Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Game Revealed (HBO)



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    The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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    1. Mihael Prislin

      One of the best pieces of cinema on TV.. Brutal, so good..

    2. Adam Maxwell-Timmins

      The standout episode from a dissapointing final season. No question!

    3. OzDoWnUnDER

      Woulda loved if they got Sean back to play an undead Ned stark :(

    4. NATESOR

      "we knew for 3 years it would be Arya to kill the Night King but did absolutely zero to give her any personal stakes or motivation for it. Imagine if Lando showed up at the end of Jedi and killed the Emperor. Essentially that."

    5. Jim Hults

      Is Daenerys ok in the last Game of Thrones show.

    6. PRICH

      18:36 Peter Dinklage should have wrote this episode

    7. Resul Baggio

      It was a great ending to a very weak season. At least the Starks got all the power. I hated Dany so I'm glad she didn't win shit lol

    8. Duncan Sands

      Girls never kicked ass in battle; now get in the kitchen and make me my dinner!

    9. Dawningx

      How did the red woman light the dotraki swords?

      1. Rupak Savan

        @Dawningx she's a priest she can do magic. Its GOT

      2. Dawningx

        I honestly wanted to know...

      3. Rupak Savan


    10. Extant

      After the Game of Thrones ending those two men should never get a job writing TV shows ever again.

    11. aLLsTaR*617*

      All that time and money D&D still couldn’t finish the storyline worth 💩

    12. makaveli

      What if they teamed up with the deads and take the iron throne

    13. Chung Wayne

      Everything is perfect , the sound , the costume , the acting , the music , the visual effect , I respect all these people who worked hard for this greet show , but , im sorry , the script is a shit !

    14. Amy B

      38:10 that's the theme from Mass Effect 3

    15. Derek the half a bee

      Arya and the nightking... ugh. This is Game of Thrones not the Starwars prequels with over-the-top one-liner style tryhard 'slick' combat of characters leaping through the air then do some stupid drop and catch with her weapon. The last poncey fighter rightfully got his eyes pushed in and his head exploded. GOT was visceral and brutal, fights are about survival not trying to look 'cool' to 12 year olds so you can sell action figures. Further, Arya killing the nightking was a horrible choice. I love her, but her path was the Names, getting revenge on the PEOPLE who wronged her and assassinating them as retribution, not being some uber-ninja mary sue girl power idol.

    16. Aimee Alexander

      Dk if it’s just me? but I loved the last season

    17. Ben Harley


    18. moseses death

      "We'll bang, ok"

    19. Scarred Healer

      You know what would have been epic is Arya and Jon fighting against the night king together and the night king would almost overpower them both in strength and with Jon's and Arya's skills they both kill him with their Valyrian steel weapon at the same time !!! That would truly have been epic

    20. Frankie Fontecchio

      Everything about this was amazing EXCEPT FOR D&D and the WRITING


      I think Tyrion or Jaime was should azhorAhai because tyrion killed his love and everytime Jaime save All people...... Arya chapter connects with not with night king

    22. Sugar Daddy

      Man I felt that mass effect 3 soundtrack jeez rip JORAH what is dead may never die !

    23. Grim Aristea

      Too bad we couldn’t see jack shit

    24. AdriBobby

      38:10 It's,it's... SHEPARD

    25. n4s98

      Episode 3 was like OMG........ The writers fucked up 7 years of buildup just for the sake of subverting expectations

    26. Paul Cockram

      The product unfortunately was poor and almost unwatchable. Simply impossible to tell what was going on. There was no shape, continuity or structure. It was also simply just too dark. It was honestly put a balls up.

    27. Arsalan Ahmed

      Hearing Mass Effect 3 Leaving Earth soundtrack give me chills. :)

    28. afham afzal

      In LOVE with her now ❤️ 39:12

    29. Bertro

      The show lives through the music... and not a single mention of Ramin Djawadi throughout the entire making-of series?

    30. Vikas Rana

      We want all season of game of thrones in hindi

    31. Jumpscare Warwick

      came just for mass effect 3 song

    32. Will Ernharth

      how about we build a massive trench and put it behind all the troops. That makes a lot of sense because it is doing a lot more work behind than in front

    33. rohit c

      complete waste of money and effort, no one could see much of anything even after changing the TV settings. I feel sorry for the wasted effort people put in. Worst show ever.

    34. Powell Lucas

      I love these "behind the scene" shots. I am always impressed with the ingenuity, dedication, and skill of the crews involved as well as the number of people required to make everything look real. No wonder this series was so costly to produce. I'll wager that all of these folks will have their participation on Game of Thrones as the first item on their resume'.

    35. Angelo

      and after that episode they gave up with the good story telling and decided to randomly make the heroe turn into the villain without a reason and kill the villain of immediately since they dont have time left

    36. Jack Padz

      Leaving Earth - Mass Effect 3



    38. Kevin Hillary

      3:32 that wasn’t acting, Kit really killed that guy

    39. M Chaney

      everyone all butt hurt about season 8... yes season 8 was different....but they told our asses 2 years ahead of time...... and everyone wated to think " 2 hour long episodes" but it was more like 3 episodes per movie, and 2 movies...... was the season...... and when I saw season 8 and I still see it later, its STILL good.... by season 8 I am too invested to pretend I didn't like it lol.....

    40. Jackmann 321

      I thought this episode was great. Most epic and spectacular episode in the show. Love it or hate it but you gotta admit that. Especially the music and cinematography is amazing.

    41. Samiul Alam HimeL

      Season 1-7 , Game of thrones Season 8 , Game of Trash 😠

      1. The Hound

        Fuck off

    42. cogtroper

      And Jorah said: "I should go."

    43. HT TV

      Game of thrones season 8 review

    44. Kuda Munama

      one thing i fellow in love with was the fucked scene and shoots, the suspense created was remarkable learning that your protagonist are battling for their last. Guy you the masters of suspense WOW.

    45. Bruhnbyge RR

      Tbh this is an episode I, in itself, actually like. I found it very exciting and the battle was beautifully constructed. I think if we look aside the expectations from the rest of the series and the build-up itself, I really like watching it.

    46. Manik

      Anybody else notice the supermarine theme from Dunkirk between 12:20 and 12:45?

    47. 星索

      best loser game ts

    48. Ser Tristan Dartois

      Incroyable !

    49. Karim

      bella ramsey is really cute!

    50. Chris

      These people, cast and crew alike, filmed like heroes. I just wish that we could have seen some of it, instead of having to settle for their shadows.

    51. Ryan Voss

      37:08 ummmmm episode 5?

    52. TFOS

      Justification for the terrible delivery of NK's death: "Just didnt feel right" Bruh, atleast have Jon in there, that's the whole point of the entire series.

    53. ScorchHellfire

      Well they supposedly got inspiration from Helm's Deep for this battle, and they certainly got to experience a similar thing with several weeks of night shoots.

    54. John Sacco

      Is it me or are these BTS videos better than the documentary they made.. I found that real boring tbh

    55. 900dom900

      38:26 mass effect 3 theme aye

    56. Jort Manshanden

      the dislikes on this video are so stupid, if you dont like the writing, everything else is a 10/10 and you only see those things here.

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        Jort Manshanden You do realize there is no "story" without the writing, right? Or do you just watch movies and TV for the pretty lights? Yes, everyone BUT the writers were great, entire season is still shit though.

    57. A Chahande

      20:43 DO YOU HAVE 90 MINUTES???

    58. Elena Muttart

      My favorite ep in season 8

    59. #batang ikugan

      They look so proud of what they've done. Wish we were that happy too.

    60. Quang Tien

      I know the writers want to make the plot that is different from what people expect. I understand that. I just would love to see Jon have a solo fight with Night King. If Jon wins, everybody is happy. If Jon loses (beat up but not dead), the Night King can just smile evilly, reanimate the dead and have them finish him (as in the episode). I think this is the best for both world (audience and writers). My point is Jon gets to fight The Night King, that would be a scene to remember.

    61. Rk Yash

      Arya gave the dagar to Sansa in the beginning but she killed the night king with same !??

    62. Brigadier General

      When your main characters arc are complete but they havent 7km thick plot armor

    63. Alex Tran Gia

      The dead wants to become smarter so they calmly walking around searching encyclopedias in the library to study human languages

    64. Dhula Bali


    65. Владислав Зиновей

      38:10 Mass Effect 3 soundtrack.

    66. Mete_TR

      33:35 Everyone is going to die right now,YOU KNOW THEYRE NOT! Oh fuck off



    68. Ahab

      38:09 Mass Effect 3 feat GOT

    69. Nisso& &


    70. g4rdun

      Imagine You do all this work and people just start hating it

      1. Andrew Perez

        I know a bunch of crying cunts