Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)



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    The trailer is here.
    The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

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    1. Mario Argeñal Pinto

      Esta temporada sera la mejor .... que empieze yaaaa🤣

    2. cruz loera

      Two dragon wights?

    3. Calon Presiden

      The game is the first of adventure

    4. aa

      I just hope it's not as ridiculous as the previous season

    5. ur fat

      hey this season doesnt look shit . finally a season of GOT that might not turn out shit for example : Dany is a fucking retard

    6. Joel the Great

      I guess the Night King is gonna usher Westeros into an era of... Wight Supremacy.

    7. Cọp

    8. Danielle Machuse

      I bought season one out of curiosity of why this show is so popular and loved. I’ve become interested, but is the rest of the seasons afterward worth getting?

    9. Sean Hayter

      Really why even make a trailer we know its good, sigh

    10. Cristian Ivan

      Anyone knows the name of the song?

    11. Sam Goodman

      How much u bet there’s gonna be a scene where Jon says something like “Rhagar is my blood, but Ned Stark is my father”. Something like that. Gonna be badass.

    12. Milani Hajira

      Jaime better not die and don't you dare ruin Sansa's character

    13. Emad Tahiri

      Those 20K dislikes are White Walkers!

    14. Georgios Drakou

      Brandon Stark must be ready the 3 eyed raven!!! or will he awake from his coma? and everything is just a vision :)))))

    15. DaNeOMiTe313

      There had better be a Hound vs Mountain Death Match 💀. #cleganebowl2019

    16. LordDummkopf

      Ja moin bruder

    17. MooN 2A

      The fourth episode is gonna air on my birthday. Better than nothing honestly

    18. Gökhan Demir

      Nedir bu starklardan çektiğimiz 🐄

    19. abc77709

      48 million views since 5th of March , Bring it on baby , The dance of Dragons

    20. abc77709

      who has watched this trailer over 10 times since released... fxxxking Can't wait now

    21. ARB Clan

      Please. Subscribe to the channel I received a thousand subscribers

    22. WiseLynx HD

      Plottwist; Bran or somebody else wakes up and the whole story was just a dream

    23. joker Darker


    24. Ty Lando

      Aegon Targaryen’s speech before the Battle of Winterfell will be the stuff of legend.

    25. Burt Reynolds

      Jamie saying “I intend to keep that promise” gets me ALL KINDS OF FIRED UP

    26. Jamie Nicholls

      Looks edited from previous seasons BUT can't wait for the final season useless "Mother of Dragons" takes the throne is then I'll rage why: She's a great character BUT like other's automatically demands the throne & is "true" ruler BUT nope she isn't she's leader of her people that's it Jon Snow main contender: Shows 100% natural leadership & never cared about who gets what so long as justice for all kingdoms is maintained even for Wildlins as he had first had knowledge & plans with them, Cersi: She rule her way & kill anyone who disagrees with her laws & methods, Jaime: Cersi will have to be killed cause she makes his cruel when she is around him, Tyrion: Logical & ethical, Ayra: She has done it all from going on the lamb to revenge & taking on a master assassin all at a young age after forced to flee Kings Landing & finally: The Hound: Forced to once again see the actions unfold & be the badass & make a hard but worthy choice thus making him the King

    27. RainbowBear Xox

      I hope Jon Snow dies

    28. Muhammed sahil

      Valar Morghulis

    29. Chynna Bartee

      Spring is here, Summer is near, Fall is far and *Winter is coming...*

    30. Maria

      fuck!!!! Im not a person who cries from an emotional movie but this gets me on tears!!!!!!

    31. Royal Obsidian

      20K corpses that have disliked this shall get their arse kicked by Lyanna Mormont!

    32. Juns Lee

      Jon is doing his aunt rofl

    33. HAlDAR MAHDi

      ادري هاذ الفديو شلون صار اترند في العراق واحنة كنة لبلبان بل انكليزي

    34. Zakky Tempsz

      I feel excited for those who haven’t watched GOT they can binge watch 8 Seasons.... lucky them

    35. Fallion Moon

      Basically the Heavensward expansion

    36. Pascal Barbato

      Hype is real

    37. Mahir Cave

      I just hope Bronn gets the castle he deserves

    38. Fire Marshall Bill

      Jon left Winterfell a bastard come back a f*cking KING

    39. Flavio Aguila

      achei bem mixuruca esse trailer pra falar a verdade

    40. val myeon

      where's sandor clegane

    41. ludicrous503


    42. Broadlock


    43. Sulleyman Juma


    44. Caio Rodriguez

      Cadê os brasileiros ? Kkkk

    45. King Ijaz اعجاز


    46. chebad1 the link in the description

    47. dx nagar

      April 14 is coming... All men must die

    48. tontaia

      Awesum 😘😍💗

    49. Myosotisa FanStark

      23 jours avant saison 8 ;-)

    50. lampord gaak

      قات كوكل بلاي اليريد البطاقه رابط الشرح بالموقع اسفل الفيديو

    51. Indigo & the Sirens

      I can’t get over this

    52. Pavan Bhat

      My toilet seat saw this trailer, Now it's an Iron Throne

    53. Deepak Goyal

      Am i the only one who has never seen a single episode of GAME OF THRONES 🤔🤔

    54. akhil puppalla

      adidas x Game Of Thrones ultraboost running shoes in stock at Amazon -

    55. J&A R

      If Cersei doesnt die I'm going to ROYALLY PISSED!

    56. Amanda Oliveira

      Nunca vai existir outra série igual a essa :(((((((

    57. odikigoros

      Last episode reveals the past 8 seasons as Brans' dreams, as a result of his fall from the first episode. It's lost allover again. GRR Martin laughs himself to sleep the past couple of decades.

    58. Surplush Shopper

      I'm calling it now, the smaller dead army goes to winterfell while the night king fly to kings landing, he wants the 1m people there, golden company sees it from and and decide to sail north.... All the living north will survive under the crypts

    59. Dodoxx AD

      Ned Stark is alive. Remember this

    60. Alex Drax

      oh sheit

    61. Robb Papa

      arya is running scared because she saw lady stoneheart

    62. Nokwanda Ngcobo

      Damn i got chills watching the last part where they all waiting for the dead army 😪😪😪

    63. J-800 Model HaHaHa

      Of all the things to come in the last 6 episodes I really want some spoken dial from the Nights King, I want him explored a bit for the little time we have left of GoT

    64. J-800 Model HaHaHa

      The Throne no longer matter, Winter has come and death to all with it...

    65. Mrs. kim

      I'm not going to watch season 8 per ep and wait for next ep since I want to watch all the ep in a day. VALAR MORGHULES

    66. Jose Fernandes



      Please don't let it end😭😭😭


      I really enjoy that amazing game and it's free and I earn 100 usd in my PayPal in two days

    69. camarodel98

      Bronn deserves nine foking castles

    70. Timon Hoester

      Are they serious? Don't they care about video quality at all?

      1. Clayed Hamster


    71. My wife is a doctor

      Where are the Dothraki

    72. Maryam Atabati

      man i can not wait anymore i want it now just like right now :|

    73. Bradley Taft

      Lets be honest, the Night King will win the throne.

    74. Daniel Vale

      Never saw a single episode... Will start with season one this month...

    75. Millsy93

      A man enjoyed this trailer

    76. كل شئ


    77. Tung Le

      Let's fuck some white walker's ass

    78. Tung Le

      What happen when jon find out he and dani are relatives :)))

    79. Sher Laguardia

      Saw this trailer on TV today and I screamed and cried at the same time! I am so excited!

    80. 129thanos

      Drogon dies in 3 episode

    81. The North RememBers

      Winter is So late ❤❤.. Plz Come Fast.. Wanna be a Winterfell soldier nd put the dragon in their chest..

    82. happinin

      hurry up dammit!!

    83. the dark knight

      After breaking bad, i never thought there would be another great show in my life time. A man can only admit when he's wrong.

      1. gg

        Vikings & The 100, also great.

      2. Angela Loveday

        100% agree

    84. Saifu Nazer


    85. oNNN1 -

      they need to change the time because I"'m watching Brexit...

    86. Id110594 va

      Hoạt hình

    87. enes Başıbüyük

      Türkler ses verin ❤🇹🇷

    88. Chrispen McFadden

      10th time watching this week..anyone???

    89. Emilio O. Marcos

      ¡Ya se viene!

    90. CM Pandey

      I've never and probably would never again loved any T.V series more than this one The triler of the season 8 gave me goosebumps

    91. Lawrence Onella

      "A great man once said, GIVE ME 10 GOOD MEN AND I'LL IMPREGNATE THE B*TCH"

    92. Everyday Carry Gear

      Legends says there is another GOT series is coming after this one!

    93. Everyday Carry Gear

      The Entire world is waiting for this and I am the world #1 fan of GOT!!

    94. harry jao

      the only way they will win the war againts the white walker is for the Stark to call for help to their strongest Uncle...... Tony Stark. P.S i know right?!

    95. taher dridi

      i love this serie i Watch 7 saison

    96. Adrian Santos

      “Hold door “-hodor🤧

    97. gleise ajob

      Show de bola

    98. Alparslan Hazır

      1.44 song name please

    99. الاستاذ أحمد عامر || Ahmed Amer

      مسلسل = 60 دقيقة فيلم = 120 دقيقة كرة القدم = 90 دقيقة كلمة الله ثانية واحدة

    100. 강괌

      미뗬다다다다다다다다다다다ㅏ 진짜 개소름 돋아