan


    17. Endersgaming345

      MatPat Austin already proved Steve is the strongest video game character ever created. What’d he say? Quadrillion+ pounds or something like that without even being slowed down. Yeah, I think Steve can punch a tree

    18. funtime foxy

      Me:Hey friend,do you know what I did today? Friend:what you did? Me:I punched a tree 10000 times on Minecraft and got 2 cubs


      Whatever I start a Minecraft game I take out trees with my bare Fists by I immediately start building axes so I can get it done faster so I can make stuff quicker

    20. Deadlyaccurate Gamers

      Prison wallet

    21. Eric Espinosa

      well isnt it my favorite crazy haired purple punchy i can stoppy timey too guy(also known as star platinum)

    22. Nico Neumann

      2:25 - 2:35 XDD I LAUGHED MY SOCKS OFF😂

    23. _369queen963_ XD

      MatPat forgot to put the sound effect of Star Platinum going ”Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!”

    24. F.B. I

      Ouchy tree.

    25. Zarah Stinson

      If we stopped punching trees in Minecraft how would we get wood "break down houses wait no it's still Punching wood sooooo overall just go into creative and get wood even I you are in a survival mode

    26. Giuseppe Steigman

      I don't think can grow apples tho

    27. Tate the Cowman

      According to Minecraft: The island, Steve holds all his items in his belt

    28. rex mayshark

      This is why steve cant be in smash

    29. Zack shaffer

      XD I started home Depot 6months ago....what a weird shout out to me XD love you matpat!!!

    30. Inky YT

      I like that new into.. or did I just notice it?

    31. Kyle Ian Agripa

      hmmmm..... harder than my d.. i mean bedrock???

    32. crazy4aday

      The name of the tree in the code is Ochy tree

    33. AlmightyHat4911

      One Punch Steve?

    34. Mia Satterly

      o u c h y t r e e

    35. Johanna Dark

      hardness: its over 5,000

    36. Trent Augspurger

      So from this, Steve is like One Punch Man.....

    37. Aurora Shotwell

      To whoever watched his newest fnaf theory 11.16.19 ouchy tree lol

    38. Evil Piaya

      Honestly thought the last dialogue to the theory would lead to a sponsorship deal

    39. Alexir Desu

      Steve is 2 meters tall and 800 lbs. he can carry millions of cubic meters of gold all at once and he is obviously pure muscle.

    40. RobelPlays Games - And More!

      6 days to late

    41. Anonymous Guy

      10:51 IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?????!!!!!!!

    42. Luke Wines

      No one Matpat: puts jungle tree in swamp

    43. BoomBoomMe Gaming

      Sweet new intro! liiiikeeeee iiiiiit!👌

    44. Fist fighters club

      Just want to say I don't punch trees I want it to be more real so I use a axe from a bonus chest which I'm going to get hate for but I just use its majority for the axe you get

    45. Thimx 233


    46. Dark Insanity

      When the tree is a stand user

    47. TheRetroReplay

      5:55 You weren't going to break through that board, not because of strength but because to technique. The grain of the wood was being held vertically, if you had the grain of the wood horizontal then it would have been easier to break through

    48. craig Freeman

      MatPat! you didnt say how much force you would need for the jungle tree

    49. David Lee

      So how fast is he?

    50. Alfrodo8

      When you make a Kingdom Hearts reference in a Minecraft video. Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Me (not a Nobody): I can rest in peace now

    51. minecraftpelajad 2019

      Don't mess with steve

    52. jomy10

      loved the TOOL reference 😍

    53. TheCraftyDawg

      Wewt Home Depot employee right here. Shout out from the night crew!! 🤗😁

    54. Lucas Gronowicz

      I know how strong he is he can hold 6 towers in he's back pocket

    55. ShadowPheonix 17

      I’d love it if u did more math/science videos- all this lore has tired me out, and some of my favorite episodes are the bullet bill and hookshot ones. I’m not telling u how to run ur channel, u do u, but more of this would be nice.

    56. Thuy Hoang

      Tree punching Required : Star Platinum

    57. ZottelHD

      Me:_**Watching random man punching a plank**_ Also me: *_*Smashing my head on my keyboard*_* Why did I do that?

    58. Ninja Racer

      I loved The All Aussie Adventures Russell Coight appearance, a great Australian outback parody show!

    59. Isaacfess

      *I love how you brought back the classic episode formula for this one.*

    60. Starr 12

      now i wanna see if one punch man can live up to his name and punch a tree with just one punch

    61. Preston Dickson

      What does the yellow on the emblem in the intro mean? Green - game theory Red - film theory So what is yellow?

    62. Kabo Victor


    63. Stevbo

      12:19, beat that Matt from wii sports

    64. Matthew Murphy

      What about morning wood lol

    65. Antonio Coleman

      MatPat: How is he carrying all of that in his pants? Me: One answer O_o

    66. Thonima Hannan

      also i can explain why steve can chop a block of tree in 3 seconds: he is a superhumane

    67. PIZZA MAN


    68. orran animates

      thee minecraft day is sped up,so does that mean that it does actually take 4 hours to break a tree? I mean think about it Steve walks over 1 metre per second so maybe the whole word is on fast forwards

    69. Dazzling Sky

      fine Ima just allow the chest at spawn to have a chance of giving me an axe

    70. Josh Amps

      Shout out to my fellow Aus peeps