Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell (HBO)



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    Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14. #ForTheThrone

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    1. Oliva Shard

      I felt so emotional when Jon passed his real mother's grave. And the line. " you have to protect him Ned" made me cry😭😭😭

    2. Rochelle Hall

      The horror that happened in king's landing was because Sansa couldn't love a motherless child (Daenerys). And she couldn't keep her mouth shut or be nice to Dany. People keep saying Sansa was the smartest character in season 8. She didn't know how to fake nice at least? Or at least not be so cold to her? She didn't have to be chipper but dang.

    3. Kita Pritasari

      What the hell was this for lmao

    4. zawareii metalcity

      You could still create two or three more seasons and you ended it...Tell me 1 thing, why?

    5. Daenerys Targaryen

      This teaser is important. It foreshadows the starks coming together as one and carrying on through old age. It means everything. The starks won the game of thrones

    6. Зара Никольская


    7. Maximilian Hammerschmidt

      Trailer is heavily focused on the fact that Jon is actually a Targaryen... Actual season: Jon gets made a side-character/he is send to the Night's Watch again for stupid reasons/his true origins doesn't matter at all

    8. dria moon

      Haha can’t believe that’s what Kit has in his house

    9. jon M


      1. Tess d'Urberville

        Jon M Teaser trailers are merely made to get the vurwers excited about a new movie or series, often in a vague or misleading way in order to cause viewers to comment about what they think will happen. It is a marketing ploy 😊.

    10. parabel


    11. AJ with friend's


    12. sneakymia1

      loved season 8, love political jon playing dany like a fiddle to protect his true soulmate, sansa stark, and jonsa is finally endgame, love it all

      1. Tess d'Urberville

        sneakymia 1 I am not certain that he should be given that much credit. He was, (and others clearly were) blinded by his feelings for her. Sansa saw through her and told Tyrion, which was the right thing to do.

    13. Rabinarayan majhi

      You just fucked yourself. The worst season of GOT

    14. Roo ney

      when begins season 8? i can't wait for longer

    15. no one

      all three suckers are alive.. i really wished ayra died.. from story point. the "one " who kills the night king must die as well type of shit.. it would have been more good if ayra killed the night king only to find out jon also died coz his destiny and life force was connected with the night king.. coz jon was indeed a white but he had free will. so no one really connected the dots.. sansa would rule as queen of saven kingdom coz dany and cercei did hideous things in final bettle(* or made some tough call to save all living) jamie dead. tyrion is married to sanse* again. they claimed jon's child is thier's to save him from killed due to born out of incest relation..

    16. brosay what

      We will have season 9 in five years from now.

    17. Stranger Things happen in Riverdale

      The dead Starks should've risen. I wanted to see Lady Stoneheart

    18. Falconi Diohang

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    19. Jadesola Ajao

      What was the purpose of this tease? Of literally anything in this tease???

    20. Tony Touch

      Still extremly disappointed! HBO stole 8/9 years from my life and put a knive in my back😖😣

    21. María95

      Somehow this is a spoiler of the final of the show🤣🤣

    22. AND1 Krypto

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    23. The Law

      The big mystery of Winterfell's crypts? There are dead people in it. *Womp womp*

    24. mohammad hosein agheli

      I saw this in my liked videos Fuck me

    25. Rommel Balagtas

      hey, this is an awesome trailer of game of thrones :)

    26. cristian alvarez

      when you realize this was all bullshit, even the fog was bullshit.

    27. Kabir Shrestha

      And this trailer is just shit

    28. eliocap

      Wtf is the point of this

    29. Mufazzal Mansoor Ali

      All 3 of them survive

    30. Tsumii Tsukiyomi

      When the tease is so much better than the actual. 😅 Just tease me forever.

    31. G.G Marie

      I fucking wish this happened

    32. Moonkin

      remember when this trailer had so much meaning to us

    33. Dovar

      One of the greatest disappointments in history...

    34. Abhishek Rawat

      Just tell me when are you releasing the REAL season 8?

    35. Mel Skie

    36. Solomon Hernandez

      Surpise! The White Walkers were just a SECONDARY storyline. SuBvErT eXpEcTaTiOnS.

    37. This is a load of barnacles

      This trailer is less powerful when you realize all three of them survived.

    38. 54markl

      You know Nothing, Jon HBO. Meet AMC.

    39. 54markl

      Stick the women and children down in the crypt with a bunch of dead people sure to become zombies? Idiotic.

    40. Lapulich just another ending where dany is alive and not mad

    41. Vaishnavi Ramesh

      Well if this wasn't pointless...

    42. A A

      Woulda made sense to have the night king win in game of thrones and then the prequel would have some meaning because it ruins the fun if both will have the main villain lose so whats the point in a prequel just so we can see the exact thing we saw in ep 3? Oh yea my bad we couldn’t even see anything in ep 3 but seriously even i could write a better season lmao

    43. weir wood

      This trailer gives nothing of any episodes we've seen I'm still angry with you

    44. Οφελεια

      So now we can agree on the fact that this trailer was useless ? And leading us in a total wrong way

    45. salot lipunan

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      1. El Soidap

        salot lipunan pre d umuubra ung link ko gaya ng sau.

    46. Phil Wilson

      OK ! So, Who's Ready For Season 9 ?

    47. Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang

      Now we know traitor were just to receive people. What the fuck we got 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I wish I never watched S8 now I can't unsee it.

    48. AuGustine

      Okay so this trailer meant absolutely nothing

    49. Adam Sigala

      All of them are still alive so this teaser has nothing of value.

    50. Rishabh Pathak

      Wish season 8 had not come

    51. Seph flok

      Wow awesome! I cant wait to watch this 😍😊

    52. MR nobody


    53. Cinema Klasik

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    54. Евана Лара

      none of this meansanything now

    55. farzad shir

      Which episode was this one???

    56. 김영재

      The three who gets the happy ending

    57. Rolando Vellon

      Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell (HBO)

    58. Dream Thief

      This teaser prepared us for the beautiful final scene with Jon, Arya and Sansa. Love it.

    59. Altamash Syed Nigar

      Who is here after episode 6?

    60. TheChosen2030

      King stannis: a liar take it out

    61. OLALA

      Netflix be like after 2 years Here's the GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8 TRAILER

    62. Ess Ji

      Too bad these trailers were better than the ACTUAL rushed season!!!! Congratulations to the exceptional cast & crew & incredible cinematography!!!! Only thing that sucked was the piss poor writing!!!!!!! 💩💩💩💩💩

    63. Mark

      that went by so fast :(

    64. Abanop Gerges

      After episode 6 what is this trailer mean ?😂

    65. Alexandra Bento

      Shame, Shame, Shame.... Winter is over!

    66. Boblennon1012

      It’s sad when the trailers for season 8 are actually better than season 8 itself.

    67. Punnily

      I guess this had literally no meaning whatsoever

    68. Rami Ghamrawi

      they should call them trollers instead of teasers. here after season 8 finale, what a disrespectful joke

    69. Astro Wiz

      All 3 of them survived to the end!!! Long live the pack.

    70. Amit Singh

      I am here after the underwhelming finale!!