Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Ending Explained and Book Changes

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    Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Ending Explained, A Song of Ice and Fire Book Changes, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, Bran Stark ►
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    Covering Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Ending Scenes and A Song of Ice and Fire Book Ending Changes per George RR Martin. Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa, Arya, Bran Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys' Dragons, The Night King, White Walkers, Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.
    I'll do a new Game of Thrones Finale Q&A video soon, Bonus GoT Episode airs next Sunday. I'll be doing GoT Prequel videos, Watchmen HBO, The Witcher and the new Lord of the Rings Series videos. Not including all the regular Marvel and DC Comics Movie and tv series videos!
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    1. Emergency Awesome

      Here's my *Game Of Thrones Finale* video for all the things that will end differently in the books based on GRRM's explanations and which characters endings will be the same. Post all your theories in the comments!

      1. Jimmy Joe Parker

        There is no valid explanation for GOT. The dumpster fire of a final season is just nonsense.

      2. Zee D

        @Vinnie Moran There's going to be a MOVIE on the big screen! 🎥🎥🎥🎥😄😄😄😄 There will be a conclusion and a prequel! Bran played the wheel!

      3. Zee D

        There's going to be a MOVIE on the big screen! 🎥🎥🎥🎥😄😄😄😄 There will be a conclusion and a prequel!

      4. lyletita

        Hey Charlie! Thanks for your video! Why didn't Sam get married to Gilly? She was expecting his baby now, so I wish they gave Sam the opportunity to stay with Gilly instead of becoming Maester

      5. Chan Vogel

        Honestly though are you satisfied with the finale

    2. Wanda Walden

      I thought season 8 was fantastic! Yes it could have ended in a different way but the creators ended it the way they wanted to and in my opinion it was great.i loved it.i watch it over and over.

    3. Dartblock stang

      The ending left an opportunity for the show to be continued. It can and should be continued with masterful writing like before....


      The death of the mad queen was so satisfying.

    5. Brieen

      Pretty pissed they told us that John Snow is a Targaryen and they just sent him back to castle black. They fucking lead me on

    6. Haji Abeid

      The dragon thought that the knife came from the Iron Throne. Lucky for Jon Snow.

    7. AB Roman

      How to be realised game of thrones season 8???

    8. Blake Jones

      Nah. He a dik! Evil as eff!

    9. Lady Janell of Lakeland

      I love how they showed us with Dany how absolute power corrupts even the nicest people absolutely. However, i dont like how they said the Bran, who is basically Big Brother is good either...Bran is someone with their own form of absolute power. Maybe even more so. Maybe thats also supposed to make us think. Just lile them laughing at a form of democracy is also something they havent caught up to yet. It's art not a YA novel. I think that's what all the bitching is about from their 15 year old fans. They wanted a Disney ending and do not understand the complexity of power and war issues yet. Hell, most adults still dont understand why we dont need people with absolute military power with today. We call them dictators. Even with blonde hair blue eyes and pet CGI dragon babies.

    10. A.J. Manol

      Dragons are thought to be very smart. Maybe he knew her hunt for it is what killed her.

    11. Dark Superman

      Lol, you can't take my Throne cause I'm all way on it. LOL

    12. Aries

      Bronn is the best option for Master of Whispers? What about Bran himself who can see 👀 EVERYTHING?! And Sam was in The citadel for a minute, and now he's a Maester? 🤔

    13. Jeremy

      God love Charlie. He just keeps trying to pretend the GoT finale was not completely stupid. I thought he had moxie when he talked about the last two books as if they were really happening.

    14. Riverness Mariposa

      I stopped caring about the show during season 8 because the writing was so bad. Now I just hate it for wasting so much of my time.

    15. NoOnes Home87

      Maybe you should create a video when the book ending is released.

    16. Aysha Yusufzai

      Mad king: burn them all Daenerise: ok papa. 😂

    17. Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

      Hmmm... Drogon now wears a yellow jumpsuit and seeks his revenge.. Drogon: *ROOOOOAAAAAR* (Where's Jon Snow!?) -Hits Tyrion- Tyrion: I don't know Drogon: *Roooooar* (Bullshit!) Meanwhile -Arya comes in in a nurse costume- *whistles a tune*

    18. Laura Metheny

      Yay Drogon!🐲🤘

    19. FirstSword oftheNorth

      If you watched the last episode you would know why Bron became master of coin. Tyrion made sure the Lanisters debt to Bron had been paid. What he and Jamie had promised him. He became ruler of the reach and Harrenhall. The reach is the most fertile land in Westeros making him one of the richest people in Westeros. Why wouldn't he be named master of coin?

    20. Shivani

      It’ll be more interesting to see which GOT actors manage to maintain a career in Hollywood.

    21. rclines001

      Nothing like sending one of the greatest warriors and most honorable and honest person in all of Westeros north of the wall. Only trying to rebuild a kingdom here. Don't need any of that nonsense hanging around to influence people. Lets just ignore the fact that he was the best possible option on the entire continent to be the most fair and honorable ruler. Lets just ignore the fact that the Unsullied and Dothraki were leaving Westeros anyway to never return. Why did Sansa let him go to the wall when she was now Queen of the north, where John had to pass through to get to the wall? Finale was just ridiculous. Who has a better story than Bran? Oh I don't know, John??? John was brought back to life by a God.

    22. Taka Etono

      funny thing about the bran-action, obviously everyone needed the "enemy" to come together, to recognize the enemy you need threat, to recognize threat you need losses. also, for whatever new thing you build afterwards, it aint exactly helping to still have all the old bastards around who were caught up in their traditions and old structures. they would just have wanted to get back to buisness as usual. like the vienna conference in 1815. there is also a hint in the finale, when the lords simply laugh at "democracy". And these were the people who were open minded enough to do the unthinkable -unite with those they hated and fought since generations. Imagine what Tarly senior and Tywin would have said & done if they were still around. Not much of a help to build something new, right? letting ppl die was exactly what had to happen in order to "break the wheel".

    23. Loutzenheiser

      I'm gonna miss not having any more episodes to watch... I would have loved for HBO and Dan and Dave to freelance the future

    24. Zee D

      There's going to be a MOVIE on the big screen! 🎥🎥🎥🎥😄😄😄😄 There will be a conclusion and a prequel!

    25. Michel Pas

      Thank you! Let's pray the prequels will be good and done by others. Hodor...

    26. TechNolaJG

      Lowkey the iron throne is what killed Dany

    27. TheBigEaredBandit

      The tallest Lannister haahahahahahahahahaha

    28. Cecilia Eastwood

      Contrary to what you say in this video, Jon’s is not blindly driven by honour. Yes he is an upstanding honourable person but he makes his own choices which shows his strong character. Examples as follows: Ned Stark had a go at Jaime in one of the early episodes for betraying his king, which he did not see as justified despite the fact that he was mad and threatening to burn everyone. Yet Jon broke his vow to Danearys, so he saw his duty differently. I never quite understood Ned Starks stand on that. Easy to say until you are in that situation. Jon broke his vow of celibacy with Ygritte. He broke his vows when he rode off in the night to join Rob after Ned Starks death. Sam and Jon’s other supporters in the Nights Watch waylaid him and brought him back before it could be discovered. So I am sure he will not hesitate to leave the Nights Watch and live with the Wildlings now. They love and respect him and he will no doubt become their leader in the tradition of Mance Rayder, who also was originally a member of the Nights Watch. John owes the Nights Watch nothing.

    29. Greetings From Stevieland

      So no one got the Iron Throne in the end, it is kind of fitting

    30. ThatMetalHead72

      Bran the Broken. Jon should've pushed his ass out of another window. He said he knew all along he would end up on the throne. That means that smug little bastard knew King's Landing would burn and didn't bother to tell anyone. No wonder the Night King was obsessed with offing the crippled fucker. A motherfucker who can't get his dick up to produce offspring is going to tell the rightful heir he shall take no wife, and bear no children? Fuck you. Jon should've stuck with Daeny.

    31. sparklebox11

      What was the point of Jon returning to the wall. The wall that no longer existed .. was destroyed completely by the Knight King and Viserion the Wight dragon. Also wasnt the wall built to keep out the army of the dead who also no longer existed by then. What is the knights watch now?

    32. Karla Clemons-Vaughan

      I really didn't think it was super odd that Bronn became the Master of Coin. They gave him Highgarden, which is the most wealthy of the holdings, and previous owners of Highgarden have been Master of Coin. Also he's a tight fisted son of a bitch who likes to hold onto his money so maybe he won't be as wasteful and lenient with the purse as previous MOC's have been. I do agree that the book will likely end him and Davos differently. I liked Sansa's ending and I think it may be true to the book. There was foreshadowing in earlier seasons and in the books concerning an independent North, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if that ends up happening in the books. I'm very anxious to see how all of the Night King stuff plays out in the books. I can't wait for more details and explanation. I think in the books the choice to go North will be Jon's. Or at least I hope it will be.

    33. Eric Finch

      Have you considered that Melisandra came from Valeria, and Drogon flew off with Dany that direction. The other red priestess' are still out there in Volantis. If this wasn't the last episode, then Dany could conceivably be resurrected.

    34. Keontae Jackson

      Bran didn’t suggest brothels

    35. Norm alice

      honestly, I think it would have made sense if Arya actually approved of Danerys's work on king's landing. She was there when they beheaded Ned, after all, and has become a 'cold-blooded assassin' since then. It would have been more interesting if during the dragon sequence Arya was running around dodging rubble and happily murdering everyone in the street that wasn't on fire. Then, once it was over, instead of agreeing with Tyrion outright, provided contrast to his point of view by telling jon it's what the people here deserved. They were extremely happy to see Ned die and bow to a fake queen and her bastard child when it was convenient for them, but ask them to bow to their true queen or be laid to waste and they basically responded with "prove it." This would have made the 'mad queen' thing less believable as a 'mad' queen (which it already isn't), but more believable as a 'not entirely unreasonable' queen. Then, when jon and danerys continue arguing anyway, Arya takes action by murdering drogon to give jon equal footing with danerys. Who knows, maybe she can take its face somehow as well - since she is apparently still part warg... I guess they could have had lots of fun with this direction, just as they could have with the many thousands of others that have been speculated afterwards or theorized before hand. But it's pretty clear they just wanted it to end.

    36. John  Vazakas

      Sansa doesn't rule the land north of the wall...that's not part of any kingdom...Jon rules north of the wall

    37. Ati Jain

      Dude - slow down.......talking way too fast

    38. Tiki80

      Noo I don't want the book endings to be anything like the series! George R.R Martin can't possibly be affected or influenced by the series..

    39. roknkawk

      There has to be a Lannister cousin or newborn that has tyrion beat 😭

    40. Christy Smith

      One thing I have always wondered why in all these thousands of years they have not advanced technologically, they are still pre-14th century earth time.

    41. Albert Cabrera Jr

      STUPID ENDING FOR THIS... I want the ending ERASED IN MY MIND it is a stuuupid ending... I think the GoT writers are trying to achieve some kind of shakespearean ending and failed... it sucks... Now in order to get this out of my mind... im gonna go out and watch Avengers Endgame AGAIN... you might wanna do the same.. Like the old man said... "Avengers... AAASSEMBLE..."

    42. Dark Star

      The way the Wildlings were moving around him it seems like he is Like their new Mance !

    43. RRD Brooks

      Rickon Stark is still alive in the books. Will GRRM kill him off?

    44. Malfi0us

      So many doody

    45. crossedhorse05

      Bran: I can't really want anymore so yeah, can't be lord of anything. Also Bran: ... Oh I'll take the 6 kingdoms though and be ruler of that if that's cool with ya'll idk

    46. KageNoTenshi

      Kingslayer queenslayer

    47. KageNoTenshi

      The tallest landister hahahaha

    48. Terrie Ferguson

      GOT the tailless dragon

    49. Georginah njambi

      I wasted my fucking 8yrs for this season. The shittier the season

    50. Parmar Satyarajsinh5

      This season is end or not ? Episode 7 is coming ?

    51. M S

      This show was on its way of becoming the best series ever but because of how horrible the last season was, it’s safe to say Sopranos is retaining its crown as the best series ever

    52. Valerie Hart

      Thanks for this! See you for all prequel videos. You’re awesome Charlie.

    53. Bill J

      Sir, have my subscription, you are great. Keep videos coming.

      1. Emergency Awesome

        awesome, thanks!

    54. Poison

      the finale was poorly done,,, i hate episode 6,, i hope jon and all the starks and their wheel chaired crackhead raven die screaming. f***ing killers. from an unhappy fan.

    55. ardith conley

      If the story would have took a little more time explaining the backstory and maybe less time in the battle scenes I think it would have better accepted. Although I liked E3 the way I watched it was I only was able to watch the last 15 min of it due to internet problems. After I got that worked out I was able to watch it again on the next viewing of it a few hours later. I do not feel I missed much and they made it look like only about 13 people survived. I feel if HBO would have been less successful in the fight scenes when we got to E4 and the commanders only reporting they lost half of their men It would have been more believable and they could have spent more time on the backstory. I think if folks felt like the season fell apart it is due to those mistakes. I feel it could had ended the same way with a little more backstory it would have been better received by fans.

      1. ardith conley

        My reasoning here if a picture tells a 1000 words. The cinematic stunning scenes was telling the wrong story. Out of all that E3 action only y about 15 min of that long episode was really worth it.

    56. QUploads T

      Bran telling Jon who he is caused a rift between Jon and Dany

    57. Alexey Baal

      Game of thrones, the only show that makes you cheer for child killers like dany, Twyin, theon, the hound, Stannis. The show where genuine good and protagonist characters like Ned, Robb, Jon, Varys have a shit faith.

    58. genine williams

      lol..the tallest

    59. Arthur K

      Hi, Charlie. I guess you might have heard about the theory with Bran in reality being Brynden Rivers, who had plotted all this intricate mess to become the king. He refused to be the lord of Winterfell but he came all the way to KL to be elected as the king. If we take a closer look at all Bran's actions and quotes, it makes sense.

    60. Madelyn Curtis

      Sansa does not "annex" the North (to add or join); she "secedes" from the Seven Kingdoms (to leave). Remember the American Civil War? The South seceded from the Union.

    61. Carlos Medina

      The finale was so disappointing

    62. Digtial Human

      All they needed to do to save the show from that bad ending was to have Danny tell John she was pregnant after he stabbed her.

    63. C Alex

      Welcome to Elective Monarchy - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    64. Leslie Grant

      You can't shall the throne from Bran if he takes it everywhere he goes. Lol 😂 Bran the Broken Builder

    65. Leslie Grant

      Bran the Broken Builder😝

    66. Sun Stance

      They should have stretched this out to a full season and built off of Danny's insecurity about john being the true heir. pit Danny against John at end and John wins because morally she was wrong for being a power monger and he was the right guy from jump.

    67. MGSBigBoss77

      Wow, first time i'e heard of Amazon doing Lord Of The Rings as a TV series! Pressure got to be on them to make it as epic but vastly different in execution than what Peter Jackson's trilogy adaptation was in 2001-2003 and so on. Hmm cheers for the info there Charlie!

    68. Anna A

      All this talk of ”winter is coming”, and then winter is over in just a few months!? With hardly no snow at all. No hardship due to winter. No food shortage. Nothing. I HATE that the show was so speeded the last seasons, that they didn’t have the time to tell anything properly.

    69. Gretel Kahn

      So wouldn't Bran rule for like thousands of years since he is the Third Eye Raven too?

    70. Maximilian Klein

      Sansa dies not "annex" the North, she separates it - which is the opposite of to annex