Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting

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    Step inside the pitch meeting that led to the final season of Game of Thrones!
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    Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV dramas of all time, and fans were pumped to see what the creators had in store for its final season. However after a few episodes, GoT fans started to have some questions about the way D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were wrapping up their favorite show. Like what’s up with Daenerys becoming pure evil so quickly? Why isn’t anyone talking about Jon being the rightful heir to the throne? Was that really the end of the Night King? Are scorpions more powerful, or are dragons?
    To answer all these questions and more, step inside the pitch meeting that led to Game of Thrones Season 8! It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience!

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    1. drsupremo88

      50 %? Wtf man it should have been 110% of were disappointed, fukn bs, fukn glad showbox looked after me

    2. drsupremo88

      Well OK then

    3. David Hillman

      Dude, this was gold. I haven't seen all of the pitch meetings but this is my favorite by a lot!!

    4. Bryce Byerley

      4 months...seems like a lifetime ago when we liked this show.

    5. Felldoh

      this is hysterical. well made sir!

    6. Dima Maksimov

      My math is so bad,I thought 99% is more liked “nearly 100%”,not “nearly 50%”,but I guess I’ll just forget about it as well

    7. c carville

      Consume content and get excited for next content.

    8. MarryJanesBud

      God, it’s horrible how accurate this is. How they dropped the ball so hard I’ll never know

    9. PrejudicePain

      Its laughable how Hollywood reacted like it was "just a few people" upset with the show. When in reality it was half if not more of the people watching who were disgusted with such disregard, if they wanted to finish the show they could have just wrapped up all the character arcs and made everything feel good but nah lets just make this a sh*t show to remember boys!

    10. ThatGuy Man

      Were they really offered more episodes but they turned it down?

    11. Em De ville

      Bloody hilarious

    12. Harry Turner

      Is she 18.... What is that the biggest question about the child slater rape show...

    13. Kaedis

      How can I give this video TWO thumbs up? CZ-news, get to work on that!

    14. eac dez

      Valid points Apparently the writers did suffer from Alzheimer’s

    15. gee massam Art

      I would't know what the dragons were called without videos like these! 😂😂😂

    16. Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

      "Wow" "what" "how does that work?" "Um--" Fans during all of Season 8

    17. NeutralTea

      This is so damn hilarious. It's true... "This seems to be spread over 20 episodes... Yeah, but keep in mind that.. i don't wanna..." LMFAO!

    18. James Vaughan

      the writers should be in jail. they had one of the highest quality, and most anticipated shows in the history of television, then they put cheap thrills and no effort into the final season. pair of dicks.

    19. books from Windblown

      The ending should been is that westeros divided into seven independent kingdoms.

    20. Martí Solé

      3:54 would you like some time? you can have it... No Ah, dang it, okay

    21. Tyler Dowd

      This 7 minute video was better than the entirety of season 8

    22. nrsrymj

      I've watched this more times than I'm comfortable saying.

    23. Sekaia Niumataiwalu

      "Well ok then"

    24. Eli Lozano


    25. Mike Watters

      lol Starbucks

    26. hiiminafield

      The "oh my god"s killed me

    27. nothosaur

      These are hilarious! Black belt in sarcasm.

    28. Kirk Cannon

      Simply beautiful

    29. fpp

      Who still watches these videos months after the finale just to cope with the disappointment? Ps.: yes. I thought jamie would kill Cersei too.

    30. DisSuede

      - Unclear! - Ok, gotcha! Dead

    31. elliott117950

      Best one yet had me laughing so much. Nice 👍✌

    32. Stonky

      Season 8 is like an essay done overnight

    33. Digital Drummer

      A dragon is no match for a bunch of scorpions.... *a few moments later* a bunch of scorpions are no match for a dragon

    34. 1xoACEox1

      Its so bizarre usually its the studios cutting things short and half assing. This is the first show I can think of where the studio was like " would you like some time? you can have it" and the directors saying "nah".

    35. ITS Computers LLC

      im glad i never watched more than part of 2 episodes of this shitfest. its lost all over again.. or the literal corpse that is the walking dead series.

    36. Rodney Turkson

      Lord!!! You speaking my mind . Can they just remake it

    37. Grasslander

      I just keep expecting the guy in blue to choke the guy in grey at the end

    38. Grasslander

      I have just one question (no, dozens, but...) : WHY DOES EVERYONE FORGET ABOUT MEREEN? I always thought Dany would realize Westeros wasn't her home and go back to where she had always lived. And make sure the freed slaves remained free. It would have been fitting for her. Then I thought at least the freed slave army would go back to protect the freed slaves, plus they have a whole city. No, they go to the southern islands to be killed by poison butterflies, which everyone forgot about. Also, I thought Arya would like to explore the continent where she learned a lot of stuff, but no - off to die on the western ocean we go. Because NO ONE in the HISTORY OF WESTEROS has thought of going there before.

    39. Jocelyn Bastien

      When every imbecile now has a platform once in a while you stumble on someone creative, entertaining and funny. Thank you so much!

    40. Great Scott


    41. RedHerring87

      This is so hilarious and incredibly sad all at the same time

    42. J- LEETHAL

      "Did he understand that the power of the throne corrupted her or did he just get mad at the one pointy thing in the room?"😂😂

    43. Corpito

      watch up to season 7 then watch this instead of season 8

    44. Michael P

      This is fking awesome. Thank you

    45. TGDRAW

      LOL!!! This is gold XD

    46. TheStrangr

      The white horse thing wasn't even a joke. I literally forgot that scene even took place...

    47. Rosie Banks

      Oh my God 🤣

    48. Forgotten Syrup

      Listen the return of the Dothraki makes perfect sense, the night king did resurrect them after all!

    49. Forgotten Syrup

      Imagine if Cersei had tried to burn King’s landing and Jaime had killed her like he did Aerys.

    50. Vita

      Once I thought that some day I will watch GOT. And now I found this. Thank you! I don't need to waste my time to watch GOT xD

    51. Angelo De Dio

      I had to stop watching 45 seconds in because I can’t stand seeing that guys face.. such a soy boy.. your not funny either.. maybe if you had a black screen with 2 other people speaking from a different script who were not affiliated with screen rant then I would watch

      1. FatherTime89

        What kind of dumbass still uses soy boy as an insult

    52. John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

      It was a mess of nonsense.

    53. Lindsay Gillard

      Please do a pitch for Neverending Story! Since it got referenced in Stranger Things...I will stalk your page every day until you do it!! lol j/k

    54. Amanda L

      "Did you say Starbucks??" That killed me lmao

    55. poopinwithmonkeys

      This makes me sad

    56. CamMart Motions

      Would you like some time you have it No!

    57. Arisu Cheddar

      If I could go back in time and stop this from happening....

    58. dari_ m

      2.2K disliked the video for having too much Common Sense

    59. tigerw222

      This is not just funny, this is damn near perfect.

    60. suxiulaybaekchenchandokaihun is my bias

      "and then jon screams at a dragon for some reason" 😂😂😂 had me cracking up so loud

    61. Dunkbuscus Gaming

      I would say over 50% not nearly 50%

    62. YoloBro698

      Ryan: tries to have a quick video Video: ends up being significantly longer than most other Pitch Meetings

    63. Original Greekster

      I still think mother of dragons should have died in the long night and make John snow kill her while aria killed the ice king would of been better and make John snow want to kill Circe at the end and put her head on the wall the best ending compared to this

    64. better late than never

      Ironic, D&D rush the ending and George takes his previous time

    65. Miss Tofu92

      It is really disappointing that only half of the fans hate the last season

    66. Josh Riley

      How has Sean of the Dead not happened!?!

    67. AMY1213141

      The only complaint I have is that you should’ve mispronounced messandei’s name as mee-sen-day like they did

    68. InvertedFlame

      why is there a private video over this one in the playlist

    69. Madfrazzer

      Hahahha, this litterrally was how the writer and director talked.