Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Promo: Together (HBO)



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    Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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    1. Sam Ebersman

      These comments have not aged well.

    2. Rodrigo Gomes

      Melhor série de todos os tempos... Parabéns Game Of Thones 😃👏🏻👏🏻

    3. Armando Sanchez

      Airport Clicks UofA

    4. YouTube queen coral

      Waited waited with baited breath for year and a half....for them to destroy everything they built in a few episodes...fuck d&d forever ...and now they're gonna let them fuck up the new lord of the rings show ...been looking forward to it for two I'm not so fucking sure...they deserve every bit of hate and then some..that's why they won't even come out in piblic

    5. Stereo Cassette

      0:09-0:12 where was that scene? Was it cut?

    6. Hrishi Kande

      The music feels like the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows!

    7. Adrian Badurski

      Remeber when i saw this and the trailer first time. I don't know why but the music gave me strong Azor Ahai vibes. F**k you dumb and dumber for ruining epicness of this show.

    8. Black Burn

      we are all here because we still can't get over the miserable GOT ending 💔

    9. Garcia Ferdz

      its heart pounding...but i feel hungry... lets try this while

    10. Mr. Sales

      FINAL LIXO... Um desrespeito com a personalidade criada de cada personagem durante toda a série. Lixo é pouco para traduzir a caca que fizeram , simplesmente para não dar um fim plausível e tornar Game of thrones na melhor série de todos os tempos.

    11. Fotini Evgeniou

      0:10 we never saw that scene

      1. ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD

        Stuck Weeb looking ass ~Where did you hear that? I heard that we weren’t getting deleted scenes until December when the complete series box set releases.

      2. Raggidy Ass Bitch

        umm, deleted scenes comes at the end of july or early august.

    12. Phillippe 93

      0:19 0:09 These scenes were missing But Why? Let's get a 7th episode :D

    13. The Hunt

      Dan and dave you should ve ashamed of yourself, this entire season was a disgrace and youve completly destroyed possibly the best story that was ever told. My only hope is that GRRM steers well clear of what you have done when finishing his book. The last ep was the worst, its painfully obvious that you had no clue were to go when left without source material, i could go on all morning but ive wasted enough time on u, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

      1. The Hunt

        @ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD Sounds like your just as pissed off as the rest of us !!!!!!!

      2. ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD

        The Hunt ~Oh shut up. Shows over. Nothing you can do about it now.

    14. Arciiversum

      can´t wait for episode 7 to see 0:19 and 0:09

    15. Omeed Siadati

      throwback to the last time i had hope in this show

    16. YouTube queen coral

      Oh the hope I had when I first watched this!

    17. BURSALI 16

      We havent seen cersei scene - jon scene - dany jon dragonstone scene - dany in winterfell scenes . somethings doesnt match

    18. Luke Karwath

      0:09 I swear we still haven’t seen this

      1. Luke Karwath

        @ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD hoping episode 6 but who knows at this point

      2. Luke Karwath

        @Clete Greeson yea dude definitely wasnt this

      3. ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD

        Either a cut from Episode 5 or it’ll still be in Episode 6?

      4. Clete Greeson

        I agree with you, there was a similar one in episode 5, but it wasn’t this one??

    19. Marko Gonzo

      That clip of them in dragonstone... I didn’t see it in episode 5 or was it just me?

      1. Home Com

        yeah same here

      2. Luke Karwath

        Definitely E6, clip also looks reversed

      3. Clete Greeson

        I’ve been thinking the same thing. We saw them in episode 5 in front of the fireplace, but she never had her backed turned right?

    20. Mennatullah Rafea

      Who is here checking the first trailer after the shit show the last five episodes were? I regret the decision of making my husband watch with me, now he is angry with me because he thought the final season will wrap up all the unanswered questions. Smh

    21. Siril.S

      0:19 ????

    22. Mavro Polyhromo

      I think we haven't seen the jon-danny scene at 0:09. Dany has her hair done. Does it mean that she wins and survivres the war with Cersei? And Drogon scene 0:25,many claim that it's Varys' execution.

      1. Siril.S

        Yh and what about Dany in winterfell at 0:19 sec?. I thought we saw that in ep 1 when Bran told her about viserion but in that scene Bran's head was there. So either its a deleted scene which i doubt or Dany survives and goes to winterfell

    23. Shahab Saeed

      Maybe that's where drogon burned varys. And how they ruined first 3 episodes by showing Jon and dany at dragon stone is beyond me.

    24. Phillippe 93

      0:09 When does this scene come?

      1. Aaron D

        @teenwitchdaniela she'll have to braid her hair if she's gonna ride Drogon

      2. teenwitchdaniela

        @Darko Katušić I meant five. I am sorry.

      3. Darko Katušić

        @teenwitchdaniela Episode 5 most likely, since there are photos of Jon coming to Dragonstone in ep 5.

      4. teenwitchdaniela

        It is strange. Because Danny isn't wearing braids in the episode 5.

    25. Raquel Campostrini

      0:26 this dragon scene didnt come out yet, and the dragon is kind of different from Drogon or am I going mad too? This dragon seems trapped or in a cave, I dont know, but right now everything its meaning something haha

      1. Alex Barton

        That’s drogon lol burning vareys

      2. Meredith Ericksen

        @Raquel Campostrini Oh!!!! I just said I thought it was Drogon in the Red Keep after durning the roof, but Varys getting executed would be spot on as well.

      3. Meredith Ericksen

        I was just thinking about that dragon scene! My belief it is Drogon but in the burnt out Red Keep either touching the Iron Throne or someone else. ;) Thus why it is so dark.

      4. Raquel Campostrini

        @Whttrs I know right? Im about to lose my mind here lol But thinking about the last episode it could be Drogon burning Varys alive...

      5. Whttrs

        That's exactly what I was just thinking. It's a dark dragon, but it really doesn't look that much like Drogon... Of course we really may just be going insane hoping there's more dragons! lol

    26. 3571113

      Well well welll...

    27. Arciiversum

      0:18 Will Dany come back to Winterfell because i didnt saw these scene in the fitst 4 Episodes in Season8!

      1. Siril.S

        @G Na its not dragon stone look carefully. She was wearing her winter clothes. It must be a deleted scene unless she goes to winterfell which is highly unlikely

      2. G

        @Siril.S It's from Dragonstone and I don't believe they have ever deleted a scene, so maybe after the events that occurred in KL, they will return to Dragonstone.

      3. Siril.S

        @dbleo it looks slightly different when you compare it. The angle is different. I think it could be a deleted scene.

      4. dbleo

        isn't that when Bran tells her that Viserion is undead?

      5. Siril.S

        @Hibachi Ghulam-Rasul Its not dragonstone. It looks like the winterfell courtyard behind her. She usually only wears the white dress when shes in the north . Im starting to think it could be a deleted scene. Or she goes to winterfell in episode 6

    28. Salucia Unicorn

      Well this final season turned out to be a big steaming pile of shite. Thanks for ruining what was once a great show! 👌

    29. Moses Alfaro

      They literally spoiled episode 3 by showing Jon and Dany made it to Dragonstone after the battle at winterfell. (Talking thrones pointed this out).

    30. Juanmi31

      So Jon and Daenerys both survive and both are in dragonstone.... The only image we got after the battle of winterfell

    31. MooN 2A

      0:09 so we have one shot here that we haven’t seen already and it certainly doesn’t look from the battle episode this just might prove that _at least_ jon and daenarys survive

    32. Maream Ali

      oaao😮وااو حلو😗

    33. محمد الملكي

    34. Gaming New

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    35. cyanical

      0:09 is definitely from a later episode because it's jon a dany somewhere indoors and safe, whereas we know that the next episode they'll be fighting the battle

      1. cyanical

        @ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD most probably yeah

      2. ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD

        They’re at Dragonstone

    36. IostsouI

      We haven't seen the Dany clip yet have we? At 0:18 she looks upset. It looks peaceful behind with no signs of battle. Cut perhaps?

      1. IostsouI

        @Neil Torres Perhaps, a different angle that they didn't like for whatever reason.

      2. Neil Torres

        Maybe cut from when Bran told her about Viserion on ep.1

    37. Justin Salazar

      0:10 they’re in dragon stone.......

    38. Amelia C.

      I haven’t seen the scene yet with Daenerys and Jon at 0:09

    39. Catalina Montalvo

      0:10 Jon and Dany in 8x04

    40. Thom Guem

      I think we have the proof : Dany and Jon will survive the battle of winterfell

      1. SOORAJ PK

        @Aava Pantha it is dragonstone actually...!

      2. Aava Pantha

        @Thom GuemOh yeah, it does look similar. Either way, it means they survive the battle of Winterfell.

      3. Thom Guem

        @Aava Pantha the fireplace look more like the one in dragonstone

      4. Aava Pantha

        Exactly. Because we've seen Jon's face and Dany's back. She's wearing black clothes, which hasn't happened since she went north. So they're in King's Landing, maybe.

      5. SOORAJ PK

        yeah that one scene in this promo didn't occur till now and probably it won't be in Episode 3. So they survive. Very Happy...!

    41. Marcel Saeed

      The shot at 00:08 I belive is proof that they survive the battle cause that shot is not in the first two episodes and we saw at the end of the second episode they were outside getting ready to fight they wouldn't get back in to the fire so I think this shot is after the battle

      1. Sedat Karayazili

        Yep exactly what i came for to write after episode 2

      2. ThatAmericanBritishBloke XD

        That is for sure Dragonstone. Probably one of the only shots we’ve got from episodes 4, 5, or 6.

      3. Sameer Vadlamani

        Yeah and Dany changed her attire to more tropical than what she wore in the north.i think they are back at dragon stone or some place in the south, definitely not the north

    42. Gntng_ s

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    43. Sagar Kumar

      0:09 John revealed daenerys he is the real king.

    44. 7 OB

      check this out

    45. terence buckle

      At 0:22, jon's scene looks so epic and badsss😎

    46. Lonvo

      Rip beric

    47. Evelyn Brindle


    48. Faraj aicha

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    50. Brian J Kiss

      I believe I see Nymeria or Ghost behind Arya as she fights with what looks like the staff Gendry makes (22 second mark Plus there is a snippet of what sure sound likes a Direwolf in the audio.... The pups are back???

    51. Jack Grayson

      *Интересный обзор на игру престолов*

    52. Ramona Simon

      Does Jon tell Danny about his real identity at 0.09???? Looks like she can't take in the new info! 😛

    53. Jaqen H'ghar

      Plot twist : Ned Stark is alive and he was always one of the faceless men. He wore the face of Jaqen H'ghar and pushed Arya to live on and avenge the family

    54. Maulana mahbub

      Nunggu versi di indoxxi aja....apa ada yang punya link-nya

    55. Kalpita Harihar Raut


    56. Rahul Parmar

      👩‍💼Arya stark;--- How did you servive a knife through the heart ? 🗣 Jon-snow;--- I didn't (love❤ the scene)

    57. TheBunny Vlog

    58. Amina Lunique

      I need some Missendei and Grey Worm moments

    59. Psychonl

      Gotta unsubscribe cause the spoilers:-:

    60. Rubaida Allen

      I've watched episode 1 twice already 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    61. Gemma Sarlatan

      Is there website can watch fr free

    62. Charise Bejarano

      It's today.....and I'm missing it

    63. Notfa نطفة

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    64. Eyy-Its-Me XD

      Ive rewatched all the seasons 7 times.

    65. Raymond Joannette


    66. Ananta Jatra

      any leaked episodes?

    67. 서Meli


    68. nofapmax132tillnow

      Valar morghulis

    69. Janie Santonacita

      Holy crap! 😱😱😱

    70. yayy353

      +HBO we havent you guys confirm about Syrio Forel , the end of GOT is coming . Where is he ?