Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Game Revealed (HBO)



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    The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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    1. Kevin Hillary

      3:32 that wasn’t acting, Kit really killed that guy

    2. M Chaney

      everyone all butt hurt about season 8... yes season 8 was different....but they told our asses 2 years ahead of time...... and everyone wated to think " 2 hour long episodes" but it was more like 3 episodes per movie, and 2 movies...... was the season...... and when I saw season 8 and I still see it later, its STILL good.... by season 8 I am too invested to pretend I didn't like it lol.....

    3. Jackmann 321

      I thought this episode was great. Most epic and spectacular episode in the show. Love it or hate it but you gotta admit that. Especially the music and cinematography is amazing.

    4. Samiul Alam HimeL

      Season 1-7 , Game of thrones Season 8 , Game of Trash 😠

      1. The Hound

        Fuck off

    5. cogtroper

      And Jorah said: "I should go."

    6. HT TV

      Game of thrones season 8 review

    7. Kuda Munama

      one thing i fellow in love with was the fucked scene and shoots, the suspense created was remarkable learning that your protagonist are battling for their last. Guy you the masters of suspense WOW.

    8. Bruhnbyge RR

      Tbh this is an episode I, in itself, actually like. I found it very exciting and the battle was beautifully constructed. I think if we look aside the expectations from the rest of the series and the build-up itself, I really like watching it.

    9. Manik

      Anybody else notice the supermarine theme from Dunkirk between 12:20 and 12:45?

    10. 星索

      best loser game ts

    11. Le Réalisateur Tristan & BenPasSolo

      Incroyable !

    12. Karim

      bella ramsey is really cute!

    13. Chris

      These people, cast and crew alike, filmed like heroes. I just wish that we could have seen some of it, instead of having to settle for their shadows.

    14. Ryan Voss

      37:08 ummmmm episode 5?

    15. TFOS

      Justification for the terrible delivery of NK's death: "Just didnt feel right" Bruh, atleast have Jon in there, that's the whole point of the entire series.

    16. ScorchHellfire

      Well they supposedly got inspiration from Helm's Deep for this battle, and they certainly got to experience a similar thing with several weeks of night shoots.

    17. John Sacco

      Is it me or are these BTS videos better than the documentary they made.. I found that real boring tbh

    18. 900dom900

      38:26 mass effect 3 theme aye

    19. Jort Manshanden

      the dislikes on this video are so stupid, if you dont like the writing, everything else is a 10/10 and you only see those things here.

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        Jort Manshanden You do realize there is no "story" without the writing, right? Or do you just watch movies and TV for the pretty lights? Yes, everyone BUT the writers were great, entire season is still shit though.

    20. A Chahande

      20:43 DO YOU HAVE 90 MINUTES???

    21. Elena Muttart

      My favorite ep in season 8

    22. #batang ikugan

      They look so proud of what they've done. Wish we were that happy too.

    23. Quang Tien

      I know the writers want to make the plot that is different from what people expect. I understand that. I just would love to see Jon have a solo fight with Night King. If Jon wins, everybody is happy. If Jon loses (beat up but not dead), the Night King can just smile evilly, reanimate the dead and have them finish him (as in the episode). I think this is the best for both world (audience and writers). My point is Jon gets to fight The Night King, that would be a scene to remember.

    24. Rk Yash

      Arya gave the dagar to Sansa in the beginning but she killed the night king with same !??

    25. Brigadier General

      When your main characters arc are complete but they havent 7km thick plot armor

    26. Alex Tran Gia

      The dead wants to become smarter so they calmly walking around searching encyclopedias in the library to study human languages

    27. Dhula Bali


    28. Владислав Зиновей

      38:10 Mass Effect 3 soundtrack.

    29. Mete_TR

      33:35 Everyone is going to die right now,YOU KNOW THEYRE NOT! Oh fuck off



    31. Martin Morano

      38:09 Mass Effect 3 feat GOT

    32. Chloe Scott

    33. Nisso& &


    34. g4rdun

      Imagine You do all this work and people just start hating it

      1. Andrew Perez

        I know a bunch of crying cunts

    35. Poonam Nehra

      When you feel dumb and dumber than the writers for investing your youth in college years when we discussed what will happen next and how it will end...but now I feel cheated. I hope the writers choke to death like Cersei's boy!

    36. MP GC

      this video is them sucking their own dicks

    37. David Brodin

      circa 38:05 "My name is Commander Mormont, and this is my favorite scene in the entire show." Time for a discount, anyone?

    38. Nelson Millar

      watched 2 times already .sitting for hours while watching will make us feel tired so do a lot of exercise like this

    39. Andre Montoya

      I don't know why you guys are commenting your critiques here. This is focused on the production of the episode, not the writing.

    40. Zach Henson

      Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack when the reapers invaded Earth, I love it! Only the Mass Effect veterans will know.

    41. moochee22

    42. Nashi Haruka

      I hoped these behind the scenes videos would fill the void smh

    43. Matt Graham

      I'll take a mass effect HBO series now. We won't even have to deal with this shit storm of 'off books' ---- it's all there on a gold plate practically begging for a tv adaption. Do it HBO --- you'll make a zillion dollars if you do it right.

    44. ઽઝylα૨ jѳท૯ઽ

      HBO kinda forgot about the lighting department.

    45. Nishu Rathee

      36:25 when Arya and Night King High-Five

    46. Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang

      It's Melisandre NOT Mee-san-day. Jeez he doesn't even know the character name he's working on. What can we expect from such a Dumbass no wonder he f&cked up the whole season so hard.

    47. Charles1992

      Maisie is awesome. :D

    48. Riya

      Where is Jamie

    49. DJ V

      It's interesting how many fans claimed that Jon was distracting Viserion so Arya could get into the Godswood, but there is no mention of it here. If that was the intention of the writers, surely they would say so. RIP fan theories.

    50. Sharon Bendtsen

      Really BAD decision to film it so dark.

    51. Racheal Emily

      Why dont u show where they were all naked

    52. Miranda Summerset

      Killed the night king just so they could make Dany the villain 🙅🙍😣😤

    53. salman al3nzi

      s8.his shit

    54. Étoine de Vries

      Jorah really was the most loyal character!

    55. Anna

      It's amazing the work they put into each episode! what is more amazing is the shitty thanks they got from the fans because they didn't get EXACTLY what they wanted! We can all probably agree that they rushed this season too much but they should not be getting boycott bullshit from assholes who know nothing about the labor and man hours that goes into making all of this for us! Ungrateful shits is what you are.

    56. Carolina Rosa

      I think season 8 was not scripted in the normal game of thrones awesome standards but for the number of episodes they had I think what they did with this episode was really good in terms of battle. My only criticism is that Samwell should have died and Bran should have done something or tried even if he failed so that he would at least try to use his powers in a useful way.

    57. Steej

      I know i'm late to this party, but I've only just caught up. Shame my TV is so old and rubbish that i couldn't see anything that was happening. It really took the edge off things for me and was in no way tense or exciting. Guess that just what i get for not moving with the times and choosing to watch something filmed with cutting edge technology that couldn't be correctly displayed on a great many devices. Oh well, lesson learned. Earn more money, buy better stuff. Kind of strange though, huh. Surly you'd want as many people as possible to view your art, so would make it accessible to as many people as humanly possible, right? Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa in a medium that couldn't be viewed by many people and then blamed them. Or am i over thinking it?

      1. JuRa DenUs

        Arschfick Arschfick Arschfick 🤙🏻

    58. Genghis Kong

      Director's Tip #15: If the script is crap, shoot the entire episode in near total darkness so nobody can see shite.

    59. Playcool18

      38:30 Mass Effect 3 says hello! Great music, and great documentary.

    60. Lily Ash

      Actually dany's reaction to jorah's death was for me one of the worst emilia's performances (not that there was many but if I had to choose one I would say this one)

    61. oscargrateful

      Viserion's 'fire' could destroy the Wall in a minute but can't go through a brick wall or a pile of dead bodies? I don't understand, even if he's wounded. And 2 episodes later Drogon is shown destroying the Red Keep and castle walls like nothing...

    62. Daylover

      they did all this but they cant have a Dead stark come back from the dead? what?

    63. Umar Syarif

      Even cast of Dany getting mad lmao

    64. Kratos Shyam

      Miguel sapochnik

    65. videopaenguin

      35:18 the whole of season 8.

    66. Peliculas y Mas descarga la temporada final por mega en hd

    67. Pheasant Lemons

      Kit was really fine with it! Kit: I was pissed

    68. sam

      Jump out of nowhere fuck the writers fuck arya for fcking my logic curse you all

    69. Alexey Baal

      This episode was great, up there with the best of got. however because the NK was killed and thats it, no more lore, backstory, why, bran doing something,....the episodes is recieved bad

    70. Dolph C. Volker

      Episode 8/3 was good enough for me to end the entire story line. The last three episodes don't matter to me now. This was a great ride... really enjoyed the show. A great story always has great villains and heroes. The best ones have an evil adversary that is impossible to overcome. That is what made this so special to me. I'll watch the rest of it...