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    Game of Thrones: The Real-Life Couples Revealed | ⭐OSSA
    Prepare for the most intriguing facts about the real life couples of Game of Thrones! Find out who are the real life couples of Game of Thrones actors. We prepared the most surprising facts about the real life partners of Game of Thrones star cast. Find out the truth about the greatest HBO tv show in our video.
    - Jon Snow and Ygritte were the sweetest couple on the show. Are Kit Harington and Rose Leslie together in real life? Get the pics of Kit Harington wedding.
    - Daenerys Targaryen is the hottest and most powerful female character on the show. Does Emilia Clarke have poor luck with men in real life as Daenerys has?
    - Cersei and Jaime Lannister have always been more than sister and brother. Whom are Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster Waldau dating in real life? Find the answer here.
    - Tyrion Lannister has no luck in personal life on GOT. Find out how is Peter Dinklage doing. More details about the Lannister family.
    - Khal Drogo was powerful and violent but fell in love with Targaryen beauty. Is Jason Momoa dating someone in real life?
    - Arya Stark and Sansa Stark have been through a lot on the show. Are Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner already married? Find out the truth about the Stark family.
    - Missandei is the sweetest and most kind character on the Game of Thrones. Get more facts about her real life.
    - Brienne Tarth is very strong in her armour. In real life Gwendoline Christie is also strong but much more elegant. Find out whom she’s dating.
    Get more fun facts about the Song of Ice and Fire real life actors in our video!
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    1. Cough It Up

      I can't believe we waited 2 fucking years for 6 fucking bullshit episodes that literally tore the whole god damned story to shreds. Fucking disgraceful.

    2. Connor Schutz

      1:38 I feel bad for starbucks

    3. Honey Is Natural

      I stopped watching this video when he called Lisa, Lisa "Bonnet"

    4. Jane Kirk

      Natalie is stunning. What’s wrong with you guys?

    5. I'm a Cat

      They look so weird in normal clothes...

    6. John C

      Lisa "Bonnet"??? Lmao... How old is this guy? Ever see the Cosby Show? You don't wear her on your head. It's pronounced "bow-nay".

    7. VEST 1GE

      "Great happy endings" lol

    8. Garraway Prox

      Emilia Clarke, you can call me

    9. Teis Kragh

      Dude you are salavating all over Hollywood stop it.

    10. Winry Rockbell

      My fav couple is of course arya's for sure ♡♡

    11. hojichan

      Daenerys is known by many names ; [two hours later] but in real life, she just goes by Emilia Clarke.

    12. The Predator

      Bro I thought massie is dating Olly from the nights watch.

    13. Benjamin Hagel

      Jason is a pedophile

    14. Sasha Polskaya

      "We hope we'll see some happy endings for the characters." ...ahhemm... LOL

    15. Just_Nol NL

      Member when we was hyped for GoT...

    16. Yasmin Edwards

      You did not just pronounce Bonet (Bo-nay) like bonnet 💀

    17. C Pat

      I love Maisie and gwen haha 😁

    18. ZephyrFluous

      That Missande one aged well, especially the part about flying.. Y I K E S

    19. Grace Rose Ann Galcon

      Ilove khal drogo 😍😍

    20. Kellisha HA Benjamin


    21. Jon Snowden

      Clickbait... isn't a pit. Clickbait is a ladder.

    22. Gilgamesh

      8:30 weeeeeell shit ...

    23. Salvinder Singh

      Dragon mother never dated khal drogo khal has wife

    24. Helgali

      And then the disappointment with the 8th season came.

    25. Martin Seidl

      Motivations to become rich and famous: Have cars and houses - nah Going on fancy parties - no Know famous people - uh Have chance to get noticed by Emilia Clarke - oh hell YEAH!

    26. zawR ScarZz

      Am I the only one that actually doesn’t like Emilia Clarke’s looks in real life? I love her in the show she is VERY BEAUTIFUL there but in reality I don’t like her as much. I’m talking about looks here, not personality. Maybe it is because of her hair. I love the “Targaryen” hair she has and don’t really fancy her short hair from real life. Just my opinion🤷🏼‍♂️. What do y’all think?

    27. S C

      WHOM. Who dates WHOM. Object of a verb is WHOM. This isn’t hard, people. Learn the goddamned language.

    28. Rabbit Snare

      I give the marriage between Sansa and that Jonas guy 2 years. That said, I hope I'm wrong. Wish them the best.

    29. Chaika Gaz

      Famous people always marry other famous people so no names like us never get a chance at fame other than the dude that married this famous person somehow.

    30. Roadman1000

      Jason actually got to bang and marry his television crush 😂😂 lucky bastard

    31. Cathy Baker

      Dude, Bo-nay, not Bonet.

    32. Jacky Herrejon

      Emilia is so beautiful 😍😍

    33. Tim Bartoldus

      ~brienne tarth~

    34. jasper proctor

      The t is silent in lisa bonet

    35. seliyna saycrets

      through season 8 I kept thinking how Jon and yigrid (not sure if my spelling is right) make a better couple and now I know why.

    36. Lars Hitchcock

      Bran can keep the iron throne. Jon Snow got the real prize :)

    37. Hassy

      Probably Khal Drogo's real life seem to be the best of all here!

    38. ilyas ilyasdjkd

      I don't know why some folks come to the comment section for grammar and spelling corrections. Go and practice your writing skills elsewhere cuz this ain't English class vid.. 4 fuck sake -

    39. Vael Ryker

      Sry but uhhh.... that whole *alive* thing isn't really working out man

    40. Letizia Moonlight

      Emilia is single? I'm coming mi amor, wait for me.

    41. Casey Rains

      I can’t believe Nikolai’s wife doesn’t watch the show. I would be obsessed

    42. gul khann


    43. Lissa Love

      There’s no way Jason Momoa would have an affair he absolutely worships his wife Lisa ! 💕💖💕

      1. Al B

        I prefer girls who don't have a profile picture with the "1000 cock ran through stare" :)

      2. Janet Caldera

        @Al B poor thing seeking attention... how cute :)

      3. Al B

        @Janet Caldera naw, im good thot.

      4. Janet Caldera

        @Al B wow! Someone needs to go back to bed!.

      5. Al B

        You don't know them personally dumb ho

    44. jum creation

      Just happy for jon snow & Ygritte 😍😘

    45. ProphetPX

      whoever made this video has NO CULTURE!!! Lisa Bonet's last name is FRENCH and is pronounced BO-NAY.... NOT "bon-net" what an idiot....

    46. Moto_Zeal 22

      happy ending my ASS

    47. TJ Jaques

      My favorite couple? Easy. First, Mophie, the most adorable BFFs EVER. After them, the true cpl that holds top place is Rose Leslie 🥀 & Kit Karington! (1 'R' or 2? 😬 ah...f"!$& it) "KitRo". They r my favorite.

    48. Anil Av de

      where is red woman lady melisandra.

    49. Bro_Skillz

      Mophie 😂

    50. Cristian Roth

      I bow in front of Gwendoline. She's the proof that feminism doesn't need blue armpit hair and shitty behavior. She has all my respect.

    51. Yonko Ryan

      that pun at the end of the video made me cringe so hard i turned off my phone

      1. KerioFive

        Yonko Ryan “Winter has cum” - the Night King

    52. Shelly Parish

      Lisa Bonnet ? lol it’s Bonet..say it with me now....Bone ayyy.

      1. Nasir Uddin


    53. GI GI7!

      I wish Kit would’ve met Emilia much sooner and fell in love with her 😭😍😍😍 they are the cutest ever.

    54. infinity6ful

      I still wished Sansa got killed off

    55. Xander Ellem

      8:30 HAHAA

    56. Turbz JJC

      Maisie wasn’t a bridesmaid...

    57. Leesa Unique

      I love this! It’s refreshing to see them off set. Still wish I was an actress 😊

    58. Jane Kirk

      I love Brienne ❤️

    59. Gooch

      “Lisa Bonnet” lol

    60. Harv 03

      I will have babies with you emilia!

    61. Alain Brice

      Dany could do so much better 😭😭😭😭🙃🙃🙃🙃😧😧😧😧😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    62. H. Mood

      thumbnail: who dates whoM ps: i'm from germany, even we know that -.-

    63. Tiffany Jett

      The T is silent in Lisa Bonet's name. Not pronounced bonnet like a hair clip you insignificant fool. 😒😂😂😂😂

    64. Ice Cool

      wtf Seth Mcfarlane??!!! that's the biggest shock of GOT by far. Talk about hitting way above your weight

    65. Lil Gus

      King IN the North. Do your homework before putting together a video.

    66. Karla Manley

      It's Brienne of Tarth!!!

    67. Jaime Cabral

      🤔 guess your wishes weren't never complete. The whole 8 season went to shit 😆

    68. James Carter

      what a waste of time

    69. Jorunn Christophersen

      What about Tormund Giantsbane?

    70. Paleiko0630

      How the hell do attractive women close to him manage not to bang Jason Momoa? 🤣 Ok... He's married. Sigh

    71. Johyn

      hi stupid OSSA. you should learn how to pronounce Lisa Bonet's name, you stupid boy.

    72. Narry caspe

      I ship calese droco


      Who's dating Night King?? and Dragons?

    74. Jimmy George

      And who cares????!! Oh, some real losers.

    75. Molly Avila


    76. nech mě bejt

      Kit and Rose are sooo cute uwu I want to be Rose every single day xD

    77. Jeremy Ross

      It's pronounced "Bo-nay," not "Bonnet."

    78. joanne jones

      Please stop calling her Bonet lol..

    79. LetsWatchNow

      "Lisa BONNET???" OMG

    80. Lynn Anderson

      guy can't even pronounce 'Bonet' correctly

    81. DJ Avionyx

      I stopped watching when the narrator said “Lisa BONNET”... it’s pronounced BO-NAY.. how old is the narrator and does he even know who she is??

    82. Alex TT-zer0

      What about my boy \Sir Davos?

    83. Mercedes Burt


    84. Fjæsing664

      Brienne OF Tarth

    85. Estefania Pérez

      Jon should have waited for his parts with Daenerys ;)

    86. powerpurlgurl

      Lisa Bonnet??? Ummmm, try Lisa Bo-nay. Lisa Bonét. She's rather famous in her own right.


      Rose is way more beautiful than Danny

    88. Sandra Llewellyn

      It's not Lisa Bonnet. It's Lisa Boné(spelled Bonet).

    89. Soul Musician

      Name of the music at 7:42 ??

    90. Feby Chrisanth

      She's brienne of tarth

    91. Bruce Saxway

      danny must be lesbian yay

    92. LightUpTheSkyZ

      sansa looks ugly with blonde hair

    93. Robert DiRocco

      Who is Bran’s wheel chair dating??

    94. Robert DiRocco

      Lisa bonet?? Cmon Man its pronounced Bow-ney 🤦‍♂️

      1. Robert DiRocco

        Or Bow-Neigh 😂😂

      2. Nyk Kelly

        More like boh-nay.

    95. Milk TV

      Who said rob stark and jon snow are sex symbols...?😂

    96. Black Templar

      And they all lived happily everafter.............

    97. xtina__32


    98. Thomas Cleveland

      :30 . Ring the Bell......hahahha Was OSSA giving hints to future episodes? Ep.5 in particular. hahaa

    99. kaji kaji

      The mad queen

    100. Maja 179

      8:30 if only...