Game of Thrones: The Frozen Lake (HBO)



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    From bears to wights, see how the icy battles in "Beyond the Wall" were captured.
    Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.

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    1. parabel

      imagine spending 10 million pops on an episode as bad as this. just to fuck fuck up 4 times in a row with 15 million each ep. 2 years later in season eight again. ayylmao

    2. winslow wong

      Why the heck did Jon snow vs night king never happen???

    3. Footy


    4. sarasthoughts

      Threw a whole show under the bus for a fucking polar bear. Also, the fact that nobody died in this scene is enfuriating.

    5. Andrea Morin

      This is the first episode when I thought that D & D really started sucking. Where did the white walkers get the giant chains to pull the dragon out of the water? And how did they get them on it? Random polar bear away from the Wights? Uncle Benjen suddenly there......dumb, just so dumb.

    6. Niska Magnusson

      so with all that work, monster jeeping to the wastelands of Iceland these guys pretty much made series history yet again, only to be let down by shitty writing, season 7 had some of the best combat i ever saw. but damn it needed more old school character plot

    7. Michaela Shanine Santos


    8. Honk Honk

      This episode killed GoT for me... An idiotic plan doomed to fail, Plot armor, teleportation... You want to tell me, the whole army of the dead waited around the lake for 1-2 days for 10 people on a rock?! Why didn't the Night King throw some of his icy spears??? D&D you are the most retarded Duo the world has ever seen. I can't wait for these 2 fuckers to make Star Wars, just to not buy a cinema-ticket.

    9. Faisal Shaikh

      Hats off to the designers!!!

    10. Jort Manshanden

      I dont think the zombie bear was worth it, it has not become one of the major scenes of the show.

    11. Queen RA TV

      This scene terrified me

    12. mary tchoker

      Même comme ça c'est toujours flippant

    13. hugh mungus

      "Iceland exists" - David Benioff, 2017

    14. Boring Boy

      who"s here after the S08

    15. Patriot77

      I tried raising my cat back up after it died using the same technique. It worked, but the cat seems off a bit.

    16. Archie Inman

      If they can't swim how does they get the dragon out of the lake? 😂

    17. Mac Allan

      i named my cat after tormund

    18. Rozan TheOoz

      This is the real effort

    19. N. A S. A

      “your names Toby!”

    20. Hans Dampf

      Sad to see how much work went into creating such a shitty episode.

    21. Jon Snow

      I got royally fooked.

    22. nelio nascimento

      who is watching this after the serie`s finale has been ruined?

    23. sameer jan

      These guys are legends... Salute for such hard work

    24. Jordan Sainte Marie

      This was the worst scene of the whole series. There’s no way that a frozen lake that had broken under the weight of the white walkers would refreeze enough to support their weight by the very next day. Even if it had, if the guys had any sense, they would have spent the night keeping the ice broken, breaking it up with their swords every few hours. Finally, what did they think was going to happen out there? That they’d get one without facing the entire army???

    25. Dr. Hisham Mohammed

      You did great job

    26. mirza alfarizi

      Season 9 pleace

    27. Oberyn Martell

      This episode had its loose ends but still one of the best set pieces and tons of great moments. So many red shirts 😂

    28. Colonel Pepper

      Okay, who else wants to go to Iceland now?

    29. Charouzek

    30. Samuel Antalík

      my favorit this serial is meet jon snow with deanerys targerien

    31. RealTimeX

      God! So much effort.

    32. SK B

      The dance of dragons was too short... I want to see three dragons more.

    33. Jesus Covarrubias

      This scene Was Epic! Now I see Alot of work went into it

    34. Melissa Rivera

      2:18 Oh Tormund, you’re so adorbs 🧡


      "Cold as hell"

    36. Kia Mae Tabucanon

      Ahh I will miss this show so much ❤️ sad that the ending sucks

    37. Jericho Perez

      They kind of forgot polar bears existed in season 8

    38. Rebecca Blogs

      I hate spiders ,but I wanted an Ice walking spider like the legends.The bear was cool .

    39. Foxy Cinnamon

      Because no one could have recreated this glacier, zombie polar bear: soooo important to be on location (????????). Um Hmmmm.

    40. Daniel Bernard

      Sooo the lake has been frozen for years and 7-8 guys run on it and the ice breaks. Then, not even overnight, the lake freezes again but now a whole undead army can run on it without breaking the ice. Smart writting D&D

      1. parabel

        for millenias even. its the land of *always* winter after all lol

    41. chinchilla149

      Fuck Canada goose

    42. lIIlIlIIllIlIl-

      Your not a bear your Toby 😂

    43. Route 34 Street Food

      and the fat guy eating chips didnt like the episode he just said it sucked. I just respect all work

    44. Paul Robb

      On maps If you type in 'wolf hill quarry belfast' you can clearly see the set from satalite image

    45. Paul Robb

      I live literally 2 miles from the quarry from where this was shot near belfast. Cool having it on my doorstep

    46. Merchant Ivory

      Season 7 unfortunately was the last season of GoT and by far the best...lets just remove 8 from our minds

      1. Leonardo Marra

        what the fuck? season 7 is trash

    47. BeatLjooz

      I really like to listen Rory McCann speak, its very calming and relaxes me. Real sympathic and genuine person imho

    48. calico131

      What a fucking waste of money jesus christ. The whole plot line was fucked....

    49. Kage Krôss

      That zombie polar bear scene spooked the shit out of me when it suddenly ambushed the dirty dozen!

    50. AbsolutePanda

      Just remember, all of this was pointless. *Ned Stark* was right, the white walkers were indeed a joke.

    51. Casey Kunszt

      One of my favorite episodes! Cool to see all the work that went into making it so amazing

    52. Bryton Heiselt

      “We want a fucking zombie bear”

      1. Arnab Mukherjee

        Wiser words were never heard.

    53. Dutch Twice


    54. SlenderHatesYou

      Cersei: I really wanted elephants Writers: I really wanted a zombie polar bear

    55. Atazky

      Ah look, back then when they still cared about the show...

    56. fraugibberish

      The WORK that goes into these things! It's still one of the best shows to ever grace TV season 8 notwithstanding.

    57. Johnny Aingel

      My GOD that ice quarry was an AMAZING story so much work involved thank you for sharing

    58. Wanda Steeves

      We own a serious shout out to the Amazing crews

    59. Ellen Beauty Joy

      I'm freaking amazed at peoples brains to create this stuff.

    60. kareem tamimi

      What went wrong in season 8?!

      1. Arnab Mukherjee

        Apparently they wanted another zombie bear and hbo said no. They lost interest in writing as a result of that.

    61. Herlina Florist

      Shout out to the crew and people make this set and make game of thrones possible! 🙌

    62. The Lurkerx

      Black Friday Mode

    63. Mourad Blil

      With the disappointing final season, all of this went in vain.

    64. Danii

      Seeing this after the disappointing final season makes me wanna cry :/ there will never be a show like GoT again

      1. parabel

        @Cristian Roth game of thrones literally boiled down to your "good vs. evil cliché" lmao. and by any means "beyond the wall" was a pile of shit accumulating in the most retarded episode climax. they hit the shitter with dorne and with arya in braavos way before that but hey it was all flashy flashy wushy wushy and a lot of *u need da bad possy* scenes with bronn so the normies are fine with it.

      2. Cristian Roth

        @jeovanni juarez I disagree and here's why: Lord of the Rings, being a movie, has way less time for in-depth character progress. The Frozen Lake scene wouldn't have been so awesome if the characters weren't so carefully presented across previous seasons. Besides, LOTR and most medieval fantasies exploit the good vs evil past the exhaustion point. Therefore, we have the pure good vs pure evil chiche, whereas GOT characters are much more human and relatable because of their flaws and changing personalities. This is why I consider LOTR to be more of a kids story while GOT is the adult-ready, more complex version. Remember, I'm not comparing the books, I'm just comparing their cinematic adaptations.

      3. Maclain

        jeovanni juarez Ya you got it there, season 8 writing sucked! And I hate it because it comes after 7 close to perfect seasons. They just had to ruin there streak and make the final season and final episode suck so fucking hard!

      4. jeovanni juarez

        @Maclain its a good show but not better than lord of the rings. They should have waited for all the books to be done really poor writing at the end.

      5. jeovanni juarez

        @Maclain I agree that battle is insane reminds me a lot of some Bravehart scenes.

    65. Septical

      10:55 last episode of got outfit

    66. Daniel Rocha

      Thormund is the best.

    67. Shane007

      I'm always fascinated by the work of people behind the screens! Their work gets recognition only on the credits until they make a video of behind the screen! Every Movie and Drama should have a separate followup part showcasing the work of these guys behind the screen! peace!

    68. Anuj Sajwan

      From where the fuck night king got big chains to pull a dragon in nowhere

    69. iwantme1234

      I still wanna know where the white walkers get the chains?

    70. Jessica

      "You're not a bear- your name's Toby!" LMAO